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Too bad this tranny team didn't start a couple years earlier. Or actually worked at an acceptable pace and had a real product that could be of use through all of this

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haha.. you fudders are road testing a new one?Pathetic attempt anon. Those gen-1 stablecoins are dead, just like the assets they re pegged to. They need to evolve or die off. RSR is changing the game and you obviously know that cuz you stalk every thread. you seem pretty obsessed. Sorry you haven't accumulated yet but you had 8 months.

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>imagine betting all your money on Tether and all other stable coins being completely untradeable and delisted from cmc within a year

these people are no different from doomsday preppers

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lmfao you couldn't be more wrong

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So how will this be used in Venezuela etc? People buy things and send money through the app? I just want to see more people using RSV to buy things with and store their income

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those coins arent scalable for the following reason: if everybody wants to cash out at once the reserves of the coin cant handle it

back in 2019 USDT didnt have enough reserve backing eg you had a useless coin not backed by anything if you wanted to convert it back into money

the same thing happened in 2020 when markets crashed due to coronavirus

so how does reserve solve this and scale? ill tell you how

> bunch of people want to convert their RSR coins into RSV coins, which is pegged at $1.00
> RSV value starts decreasing from $1.00 to $0.98 on exchanges as we saw happen to USDT
> Jews realize they can make money by buying RSV coins and selling those RSV coins for $1.00 to back the reserve
> Jews then buy RSR coins and convert those coins into RSV coins via Reserve protocol. That means RSR goes up in value (due to mass buying) and RSV starts to stabilize at $1 again

and vice versa for the opposite scenario

this is why RSR is better than all of those other stable coins

DAI as a stablecoin got hit pretty hard recently, so did USDT

i dont know anon, i feel like RSR is a real contender here for a possible moonshot

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sorry, i made a typo here

the scenario described is RSV value starts increasing from $1.00 to $1.07 just like what happened to USDT recently, not decreasing in value

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Google "German Rentenmark". This is the only way to get out of hyperinflation and it's already been proven in the real world. RSV is the Retenmark of crypto and it's a one of a kind project backed by people with a lot of government connections. Peter Thiel is a personal friend of Donal Trump. Coinbase is now working directly with Fed (they own equity in reserve). They have a former SEC commissioner on their advisory team. The protocol is already moving towards the next phase of their app after finishing a successful beta test in an actual hyperinflationary environment. The final protocol still needs to be tested on-chain which is what they are focusing on now. Coinbase has an actual stake on the success of Reserve. RSV is the only crypto actually based on a basket of largely non-USD physical and stable assets. It is designed to hedge against what's to come, and what is already happening.

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people have been saying this about Tether since the dawn of its creation
And guess what

it still hasnt died.

What makes you think something miraculous is going to happen to cause tether to die this year?

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you keep stalking rsr and repeating this retarded fud anon... you know RSR will succeed no matter what happens with those legacy/gen1 stablecoins. nobody wants to invest in a centralized ponzi started by creepy fucks like tether.. why are you so obsessed with rsr? do you do this to every coin you hate or are you just super passionate about this one? You had eight months, it's probably too late for you now. The investor lineup in pic related all get it. I guess you are smarter than Coinbase and Paypal founders, as well as a former SEC commissioner.

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Too late ?

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Coinbase and Paypal dont have their life savings invested in RSR, because they know its just a neat idea.

They dont really think Tether is going to die off and be replaced

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the satsgang shills are reusing old images and copy-pasta again

don't you have any other places to scam people at? nobody is falling for it here

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So the idea here is that if RSV becomes widely adopted, the price of RSR will increase to parity (about 1$) and generate a 400x return for early adopters?

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Tether has nothing to do with this. It's a legacy counterfeit fiat and nothing else. At this point everyone knows the fudders are just salty poorfags that wish they could have gotten in earlier. You may have a small stack but you are seething for more. If you are still pushing the old satsgang fud, you are either retarded and falling for something we made up to keep you out 6 months ago, or you are just so far behind in accumulating there is no hope for you. either way, we appreciate the bumps and all your attention but you aren't going to lower the price throwing bitch fits on a Brazilian line dancing forum but if you want to waste your time and stay poor be my guest.

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>if you want to waste your time and stay poor be my guest

you and your pajeet friends are the ones who are constantly spamming your low effort shill material here

how poor are you to have or resort to scamming random people on the internet like that?

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Good question anon.. Since you are still interested, even though you have missed the best entry.. I guess you can still try to pick some up on Huobi before it hits Coinbase, they are equity investors you know...

RSR is unlike anything you've ever seen before, they are designing a system using smart contracts that allow anyone to exchange their useless fiat for a stablecoin (RSV) backed by over 100 assets (near future), the process of designing such a system requires a multi-step process of slowly assimilating all of the parts into the whole. For example, they've started by releasing an easy to use App that doesn't require any fancy back-end technical nonsense to function as intended. They designed it specifically to make sure that the users have no need for any technical expertise or knowledge about crypto in order to benefit from it. Now that the App is designed and people are seeing the benefit(s) of it (i.e being able to store the full value of their currency/labor without relying on failing government fiat currency) they (the reserve team) can now focus on the technical side of things. They finalized the portal that allows you to mint RSV without needing the App and will now work on incorporating that minting process into their App itself so that we can view all the new RSV minted from the App. This may take a little while longer since they want to make sure that they worked out as many bugs as possible since it's necessary that people TRUST that they wont have issues storing their funds on-chain/on the App. They will also be using what they've learned in the beta phase in Venezuela and apply it to other regions which will make those launches go faster and smoother than the first beta launch.

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>the pajeet is so braindead that he has to spam old copy-pastas created by other people in order to attempt to scam others

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Whats it like anon? Whats its like being a broke ass bitch?

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>copy-pastas created by other people in order to attempt to scam others
I think we know who the jeet is here. Learn a bit more English if you want to convincingly larp as a non-street shitter.

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