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They really bio-engineered a flu, crashed the world economy and shut down most of the world, all just to shake down linkmarines and force them to sell?
Well guess what kikes, NOT FUCKING SELLING and you're not getting a single sergoshi out of me.

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shake down what?

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take your meds. Who are you quoting?

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>the year is 2021
>90%of world population has died from corona
>mad max tier hellscape scenario
>people survive by scavenging food and form raider/rape gangs
>toilet paper has become the new currency
>internet grid is down because no more electricity
>stinkers still not selling

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>stinkers still not selling

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I'm riding this baby down to zero

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oh fuck off you stupid cultist. jesus fuck you guys are insufferable with your mental illness and delusions but joke or not this type of thread needs to be deleted and all you fags given a 6 month ban for stupidity and cultlike behavior. die cultists die

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Isn't it obvious? So many times they tried to crash bitcoin and it didn't work, chainlink was immune. They tried banning cryptos in other countries and it still didn't work. They had to destroy the whole world just to dump chainlink by 50%. And THEY have to audacity to think that I will sell THEM my linkies. Fucking never.

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It may not seem realistic now, but when this Jacob vs Esau ritual is over, and the governments and corporations start replacing all the stocks, bonds, futures and options with smart contracts and all assets of importance are tokenized, and they transition to a digital currency, and LINK is used to deliver real-world data to the blockchain... it will seem realistic that this crisis was engineered to shake as many people as possible out of LINK prior to the transition to the new paradigm.

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"They" did what human behavior told them to do. Maybe there's some cartoon evil running the world like in the movies, but I doubt it

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Holy fucking based.

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>the year is 2032
>humanity no longer remembers how to grow food
>death cultists roam the irradiated hellscape in search of sardine cans
>I'm sitting in a dark dingy basement
>the raiders' heavy steps occasionally send a shower of dust and debris down on my shoulders
>flickering LED illuminates my gaunt ghoulish face
>I will not give up
>the shouts above are getting more desperate as the approaching dust storm threatens to kill anyone who doesn't make it to shelter
>I flex my fingers and pull out an aluminium spoon
>the shouts above disappear within the cooling waves of the storm's dusty arms
>a vibrating clothesline casts its frantic shadow on my doughy forehead
>I'm sitting in a dark dingy basement
>devouring mixicles

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I know, it's fucking scary. When they realize we still won't sell, what are they gonna do next...

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Assassination smart contracts anon...

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I fear that too. It seems they won't stop at anything.

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Their gonna have to hack my drive to get these linkies IM NEVER SELLING

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How would they without an internet connection?

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Inspired me.to make this

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Jesus of Nazareth
Sergey Nazarov
Sergey of Nazareth

Think about it.

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Based. It's always been $1000 or $0

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Based and redpilled

Cringe and bluepilled

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and then back up to the moon

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PLEASE go below $2 I've got $100 ready to go and more being deposited

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Hoping it crashes sub 1 so I can ducking stacc

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Fucking hell

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Imagine thinking link is not part of some larger play. Link comes afterwards. We need all weaponized autism to investigate crumbs left by the virus.
Adrenochrome, pedowood, oprahdidwhat, ellen degenerate, tom hanks, and the whole pizzagate thing. Clintons, obamas, eyes wide shut, the journalist who reported on Kubrick death. Connect the dots marines instead of waiting for chainlink bs. Help reshape the world.

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Hope you are still clutching your imagination coins when you are a bum shitting on the street.

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