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You bros have been shorting and buying low over the past couple weeks right? We’re only going up from here. How much bank did you make?

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> We’re only going up from here

says an increasingly nervous man for the 50th time this year

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Bitcoin bullrun begins NOW.

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No i finally bought SPY 100p yesterday, it is GUARANTEED to moon now.

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Without an income, people will be spending their savings. Most peoples savings are in assets, therefore people will sell their assets.

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"flattening the curve" is a foolproof plan, really.

There's no recession cause they give back the money 1:1. So you prevented further fall now, at the expense of some of the growth later, which is too inflated anyway

Trump knows his stuff

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Those faggots will always be poor. Cure is already here this shit will be over soon

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u think whales care about normie pennies at this prices?

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