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Guys should I go to California and rape? I hear criminals aren't being arrested over there and shit is getting so out of hand that they can't control it. I really would love to get a aryan rich sorority girl as my plaything for an hour or two. I won't kill or hurt her, just rape. Should I do it? I've been waiting for a SHTF moment like this for a long time. Please no moralfags, I'm on day49 nofap so maybe it's just the hormones talking.

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do it my dude. take your life back

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pretty sure they still arrest for violent crimes but you do you

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Fuck that guy looks alpha as f unlike the nerds on here lmao

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This is why women are scared to have 1 on 1 conversations with normal men. Like if you were to figure the trickledown on this mode of shittalk you'd find that it actually does great harm to what would otherwise be normal and healthy interactions between the opposite sex.

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sauce on girl on right

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>Like if you were to figure the trickledown on this mode of shittalk

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If you’re gonna rape at least do a trans you idiot they don’t care as much they’re used to it

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He's a master debater that has publicly humiliated Jontron, Brittany Venti, Ryan dawson and Ben shapiro

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This is what nofap leads to.
On day 49 of nofap you become a latent criminal who is a target for enforcement action.
Fap now and stop being a rapist.

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That grip though