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>Now the market will collapse in a few hours, and now anon will sell for 40 cents

Oh no no no!

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sold my stack at $4.7 3 weeks ago after holding since early 2018

incredibly comfy feeling, ngl

the only downside i actually cashed out into BTC, not USD, but still, up more than 50% in stats compared to having hold haha

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by sell you mean buy more, correct?

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Stupid fucking linkies, I enjoy this so much.

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How much BTC did you make?

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did not read. and did not consider selling

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overall got 26 (had 50k link, sold above 52k sats)
now my linkies would be worth 16

so i guess i made 10 for selling the top

originally bought for around 4, so made 22 btc overall

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Cope Linkie

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congrats on losing 90% of your life savings in a few weeks

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>and now anon will sell for 40 cents
What part of "never selling" is so hard to grasp?

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what part of "chainlink is a proven scam" is so hard to grasp?
>3 years
>$4billion marketcap
>0 users
>0 decentralized oracles
>Linkers: This is bullish!

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your entire existence is thinking about link lmao

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>t. seething linker pretending he's not seething

>> No.18021310

>will sell
No i wont, i will buy more

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everytime I see this meme I say outloud in a fat retarded british accent "NAWT SELLING", then laugh at stinkers

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0 partnerships
0 adoption
0 oracle database problems solved

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Not gonna lie, as much as i hated them during their worst scourge on the board, i was indeed nervous that these obnoxious cunts would "win" after all, rewarding their incessant spamming and shilling.
Boy am i glad they got burned.

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>He buys meme tokens just to be in an online cult on a Mongolian basket weaving forum

Then what’s even the point of buying if you don’t plan on realizing profit you gay zoomer?

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>he doesn't know
oh no no no

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