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Stop watching so much gay porn and you wouldn’t be shilled this brainlet

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Why the fuck are blue boards even labeled SFW? Half the page is filled up with ads of half naked women with shitty hooker captions on them. I'm not installing ad blocker on my work computer either

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but ive been on noporn for months

the algorithms think im gay? WTF

>> No.18086305

It doesn't THINK you are gay, it KNOWS that your are gay.

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checked and keked.

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anon, this is bad. you need to watch as much straight porn as possible IMMEDIATELY. if this information is leaked, then it's over for you and your future.

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Never seen anything like that on 4chan ads

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something something Joseph and Jotaro

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Post your positions

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>thinking 4chan would ever be SFW

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>hold your poke
what does this mean

>> No.18086541

Hold your cock for 2 minutes? Quite the challenge...

>> No.18086640

short for
short for
>pocket monster
i.e.: this >>18086541

>> No.18086695

(it's a pun)

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i guess so. i've never seen this ad before, i only see the anime babes

>> No.18086890

>I'm not installing ad blocker on my work computer either
why not?

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