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>tfw this is the top for pic related

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>tfw op is a faggot

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LINK will never recieve any type of government adoption in the us for two reasons

1) Sergey was a russian citizen at one point. And we just dont trust someone who grew up in a foreign land (especially when Russian esponiage has been spotted before)

2) their HQ is in the Cayman Islands, so its not even an American business

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>down 50% from all time high from just a few weeks ago
>this is the top

That doesn’t even make sense OP. Quit being a low quality fudder

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it's another low effort, low energy "please sell ur link" thread

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>uses greentext
>tfw without pic of face
>uses fuckin greentext and tft wrong
>to fud catalyst of crypto

shoo pajeet, go drink some ganges

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please refute this >>18077932

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They’ve masked this crisis to dump even harder on investors. Shit is a scam and joke. scammer is a CEO of a fucking ERC token lmfao.

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is there something you don't understand about open source, you dumb nigger?

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I’ll indulge because I’m bored. Vitalik is a Canadian Russian and big corps are using Ethereum as a magic bus so clearly your racist mindset doesn’t matter when it comes to money. I’m not even gonna respond to 3 year old cayman island fud lmao

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imagine i give a fuck about some image to shake me out of my investment
>t. sub 50 cent 2018 buyer

all of you suck a dick, closing a tab

you can salivate and daydream about the fact that i bought couple of thousand link at 17 cents and cashed out 2X initial after tax already

riding bigger part that i sold to my targets or to zero now

guess it's just a luxury of not being retarded and buying link through 2018

suck a dick pajeets and fuders

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I refuse to believe that anyone who made that image doesn’t hold any link

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>big corps
im talking about the federal government. All the linkies are now shitting up trump buxx thread saying link is going to be actually adopted by the feds. Also, no big commercial money has every been used on the Ether chain once
not a rebuttal
not a rebuttal

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>I’m not even gonna respond to 3 year old cayman island fud lmao
because linkies never found an answer to the original fud.

whenever linkies cant refute anything, its always
>we discussed this 3 years ago
and no answer for it has ever been found once. it just wen under the rug

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not a rebuttal. read >>18077932

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not a rebuttal. read>>18077836

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he does not know

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>spam their shitcoin on biz for 3 years
>threads completely unrelated to link get spammed by linkies
>do nothing but talk about the importance of decentralized oracles and swift
>now keep shitting up trumpbuxx threads with how link is going to be adopted by the govnerment
>make >>18077932

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You had 2 years...

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I dont think you know what “top” means. It was at $5 not that long ago.
>t. Owns zero scamlink

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What companies are American?

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I realize this is the meme link thread, but

say I have a 100 bucks lying around, should I drop it into LINK now or into stocks?

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literally stockholm syndrome

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buy food

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LINK my brethren

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LINK is still obviously one of the best investments in terms of risk/reward. Other coins, like BTC, LTC en ETH might be a more safer bet, but have a lower chance for a high ROI.

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LINK had a 2.2 billion market cap. Theres no high reward at all. LINK is already at the top.
Everyone who got into LINK got in when it was during the rank 90s days
>meme thread
go ahead and find anyone in the world rebutting this >>18077932

The SWIFT "partnership" is just non-existent. There is nowhere on the SWIFT website nor has there been any document released by SWIFT once endorsing chainlink. its always been one-sided from Sergey and link shills.

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Who gives a fuck about what America think?

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youre full of shit

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Chainlink won some competition 3 years ago, literally not a single news since -> PROVEN FAKE
1 blog post 10 months ago, never used on mainnet, nothing else since -> PROVEN FAKE
10 months ago, gravelcoin, fernando demoted -> PROVEN FAKE
recent news, will be proven fake soon
recent news, will be proven fake soon

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kek i didnt read anything you posted get rekt fag

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>didnt read, not selling

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go ahead, find something released officially by SWIFT saying anything about chainlink at all

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It is literally dumping right now

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