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pls invite me

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is a satsgang scam
and u should die on ur stinky indian street

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Shitcoin scam

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Based and KEK approved
who let this pajeet into the gentlemen's club?

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Is this the Sats Gang anon? Everybody keeps saying RSR is a Sats Gang coin. Is peter Thiel in the gang? What about the Coinbase founders? I don't think the former SEC commissioner from their board would be in a group called Satsgang but maybe.

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Checks &witnessed

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Checked and RSR-based

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Put me in the screen cap

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kill yourself satsgang faggot

stop shilling your pump and dump scams on biz

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Peter Thiel is satsgang?

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Kek wills it. Shitcoin bag holder bizlets seething.

Every single crypto celebrity, authority, and influencer will be shilling RSR/RSV as the next "muh defi helping poor shitskins" and this will 10,000x when it hits Coinbase. DCA'ing and buying heavy as much as I can.

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Witnessed, based, redpilled but most of all...KEK approved

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no, but you and your pajeet spammer friends are

see how they pump and dump RSR:


they're going for round 2

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Fuck off with your scripted gets. Bsv is the only coin that matters. Your blood drinking shillmasters going to get the rope.

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fuck off it dumped hard because btc shit the bed. literally every crypto lost 40%+ at the same time

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This shitcoin has been spammed hard in telegram pump and dump groups lately. These are coordinated shilling attemps to cause fomo on you bizlet retards

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a few examples of pump and dump TG groups:
2) t.me/bag_hunters

members of these groups are all previously known as Satsgang

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there is litteraly no proof these people are involved besides what they claim on their website. This is not only a satsang scam but a scam by the creators.

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do you really think this will work on anyone?

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Exactly. Even fucking BitConnect claimed to be partnered with big names like JPMorgan, which of course turned out to be nothing but lies. But people believed it and got rekt hard. Anyone can put logos of companies on their site and claim they're "partners" and "investors".

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chainlink will be used to account and record every debt and contract on the blockchain by the global bankers.

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post proof then. I'm waiting

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the website is still up. check coinbase venture website. do you really think coinbase venture would support a project that has a website full of false claims about investors? lol cope harder anon

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Logos and names are one thing.
Photos are another.

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coinbase is working with US government, there's no way they would risk being involved with a scam project. reserve is featured on coinbase venture website, and guess what, if you think reserve are full of shit why don't you report them or make a twitter post "exposing" them? im sure it will go largely ignored and nothing will be different in a month. if you think these things are lies just expose them as liars, spam the people they have posted on the website and ask them to verify and if they don't respond or don't care then that's your answer.

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coinbase ventures doesn't mean shit. there are
hundreds of venture coins that doesnt mean they will get promoted on coinbase.
Give me proof that the investors are real. some tweets from them would be enough. oh wait there is none. Btw if you're satsgang get cancer today if not I feel sorry for you because you will get exitscammed lol

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by all means anon, you should expose reserve using social media then

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just send a copy and link to each of the investors via twitter and see if they respond. do this every day for a month. if they ignore you then you have your answer. big name investors don't want to be associated with scams right?

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* a copy of this

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