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Fuck off coon

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>not listed on any reputable exchanges
fuck off rajesh

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Google "German Rentenmark". This is the only way to get out of hyperinflation and it's already been proven in the real world. RSV is the Retenmark of crypto and it's a one of a kind project backed by people with a lot of government connections. Peter Thiel is a personal friend of Donal Trump. Coinbase is now working directly with Fed (they own equity in reserve). They have a former SEC commissioner on their advisory team. The protocol is already moving towards the next phase of their app after finishing a successful beta test in an actual hyperinflationary environment. The final protocol still needs to be tested on-chain which is what they are focusing on now. Coinbase has an actual stake on the success of Reserve. RSV is the only crypto actually based on a basket of largely non-USD physical and stable assets. It is designed to hedge against what's to come, and what is already happening.

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