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>biz 4 years ago
>some btc threads
>dropshipping threads
>small business threads
>SEO/blogging/website threads
>occasional eth threads
>actual business and finance discussion

>fastforward to 2020
>femboy posting
>fren posting
>landlord posting
>MIGA posting
>shitcoin peddlers

what went wrong? The only boards that have suffered this much of a quality loss in the same time frame are /pol/ and r9k

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sir buy link, udoo and vidt you making it

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>its all gone to shit
>the heydays of the past
>I was here 12 years ago so I'm better than frogposters

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Well what do you want from us? I used to have a small business but the tax laws have become byzantine since the EUSSR has come to power. Especially with all this green nonsense. Regulatory capture out the asshole. It just isn't fun. You can't have a small store if you need 10 advisers to help you not get tax raped or jailed.

At this point the EU and likely the global markets are headed in one way only, toward a global collapse.

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I'm a frogposter and was here 12 years ago

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/biz/ has always been about crypto shit.
The moment /biz/ was made, /g/ banned all crypto threads.

All the small business threads were rarely posted in.

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Damn, im a newfag and seems like i missed out. Only consistently good thing on biz are silver generals. Thotposters are annoying and deserve the rope. If youre not a shill or glownigger but actually want to contribute then cut that shit out

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I have become a landlord in those 4 years and never owned any link.

I only come here to laugh at people getting wrecked.

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I'm a cancerfag and a thotposter but I have to admit this shit is getting old. This lockdown has brought a bunch of cumbrain collegefags and spooks who slide threads and do not allow for any discussion or even shitposting at this point

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How else? Government got it's dick in using glowniggers.

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that's a girl

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>>fastforward to 2020
>>femboy posting
>>fren posting
>>landlord posting
>>MIGA posting
>>shitcoin peddlers

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staring at the chart all day everyday is mind-destroying

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Shills that did consensus cracking with Trump/Hillary.

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Entropy. also, as 4chan got more popular the site was flooded with third worlders shilling their shitcoins or badly shitpoasting. everything goes to shit.

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Ive been on /biz/ since the first day.

"How do I make money lol?"

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on the real though why would I start a "small business" when I can swing trade crypto and make thousands of dollars just by pressing a few buttons?

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>Cities And Counties Halt Evictions Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
>On March 18, President Donald Trump announced that the Department of Housing and Urban Development will suspend evictions and foreclosures

just wait until you get your first squatters. by the time you kick them out, after 4 years of no rent payments; the building will be infested with rats and roaches, all of the plumbing will be busted, there will be water damage everywhere, holes punched in walls, mold everywhere, and loose electrical wires. You'll be lucky if the there isn't so much structural damage that you have to knock the place down and rebuild. You'll be lucky if you aren't jailed for being a slumlord when you refuse to pay for the damages caused by your "tenants".

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I didn't even read the whole thing. I live in one of Europe's capitals bro. I'm sorry about your president.

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That's a lie though. I literally haven't been on this board since 2016 and if anything it's as shit as it was then. Last time I was here it was all ICO shitcoin shilling and pink wojaks

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Do the needful sir do the needful

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We’re going down the same path that killed /b/. Fucking coomers and zoomer faggots ruin everything. At least the gaslighting LINK threads are dying down now that vaporware fad is dying.

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As shitty as /biz/ can be, old /biz/ was maybe 1 post per hour. So you can fuck off with whatever you're trying to say

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>dropshipping threads
>small business threads
>SEO/blogging/website threads
>occasional eth threads
>actual business and finance discussion
absolute depressing, tryhard, hassle-tier BS. we all already made it here buddy now where just posting for the lols. chainshart was the best performing asset of 2019 you heere me lil man?

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>occasional eth threads
is obviously based though, didn't mean to include that. I've been drinking

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