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>cases jump from 20k to 43k in 3 days
>alright let's open businesses and end the quarantine

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>orange man bad

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He's more worried about the economy than the citizens safety.

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I've made prepper posts on /biz/ before and gotten laughed at.

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The economy collapsing would do more damage to citizens than the Chinese virus could ever dream of.

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Fucking retards...

They didn't jump; they're actually testing now so confirmations are going up.

Social media was a mistake.

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The economy IS safety. Do you want 10% of 70+ year olds to die or do you want violence and strife across the entire population which results in deaths and injury 10x that.

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Do you really want to cripple the economy because some 500 useless boomers died?

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That's how all leaders should be. The weak will die off no matter what you do. Better to think big, and nobody thinks as big as Trump

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>He's more worried about the economy than the citizens safety.

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>The virus magically stopped spreading & we're just catching up

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>orange man good

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It's definitely spreading, like a cold (weird right?), but the significant jumps you're seeing on the graphs aren't indicative of more deaths (as evidenced by the fucking graphs). They're just detecting the virus in increasing numbers of asymptomatic/ nothing burger symptom people. The highest risk, and clearly infected people, were being tested all along, so those numbers aren't seeing parabolic growth.

Why do i feel like I'm having this same very very basic argument with the same paid provocateur in every thread..?

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>He'll reply with a laughing face because facts are facts, and he's done here.

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>Why do i feel like I'm having this same very very basic argument with the same paid provocateur in every thread..?


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Deaths actually decrease during recessions and depressions. Look it up

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Thanks, anti-vaxxer. Now please, go outside and play with your infected friends

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Most likely, yes.

I'm going outside to get coughed on. See you bros later.

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Uhh deaths are rising exponentially anon

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>It's definitely spreading, like a cold (weird right?), but the significant jumps you're seeing on the graphs aren't indicative of more deaths (as evidenced by the fucking graphs).
Meanwhile death rate is higher the infection rate

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mortality rates drop during recessions as people tend to be more conservative and avoid expensive and dangerous activities

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Yup. And killing half a million Americans will do both.

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Caring more about the economy than a handful of boomers is a good thing!

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Trump happens to be in the group that would die off. Actually the majority of our leaders would and should die by your logic. Or does it only apply to the people below?

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>vaxEd and infected
>unvaxed but not infected

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Kill yourself glownigger kike think tank shill

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>pensioners contribute to the economy

Nice mental gymnastics, nevertrumper.

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Don't necessarily disagree - unemployment rises lead to thousands of deaths too though

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It's a hoax, you stupid moron. Flu like any other during every years flu season.
Fake media crisis.

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China and Italy were both horrible case studies. The virus was new in China with unknown lethality so they clamped down hard on it in case it was potentially a world ending superbug. This generally scared the fuck out of every other country paying attention.

Italy was running flights directly to and from Wuhan before this whole time because they have tons of Chinese workers in their textile industry. The virus obviously had been spreading like wildfire for months there. I wouldn't be surprised if Italy was already on the back end of the curve by the time they started mass testing and posting big scary positive numbers.

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Hurr durr stop the entire economy because it's flu season, what could go wrong?
Your mind on mass media.

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On the contrary, the deaths from this disease would result in a net benefit to the economy. Those past the age of 60 are no longer an asset but a liability in absolute terms.

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Wrong, people can't afford Healthcare, some people can't afford life saving drugs. Others go homeless and end up becoming criminals which has a very high mortality rate. Others end up abusing drugs and alcohol. Recession will be much worse on deaths then the Corona virus.

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>wE dOnT nEeD aN eCoNoMy

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>why would I need to breathe when my stonks are up???!!!?

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the survival of the state is paramount. Unless you want to live without society's niceties.

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Yes, orange man bad.

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Just fucking look it up retard, your conjecture means nothing

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your granny that gave you milk and cookies as a child is going to die from the chink flu so that the rest of us can wage in peace for our corporate overlords. her sacrifice will not have been in vain. god bless america.

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This society can't even provide essential healthcare, let it burn and be reborn.

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What basement level risk management. Novel viruses can mutate and present unknown risks to the system. What a downturn gonna do, offer to raise a bunch of gaussian risks like suicide?

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>The economy = stonks

The economy is everything. It's your livelihood. It's the revenue of the state. That means it's your police force, your firefighters, your military, your welfare programs. It's what keeps food stocked on shelves, kids in school, and cars running. Without that you literally have nothing you triple niggerbrain. Yes I'm willing to let an IMMINENT VIRUS go ahead and run its course rather than shutting the economy down 2 to 3 times before we realize that is the only way to combat it.

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You look it up. There is literally a stay that says just a 1 percent increase in unemployment increases your chance of dying by 6 percent. This recession will have much bigger impacts than just unemployment. Stop being retarded and think for a minute.

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Ahhh yes another seething liberal who chooses feelings over fact. Have you looked at the specifics of the deaths or do you just see a CNN headline and go “omg 30 people died today!” Almost all of these deaths are occurring in assisted living facilities or retirement homes, Arizona just had a case where 20+ assisted living residents died in one facility. Try to look more into the circumstances surrounding the deaths as opposed to a raw number, you might not sound like such a retard next time

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Why is the state so fragile it can't stop for a month or two and has to elect to sacrifice a significant portion of its population everytime something like this occurs? And since when has 'the state' been paramount? I don't remember the US being founded with that kind of philosophy.

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>Europe is a hoax

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>the survival of the state is paramount.
"Land of the Free"

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Fucking retard

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The US loses 30,000 people annually to flu
The world loses 500,000
We currently have 600 US deaths from corona
And 17,000 globally

China had peak incidence and recovery within three months
New cases and deaths in Italy are already declining

If we don't start seeing at least 50x the daily incident disease rate and death rate we're currently seeing it's not even as important an illness as the flu

The normal, seasonal, non-pandemic flu
That nobody even thinks about

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Take this shit to pol or reddit.

Don’t be putting your TDS on full display on /biz/ you faggots

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2018 - 1500 ppl dying per week
2020 - 500 ppl dying per week


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Now post the study about unemployment, poverty, etc increase death rate.

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Kek has this already turned into a copypasta or are you the same schizo op from that other thread

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The proper response was to shut down travel back in early Feburary but since that hasn't happened the proper response has been to isolate and force kill it. People kept dragging their feet until we face a 'tradeoff' bullshit situation caused by the same fucks who value the economy over human lif and now they're arguing human life is WHY they value the economy. Shove it up your God damn lying ass. If we're going to have to choose, after the failures of people like you, one path or the toher and both present potential to kill, you HAVE to choose the path that prevents the greater unknown systemic threat which is a virus that can mutate.

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I’m talking about the US economy, you know, the backbone to the macro global economy. Why the fuck would we be talking about irrelevant Europe?

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>believing some kike funded article
oh, anon...

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Which is why we should always bailout failures, right? It lowers the death rate. What a fucking pathetic slave mentality.

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Holy shit you’re dumb. That’s 5 different studies cited that support the pro cyclical relationship between overall mortality and economic growth in high income countries. But you want me to go dig up one study that you probably don’t even know and just remember reading about that line about unemployment and death in some random article somewhere?

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>instead you should believe random teenagers on an image board
Oh, anon...

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I have news for you if you think a total economic shutdown will result in less deaths.. And I don't think you will like that news.

>> No.18049341

>still can’t provide source
>thinks some random fag’s conjecture on an image board means anything to anyone
I have news for you anon, and I don’t think you will like it

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t. hackernews "got a source" fag

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Who in their right mind cares about the population of Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit or Chicago?

>> No.18049397

How can you not understand that this economic shutdown has far reaching consequences. Much more than a traditional recession. Yet you are obsessed with your irrelevant studies. This is what autism looks like.

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Of course it applies to those below. You're not "weak" when you're rich and powerful and virile like Trump is.

>> No.18049413

ive never seen someone so confident about something they're 100% wrong on

>> No.18049420

I've noticed you've selectively ignored my arguments. Why don't you shut your ignorant mouth? You're clearly blocking out inconvenient kill shots to this retarded lying position that you read on some blog and are repeating here.

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god damn you're a retard

>> No.18049465

Orange man not just bad, Orange Man does not know how to run a country and should not have qualified to become president.

>> No.18049468

Yeah, swing for the low hanging fruit. If you ignore better arguments and win against easy ones it means you're right.

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>says deaths increase during recessions
>makes up study
>gets proved wrong by actually studies
>this is what autism looks like
Kek the irony. No shit it has far reaching consequences, but as far as mortality goes the shutdown itself won’t have consequences as bad as just allowing corona to spread freely would. Next you’ll probably say who cares it’s a “boomer remover” anyway

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>Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit or Chicago
>New York
>who gives a shit about the population of the financial capital of the world
imagine being this totally fucking retarded

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See >>18049178
I understand newfags like you have a hard time following threads though

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You're arguing against 14 year olds who think they're shot shots because they read some wall street blog. They've shown no capacity for independent novel thinking in this topic.

>> No.18049508

This is not just a recession though is it? It's an economic shutdown. Far more consequences then if everyone just has to stop buying that after dinner ice cream like Americans do in normal recessions. Crazy how you can't understand this.

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I don't think all of the trust fund babby/law students we had for the past 40 years were "qualified" either. The problem with politicians is that they are judged on how well they sell their image, not accomplish useful things.

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Wuflu numbers are all meaningless because we don't know total cases in any of the countries. Not even close.

The only controlled study was the diamond princess cruise where 650 out of 3700 people caught it and 7 old (70+) people died.

>> No.18049532


death. what kind of retard question is that. some of us don't live in a box and work in a cubicle.

>> No.18049533

>half a million
it'll be much more than that

>> No.18049545

>You're arguing against 14 year olds who think they're shot shots
Welcome to /biz/, I’d have stopped coming here a long time ago if it wasn’t inexplicably hard not to check it when the markets are acting crazy just to see what all the retards and schizos are saying

>> No.18049569

"Novel" thinking
I'm glad you have at least learnt one thing during this time.

>> No.18049574

These two posts go ignored because they represent the actual proper series of responses. But kids with no comprehension of the issues who are regurgitating talking points they read can't reckon with them properly.

It's fine, I gave you fuckfaces 15 minutes to respond. I'm leaving this joke of a topic.

>> No.18049583

You do realise those studies include the Great Depression right? So unless this is literally much worse than the Great Depression it’s still relevant. And if it is worse well then in any case we’d be entering uncharted territory so whatever you or I say probably won’t hold much water in a few weeks/months time

>> No.18049599


Thanks for sharing Ted Kaczynski

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They did not jump.
US started intensive testing and isolation.
Plus there are very successfull drugs being used.
But still if you can work from home I would.

>> No.18049739

Seeing as we have never had a complete lock down it would be logical to assume this is much worse.

>> No.18049746


you bet. can we let the niggers riot now. i'd like to see some shootings

>> No.18049763

If he does this than yes

>> No.18049874

On that I do not particularly disagree. I still think lockdown is necessary though. Better to gamble with the economy and maybe perhaps indirectly with peoples lives as per your argument than to directly gamble with peoples lives which will in and of itself have serious economic implications and serious political backlash that might force governments to re-shutdown but not before there’s already been a spike and second wave of cases further overloading healthcare systems

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I told you all yesterday that the COVID-19 scare is a SCAM and to buy stocks. 30% profit in one day. It's only going to go up from here. The whole media was in cahoots and if those government officials weren't caught, they would be buying them back up on the discount.

Where are our $1200 checks? 15 days will be almost up, social distancing will be eased, and then only those who were affected with the coronavirus will actually get it, is my bet.

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>t. 70 y/o
You've had a good life, stop keeping us imprisoned fag

>> No.18050080

Say hello to
>lung tissue damage
>cytokine storms
>bacterial infections
>possibly death
>possible societal slowdown
>possible societal collapse
I’m not even a /pol/ /cvg/ tier schizo I just know how serious this is and you faggots are too worried about your money to take this seriously. Why not both? I’m on this board too right now aren’t I? Because I can appreciate the potential to make money by buying on a huge dip but don’t act like the virus is nothing because your money is doing okay, fag

>> No.18050081

Nice bull trap. Rip

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N-no it’s literally just a flu anon, we’ll see a v-v-v-shaped recovery within a week

>> No.18050131

these retards aren't paid they're just... retards.

>> No.18050168

>I just know how serious this is and you faggots are too worried about your money to take this seriously.
I take it seriously. But if other people aren't and suddenly the Task Force downplays the numbers of Italy and Trump is talking about weeks (and not months), there's not much I can do. Other than make profit.

You have to read the news. Then you will know the sentiment over whether to sell or not.

>> No.18050186

>orange man good, gommunism bad

>> No.18050251

He should. People need to make a living to survive. You dumbass zoomers are incapable of seeing the bigger picture; financial desperation and a crippled economy leads to crime and violence. Traditionally speaking, rough economic times almost always leads to war

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>> No.18050292

>somehow connects war to this
Kek typical 4chan

>> No.18050298

The economy will be crippled when all the hospital beds are used for those useless boomers. Which means that there won't be any room for millenials and zoomers to get treated meaning that their mortality rate will also jump.
Retards can't see why Covid-19 is dangerous, they just see the mortality rate.
Trump has no right to speak about communism after handing out free money

>> No.18050307

Reinfection doesn't exist. Societal slowdown and severe downturn isn't just possible, it's a guarantee.

>> No.18050340

Every single thing you listed is also a possibility and chances are that you won't suffer any of those if you are below 50

>> No.18050383

The question was who in their right mind?

>> No.18050414

>Which means that there won't be any room for millenials and zoomers to get treated meaning that their mortality rate will also jump.
If you are young and have to be hospitalized then you deserve to die you weak gene useless fatass

>> No.18050438

Yes, because lockdown worldwide didn't cost anything at all. I'm not surprised /biz/ can't even do a simple cost calculation. The damage is already done

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That's why we'll never be a true meritocracy like China. Good point.

>> No.18050477

1 in 250 - 300 infected under 30 dies. Many more are hospitalized. What if you are one of them?

>> No.18050491

Every politician is...
Trump is no exception there!

>> No.18050500


What if you got hit by a car? What if.. you committed suicide? Better not do anything and let us revert to a stone age society. Wait until supply chains suffer and collapse and nobody can get any medicine either.

>> No.18050511

Where did you get this stat...

>> No.18050512

>what is UBI
>inb4 socialism

>> No.18050531

>Why the fuck would we be paying attention to the places that are further ahead on the exponential curve than us, like France where 50% of ER admissions are under 60, in order to get an understanding of where we are heading.
lmao you dumbasses wil get exactly what you deserve. myopic retards.

>> No.18050582

Trump won by 50k votes in 2016. If 3 million boomers die before the election, I think he'll have a bad time

>> No.18050609

>The damage is already done
Which is why it'd be a good idea to extend the quarantine. Which sounds like a sunk-cost fallacy, but if infections rise again we will have to redo this bullshit once again.

>> No.18050611

And you won't see the deaths...if they are not documented...! Hahaha so this is Trump's master plan!

>> No.18050613


Not when deep blue states are leading the case count by a massive degree

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>3 million boomers die
Don't stop, I'm close

>> No.18050675

Remember when the media was reporting Hillary was polling 80%+ and was a 95% favorite? You still give validity to these things? Anon, I.....

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What even is this comment. You were the one who just posted the turbo bluepilled stat of "only muh 50k pushed Trump over the edge"

>> No.18050733

Preach! And please let them all be white :)

>> No.18050750

Getting hit by a car is far less likely. You sound as smart as trump


It is data from Spain
3 out of 559 dead in age group 20-29 for men -> 1 of 186.

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>> No.18050803


>> No.18050804


>Practicing necropolitics
>Literally acting out like a tribal niggah warlord

>> No.18050839

>guys trump is actually smart
>no no he actually knows things
>no no guys he actually like reads words, and collecting information
>he definitely isnt just obviously freestyling on stage
>he definitly learns.. facts.. and numbers.. before talking to the country
>he is actually smart and knows lots of things
>i think there is a high chance that if he took a 6th graders history or civics test he would Definitly get above a 15 out of 100

>> No.18050843


>Getting hit by a car is far less likely. You sound as smart as trump


>proceeds to post bogus stats that don't control for the asymptomatic/mildly symptomatic

>> No.18050900


The only people dying of this under 30 are people with cancer or AIDS tier pre-existing conditions. You're desperate for that not to be true, but it just is.

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File: 2.72 MB, 355x300, rudy_what.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmaoooooo what a fucking clown world.
Trump protectors are the biggest insecure pussies ive ever seen in my life.
Imagine being too scared to look in the mirror and accept you were tricked by a below mediocre used car salesman.

>> No.18050959


There's also the little bit about black and hispanic people of all ages being much unhealthier than whites...

>> No.18050971
File: 217 KB, 173x261, 1555780320998.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh I don't give a shit about leftypol, pol, or "muh race" bullshit. I just want millions of boomers fucked out of their retirement/dead because they've had it too good for too long and I hate them. I also want the economy to finally go full cherynobal so I can buy all cheapies and get rich on the recovery.

>> No.18050986

Itt: retards

>> No.18050999

Look at Italy if you really think this isn't a big deal. They're where the US will be in a few weeks if we resume everything normally.

>> No.18051016

Are you joining me in making fun of them or implying that’s what I’m saying...?

>> No.18051054
File: 154 KB, 820x836, 831-8318812_view-samegoogleiqdbsaucenao-based-pepe-in-a-tuxedo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18051075

Doesn’t mean I want to risk it, and neither should you

>> No.18051103

So you hate them cause you ain’t them?
Seriously, sounds like you just want to do the same thing as them. And then in 40 years or so when you’re old and there’s a new disease, what? You hope the young people want you to die?

>> No.18051106


You're not including "the entire world economy shuts down for months due to our quarantine efforts, causing a permanent crippling depression and destruction of trade and supply lines that neuters your earning potential by 50% over the next 10 years" in your risk analysis

>> No.18051108

this is not true, but I wish it was
why are you in so much denial? It is ok to be scared tough guy

>> No.18051121


You risk it every year during flu season.

>> No.18051140

he is pretty bad tho

>> No.18051147

>neuters your earning potential by 50% over the next 10 years
If anything, that would be the best chance for millenials to own anything at all (stocks, real estate etc)

>> No.18051156

I think that’s serious too. I have guns and stockpiled ammo to, how can I phrase this for the alphabet soup guys scanning posts?
“Defend my home from potential aggressive invaders”
But if we go to a depression I’d be more scared of complete political upheaval and lord knows we’re in the middle of a cultural paradigm shift so who knows if nazis or commies of the modern internet would try to take over. (I mean if I had to choose gun to my head the former but still you want some level headed non Larpers in charge)

>> No.18051172


>It's ok to be scared tough guy

How about realistic? Every time I get sick with anything I make peace with the fact that it could kill me. That's just life. People back in the day weren't demanding everybody shut their own lives down and bring the economy to a halt thanks to a 0.5% chance of death.


Not if this goes on too long and the event horizon for a healthy bounce is crossed.

>> No.18051178


>> No.18051198

Well, unemployment is going to kill more people

>> No.18051243

Getting hit by a car isn't a multiplicative threat you retard. Each death by car doesn't massively increase the chance of more.

>> No.18051276
File: 59 KB, 420x925, 1583737287114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sounds like you just want to do the same thing as them
Yes exactly, I'm not against the system I just want in and then in 40/50 years if it happens to me then whatever. I can't complain and at least I had a good life with a lot of money.

>> No.18051280


This post is actually a good insight into what's driving this hysteria. The people all in on this don't care about actual facts, they just have emotional problems with boomers or Trump or the system at large and think this is their proxy that'sgoing to fix their life. Its pure female emotion without regard for reason.

>> No.18051300

That’s fucked. You should at least want everyone to prosper and hold as much of that wealth as allows them to give it to their children and so on, /cvg/ poster

>> No.18051301

>Not if this goes on too long and the event horizon for a healthy bounce is crossed.
It would be over soon if western countries wouldn't be so retarded. All that is needed is like 1 month of complete shutdown followed by restrictions on travel until other countries get their shit together.
We could probably have prevented it completely if we had taken action earlier

>> No.18051322

I’m “all in on this” and follow “actual facts” like R0, death rates, economic slowdown, supply chain breakdown, panic reactions, and other very real actual facts that should leave you “female emotional” about this

>> No.18051343

B-but it's just a flu.

>> No.18051350

This. I’m an absolute libertarian...or at least I’d think I was cause now I want mass quarantine fascism for the retards who are still going out

>> No.18051361


>Wanting to lick government boots instead of controlling your own life

You're definitely not American.

For everyone in here, the places being overly affected are liberal shitholes. Let them die. It will be better for our economy in the long run.

>> No.18051397

>being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn despite all logic pointing to staying in
>no true Scotsman fallacy
>being safe for yourself and others is bootlicking
Damn. That was so dumb it made me stop and collect myself for a second.

>> No.18051406

Christcuck conservatives love kikes the most

>> No.18051434
File: 29 KB, 600x589, 4834897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been hearing this for a few weeks already. Now Italy's cases are decelerating.

>> No.18051470


>Being afraid of something that will most likely never touch you

Grow a pair, faggot.



Eat glass, liberal-faggot.

>> No.18051472
File: 99 KB, 1510x920, italy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Italy cases dropping

This shit will be over in a 2-3 weeks

>> No.18051495


No you're not. You think China covered up hundreds of thousands of deaths, that every person who gets this goes infertile, that asymptomatic people have permanent lung damage, that healthy under 50s are dying, that every country that's had this for more than a month still has increasing cases, and that the death rates for this are statistically significant. You've bought a bunch of conspiracies because you hate Trump, or hate boomers or the Fed or whatever you think this virus harms. It ain't happening as much as your desperate for it to.

>> No.18051508

They'vd been on lockdown for the last 2 weeks.

>> No.18051519

Doesn't matter because boomers love trump. Old people are overwhelmingly conservative and they actually do vote. Once they kick bucket one way or another, it'll be over for you.
The future of the GOP is going to be biden. Not trump.

Yeah? Are you reaching for those 1/500 youth deaths that probably don't vote in the first place?

>> No.18051520

I didnt know it was possible for one post to be so based

>> No.18051534

Notice how I started with “for yourself”. I value my own life first and foremost but don’t tell me you don’t care about everyone else on some level. I’m not a collectivist but I’d still care if masses of people dropped dead. Goddamn civnat cucks.

>> No.18051542


City boomers are not "pro trump". They are some of the most pro-state libfags imaginable.

t. live in the city

Great cope but this isn't looking like the promising situation you were hoping for leftoid.

>> No.18051548

this is the "have sex" for drumpf seething trannyposters

>> No.18051594

how's that wall comin along

>> No.18051604


The people adversely affected by this do not belong in any group that has my interests at heart. They do not represent interests that are for betterment of my country.

Let the chinese virus do its thing, and lets get the economy up and running again before we're paying for it till we die.

>> No.18051610

Show me one poll that had Hillary by 80% on national polls

>> No.18051612

>a bunch of shit no one said or believes mixed in with facts
heh, this will show him that reality isnt real

>> No.18051613

Most boomers prefer the GOP. While the DNC has mostly younger voters.
Blue states can afford to lose city boomers and still won't go red.

Red states can't afford to lose a single boomer because they'll turn blue.

The GOP base cannot afford to lose their boomers. But keep thinking you're the one that's winning.

>> No.18051614
File: 44 KB, 514x704, William Burroughs quote.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Capitalism is a death cult
>More blood for the blood God
>Profits over lives

>> No.18051616

Go back to pol

>> No.18051661
File: 148 KB, 988x1059, 1577835188519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Say hello to
>>lung tissue damage
>>cytokine storms
>>bacterial infections
>>possibly death
>>possible societal slowdown
>>possible societal collapse
>I’m not even a /pol/ /cvg/ tier schizo

>> No.18051667
File: 1.74 MB, 349x248, 1344468226977.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You keep repeating yourself but you're not listening to me. There is no monolithic "boomer". 45% of people 60 and older voted Clinton. And those people are seriously concentrated in major cities like NYC... that are getting obliterated right now.

90% of country boomers, the least affected, are conservative. Stop. Read what I'm saying. Run some numbers in your head, I know it's hard to do when you're stuck in libland but you need to right now.

>> No.18051669
File: 45 KB, 267x279, 1566884180969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That’s fucked
Yeah probably but I don't care. The only thing I care about is breaking free of the shackles of wage slavery. Whatever has to happen to get me there is fine in my mind.

>> No.18051672

In my original post >>18050080
I referenced maybe two of those things. Do you not think China lied about the numbers though? That’s almost for sure the absolute truest thing I could say for the preppers. As for the infertility, permanent lung damage, airborne aids stuff, I don’t know for sure that any of that is real but I also haven’t seen those specific rumors addressed and disproven, therefore the safest course of action is to assume they’re true just in case. Healthy people under 50 ARE dying, not in mass amount sure but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Not every country that’s had this for a month or longer has increasing cases (another thing I didn’t say in my original post) because many countries have social cultures that support the idea of acting homogeneously in the face of a crisis like many asian countries. You don’t see stubborn college retards going on spring break there. I don’t hate trump, I’m a /pol/ poster. I criticize him when he deserves it (aid to Israel, red flag law support etc) I don’t hate boomers to the extent that I want them dead, that’s just psychotic. I do dislike them though, so I guess you’re not technically wrong there. And I’m not desperate for a happening buddy, I’ve been saying for months that I WANT to be wrong about this but the facts say otherwise.

>> No.18051673

Based...and dare I say it? No...I daren’t. I should not. However, the compulsion is great...ok, perhaps I shall say it...red pilled.

>> No.18051674


Then why are you so scared for this thing to run its course?

>> No.18051679

2 weeks after lockdown they're still getting 5k new cases a day.

>> No.18051690

>more tests available, meaning more cases known
>OP doesn’t understand
Based retard

>> No.18051702

This. It's obviously contagious and it's certainly going to overload american healthcare facilities, but on an isolated ship, only 17% of people caught the virus and .01% of those who caught it died.

>> No.18051705
File: 7 KB, 225x225, 1572195289567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The best part about the scare is how everything turns to shit dumbass.

>> No.18051717

That’s just psychotic. Imagine saying this in person in a crowded bar. You’d get some looks and rightfully so. You think I like dipshit normie liberals? No, but wishing death upon people is about as dark as it gets

>> No.18051725
File: 42 KB, 669x455, back to work.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good for the market

>> No.18051735

Look it’s the guy from the bear market thread duh hahaha

>> No.18051747
File: 29 KB, 638x441, lel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Trump voters BTFO

>> No.18051756

Work from home, start a youtube

>> No.18051763

I hate Trump and the GOP in general but he unironically has done everything I would’ve done in his shoes. The risks to the economy far outweighs the lives of some pension-abusing boomers and their parents. Also fuck this whole covid shit just call it the kung flu.

>> No.18051788


>> No.18051806

What are they gonna do? Throw their dentures at you? Fuck off.

>> No.18051812

Did you know that hillary clinton is a lesbian? I wonder if she takes her political decisions before or after licking some other mummy rotten pussy.
If you think about that, this is a complete game changer, an entire nation would have been depending on this simple fact.
I imagine her announcing third world war, you can SPOT because microphone seems to melt in the same moment in which she speaks, because an old lady pussy liquids don't go away from your breath for weeks, even if you wash your teeth with bleach

>> No.18051815


If they're that worried, they can hide in their apartments.

Psychotic is fausting a never-ending bond and loan program on our economy that was already debt riddled with something that amounts to a spending program that krauthammer would get resurrected over. Remember ACA? This is easily twice the size of that little nugget. Psychotic is turning a flu that has been tampered with into a world war level spending problem.

We built thousands of ships and fought around the planet with the kind of money we're spending to fight a modified flu. Are you fucking kidding me.

>> No.18051830

Because I'm retarded.

>There is no monolithic "boomer". 45% of people 60 and older voted Clinton.
That means 55% voted trump.
Even city boomers are overwhelmingly conservative?
Keep thinking you're winning the demographics. I guess it's a nice way to cope.

>> No.18051837

Of course you are. His money doesn't change the fact that he's an elderly man. If those below must die that's fine, but only if you acknowledge those above ought to die as well.

>> No.18051881


>This shit will be over in 3 weeks

Talking about the virus? Perhaps. Italian economy? Hell naw they're gonna face the fallout from now on. Italexit has suddenly become a trend again and the right-ish government will be absolutely FORCED into moving against the EU after their quite blatant abandonment of the Italian population. They were already not very fond of the block and now the ripples are gonna hit hard. Without cooperation from Italy the entire EU is basically a giant feudal realm with Merkel reigning over the French and other lesser vassals. And without the EU the world might even be thrown into a very digital version of the cold war in between China and US.

And that's not even mentioning how the US might start having thousands upon thousands of dead bodies piling up the next few weeks after Trump denies continuation of quarantine measures. Sure it will happen very fast and sure it won't meaningfully hinder anything other than the already crippled medical system, but the hit to the morale might prove to be more than just a nudge. Last thing the market needs right now would be people actually deciding to stir up social revolt, and this is becoming more likely every day (even if Trump removes curfew there is no certainty this will prevent unemployment).

>> No.18051892

No they’re just going to judge you amongst themselves. The point is that’s disgustingly immoral, and I participate in 4chan raids. You have to have some standards.

>> No.18051893

Do you admit lockdown isn’t working?

>> No.18051898

>here’s your other stimulus package

>> No.18051910



The virus doesn't care how much trump dick you suck.

>> No.18051931

I agree we should take some of that money out of the MIC and aid to Israel if we’re going to do bailout. We shouldn’t print money but if that’s your biggest concern time travel back to the 60’s with Bretton woods and warn them about today.

At this point the economy is already fucked and they’re desperately floating it. I forgot I was on /biz/ for a second but human lives > economy

>> No.18051947
File: 37 KB, 461x394, soy267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Look it’s the guy from the bear market thread duh hahaha

>> No.18051955
File: 41 KB, 249x249, 1539122889402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't wait for the next few weeks. America will literally devolve into a third world country in front of our eyes.

>> No.18051973
File: 20 KB, 400x400, 1536984344298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nope. 45% Clinton and 52% Trump, the rest are independent. And if you know anything, anything at all about demography you'd know 99% of those Clinton voters are concentrated in liberal cities, the hotbeds for the current spread of the virus. If city boomers were "overwhelmingly conservative", boomers would be 85% Trumpists. Not the case. Try again, and again, shit for brains.

>> No.18051974

The greatest tragedy is this is the one and probably only situation where people SHOULDNT revolt against “draconian social control measures” like quarantines and curfews and just stay inside and let the virus run its course on the infected but suddenly NOW people are obsessed with muh freedom cause they’re a bunch of stubborn asses who only want to go out past 10 cause orange man, who idk if you heard but is bad, told them not to. Fucking retards.

>> No.18051980

Italy responded too late. Lockdown after the point of no return doesnt help much, no.

>> No.18052030


Even if you hate Israel, the money they're getting is going right back into buying shit from us. Only an idiot would shit on a customer right now when you need all of them.

This is about money, fuck your feelings and moral intransigence.

Every day we let this shit ride, it hurts all of us regardless who is sick or not. These programs are not going to benefit most of us and people getting sick do not like us.

Name a single thing collectivists have made better for A) White people, B) Men or even your families in general.

Their agendas help everyone but you. If you're worried about guilt, you can drink that down with the booze you can now afford.

>> No.18052036

You do realize these states don't vote 100% blue? Or are you retarded?

>> No.18052064


>> No.18052081

First world country my ass, the rise of infected people from opening businesses too soon will collapse the American medical system. Idiots who want to save the economy don't realize the many medical staff, specifically nurses and doctors will die because of the overwhelming number of patients with coronavirus let alone the cost of supplies and man power needed to control a pandemic .

Have fun dealing with overcrowded hospitals for the next few months America.

>> No.18052084


They are very, very blue. It's only red states that tend to be more borderline. Once a state has been captured by the Statist Menace it's pretty much game over for their culture. There there, this will all be over soon.

>> No.18052097
File: 65 KB, 570x849, 1573979121622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unbelievable... how can one weeb be so dangerously based?

>> No.18052142
File: 61 KB, 680x680, understand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bought puts today at 11am with SPY at 6% greeen
>spy IS 8.5% green now and mu puts have made 10%
based volatility for saving my ass

>> No.18052145

>looking at corona cases
>“this things wrecking young people!!”
>check age spread to confirm
>group is “19-40”


>> No.18052157

I’m very confused about your point. Israel is not a “customer” of the US, if anything the relationship is very much the opposite.

This is about savings lives, friend. Fix the economy over the long run, not with artificial short term bullshit duct tape solutions.

I agree with you, I don’t like collectivists or socialist programs either.

What are we disagreeing about again?

>> No.18052191

>I’m miserable and so should you

>> No.18052230

>states with highly concentrated populations have more cases
who is conspiratorial again?

>> No.18052234

>the economy is everything
Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

>> No.18052252

>The highest risk, and clearly infected people, were being tested all along,
The US has performed less tests than Vietnam lol

>> No.18052264

and that's a good thing!

>> No.18052286


its gone both ways but Israel buys a lot of military hardware through these deals, directly from us including that abortion of a fighter program, f-35 to tune of 3 different allotments that made that program get any profit at all.

We're disagreeing because I have a more libertarian bent than you while you're arguing for some kind of moral, statist approach that protects economy in the long run since doing a longer quarantine would prevent resurgent hot-phases, would be my guess.

>> No.18052290

I bet you were saying the same thing on march 10th
>omg you guys look bar lines go down wheeee, it be down to zero in April

>> No.18052309

anon the reason those red states don't have any cases is because they're not doing any testing in them
NY is the only state with somewhat accurate numbers because they've ramped up testing there (hmm i wonder what is located on a certain wall street in new york that could affect the economy......)
California by now probably has the same if not double the ammount of cases as NY
The red states are going to run into huge trouble as well, this isn't some "liberal cuckold virus that only infects SJWs"

>> No.18052324

is he anything more than a fucking conman ?
deniro said it best : a mutt, a con artist, a bozo
NYC in 2 weeks... it's going to be hell on earth

>> No.18052350

Isn't that what modern "capitalism" is about?

>> No.18052368


>Walking back your jeers after the data looks solidly against you


>> No.18052375


That's been modern american worker since union's stop driving wages back in the 60's.

We drag eachother down to get ahead.

>> No.18052396

What “moral statist approach that protects the economy in the long run” have I advocated for? While I don’t want the economy to collapse, make no mistake I value human life, even the retards who say we’re nazis, over any amount of money.

>> No.18052405
File: 21 KB, 400x320, NRdZIovw4bDENYWJUPbpgCkTMCK0AGPx05PheYYv0lI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I probably already had it and never showed symptoms

I'd like to get back to work so yeah let's open this shit back up

>> No.18052421

reminder : this only kills boomers if other gens can be taken care of in ICU
so glad i'm not an inhabitant of shartsland
it's going to be the biggest historic mess that we've seen
trumptards will actually defend the 1M+ deaths this will cause

>> No.18052428

The economy has been crippled for the past 12 years unless you've found yourself being of the parasite class.

>> No.18052452 [DELETED] 

You’re edgy attitude might impress you’re 14 yo teens but not me

>> No.18052462

So what's his response going to be when he tries to handwave this issue and pretend that nothing is happening, the amount of cases skyrocket to uncontrollable degrees, and the hospitals start collapsing due to overwhelmingly large pools of people? Hospital workers are already being crushed in high-infection states, and in most of those states, they are on lockdowns to prevent the populace from interacting with each other. Is his plan honestly just to act like nothing is wrong? What's he going to do when things flare up violently again?

>> No.18052463

what does this even mean?

>> No.18052482


Your approach to valuing human life is the problem, not in valuing human life in of itself.

>> No.18052485

What approach is that?

>> No.18052503

Believing the kikes who would fund such a thing that you should go back to work next week

>> No.18052524

Are they seriously thinking of ending quarantines/social control measures early? Fucking Christ i try so hard to defend Donnie

>> No.18052538

>Is his plan honestly just to act like nothing is wrong?
sure seems that way and he's probably just going to do what he's always done when he screws up. Blame someone else and then shitpost on twitter.

>> No.18052552

>>cases jump from 20k to 43k in 3 days

But not that many people are dying from it. More people will die from an economic collapse and a transition to communism and rationing, which would be required if we shut everything down for an extended period of time. China didn't have any issues with that because they're already communist. I was truly hoping for a collapse because fuck this clown world, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

>> No.18052555

If you're a kike than for sure.

>> No.18052559


This whole conversation started with some retard saying this virus would uniquely obliterate Trump voters

1. Boomers aren't a monolith and almost half of them voted Clinton

2. 95% of these Lib Boomers are in the high density cities currently getting shellacked by the virus

>> No.18052565

tell him how you really feel anon
>it’s not a problem that you value human life, the problem is that jews and libs aren’t human

>> No.18052569


You're arguing to continue the quarantine, correct? While rest of us want to drop it to let the economy get going again.

Government lockdown of economy = statist approach

Letting shit fall where it may = Libertarian/Darwnist approach

I'm explaining the dichotomy clearly so you're aware that by extending or keeping the quarantine in place, it is irrevocably damaging our long term outlook since this will make unpaid college debt problem look small in comparison, we've already doubled it with this current problem.

>> No.18052586

ive never had to go to a hospital and im 35 so who cares

>> No.18052600
File: 38 KB, 600x655, shockedmerchant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18052610


I can't believe it took this long for someone to say this. If the hospitals get overwhelmed and run out of ventilators, then we will be seeing more younger, healthier people dying.

The reason why it's only killing old and/or sick people right now is because they still have enough hospital beds, ventilators, and medical staff to treat everyone. But if the medical system gets overwhelmed then we will see more and more younger people dying.

>> No.18052611

>i try so hard to defend Donnie
I literally cannot see who else would be to blame here. You can put the blame on asymptomatic carriers for mingling with the populace, but if they want to keep their jobs and not be laid off permanently due to this situation, it's literally your fault for demanding they go back to their jobs which force them to remain in contact with the masses every day like nothing is wrong. All it takes is one retard to cough on his hands to pass it on to the McBurger employee, who will then unintentionally transmit it to the Filet-O-Fish he's preparing for grandma, who will then infect and murder the entire nursing home. You can have the retarded 'pedes try to pivot their meme worship of their meme president by calling him #Based for killing all of the boomers, but it's still millions who will die as a result of this.

>> No.18052615

And war is exactly what the world needs right now.

>> No.18052679

>you know what the world needs? another war
>of course I care if people die! I just think the CDC and doctors who study pandemics their whole lives are blowing this out of proportion. The Economist wrote a really good Op-Ed you should read.

>> No.18052685

ah i misread it as only the blue states were getting fucked over
Yeah the only area trump has to look out for is the rust belt because he won by a thin margin last time. If boomers die en masse there it could spell trouble later down the line, but if crisis theory prooves true then chances are he'll be reinaugurated at the end of the year

>> No.18052695
File: 84 KB, 783x675, 1555721366639.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I literally cannot see who else would be to blame here.
YOU can't. Cause your brain functions at least somewhat correctly. Trump won't be talking to you when he invents whoever is at fault for his mishandling of Corona-Chan. He'll be talking to all the magatards and they will, as usual, believe whatever he says

>> No.18052711

just use the late stage Italy approach early and start denying anyone over 65 access to hospitals now

>> No.18052722


At least we could get back to making things.

>> No.18052749

>guise, lets kill the economy because of this god damn flu

>> No.18052759

Have any of the several dozen high profile cases of this publicly posted having anything beyond the sniffles?

This thing seems to have a higher chance of being asymptomatic, 50% or more based on most estimates, than the regular flu 5-35%.

>> No.18052817

Stopped reading

>> No.18052821

You really dont have a clue look up the boomer statistics. Boomers that voted for Clinton are far less unless you consider nigger old people to be apart of what you are talking about.

>> No.18052862
File: 60 KB, 609x676, 1360280973384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>unless you consider nigger old people to be part of what you're talking about

Oh... you mean the core of the Democratic voting base. The fat, old, niggers with poor access to medical services while living in high density urban communities currently getting wracked by the virus? Those boomers?

>> No.18052920

At this point 99% of all the discussion against quarantine are fucking just bait posts. No way you faggots could be this fucking moronic. Shit is reddit tier 18yr old
You mean the white majority of boomer trump voters that still go out and believe it's just a flu?

>> No.18052962


Alright, I'm done talking about this. None of you are even remotely logical. You can retrace this comment chain if you'd like to be enlightened, if not do go ahead with believing this is the conservative reckoning, it only helps the cause.

>> No.18052968

>At this point 99% of all the discussion against quarantine are fucking just bait posts. No way you faggots could be this fucking moronic. Shit is reddit tier 18yr old
this. just fuck off

>> No.18053045

This is true they started lockdown earlier than we (USA) did with fines for leaving their homes. I have been messaging friends in Italy.

>> No.18053083

Because you know, lesser of two evils. Even the kike ass kisser is better than “let’s turn every kid gay” liberals

>> No.18053107

They are only testing at risk or extremely sick people in New York. I'm 28 and didn't even bother trying to get tested because it would be a pain in the ass and a waste of resources. Young people are being actively discouraged from seeking testing here.

>> No.18053160

You mean....
>senior citizens
Their generation had it cooming
We need to cut our loses and get back to fixing what they fucked up in the first place

>> No.18053181

>muh virus deaths!!
kid get back to me when we reach swine flu records, the economy is more important in the long run

>> No.18053190

>saving the economy is a bad thing to think about goyim
china man confirmed

>> No.18053338

>trends dont matter, it creates a bad trend for the market

>> No.18053416

>Imagine expecting people will continue social distancing if not being forced by Daddy Government
People are going to forget about it in a week without the quarantine.

>> No.18053444

10x 10 percent is 100 percent you absolute retard.

>> No.18053459

China hasn't even updated their numbers in weeks, Chang.

>> No.18053491

meh, not really.

>> No.18053521
File: 47 KB, 637x401, 1584177842527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we already passed swine flu numbers weeks ago

>> No.18053526

Am I the only one kind of excited for an economic collapse? I have basically no assets now other than cash and precious metals, an economic meltdown would open a world of opportunity long term. Every business that shuts its doors within the next few months opens up opportunity for someone else to step in within the next few years.

>> No.18053548


The virus has been spread long ago and nothing happened.

social media was a mistake.

>> No.18053552

and just like with stocks a sharp upswing always has a swift fall

>> No.18053557

Trump literally doesn't know what the fuck he's doing, the economy is going to shit itself either way.

>> No.18053559

>and precious metals,
I got bad news for you

>> No.18053588
File: 21 KB, 400x326, 134_x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>the death rate is 10%

>> No.18053593

goyim? the kikes are the ones who want the economy back to normal more than anyone. goys actually care about saving goy lives. imagine that. fucking kys

>> No.18053598

>Have all the money in the world
>No reliable healthcare because coronavirus has strained the system
>neets die in droves due to poor health choices and having no stable healthcare system.

>> No.18053611

gr8 b8 m8 but find something more productive to do with your time in quarantine, ok

>> No.18053627

Not a lot admittedly, but I probably stand to lose less with shiny rocks than I would have if I used the money for a down payment on a house.

>> No.18053638

Lul. Day of the boomer.

>> No.18053667

Actually seems like a sensible boomer

>> No.18053670

is this trumptards' version of literally shaking?

>> No.18053779

>You should want everyone to prosper
Someone should have told the boomers that before they instituted 30 years worth of wage stagnation and cost of living inflation to pad their pensions.
Someone should have told our boomer leaders that before they nuked the world economy and ushered in 30% unemployment in a bid to save their skins.
Someone should have told the boomers that before they got the Fed to print trillions of dollars in debt to save their pensions, indebting future generations.

FUCK boomers and fuck boomer defenders, and fuck you.

>> No.18053800

In Italy everyone is dying from this virus, apparently, but few dozen kilometers away in Germany it's just a flu like any other.
No one believes in this stupid hoax. You're a stupid joke. Try permanently self isolating yourself from rest of the world with a bullet between your eyes.

>> No.18053855

>believing anything rather than simply informing ontological contingency plans
Oh anon...

>> No.18053874

Lmao shut up you stupid trumptard. Go get corona sucking orange man's cock. Fucking dipshit.

>> No.18053908

Did you forget about Spain and France you dunce?

>> No.18053927

>few dozen kilometers away in Germany it's just a flu
You haven't been here, have you? Hospitals are already being overwhelmed and doctors have to close their practice because they're infected or have no disinfectant.

>> No.18053964

Germany has closed all business deemed non-essential for the last 2 weeks, instructed citizens to stay home, go shopping only once a week if possible and banned groups over 2 people.

>> No.18053974

Wow it’s almost as if how your country handles the flu is massively important as far as how hard your country is hit

>> No.18053999


>> No.18054009

You're the same faggot that got BTFO yesterday aren't you?

>> No.18054026

Alright, in Spain, France and Italy apparently everyone is dying from this virus, but in Germany and rest of the Europe it's a fucking flu like any other and only old people with plethora of other health related issues die from it.
They're fixing numbers to make this shit appear more dangerous than it is and you're being rused, you stupid, gullible fucks.

>> No.18054049
File: 53 KB, 1421x267, ameri.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Germany has been testing like there's no tomorrow
If USA were to test like, them, you'd be in for a big orange surprise, trumpturd

>> No.18054062

No, that was your stupid mother. She thought that it's just a modelling photo session, even after every dude in the room pulled his pants down.

>> No.18054071


>> No.18054082

>The duality of manlet

>> No.18054105

>hypothetically lets say, we had, for example, public healthcare

>> No.18054119

What a fucking kike. I thought he wouldn't stoop this badly.

>> No.18054336

If you're here you masterb8ed

>> No.18054417
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The hotels, the airlines, and all the infrastructure in our economy would not evaporate if management changes. Who cares if Boeing goes bankrupt? It rewards the companies who have cash reserves and are ready for an opportunity like that. What we're basically doing is funding worst practices.
Bailouts are the ultimate form of bootlicking.

>> No.18054532

>biggest country in the world, so big it's borders are literally impossible to control
>shares border with China
>less than 500 cases, 1 death
Somehow they are not hysterical about this issue. It's because they actually have media sovereignty and don't let globalist outlets control their public opinion.
This problem is as big as media wants it to be.

>> No.18054563

>Germany has been testing like there's no tomorrow
brainlet it costs 200 euros to get tested in Germany

>> No.18054579

>Who cares when the majority of major corporations go bankrupt
The 30% of the population that becomes unemployed

>> No.18054922

This but unironically.

>> No.18055042

You fucking moron, every economic institution is Jewish.

>> No.18055077

That's just wrong. In Germany you only get tested if you show symptoms and had contact to a confirmed case, or when you returned from a risk area.
However, this only means that there are even a lot more undetected cases.

>> No.18055082

>country boomers
>least affected
You mean the same rural areas that are woefully underserved in terms of healthcare? The same rust belt areas where there are tons of retired coal miners with black lung and retired factory workers with lungs full of asbestos, where catching this virus is basically a death sentence for them? That same country? Yeah, I wonder if you'll be able to post this same argument a month from now.

>> No.18055380

>government forces you to close down against your will
>this is the free market, goy, just deal with it

>> No.18055691

You only confirm that coronovus scare pushers are literally all leftists, chicoms and communists.


>> No.18055777

This guy gets it.

>> No.18055837

Chinksect here loving authoritarian government.

>> No.18055938

Because it's literally just a flu, turned into a hoax by paid leftoids.

Look at the patterns. Same people who pushed, Stormy Daniels, Mueller, Russiagate, Impeachment is now out her pushing Corona hysteria. EXACT same people, and EXACT same agenda.

Agenda is: Remove Trump at all costs.

Pay attention and you know this is true.

>> No.18056050

Based. One of the few people in this thread who can think logically.

>> No.18056318

libtard retarded rhethoric trap, you can have only Economy or Safety
as that faggot says
Economy IS safety
Go to Africa to see if getting into hospital there will help you

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