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I know we love to shitpost and all but this is serious we are in a very dark path , pray for a better world just like we prayed for the other anon dad a few weeks ago.

The collapse of the monetary system will lead to literal communism, seizure of properties, abolition of cash, negative interest rates, extreme violence and even hunger.

And that's not even counting the virus, i am serious pray for the world and humanity in this dark times.

If you think things are bad now the next two weeks will be insane as the virus increases out of control in the usa, brasil and other places.

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Psalm 137

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I am going to sleep , sad at the state of things , maybe corona is for the best allowing reforms that increase freedom.
But in my short life on this planet i have learned that things rarely get better unless things go very bad and i feel this will be an extremly bad night before a new day.

I love you all faggots even the jannies & bsv shills.
I hope we can build a better world from this disaster.

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What if i want communism tho

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We need some violence. In the turmoil, nobody will care when the narcissists and sociopaths are dragged into the streets and burned.

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agreed. im in japan and thank God daily we are still mostly normal. all things possible through Christ. stay safe and God bless.

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Then you're retarded and I want to hit you in the head with a hammer.

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Stay safe anons. I mean it. I feel like we're at the cusp of a new "section" in a history textbook from the 2100s

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ill report you to the secret police then while i enjoy my free housing food and vidja kek

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>The collapse of the monetary system will lead to blah blah blah

the monetary system has survived much worse in the past and will be running strong long after you're dead. You're nothing kid. You're discomfort doesn't mean shit in the long run.

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I hope everyone in this thread gets saved

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Stop being such a pussy. Prayer is for faggots. There is no God. Any entity who created this world is amoral at best, you'd have to be a total retard to worship it. If you survive the happenings (which is likely), and you're not rich now, you'll be in a better position than you are now. Seeing all these whiny, sentimental posts is almost a bullish signal.

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she'll be right m8. don't let it get you down.

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I've done my prayers and done my best to help the local seniors. All we can do now is wait...

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China needs a massive kick up the ass for this

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Then you want to violate other people rights and you should reconsider your moral framework.

Don't attack your fellow human , try to enlighten them , what one sees from one position in life is not what the other may be seeing.

For the serf in russia communism was something that broke his chains , for the urban businessmen something that put his chains and eventually chains to everyone because a society that violates rights as a way of living will eventually violate everyones rights.

Sociopaths thrive on violence , they tend to disappear when they kill each other but that's a dark path we should try to avoid.

I hope you remain fine anon things will get crazy this week it's in the air, people all around the world are more connected than ever in that something is terribly wrong.

Yes we are in an historic peak.

Not the fiat system, before it was backed by reserves , now the reserves are other fiat currencies whose governments will have massive unemployment and collect 0 taxes.

I hope everyone get's a better life.

I am sure that secular thinkers tough the same before ww1.
Also being rich in a world of ashes means little anon.

You are good anon. Thank you

China needs to close those food markets and it's over.
Viruses appeared in every place, revenge will achieve nothing.

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aus starting the lockdown

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Shut the fuck up Chang
NK just launched 2 ballistics yesterday just stickin their chin chong out faggot
Just fucking begging for it

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Isn't NK now not friendly with china?

wtf nk has to do with anything now , hell i even read that kim talked with trump or send a letter a few days ago.

Seriously anon revenge won't get us anywhere.

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This is the face of the bull who's fucking your commie revolution gf redanon. Maybe next century.

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>This is the face of the bull who's fucking your commie revolution gf redanon