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No, i dont think Tether, USDC, and Dai will miraculously die in the next 5 years and the world will need another stable coin

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Tether is a ponzi scheme; those explode when you least expect it.

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From your post I can see it might take you a little longer to wrap your head around this project. It can be complex to some. Please try to understand pic related.

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its basically doomsday prep the coin then
>duuude, the world economy is totally gonna collapse. load up on guns ammo and water and youll be the richest person in the world :^)

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i dont care if the actual tech makes it the objective better stable coin. the fact of the matter is, in order for it to grow majorly at all, tether, USDC, and Dai (ALL THREE) would have to catastrophically malfunction so bad that they are delisted from cmc

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If this is too complex, maybe just have a look at some of the early investors to get a feel for where this project is going. If you are just fudding to accumulate, that stage is over. The entire market crash, which RSR held up pretty well against, was your last opportunity to buy RSR at a discount. There's not much left so I hope for your sake that you make the right decision.

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or the US Dollar they are based on will hyperinflate.. then you will have a stablecoin pegged to a devaluing asset. does that sound stable? Every USD based "stable" coin BTFO.

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why are you having such an autistic time accepting not everyone gives a fuck about this shit coin anon? you're like that one dumb retard that just keeps telling people shit they dont give a fuck about cuz you MUST make sure everyone thinks the same as you. news flash autist virgin not everyone cares nor has to care about shitcoin #3832. not stop posting your retard posts and telling people to keep trying to figure it out. WE DONT WANNA FIGURE IT OUT WE DONT GIVE A FUCK DOES YOUR RETARD BRAIN UNDERSTAND THAT OR DO I NEED TO TALK TO YOU LIKE YOUR A DUMB BABBY!?

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I agree super nice coin
will be super value in just a little time and we all become wealth fast
these investors make me impress a lot

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If you don't care why are you posting in this thread?

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Imagine having a stable coin relying on other stable coins not to fail.
Imagine trusting this man to deliver anything

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what do you mean sir

look at the big investor names and you will be super impress

token value will be high in few months

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He said, after all three of those collectively shit the bed during the crash.

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>$1 becomes 99 cents for an hour during extremely large volume times

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Why are so psychotically bent against this one project in particular? Do you have some kind of attachment to Tether or Makerdao? If so... why? Do you have brain problems?

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I've never seen anyone so obsessed with a project on here. If you hate it why do you post about it constantly? It sounds like you are very invested in this project either emotionally and/or financially. And why the meltdown? Did I really trigger you? Or are you just realizing that you missed your chance and you are going to have to watch this project moon without you. It must suck missing your last chance.

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RSR shills act like RSR is going to become the big one, the abolute number coin in crypto. But in order for it to gain any value at all, Tether USDC and Dai will have to collapse

i own a million RSR, and i regret now desu

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i'm not invested in the project at all since I have zero interest in it. you clearly are a retard thinking I want to hear about it. I know in your peasant brain its hard for you to grasp but not everyone likes the coins you like anon. now do I need to explain it again in baby words for you to get it?

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>Tether USDC and Dai will have to collapse
You shouldn't have bought something you don't understand anon.. there is still time. USD(x) will devalue against gold and stable currencies at a rate that will make your head spin. USD is no longer useful as a peg.

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Dai has already collapsed, for all intents and purposes. And the stablecoins were dipping into 80 cents during peak Corona crash. This situation IS Reserve's usecase.

>i own a million RSR, and i regret now desu
You're lying. I assume you're all-in on MKR.

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i understamd fundamentally, in order for RSR to ever have any major use, Tehter USDC and Dai have to collapse.

are you denying this?

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>call ppl peasant brain
>doesn't hold rsr
go play with your toy web scraper token anon.. the grown ups are talking. and yes.. you are still obsessed

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>Dai has already collapsed
you say its collapsed, yet its stil $1, listed on cmc and people are still buying in

i dont think you know what collapse means

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this token will be the big one for sure my men

very smart team behind this project and i think will gain huge value in no time

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yes the entire notion is retarded. and DAI is collapsing anyway so...

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>unironically larping in every thread as a pajeet to fud a token he "doesn't hold"

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what do you mean sir?
i have been huge supporter of this project since day 1
i want best for the team so i offer help with marketing of the project

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Yep, MKR shill. What makes you people so persistent with this shit? Are you just married to ETH as a whole?

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i do not give a fuck about MKR. i think stable coins ruin the crypto market. I think if tether usdcs and dai didnt exist, we would see way more volatile growth in btc and alts.

im just saying, in order for RSR to ever grow, tether, usdc and dai all have to collapse. I think all 3 will never fully die. And you guys are throwing an autistic hizzy fit over this

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>i do not give a fuck about MKR
>>you say its collapsed, yet its stil $1, listed on cmc and people are still buying in

You have a personality disorder.

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aww poor widdle babby doesnt understand people dont wike his widdle coiny woiny and gets grumpy dumpy over it. neck yourself post haste widdle retard

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please no bad talk about this token
me and many supporters have big belief this will be best coin in the future

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You have a personality disorder.

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why. when is there going to be a catastrophic event that forces people to selll all tether usdc and dai to go all in RSV? What the fuck could possibly cause this?

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rsr does nothing interesting or different. ogn and wrx on the other hand.

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i saw many big name investor in this project like Peter Thiel
my boss say he is Silicon Valley investor and he make a lot of money with other projects so far

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you should talk to a professional anon.. you are on a Lithuanian goat milking forum screaming gibberish at an anon over a software project that you don't even understand. get help, if anyone cares about you maybe they will help.

>> No.18005259

I stand with this man
he know more about project than other in here
if you want keeping poor you will not buy rsr token

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i do not give a single shit about MKR at all. But, you guys are saying its collapsed already. It hasnt.

People can still buy DAI
Dai is still listed on CMC
There are people currently still buying DAI right now; it has volume

how can you say Dai has collapsed at all?

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>two different IDs

...personality disorder.

>> No.18005302

Without stablecoins, people would just be using more complicated instruments as a proxy.

>> No.18005305

that doesnt answer the question. When is there possibly going to be a major sell off of Tether USDC and DAI that causes all three to be delisted from cmc and a mass migration to RSV

>> No.18005327

>completely ignores the question
I was on a phone at a store now im back at my computer.

>> No.18005359

I think RSV will be number one token
many people on twitter say it have huge potential so I think will gain huge value

>> No.18005399

do you even understand how RSV works? its a stable coin. Thats it. It wants to do what Tether is doing.

All these major people shilling it, are just saying
>RSV will be a better stable coin technically than Tether
Thats pretty easy to say, isnt it?

Sure, i agree RSV is probably technically better than Tether, Dai, and USDC since all these people say it is.

But, do you actually think there will be a day when no one in the entire world uses Tether, USDC or Dai at all; causing all three to be delisted from coinmarketcap and everyone immediately buys RSV?

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aww widdle babby upset and lashes out

>> No.18005430

true galaxy brain anon
>in order for it to gain any value at all whatsoever, these unrelated projects ABSOLUTELY MUST pee pee poo

>> No.18005457

>unrelated projects
RSV is a stable coin fueled by RSR. People who would buy RSV are doing it for the same reason people would buy Tether, USDC, or Dai. People believe RSV can hold the value of $1 than all three of those coins.

are you denying this is the use case?

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here indian social media star explain how rsv number on coin in the world


>> No.18005503

im still waiting for RSR shills answer to this question lol

>> No.18005535

>using a literal pajeet to shill a project
are you not aware how ironic this is? also, fuck off if youre just going to plug in videos.

Explain in your own words, why RSV is going to replace Tether, USDC and Dai.

>> No.18005545

>still waiting
that's what obsessed schizos do when they have an episode. Nobody cares about DAI, USDC or any other shitcoin attached to a dying fiat shitcoin.. please call a doctor anon

>> No.18005570

oh, so RSR is betting on the idea that the Dollar, Tether, USDC, and DAI will collapse?

So basically, a complete doomsday scenario.

>> No.18005587

RSV stronger coin because huge gain in value in the future . Tether only good for buying other coin with

>> No.18005612

>samefagging reverse jeet fud..
you really got em now anon.

>> No.18005616

>RSV coin huge gain in value
i dont think you understand. RSV is supposed to be one value for the rest of time. RSR being burned is what controls this value. You buy RSR, because you think RSV will be used so much, that a high price RSR will have to occur.

No one is buying RSV, because it would just be like buying Tether. You buy RSR

>> No.18005651

why dont you explain how RSV is going to replace the dollar, Tether, USDC, and DAI, instead of pointing fingers at whose who.

When is there going to be a complete collapse of all of those things that people will start to need RSV? PLease explain what is going to happen that will finally kill off tether for the rest of time.

That is lilterally all im asking. What is this doomsday scenario thats gonna happen that will make everyone switch to RSV?

>> No.18005758

Basically this. If all those currencies do fail, then yes, RSR has a small chance of being the next x100, but unless the dollar and tether both fail within in the next 12 months RSR will be dropped.
People here are all ready regretting fomoing into this coin and realizing it's most likely going to fail

>> No.18005761

An audit of their finances

>> No.18005783

RSV will be backed by a basket of 50-100 other assets. RSR will help stabilize the value. People who have a problem trusting or obtaining DAI, Tether, or USDC on an individual basis would be better served here. Collapse of any other stablecoins is not required.

The team will use its connections and make an app that can be used globally. They are focusing on countries in South America and Africa first, where inflation is a huge problem. If you're buying RSR, you're betting on widespread adoption.

>> No.18005791

this is exactly how i feel. I have 1 million RSR for a suicide stack. But people actually buying 10 million in bulk are playing black jack at this point.

>> No.18005792

They are targeting hyper inflationary countries where accessing dollars is difficult (Venezuela).

World is a lot bigger than just America

>> No.18005813


not even chainlink

>> No.18005827

I dont think even if everyone in the country of Venezuela going all in on RSV will even make a dent in Tether's usecase.

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