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Assymetric risk to reward potential with just market cap of 12 million where as l the competitors of stable coin are valued in billions.

- Fully decentralized stable coin comapared to centralized shitcoin stablecoin like usdc and libra
- Great use case with excellent tokenomics - RSR for stabilizing the RSV and a poor fag like me can invest into and speculate creating actual value. You can not invest into facebook libra’s LIT. Zuck will take all the money.

- Stellar team with coinbase venture backing. This in itself is a compelling factor in itself. Matic did 10x because of the coinbase hype.
- All white team and no chink. USA office in Oakland California. Coinbase listing 99.99% confirmed.

- Peter Thiel and paypal founder backing. This is huge. Anything Peter Thiel puts his hand into, it turns into gold. Google Tilray. Also backed by silicon valley heavyweights.
- Normies will easily buy into the story when the herd joins later in the bull market causing the maket cap to go parabolic beyond $1.

This is the sure shot bet behind chainlink for us to make it and never ever work for 9-5 in your life. Screencap this.

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Why will RSR get listed on coinbase if Matic isnt? Coinbase is also backing matic...

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How many do I need to fucking make it you faggot

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buy what you can, 5M is the guarantee make it bag. i own less but plan to hold for at least 2 years. if you can hold like your life depends on it then you can make it with much less but buy what you're willing to risk. this is a no-brainer investment for me as a poorfag. even in the face of all this crashing from traditional markets and bitcoin taking a shit im still up almost +30% on rsr because i took the time to DCA and didn't sell the bottom. good luck anon.

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sry.. it used to be 5mm way back. I think it is more like 1mm now which is a little over 2k US

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kys satsgang faggot

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it all depends on how long you want to hold and what you consider "making it"

once arbitrage is implemented as part of the protocol then the sky is the limit to how valuable rsr will become as people hoard it in order to profit in arbitrage pools. big name whales like peter thiel and sam altman who believe in the project will be given all the right incentives to arbitrage. this means that the rest of us will benefit from them burning rsr and reducing the supply while the demand steadily increases and if we're willing to hold, say for a year, then it's possible that rsr can break $1-5 usd in value as exchanges run low.

we're already seeing it now. they had to transfer over around 200M rsr because the demand was too high in anticipation even now during this crazy btc dump and while the markets are crashing people are more and more bullish on rsr. just look at what happened with MKR. a lot of people are realizing that we need a better stablecoin and rsv will fulfill that need as the team continues to build in these hyperinflation areas.

im personally willing to hold for at least 2 years. i think we'll see some big moves much sooner, but in 2 years i can see rsr breaking $5 usd per token so im just going to accumulate as we go and hopefully build up a 2-3M stack with these trumpbux we're about to get.

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you're pretty bored aren't you clownboy?

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This is the God Protocol anon, and it happens to be extremely relevant right now. I'm not sure why you invest so much time and effort following and posting on a single project you claim not to support. Do you do this with every project you think is a scam? It's pretty obvious you are financially and/or emotionally invested in this project. You had eight months. Don't get left behind again, this may be your last chance.

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He just can't quit RSR.. the raw emotion.. the dedication, it's moving anon. Thanks for the bumps and if you sign up at Huobi remember to use VPN the first time.

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I was wondering...
TY anon

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its a shitcoin and has no value and is currently being pumped by a gang. only retards would fall for it at this point. also bonus on how they always try to imply if you dont buy in now you'll neck later over the despair like its some sort of trillion dollar token. its a $0.000001 shitter coin and thats what it'll always be

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that's always their go-to response since they can't shill their shitcoin on fundamental merit

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>who is behind these posts
If you really want to know who is behind the project checkout pic related. fudposters are just mad they went all in on the wrong project and stalk us mercilessly presumably because they are seething and/or schizo. I've never seen such obsession with a project someone claimed not to be invested in. most likely a latecomer or poorfag trying desperately to fill his bags before he misses the boat completely.

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They might be pumping it but it seems like a pretty smart protocol. It has a real world use case (replacing shitty inflated fiat in developing countries) and a well thought out system to achieve that.

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>calling out you and your team of pajeets trying to pump and dump this shitcoin MUST MEAN that we're trying to buy lower.

the expectation for your mental capabilities was low, but this is some new level of retardation right there

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Most interesting crypto I've seen in awhile..

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This has some serious illuminati vibes the more I dig into it..

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your nonstop fudding is what gives it away.

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That's bullish r.. right?

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decide for yourself:


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