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IDK what you thinking if you not in RSR yet. You might not make it.

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It's because this is exactly what we need right now. The old systems are failing and unbacked crypto is a shit store of value.

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Ignore FUD and accumulate as much RSR as you can. I’ve been on these forums and I was lucky enough to discover LINK in the early days at .25-.35 cents. Just ignore fud and accumulate. Once you have looked into this project you’ll know.

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shhh shut up faggots still accumulating.

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im gonna buy some of dis frens

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lol i’m done fudding. bought heavy bags during the great dump

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why do all these niggers sound like bots trying to trick people?

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because you're an npc

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because theyve been doing this for years now. no OP, no one is going to pump your $80 of RSR bags

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ahaha u fags sound salty. name 1 better project than rsr. i’ll wait faggots. there is fucking none.

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They can't. They know it's about to be too late and because of the way things are shaking out on a macro level, this is the most important project in crypto.

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