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So are we finally on the way back up, or are we setting ourselves up for another crash?

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Who high dividend here?

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This fucking sucks bros, I hate seeing good news in the market

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If we get actual jobless numbers on thursday and not faggy generalizations like Trump wants then crash then.

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Expect anemic reactions from the markets overall. Probably going green in the morning as the futures are trading up.
S&P futures are up 4.5% on reports of good market results from ASEAN country markets.
HSI up 4.3% on reports of the QE infinity nuclear option being used.
NIkkei also up 7.4% based on the economic news in anticipation of liquidity from american markets.
Dow futures are up 800 pts on the same reports.
BTCUSD is currently 6597
EuroUSD: 1.08
And AUD: .59
Stocks are expected to at least start out trading positive tomorrow but uncertainty in the markets indicate QE may have a limited impact. unemployment claims are due out on thursday as is a possible vote on the Bill.

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I picked up "The Intelligent Investor" per /biz/ recommendation. Wish me luck boyes

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we are likely to see a relief pump and then another dump of some sort

but levels and timing are completely unknown, don't trust anyone who tries to tell you anything certain

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What stocks should I be dca'ing right now? Also what stocks that provide good divdends in general? I remember an anon with a large list of stocks that were good for dividends iirc. Anyone got the pic?

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I trade on Robinhood because my data is worthless and I never lose.

Get fucked losers. Enjoy your portfolio fees.

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>buy a stock
>it turns a profit
>sell it for a profit
>check back next week
>it went up even more
>buy it again because you think you sold to early
>it tanks
>sell at a net loss

Is there a name for this phenomenon?

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How the fuck do we recover from this lads?

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>This is finally, definitively, conclusively the infinite-money backed bottom. No more down from here, ever. Fed escalation will surely work THIS time!

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>What stocks should I be dca'ing right now?
>Also what stocks that provide good divdends in general?
>remember an anon with a large list of stocks that were good for dividends iirc.
Irrelevent, none will keep paying them.

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Simply, by dipping below 2008 levels and then not letting jews and money ever go hand in hand again.

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line wiggles and then eventually keeps going up

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the newt

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Buy high, sell low

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Catholic fascism

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good old fomo buy in hodl right over the top and down the back side

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Proof that IQ has nothing to do with making money

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IQ =/= wisdom.

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Trump is going to kill all the boomers

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Realistic scenarios only please

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I really wonder what kind of shit trump would pull if he gets a second term. Lame duck Trump would be the craziest presidency ever

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Okay, we crash below levels of 2008 and immediately pay bonuses to jews who caused it.

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He would just pardon all of his cronies like Flynn and Manafort and then make a couple last gasp partisan executive orders that will easily be reversed by Biden

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>"The Labor Department email also asks states to only “provide information using generalities to describe claims levels (very high, large increase)” until the department releases the total number of nationwide jobless claims for this week on Thursday of next week."

Big loss Thursday? Is Fed is pumping this week to cushion the loss they expect?

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Already half baked in, if they’re not as bad as Goldman predicted...

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What’s a relatively safe stock to buy now to hold for the eventual recovery

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This book will make you rich if you can travel back to the 1940s

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>Biden having anything resembling control of his faculties in 2024

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stop buying individual stocks.

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Of course, it's basically their agenda. They talk about propping up the economy, but it's really just about propping up the stock market. Why else would Trump show up every day to make these promises 30 minutes before market close for two weeks

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So what do you suggest? Is there even a book, or do you have to wade through the biz bullshit and shady blogs?

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you simply got bogged

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Watch the tutorial vids on how to value a company made by Martin shkreli on YouTube.

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AMD. XOM. I never saw AMD NOT recover.

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What stocks do you have anon?

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But I wanna triple or quadrupole my investment

Buying an ETF is too slow and takes years

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Talk about gambling. Is that your accounts total value!?

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You saying markets are going to crash more? Im only dcaibg a little bit per week.

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Go all-in on a penny stock

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every brokerage house is free now didn't you hear?

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finna bouta get fucked by green dildos soon

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Fucking hell this wasn't supposed to happen bobros.

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I know frens. We must hold out for unemployment numbers on Thursday destroying everything.

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>You saying markets are going to crash more?
Nigger it's barely been a week, we're not even halfway down.

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The nikkle boomed lads

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SEETHING happening faggot

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See you on the bottom delusional bullcuck.

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i got fucked hard yesterday friend, and this is my "working from home" thing and if i have another day like the last few i'll be forced to reup from my checking account using grocery money.
but it'll work out :)

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Every bounce is only more distance to fall

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Yet another bulltrap in a monthlong series of bulltraps

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How the fuck do you lose money in this market. What the fuck are you doing nigger? This isn't gambling, go to some private blackjack house if you need your fix.

Literally just short DOW and SPY nigger, it's that easy.

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>that jackass in the last thread linking Super Eyepatch Wolf
He's my countryman, but he's a massive faggot. Either overly emotional, or smart enough to be emotionally manipulative. Either way, it's not a good look.

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I fell for the Bear meme and am stuck in a put that expires on Friday. Am I fucked bros

>> No.18044602

can't afford a good put :(

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Yes, this glorious bull run we've been experiencing the last few weeks will never end. Bobros BTFO forever.

>> No.18044631

What bull run

>> No.18044635

Buy index ETFs instead of puts retard. Did you all just waddle in from fucking wsb?

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>america still hasnt peaked yet
>reopening the economy
>bailouts and bankruptcies everywhere
yes, we have hit the bottom! why are bulls so delusional?

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Depends if the strike price is realistic or not. Thursday will be a total fucking dump once unemployed numbers worse than 2008 roll in. If you didn't go overboard you'll be green.

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contracts on what/? call or put

>> No.18044658

How long will they let us get away with buying SQQQ at 25 then selling at 30?
Surely some algo or hedge fund is going to fuck us for being predictable?

>> No.18044660

yes, its called being a /biz/ anon

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> what bull run??!?
Right behind you!
Made you look.

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Thanks anon, was thinking of doubling down on puts if the market pumps further tuesday or wednesday

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>Literally just short DOW and SPY nigger, it's that easy.
Shorts about to get culled today with IV crush and bigly green day.

>> No.18044685

Keep in mind the fed is going to use THAT so once the numbers hit, they'll probably start dumping trillions every 5 minutes.

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why green line go up

>> No.18044691

I know that's how the futures look but what us there to justify the green?
The helicopter money didn't even go through (right? Kinda lost track)

>> No.18044693

Fed printing unlimited money
Orange man says back to work

>> No.18044692

>Shorts about to get culled today
You have to be deluded to think after last couple days DOW and SPY will end up in green. This has been a total massacre so far with 0 positive news.

>> No.18044702

Why euro lines go up?

>> No.18044703

If you mean the great forbidden jutsu even Jerome wouldn't be so desperate or reckless

>> No.18044704

I'm almost certain it's the fed buying futures to trick retards into thinking it's over.

We're literally playing against fed's willingness to ruin the USD and turn US into Zimbabwe.
The game question is - will they?

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So we have a pump day,
That mean crude oil will go up aswell?
Might just buy some certificates

>> No.18044709

Because trump wants to reopen the economy already.

Why cant the fed let the markets crash without printing money?

>> No.18044726

What if Rand becomes a carrier and infects all of Congress?

>> No.18044731

>Because trump wants to reopen the economy already.
Absolutely bullish, once the virus kills all the worthless eaters and wagies we'll be able to implement full automation and reach efficiency levels never seen before!
Golden bullrun confirmed!

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we're all gona be rich

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Haa-chama says green.

>> No.18044741

Nothing really. The fed i think it just straight up buying up stuff.
>think after last couple days DOW and SPY will end up in green
Yeah but futures are up almost 5%. All of foreign markets held that green too all day.

>> No.18044749

Yeah it's up already in overnight trading. Currently low $24s.

>> No.18044753

>tqqq up 12% premarket

Should have hedged with calls...

>> No.18044756

fucking retarded niger fucking /biz is so fucking full of morons holy fuck I wish you fucks would get corona so bad.

>> No.18044761

>what us there to justify
Are you new to trading?

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What’s the best move right now lads? Long puts for the next couple weeks?

>> No.18044781

Because the world outside the US isn't real

>> No.18044784

>NEETs and octogenarian plutocrats only ones left standing
>police sent out to force NEETs to learn2code
>those that can't are forcibly turned into inbreeding "females"
>they're used as a reward or incentive for NEET programmers
It's just like in my Japanese anime

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im certain you are an idiot.

>> No.18044798

>Yeah but futures are up almost 5%
Green futures, red day. I'm not a pussy so I'm holding everything but NASDAQ, but you do you.

>> No.18044806

There is nothing more fake than America though. Your entire country is smoke and mirrors.

>> No.18044807

>but you do you.
Dont need to be rude. Im holding my puts too.

>> No.18044812

It's too hard to refute you via my phone but compare the money supply today to the 30s then check your "boomers buying TP would destroy cash" premise again

>> No.18044818

So? Millenials are already in a permanent depression. Our wealth isn't growing, our opportunities are shrinking. Maybe if the field wasn't so unequal, we could get better conditions for ourselves

>> No.18044821

90% of trade volume is done by algorithms. There arent individual markets anymore.

>> No.18044831

If you can't justify or back up your prediction you're a degenerate gambler guessing on where the ball will land next, you retard

>> No.18044832

Just like blockchain based decentralized currency will be mandatory in future, there will be requirement of decentralized internet
in future which would be secure , maintain privacy & restriction free, one of the firm working on this technology is Tachyon protocol
which is powered by Vsystem & X-vpn, one should definitely check it, I loved it.

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>boomers bought TP so money got taken out of circulation
Wow you're such a big brain economist, I wish I was as big brain and smart as you, if I was as smart as you I'd realize that Walmart doesn't need to pay any pages or pay for restocking or pay any taxes whatsoever. Damn, why didn't I think of that?

>> No.18044856

Google seignorage
Governments will NEVER allow crypto to replace existing currency

>> No.18044865

Was monday true bottom ? Or is tuesday just gonna be another false hope rally ?

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fuck dax is destroying all the gains i made through the last weeks, this wasnt the end of it was it?

>> No.18044872

speak for yourself. my wealth is growing.
I love how you faggots pretend like you don't understand the meta point. absolute state of boomers. so who sold off en masse the last month in the market? or did the numbers go down because magic?

>> No.18044882

Doubt it. Most countries are going to be on lockdown until at least june. This definitely isn't natural.

>> No.18044885

>speak for yourself. my wealth is growing.

And how does that help the entire generation of people who are disenfranchised by this system you say that we gratefully enslave ourselves to?

>> No.18044892

EU and IMF also introduced the infinite BRRRRRRRRRR program, a lot earlier than the fed in fact.

>> No.18044899

Today is honestly the first day i don't know what to buy. Really don't trust it to short

>> No.18044903

also +4k cases again for today, its not rising exponential but still increasing nonetheless


>> No.18044905

sigh, god I fucking hope your kids sell your house and put you in a cheap nursing home where you get raped by illegal immigrants.
yes dipshit the markets sold off BECAUSE Q2 earning will be negative, and who sold all their stocks? who was the most invested age group? go eat some jello Warren.

>> No.18044906

Don't buy shit and watch the market, avoid FOMO, wait before buying then wait some more.

I wish someone told me to fucking wait more before I bought, now I wouldn't be stuck with bloated bags.

>> No.18044914

I crawled out of the gutter on my own, didn't blame society or anyone else but my own bad decisions. if we didn't spend our 20s fucking and partying and blaming le feds, we would do good to just work hard. stop making excuses anon.

>> No.18044917

So, bootstraps. You're just a wannabe boomer

>> No.18044919

Institutions sold, institutions that have been over bought
We need FEMA (not literally,I'm making a point) for this crisis not the Fed, buying up IOUs and assorted fungible assets is some trickle down bullshit

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>and who sold all their stocks?
The senators and the jews.
>who was the most invested age group?
Invested in now worthless longs, lol.

>> No.18044924

Really? Didn't know that.

>> No.18044926

The /biz/ pattern

>> No.18044929

not sure what that means, do you have anything actually intelligent to say to me brain?

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>Futures dropping a bit
Bears get in here. Dogpile the dow while hes down.

>> No.18044935

Read up about it, it's week or so old news. Those fuckers will do anything to avoid red days.

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Buying in to some experimental things, they're trading well after hours. Hurry up and open stock market.

>> No.18044948

You could place tiny bets then offset bad bets if there's a real trend
Or you could wait

Tempted to buy SQQQ in premarket, feels like green futures red day

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go back to /pol

>> No.18044952

Fuggin hell. This is going to bite them in the ass soon isn't it?

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>all my shorts dropped in value because fucking retards with baby grips can't hold them for shit

>> No.18044962

Nothing wrong with being NatSoc, anon.

>> No.18044964

They all rise and fall at the same time,same patterns.

>> No.18044965
File: 2.97 MB, 700x467, Antifa soyboy getting brain damage.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah, fuck off leftypol trash. You're fucking retarded and have no idea how economy works. Buying things doesn't cause deflation. It's called cash flow you fucktard.

>> No.18044978

No because eurozone is a literal fucking meme and everyone would benefit from it just exploding. Worst(?) thing that'll happen is Germoney will have to pay denbt.

>> No.18044981
File: 101 KB, 600x404, bootstraps.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're saying you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps. And that everyone could have done the same, when people do not have access to the same opportunities. It's a boomer trope and blatant lie that everyone could pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

>> No.18044982

Are you an ESL? How do you not know the boomer meme phrase "pull your self up by your bootstraps"?
Also you write like a schitzo and it undermines your credibility

>> No.18044988
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value investor gang, we got this bros

>> No.18044996


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I've already paid off 100k+ of student debt + my car.

Turned 3k into 186k total atm not counting any potential gains or loss from this gamble

>> No.18045002

>Be richfag
>Pump in premarket hours where you can easily manipulate the numbers
>Dump the picosecond it opens

>> No.18045009

Bootstraps meme is only half-lie. If you have no drive to self-improve, you're driving yourself for guaranteed failure.

>> No.18045025

Why the fuck are futures green again? There's basically no new news, infected numbers still going up.

>> No.18045029

I mean there's a tiny little disclaimer about liquidity and volume

>> No.18045039

Im 26. I agree with this guy.
Had the same feeling when I was 100k+ in debt a few days ago but I pay attention to what's going on in the world and turned 3k into 186k despite pulling out of many of my puts at the worst possible times.

>> No.18045040

this might end up being a red day afterall, we'll see if TA is worth a damn today bobros. The market didn't believe when the FED said they will pump unlimited ammount of $ into it. We'll have to wait and see I guess.

>> No.18045041
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>Why the fuck are futures green again
Smart bobo notices patterns, dumb mumu buys the gold run.

Bobo eats steak, mumu eats shit.

>> No.18045042

Fed pumps before Thursday's massive dump, if you're only in it for collapse like I am just tune out until then.

>> No.18045059

The issue is that the reward for doing so is ever diminishing and the effort required is increasing.
The work/reward ratio has dropped for every generation since the boomer peak.
This results in widespread demoralisation, why work hard when you'll never do better than your parents?

>> No.18045065

Nah bro, just open and max out a student loan and donate it all to Bernie and Yang. We'll get UBI before Canada if we all believe hard enough.

>> No.18045068

Where did you pick up the basics?

>> No.18045074
File: 26 KB, 926x809, Bobo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>why work hard when you'll never do better than your parents?
Well considering the boomers just lost their 401ks and you can short the entire boomer age category I'd say you have pretty decent chances at the moment.

>> No.18045080
File: 753 KB, 730x1077, bwight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

VIX bun confirmed :o

>> No.18045094

In grandpa's generation you just had to work
In dad's generation, both parents had to work
in hell generation, bot partners have to work hard, put off starting a family AND get have to not fuck up their investments because they're not going to have any support in old age

>> No.18045096

I believe they have bigger problems.

>> No.18045105

Why were women allowed to work? This caused the salaries to half

>> No.18045108

I don't disagree with your assertion, shit sucks right now (wages, hours, lifespan, standard of living, art), I offer as a way of hope that (regardless of governments) paradigm shifts like the computer age come along (grew up in the 80s so I got to see the pre and current computer age)
When that happens all boats float

>> No.18045113

Gotta grow the economy, I mean, gender equality.

>> No.18045114

because the FED chairman is a guy who is tight with Wall Street. The organization who were supposed to police the markets became the markets, the mob is running the police force so to speak. It's actually retarded.

>> No.18045123

i can't buy GUSH on the giro, wanted to buy it yesterday.. somebody please kill me

>> No.18045131

Drumphie and the Dems won't agree on a deal, even if they do this dumps on Thursday unemployment numbers.

Be VERY careful buying this deep when we'll likely end this week in the red lower.

>> No.18045137


>> No.18045139

This. The number of former Goldman Sachs employees at the Fed is gross

>> No.18045141

Reverse split, relax

>> No.18045144

you are an angry retard, I'm not even going to muster the ounce of energy it would require to correct you. remain ignorant.

>> No.18045146

Will VIX go up or down today?

>> No.18045147

You got outsourced brah. Both offshore and in the country itself. Both rich and poor get richer. The problem that the poor getting richer are not americans.

>> No.18045149

Thats not 'hard work' as per the boomer meme though. thats opportunism and risk taking.
This isnt possible in normal market conditions and no amount of 'hard work' changes that.

>> No.18045152

Newfag here, I opened my portfolio and saw up 3000%, almost shit my pants

>> No.18045158

No one knows, yesterday tons got burned trying to play the VIX

>> No.18045159

unemployment numbers will shit on spy, so that's a good bet, I agree with the anon who said that FED is pumping futures. It would be reasonable to do to soften the drop, I believe they have been strategically injecting capital into the markets to limit the rate at which it falls, if they'd allowed it to fall people would be running at the banks to get their money out.

>> No.18045166

This is peak wh*toid and African-American mentality. Unironically just work harder. My grandma had an elementary school education and the commies ruined what she and my grandfather built when they invaded the south. America's so full of opportunities. All her grandchildren were the first in their families to graduate from university and you can make good money here if you're competent at ONE THING. Go watch the video of the spring breakers in Florida or read the news story about the idiot overdosing on some meds because Trump was hyping it up as a miracle cure. These are who you're competing against.

>> No.18045170
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Of course, anyone with sense is raking it in, I'm not working hard though

>> No.18045176

Why is the FTSE up? There are policemen patrolling the street enforcing quarantine and everyone just recieved and emergency government text message saying do not leave your home

>> No.18045180

china set the benchmark for government numbers reliability, they will happily lie if it means a decrease in the panic.

>> No.18045185

You do understand they own like 7% of the fed, right?

>> No.18045188

Other nations once again look to the US for sentiment and the unlimited money spigot is pushing the sentiment back towards greed

>> No.18045194

Algo trading
Bots shuffling money between markets

>> No.18045206

Sorry Boxer you're not going to end up in Sugar Candy Mountain by worker harder, you're just going to end up at the knackers

>> No.18045213

give me strength bobros, my AMD put is bleeding me out

>> No.18045220

You do understand you're making our point for us?

>> No.18045225

they are fucking selling put contracts as well raking in that premium. who the fuck do you think pushed robin hood into the mainstream and shilled it on wsb? people working for banks, who are plebbit basedfags in their past time.

>> No.18045226

You can see yesterdays Fed announcement pump on every index

>> No.18045232

The stupidity of normies created these market conditions. The Solution isnt to work harder, just smarter, you need to outcompete not outwork

>> No.18045241

The dax will end red today

>> No.18045243

Thursday is the hope for bears right now. If unemployment is as bad as expected it should tank it hard through Thursday and Friday. Thats when we dance. If it doesnt, exit all shorts and wait for relief rally to end.

>> No.18045251

If everyone is already expecting bad numbers, will it really tank the prices?

>> No.18045257

do we have time on the unemployment figures announcement ?

>> No.18045264

Okay Spartacus, who should own the fed?

>> No.18045271

You mean stock like SNSS ?

>> No.18045272
File: 45 KB, 720x900, 1560115040485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nuh uh the unemployment numbers are priced in
>We are going up today because of what the FED said before open yesterday

It's all so tiring

>> No.18045278

Not exact pre market though.
yeah might not. Unless its worse than the 2 million goldman sachs was claiming.

>> No.18045280

Jeff Bezsos

>> No.18045282

I don't think the masters of the universe are caring about the working class plebeians. They just see the quarantine ending soon and life returning to normal (plus of course a few thousand coroner virus deaths, which is nothing in the great scheme of things). Once everybody ignores the virus, the media will reluctantly follow, as people are getting bored when they see no looting, no zombie apocalypse, nobody important dying, instead the celebrities that were tested getting well etc. That's what you get with a pandemic with 99% survival chance, most people will find the restrictions put on their lives way worse.

>> No.18045286
File: 5 KB, 250x245, boboscreaming.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the tension is the only thing holding my body together anon

>> No.18045287

There is a slim chance we can find a way past the great filter..


We are within 50 years of it guys.

nothing else matters.. nothing. Not politics, race, religion, wealth, esteem, nothing.. all meaningless

>> No.18045292


>> No.18045294

This is peak delusion. While as a bear I can't wait for Thursday, bears don't need hope at all. You guys act like this is the first fake pump we've seen in this bear market when futures have been up over 1k only to have a red day. Wait for further bumbling of 3rd stimulus package over the course of the day to lead to flat at best closing. Bears don't need hope, bulls need it desperately. The fed wrote a fucking blank check and we went red, and you think the market just recovered just because? Flat to red close today, red Wednesday, red Thursday, red Friday.

>> No.18045298

>imagine believing a felon

>> No.18045300

> Loses half to holes making them the world's richest holes

>> No.18045308

Its a hell of a tougher problem than coronavirus, than the market, than anything else. leave me alone.

>> No.18045312

This is the bear talk i needed thanks anon. You are right. The QE didnt pump markets and the stimulus talks are going to be no progress today. The Pelosi bill will never be accepted by Reps.

>> No.18045314

should i buy puts ITM or OTM when i plan to sell this week?

>> No.18045318

you don't know that, for all we know we've made it through the filter a long time ago, possibly millions or tens of millions of years in the past

>> No.18045330

can we focus on fixing the markets before we colonize mars?

>> No.18045335

Unironically more likely we're in a holographic universe

>> No.18045336

What's even worse, with all the bumbling and info about what's in the Bill's, no matter which they pass it's already priced in. It might lead to a little bump when it passes, but it won't last more than a day.

>> No.18045341

We could have both if we got rid of the non-whites first.

>> No.18045344

keep huffing the unemployment numbers hopium bearcucks

>> No.18045355


>> No.18045356

do you sometimes, get shocked by how retarded you are?

>> No.18045358

>Fed can make stock numbers go up when no one is actually working
The Stock Market is literally a slot machine now

>> No.18045363

>i missed the bottom

>> No.18045371
File: 194 KB, 597x358, 1318821668114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Green days aren't unexpected, they're desperate for hopium. Just keep those hands firm

>> No.18045373

That's what they TOLD you, not what's going to happen. I guarantee that most countries will end the lockdowns way before that, they'll pull a China and start ignoring the virus, and most people will be fine with it as weather gets better and people want to go out. Heck, most of the infected don't even know they are "sick", and it's only risky for the very old and ill, just like the fucking flu that nobody cared about. They are not going to wreck their economies for such an unimportant virus. Trump said it, they can't let the "cure" be worse than the disease. And they won't.
I'd like to see a total breakdown of society, but they will not let it happen, not like this. If Corona-chan would mutate and become an actual danger with, say, 20% mortality, this would be way different. But the way it is, TPTB won't have to fear too much opposition as most people will demand a lifting of lockdowns very soon themselves.

>> No.18045376

Uh, we're literally the ones betting against those

>> No.18045378

you didn't, trump is testing the public opinion sending a signal that he wants the workforce back, and now they are analyzing the public's response. I'm willing to bet there will be some kind of development that will make him change his mind, same shit that Johnson did in the UK.

>> No.18045381

Retarded pump inbound

>> No.18045389

Colonizing Mars would fix the markets

>> No.18045396

He's just having fun

>> No.18045397

>to bet there will be some kind of development
>will be
I feel its more already here. Unemployment will be massive and cause a crater in the economy for the rest of the year. Some of the fed guys and banks were saying 20-30% unemployment. The truth is probably in the mix somewhere but hes probably getting data showing how bad it will be. Some unemployment data is already collected from the states and censored.

>> No.18045411

If NYC had a full lockdown and police were on the streete shooting and killing 50 people per day who left their homes, would the market still go up?

>> No.18045414

Everything being fucked on Earth might just be the impetus we need to go to Mars.
Imagine everyone just lost everything and then Elon Musk (with some tasty government contracts of course) flops his dick on the table offering to train and pay anyone willing to be a guinea pig for his Mars program.
Just wishful thinking on my part, but I'm gonna hope for it anyway.

>> No.18045415

this pump makes absolutely no sense, unless this is the actual bottom, in which case it does

>> No.18045417

Even if it was the bottom it would still make no sense, because no one can tell exactly when the bottom is.

>> No.18045422

I'd go to Mars in a heartbeat

>> No.18045429

>would the market still go up
Probably, a lot of the traders live in NJ because they cant stand NYC.

>> No.18045432

fed is pumping

>> No.18045437

Should I leave my VIX position or wait till Thursday

>> No.18045438

The Federal Reserve is going all-in.
Hyperinflation is confirmed.

>> No.18045439

in order to breakeven on my puts i need a 10% dump until thursday, probability wise im actually considering taking the hit :(

>> No.18045441

Think nuclear weapons aren't part of it or at least in the same era of the filtering process? We've made it through a lot of them of course. but we have a massive one to overcome with AI

>> No.18045443

I'll see you there

>> No.18045447

could be, could not be
for all you know abiogenesis itself is the filter, or perhaps the appearance of plant life

>> No.18045448

It depends on how effective hydroxychloroquine really turns out to be. This will result in tons of moldy oldies in ICU units

>> No.18045457

Markets are a casino right now man, this pump is gonna be mega, it’s easy money for them. We still got a while for the bottom tho. Buy gold sir

>> No.18045470
File: 105 KB, 635x476, third world america.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18045473

If you're green get out

>> No.18045478

you scare me man, im this close to take the hit and close my puts

>> No.18045479

but not before the women first set foot on mars. ha ha who am I kidding, they will crash the spaceship with no survivors

>> No.18045484
File: 21 KB, 443x97, Corona cure.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The cure has been found!

>> No.18045492
File: 41 KB, 788x685, 1501242306337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The is the bottom lads. I know trust me. Im on the inside.

Buy buy

>> No.18045493
File: 107 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200324-024056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uhh, what do
I think they did a 100:1 reverse split, should I exercise these options or sell? Also how can I exercise an option on Robinhood?

>> No.18045511

based retard

>> No.18045519
File: 46 KB, 1057x175, is this bullish smg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this bullish /smg/?

>> No.18045539

Oy vey send her to the blood farm!

>> No.18045567
File: 381 KB, 600x655, 1584848217537.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18045574

sucker's rally

>> No.18045576

>De facto marshal law announced yesterday
>FTSE up 4.5%

>> No.18045578

Pre-market manipulation by goldstein. It's going to crash the moment it opens. It's a trap to make puts worth more.

>> No.18045579

futures literally don't mean anything

>> No.18045580

boy, those black people sure were lucky they couldn't read the irony might've been to much for them to bear

>> No.18045584

If the people being shot were of the basketball American variety the market would moon to ATH

>> No.18045587

>SQQQ at 25
But will it go lower?

>> No.18045593

Remember yesterday? Doesn't mean shit.

>> No.18045594


Rate is about 10% in Italy, although that's certainly inflated somewhat by lack of testing. Something concrete is that coronavirus mortality is roughly even with all-cause mortality in Lombardy right now. Remember, the virus isn't "slowing" in Italy, it's just moving from the 22% growth line to the 13% growth line. It will absolutely outstrip all-cause mortality despite their lockdown.

The numbers around asymptomatic cases are pretty unclear as well, but not as high as a lot of places are reporting. Upper limit still puts only around 17% of people as being asymptomatic. By the way, a good 20% of hospital admissions for coronavirus are under 40 years old, and while they almost always survive once hospitalized, there are going to be a lot of dead young people if they can't be hospitalized because we're out of ventilators

I think you have your head in the right place and some of your predictions seem quite likely, but consider raising your personal panic levels a little higher than they are

>> No.18045596

Be careful of these futures! Too high!

>> No.18045598

Niggers/lesser evolved lifeforms sharing same planet resources are the great filter. Chinks are probably better suited to sci fi advanced civilization than whites.

>> No.18045600

>olympics cancelled
>NIKKEI up almost 10%
>eu borders, businesses closed for weeks
>europe up 5-10%
clown world

>> No.18045606
File: 15 KB, 284x279, fuixifiux.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18045611
File: 60 KB, 1198x710, 1531049415501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>marshal law

>> No.18045612

Time to buy?

>> No.18045620

puts, yes

>> No.18045642

Why American stocks didn't raised on the day American Fed announced infinite QE, but caused rest of the world's stock to raise after American market closed, which in turn caused American stock to raise on the second day after the initial announcement?

>> No.18045649

spy, dow, or brent

>> No.18045658

I'm not a succesful trader but I'd wait for a green candle close to market closing and buy SPY puts for the next day

>> No.18045662

Because it's a rigged casino

>> No.18045665

Bots shuffling money between markets,mostly forex. Algo trading is majority of traded volume.

>> No.18045666
File: 7 KB, 209x241, marshalllaw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18045690

>Rate is about 10% in Italy, although that's certainly inflated somewhat by lack of testing. Something concrete is that coronavirus mortality is roughly even with all-cause mortality in Lombardy right now. Remember, the virus isn't "slowing" in Italy, it's just moving from the 22% growth line to the 13% growth line. It will absolutely outstrip all-cause mortality despite their lockdown.
Reduced growth rate is, by definition, slowing
>The numbers around asymptomatic cases are pretty unclear as well, but not as high as a lot of places are reporting. Upper limit still puts only around 17% of people as being asymptomatic. By the way, a good 20% of hospital admissions for coronavirus are under 40 years old, and while they almost always survive once hospitalized, there are going to be a lot of dead young people if they can't be hospitalized because we're out of ventilators
They sampled everyone on Diamond Princess. Out of 700 positive there are 400 asymptomatic.

>> No.18045702

I have an order in for SPY 190 puts dated 4/17
Bad idea or no?

>> No.18045706
File: 343 KB, 427x576, 1474374889644.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bears are just massive seething faggots. I guarantee that 90 percent of bears here missed out on those massive market collapses and SEETHING as a result

>> No.18045717

i wouldnt bet on it

>> No.18045722

How come?

>> No.18045725

will definitely expire worthless...

>> No.18045728

it's your money you have to make the decision, I think it will be filled, but I'm just an asshole on the internet who doesn't know much

>> No.18045736

Delta is too low for my likings

>> No.18045737

If you think we are at the bottom you are a delusional bull

>> No.18045738

2020 is the beginning of the reign of the CRABS.

>> No.18045750

What do you recommend?

>> No.18045758
File: 10 KB, 253x199, giant rat who makes the rules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Futures limit up kekkies, is kneegirl happy or still mad?

>> No.18045771

guess what will happen tomorrow

>> No.18045790

So is it smart to buy boeing certificates now? I expect the fed to pump boeing today,

>> No.18045799

Exactly, and most BEARS missed the collapses

>> No.18045801

what is smirt is to short mickey d's

>> No.18045813

Had a relative land in Asia. They have been escorted to their apartment where an alarm has been put on their door and they are not allowed to leave for 2 weeks. A government worker visits every day to deliver food and take their temperature.

>> No.18045821

Precious metals up bigly :O
I don't have to guess, I'm prepared for any outcome

>> No.18045830

They were deemed essential though

>> No.18045840

not in the UK, and the rest of the world

>> No.18045841

Okay, help me out fellas. I'm new to the investing game. What should I learn before investing anything?

Also, is Robinhood actually good?

>> No.18045852


>> No.18045860

$2! A month. I am blessed

>> No.18045881

>Boris locks down the country
>FTSE goes UP 4%
What the fuck? I put in my buy order just before noon yesterday. I'm fucked if the FTSE doesn't crash in the next hour and a half.

>> No.18045888

Read investors read ameritrade stuff on their site read Schwab site watch youtube vids

No, use a big platform. I use TDA you still get micro outages during huge volume but I think that's everyone

>> No.18045894

To think that market is encouraged, by literal halt in production and services is retarded.

Heavy manipulation is at play.

>> No.18045899

"The intelligent investor"
RH is probably one bad week away from stealing its customers money.

>> No.18045901




robinhood is kinda bare bones and don't safeguard morons from ruining themselves

>> No.18045905

what quality stocks to buy now if I want to hold them some years?

>> No.18045914

>Reduced growth rate is, by definition, slowing

You're right, I mis-spoke. My point was that while it remains on an exponential trend (whether 13.5% or 22%), it's going to accelerate and overwhelm medical systems, it's just that it'll do it a couple of weeks later. As for whether it's worth locking down to buy those two weeks before the storm, I personally have no idea, I just know I'm loading up on zinc, orange juice, tonic water, non-perishables, and electrolyte drink powder. Has a strong chance to be the most profitable $50 I ever spend.

>They sampled everyone on Diamond Princess. Out of 700 positive there are 400 asymptomatic.

Correct, unfortunately that was only at instantaneous time of testing e.g. it's an absolute upper limit that assumes no incubation period exists. They were whisked away for treatment and AFAIK weren't tracked as rigorously from that point onward, but this Japanese paper analyzes the dataset and estimates about 18% are truly asymptomatic:


>> No.18045919

SIPC protects you up to $500,000 if RH goes bankrupt, doubt 99.99% of people on this board are over that amount.

>> No.18045920

Blue chip stocks which are basically ETFs at this point

>> No.18045923

Holy shit look at TVIX, admittedly it's premarket but damn

>> No.18045926
File: 964 KB, 4128x3096, 20200316_195801-min.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember this happened the next trading day after the dow rose 1900+ points

>> No.18045931

Thanks fellas. I'll look into all that.

>> No.18045932

im thinking of a strangle on SPY before thursday

>> No.18045950

People hosting/being interviewed on CNBC from home is pretty kino. Some people have nice AF houses.

>> No.18045956

Currently like -50% down holding bears from highest point last week, should i just hold? or sell before i make actual losses (still up in general but not much)

>> No.18045974

Unironically it could become the new norm (but won't) along with mostly online classes and self pickup stores

>> No.18045983

Pointless selling now, the time to sell was yesterday

>> No.18045986

would hurt real-estate probably leading to another market crash unironically

>> No.18045988

thats my exact problem, my puts expire 4/17 im getting nervous at how much im losing each day

>> No.18045994
File: 48 KB, 570x525, stockupdown_historicalchart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you already know

>> No.18045999

So buy puts today or tomorrow? If so I agree, looking green both days then I imagine the market will be raped with red thursday.
Depends on what happens with the stimulus bill, if that happens today then it will definitely be put time.

>> No.18046004

Commercial real estate you mean?

>> No.18046005

But it was up yesterday?

>> No.18046021

>Fills it with water

>> No.18046022

Today puts i would say

>> No.18046025

MMM pays a decent dividend and is looking cheap at these levels for a long term entry.

>> No.18046050

as well as normal developers who will lose contracts due to smaller demand

>> No.18046069

are you guys bullish on AMD?

>> No.18046072

? spy was down

>> No.18046090

Feels like a trap

>> No.18046121

>oh no because it's not like the economy tanked because we were to a grinding halt for 2-4 weeks, who could have ever predicted that!

>> No.18046124

After seeing the new console announcements and the laptop parts definitely. I'm still not buying in because I expect the whole market to keep crashing.

>> No.18046132

MY PUTS ARE KILLING ME RIGHT NOW, STRIKE PRICE 41, i need somebody to tell me its gonna be alright before i take the loss

>> No.18046141

Friday expiration?

>> No.18046154

no 1st may

>> No.18046157

Pass the "check" bill already. Damnit I want my 2400 bucks

>> No.18046170

Holy fuck you retards, do you not notice volatility dropped like a brick? How hard do you expect it to even dip when we already know they aren't going to be good. I would not double down on puts because this market isn't as predictable as people make put and you can literally lose everything on a put.

>> No.18046216

You will be just fine fren, green today and tomorrow then back to red for some time. Just sell in the next few weeks.

>> No.18046251

How does tax generally treat overseas dividends from personal portfolios?

I'm in NL, if I invest in American companies and get their divvies, do I pay extra taxes on these vis-a-vis home-nation divvies

>> No.18046253


>> No.18046257
File: 255 KB, 718x720, FedFinalForm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18046261
File: 98 KB, 900x620, I+want+to+head+pat+the+shopkeeper+_93973a56a62c4250d809e4b6823be780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw knew and saw market collapsing but did nothing
I could have had made serious money but couldn't act. I'm pathetic

>> No.18046267

Or we find out we grossly over reacted to Corona and tanked the economy over nothing once the numbers recede.

>> No.18046270

Depends on your countries treaties with the US. Probably reduced taxrates for dividends because I think there is one with the Netherlands.

>> No.18046273

>zinc, orange juice, tonic water, non-perishables, and electrolyte drink powder.
>My point was that while it remains on an exponential trend (whether 13.5% or 22%),
What about the rate of change of the growth rate?
>The Japanese paper
It seems outdated. Have you read about this report?
The organization accepted 96 asymptomatic positive cases, and some close contactors among which 8 are later tested positive, but only 14 of those 104 people need to be move to medical facilities for treatment afterwards due to onset of symptoms. Of the remaining 90 people, 87 have already turned negative afterwards without showing symptoms when the report was published, and the other 3 that are still asymptomatic are still awaiting double negative test result

>> No.18046280

Yeah you missed out but it's not too late to make money now or in the future.

>> No.18046294

USA is gonna be the first to 100k anyway but if trump sends everyone back to work it will be devastating

>> No.18046320
File: 134 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200324-061858.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Always, it held up like a fucking champion

>> No.18046319
File: 695 KB, 2048x1126, Screen-Shot-2018-05-07-at-10.13.19-AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18046339

Just shorted UK100 lets hope it makes a quick dip

>> No.18046340

cheekily bought some spy calls pre pump, made a few hundred bucks and sold

woulda been thousands at open today ;_;

>> No.18046349

How when we are more spread out and have a bigger variety in climate? I'm still betting since China know about this in November that a lot more people already had it and were fine. People are still freaking out over this low mortality rate when the average age from dying of this is like +60 yrs.

>> No.18046364

fundamentally i dont think its a fair price at 41 bucks desu

>> No.18046367

profit locked in is never bad and hindsight is 20/20, don't sweat it
same, prolly be tomorrow desu

>> No.18046378

Went on a cheapie buying spree, glad I did it now after seeing this green today. Loaned myself the green in full knowing I'd get 2400 to pay it all back. Pass the "check" bill damnit! I want it by april.

>> No.18046379

Fucking AMD Chad's fucking weathered the storm.

>> No.18046383
File: 199 KB, 808x485, 1584114195336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bulls are slowly getting more confident...

>> No.18046401

Get fucked bobo. You got greedy and got fucked still buying puts when volatility is falling faster than a brick. The panic has been priced in you tool.

>> No.18046405

thats why i bought fuckin puts, had to close them when in the money, hope it falls to at least 36 bucks so i can get out

>> No.18046406

People in America are animals that don't believe in self-quarantine and taking precautions (also a substantial amount believe this shit's a hoax), Korea didn't even impose a shelter in place order till this Sunday because it's the societal norm and didn't need an explicit order for people to do it.

>> No.18046438
File: 187 KB, 847x793, bobothebear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He thinks this small pump is the bottom.

Come on man, you are smarter than that. We are about to get jobless numbers and the deaths are about to really start rolling in.

>> No.18046439

yes China probably has way more than reported, but according to the numbers we have the USA is in 3rd place overall, had 10k new cases yesterday (over 40k total), and the number of cases is doubling every 3 or 4 days at the current rate. people are flaunting the stay at home / social distancing rules worse than those in the UK, yet Trump is talking about lifting restrictions. he will make it so much worse than it already is

>> No.18046453

>People in America are animals that don't believe in self-quarantine and taking precautions
Yeah no, we got cities on lockdown and they are arresting people for going against it. I wouldn't rely solely upon making gross generalizations here especially when it's those young people with robust immune systems who are the least impacted by this and naturally don't want to be stuck in lockdown. People will look back and see that we over panicked but at least it forced us to take the threat of global viral out-breaks of the world more seriously.

>> No.18046454

new thread pls

>> No.18046465

no get fucked

>> No.18046473

You aren't listening man, a highly infectious disease that we don't even have a enough tests for is going to explode in numbers but another thing it will do is give a realistic (and most likely much lower) mortality rate.

>> No.18046479

Stfu faggot

>> No.18046504
File: 100 KB, 1200x630, PRC_130390963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Btw not just China has way more than reported but the world in general especially since everyone orders everything online and we just got done having Christmas. I mean it that this thing was going around already and that a lot of people just thought they had the flu.

>> No.18046512

> Digital Dollar
Abandon printer, now we only need a keyboard to create new money

>> No.18046521
File: 8 KB, 261x193, 1584544885430.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jobless numbers are meaningless because everyone knows the numbers are gonna suck, a bad number won't surprise anyone.

Also cure statistics are going to be incoming as well as deaths, looks more like a bottom than a top to me bobo.

>> No.18046527

>is going to explode in numbers
yes, the exact opposite of 'flattening the curve' that every country is aiming for. Yes, most people will get it very mild but let's face it, American's aren't the healthiest group of people and it is known to affect those with underlying health issues (hint: obesity, diabetes are underlying health issues). an explosion in cases will overwhelm the hospitals like it did in Northern Italy pre-lockdown and you'll have doctors choosing who they have to let die. letting everyone get it because most will be fine was the UK's plan, which they bailed on after like 2 days.

>> No.18046530

>What about the rate of change of the growth rate?

Fingers crossed it holds steady and we're in the clear. Also fingers crossed it happens easily for every country and doesn't require full lockdown with signed movement permits for leaving the house.

I haven't read about that report, do you have any links in English? Since it's reporting 90 out of 104 recovering without symptoms I assume there must be some reasonably strong level of preselection on the original 96 asymptomatics intake, or else we'd at least expect to see the lower limit 300/700 rate with symptoms from the Diamond Princess. Still potentially great news since if it's a good study it should trump the Diamond Princess which was weighted to the elderly

>> No.18046539

>volatility dropping like a brick
>We are about to get jobless numbers
Yeah, we already know they are bad. Ironically already half priced in and have you checked the average age of people dying from this?

>> No.18046541

No one cares about the cure numbers anon. When has anyone ever in this crisis ever mentioned the cured? People only care about the worst case scenario. You are delusional.

>> No.18046553



>> No.18046557
File: 103 KB, 512x512, 1584544869331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LOL have fun getting fucked in the ass for the next week bobo.

>> No.18046564

New luxury thread:


>> No.18046567

Have you checked the average age of the mortality rate for this? You are free to believe American population is lot weaker than a 100lb chink whose diet is mostly rice and noodles.

>> No.18046575

Case number on China in November were probably in the range of dozens. In December the number increased, multiple patients get sampled and checked from various hospitals in Wuhan, but those are still countable numbers. It was only until January when cases start going beyond thousands which put visible pressure to the medical system that they start needing to seriously cover it up and then failed it after three more weeks of time.
The virus wouldn't survive on surface long enough to ensure infectiousness after a shipment across the Pcific or Eurasia.

>> No.18046612

>Case number on China in November were probably in the range of dozens. In December the number increased, multiple patients get sampled and checked from various hospitals in Wuhan, but those are still countable numbers. It was only until January when cases start going beyond thousands which put visible pressure to the medical system that they start needing to seriously cover it up and then failed it after three more weeks of time.
That is a big assumption to make especially considering they were arresting journalists and doctors back then talking about it. Truth is we won't know for sure when this is all over. One thing is for sure because of the way China reacted and lying to the WHO we were all caught off gaurd.

There are cases where they say the virus can live on the surface for 6 weeks.

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Anyone got puts on zoom?

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I don't think there's an English version of the report.
Figure 1 in the report is age distribution of that 90 positive cases who remain asymptomatic. Figure 2 show time needed until they get back to negative.
They are one of the center that accept asymptomatic infectee and close contactors from Diamond Princess. They accepted a total of 128 person, including 96 asymptomatic, and 32 close contactor of confirmed person from the ship. 8 of those 32 close contactor turned positive in PCR test result within 96 hours after admission. A total of 18 person, including 14 tested positive, among the 128 have been sent to to medical facilities for treatment due to the appearance of symptoms. So that leave 90 asymptomatic carrier in the center for observation.

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>That is a big assumption to make especially considering they were arresting journalists and doctors back then talking about it. Truth is we won't know for sure when this is all over.
They only started doing so in late December or January, at least as far as what we can tell
>One thing is for sure because of the way China reacted and lying to the WHO we were all caught off gaurd.
And with WHO helping China to spread their propaganda
>There are cases where they say the virus can live on the surface for 6 weeks.
The maximum numver I saw was 17 days, and even that was just an extreme case

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