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Should I buy gold coins in this time of crisis, or should I sell my current gold holdings for an annuity or hedge fund investment? I was watching this episode of Dad's Army


and it strikes me that for all of my adult life, gold has had a lesser rate of return than annuities, stocks, or pretty much any other investment, and that the advice of the bank manager is pretty good, that gold should be exchanged for annuities. After all, I can always exchange my annuity for gold after I get back a profitable return.

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What the fuck are you doing, bro?!
Are you seriously holding gold right now?!
Sell that shit till you find buyers!!
Unironically it's just a meme whipped up by /biz/, we altered historical records to make it seems like it was popular back in the day, but it's all fake.
Get rid of it, NOW.

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sell? noone is gonna buz that shit now, send them to me though.

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Yes sell them now be a good goy

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Sell them all now. The Fed is printing infinite dollars to buy shitty asset classes of all time, and if history has taught us anything it's that inflation is terrible for gold.

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>physical coins actually decoupling from paper gold, people happily paying 30% premium because demand is insane
>standing on the precipice of the greatest gold bull rush in modern history
>while simultaneously staring down the imminent collapse of the stock market

Are you retarded? Genuine question.

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