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Fuck chainlink!

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I like how he shits on legacy systems for being co-opted and corrupt and also sweetens the deal by emphasizing the clear economic incentives of abandoning the legacy systems and adopting trustless protocols

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Every DeFi system currently not using chainlink as their oracle will be forced to after suffering exploits and hacks
The eth congestion served as a lesson to improve the way chainlink data feeds operate

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Let the good times roll.

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thoughts on 63/ 337?

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>feb 27

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>March 25th
Sergey is self isolating with Adelyn right now.
Just like me, he’s comfy with his waifu and waiting for all this to blow over.
Such a shame, I was actually going to go to smartcon too.

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>february 27th
thanks for the fresh content

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>thoughts on 63/ 337?
Not sure about the relevance, do you have a QRD or some pasta (with sauce) available?

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what is up, fellow deluded stinkie

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Posted 11:11

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bro i'm in quarantine i just want fresh content
not a neckbeard

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>what is up, fellow deluded stinkie
Having some crepes and working on the garden
Starting planting carrots, salad, spinach, garlic, and onion
Peppers and tomato and kale are coming up next.
We’ve been keeping a big vegetable garden for years. Now with this corona shit we’re expanding.

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Did you watch the interview before?
If not then it’s new
If so then post something new
Chainlink tonight did a good video recently:

Going to rip one and play some doom eternal, fun game. Been streaming it from my laptop to the tv

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east coast goblino

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>bro i'm in quarantine
Put on some comfy Alex Jones for the happenings.

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I’m worse than a goblino
I’m a leaf

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There’s an old family technique that we use to make the stems of our plants thicker
It actually works too, amazing stuff
My father always said that it’s more important to know how to grow food than it is to make money
He’s been saying it for years and so I’ve been learning the growing and cultivating techniques that his parents taught him.
Would be a shame to lose that knowledge.

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any tips for starting indoor gardening? Kitchen with window faces south east, balcony with glass doors facing north west. In FL

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>in chainlink tonight, anon mentioned the mediledger partnership with chainlink
>FDA released a pilot project (DSCSA) designed to trace and identify prescription drugs as they are distributed in the US
>one of their participants is mediledger, a blockchain ledger for pharma supply chains
>chainlink logo featured several times in their info video
>medichain released report in febuary including advising on the use of chainlink
>chainlink's section is the only cryptocurrency mentioned that goes across 2 pages
>the pages of the pdf chainlink is on are 31 and 32, and thus copying and pasting that paragraph will result in "3132" appearing in the pasted text
>31+32= 63
>63 in prime factors is 3*3*7
>337 is a prime number and equal to the plural of the hebrew word "Ibriy", "ibriyim" (העבריים) meaning "Hebrew" or "One from beyond." This word is apparently used 32 times in the old testament, according to biblewheel, also reoccuring the number 32.
>ibriy in English gematria is 63
>337 also equals arabiy, the hebrew word for arab
>"arabic" is equal to 96 in English gematria, another confirmation of this method
>63 is the value of kaballah in JG
>reversed is 36, first 36 digits add up to 666
>The 63 boxes of the labyrinth in the game of the Goose, each one having a masonic meaning. This game which is played with the cubic stone, this one being a freemason symbol. The 63 boxes represent also the different stages of the human life. The goose represents the human soul intended to become on the last box the swan, Hindu symbol of the karmic liberation.
last part is just something I found from a google search, but has some interesting symbolism, I don't know much about it.

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no one cares any stupid faggot

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Cow manure is good to mix in with the soil
We use 72W heating bulbs on our outdoor raised bed garden and cover it with tarp and sleeping bags at night to keep them warm
During the day we open it up to allow fresh air in and to prevent mold and fungus from growing.
Indoor we use uv lamps and keep the seedlings in the pods until they’re ready to transplant outside. When transplanting water the pod a little bit to get the soil wet to make it easier to pop out and move without damaging the stem and roots.
Poke holes in the soil every now and then to allow for air to get in.
For seedlings in pods mix in a little cow manure with the soil that you plant your seed in. Water it as required (specific to each plant). We also keep electric heating pads under the pods to provide a little heat to the seeds to allow them to better germinate and grow strong.

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that's awesome man. planning on buying some land during all of this in the place i think i wanna live the rest of my life, gonna start a garden as well

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The heating bulbs are controlled via thermostat switch.
For example salad likes to germinate between 10-15 degrees Celsius so we’ve already planted vegetables outside that can withstand some amount of cold.
As spring progresses and things get warmer we’ll be planting the other vegetables. With gardening it’s all about timing.
That’s why calendars were a pre requisite for agricultural societies.

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Could just be page bleed over
Looks like the paragraph just runs over the bottom of one page into the next.
Thanks for the PDF source though, I saw it mentioned in the chainlink tonight video but didn’t look for it myself.
It’s also interesting that there’s a digital dollar and wallet that is being shopped around in new legislation.

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It’s fun learning the different tricks and techniques as well as building your own garden installations and setting up heating and protection for your plants when first growing them early in the season.

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Chainlink Sucks!

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smooth sailing

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Check em.

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why is he acting righteous when his company is registered in cayman islands? hypocritical

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Isn't the use of artificial light interferring with how the plants are supposed to grow? I understand that Canada gives you limited options to growing anything but imo growing plants/veggies under artificial light is not the same as under natural light. Pardon my ignorance but I was raised in a country with great climate and soil for outdoor growing. I live in the UK now and my housemate grows some spinach and he had no issues with all natural light and despite the bad weather it seems to grow alright

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Running nodes for profit AND one of the pics was basically a generic old link logo

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oh jeez you queers actually think that's some sort of victory image to post. L O L dumb queer your scamstink token is worthless.
muh 2.5yrs! to do nothing be nothing accomplish nothing but cause a bunch of queers to act like cultists on an abu dabi sand sifting forum

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I didnt realize sergey’s waifu is adelyn.

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wtfwt frog saved

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>t. neckbeard

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based schizo

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Mommy making moves.
She’s so fucking hot.

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I fucking love his sensical no bs approach

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It’s just during incubation when we first plant seeds and they grow indoors. Of course we plant them all outside where there is no need for artificial lamps.
The reason for the bulbs outdoors is to keep the plants warm overnight and to prevent freezing. Every now and then we still hit sub zero in March so I have to be careful not to have them damaged from the cold.
By April we’re good to have all the plants outdoors and planted in the garden.
In my home country of hercegovina the climate is much better. In fact my grandfather was one of the first people to grow and sell kiwis in his day. I come from a family of farmers on my fathers side and they had to grow food to sell on the farm while my grandfather was a mechanic and earned a living that way.

I’ve learned that I like farmers much more than yuppies.

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> putting real money into a meme market

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based ruskiis

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Because fuck the tax man
They don’t even have the proper tax code to deal with somethig like chainlink
Have you noticed that the rate of technological advancement is outpacing how quickly our linguistics can come up with words for it?
English still doesn’t have the right words to properly describe something like DLTs, which is why most people fail to realize something like ethereum is a quantum computer. They’re too busy bickering about the meaning of words that they’re unable to properly categorize things.

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i fucking love that bitch.

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So what is happening on March 28th....that was supposed to be an important date right? or was that a larp. The guy who said it had tons of other accurate solid info so idk

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>It’s also interesting that there’s a digital dollar and wallet that is being shopped around in new legislation.
Mnunchin specifically uses the term "stablecoin" and his friend worked at coinbase

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This is retarded.
First because the current Peter's Dome was built relatively late and secondly because Vatican and Castel Angelus together literally form a key (The key's of heaven and not a serpent).
There is a lot of corruption and some masonic infiltration in the curia tough.

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>The key's of heaven and not a serpent

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have you ever read a thousand plateaus? they cover this in autistophrenic detail

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I know and it makes sense since Canada has very long and harsh winters that prohibit growing anything outdoors most of the year. I was just nitpicking on the impact of having your harvest grow solely outside but I don't see a reason going into too much detail bc i'm already a bit tired from all the reading today and it's past bedtime here and you seem to know what you're doing.
>In my home country of hercegovina the climate is much better.
Ah, a fellow balkanoid, I see. I'm quite jelly bc not only I'm a stacklet but my family is in the food industry but I never bothered learning the crafts. They were nothing special but I still feel like I failed them by not picking up anything from them. It didn't help that my parents divorced when I was very young and I had wasn't seeing my grandparents very often.
>I’ve learned that I like farmers much more than yuppies.
I appreciate their honesty and prefer them over yuppies to but I still have aspirations I only find in yuppies. It's very tiresome
Also, I've been following your threads since the early days but I've been very busy participating in your threads because I have been inundated with removing years of bad habits with more productive ones. Ah, I'm also a nulinklet so I have still tons of material to go thorugh so I dont wanna bother with things I can learn on my own

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>have you ever read a thousand plateaus?
nope, sounds interesting
he also wrote "Capitalism and Schizophrenia"
very interesting

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She’s not

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I think that’s why /biz/ loves him so much. There 0 bs with his tone and rhetoric. He also throws in a silly joke every once in a while.

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I kept telling people that the world wars were sexual fever dreams induced via hypnosis

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damn good video, quite bullish for btc

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Tell me more about this anon

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that documentary is a good rundown
its a long one but you can watch it in episodes