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>mfw i actually benefited from the 2008 crash by purchasing a house for 80k and now it's 200k

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Anyone with spare capital stands to make a killing this year , in stocks and real estate

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>real estate
Hows that?

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>markets are crashing
>tons of people are going to die
duuuuhhhh house price go up right REITbros??

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Kek, good luck selling for that much.

Feel free to get in line behind all the boomers ahead of you.

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I was actually in the market for a house, when this new shitstorm started.. any advice how to profit?
I'm in the rural midwest, where a decent house is $100-150k, so I don't expect the real estate market to completely prolapse itself like it might in coastal areas.

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Do you live in it?

Low interest rates go straight to the top. With so many corps getting fleeced and boomers dropping the costs of real estate are gonna go down.

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>he didnt buy a 200k house thats now worth half a mil

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>he isn't selling his half a mil home to buy another five houses when we hit the bottom

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>he thinks there's a point to owning more than one house

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It’s gone up in value but it’s not like you really won because everything else went up in value. If you sold you’d still need to buy another very expensive home.

It’s just you didn’t lose. It’d suck being priced out of a home and having to rent.

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>he doesn't understand what a rental is

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>he thinks rentals will give better returns than equities

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And you're gonna baghold it back to 80k


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Save up because you might be able to buy a relatively cheap flat here in a month or so and rent it out for ten times its worth in a few years.

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Pays $8000 down payment to own a 200k house and extracts $1500 a month from it. More than enough to cover mortgage and other expenses like taxes. House also appreciates in value on top of it. $8000 investment turns into $150k in five years

Quit being a brainlet

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They do, but only because running a rental business is a full time job so you get that sweat equity

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>in the middle of a worldwide surge of communism

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