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monday crash confirmed in us and germany

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I found out that you can literally trade meme stocks by the second and make money
You just need to short it after every pump and then sell it or do the opposite and buy after the dump and sell it

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Hark, hark plebs, tis I the ghost of noble Augustus, here to warn you of the dangers of donatives.

Mine was the greatest empire the world has ever know, brought low and debased by ever increasing promises of neetbux.

So be of good caution, if thou desirest to give of thy money freely to all, know that the appetites' of men can only increase.

Now I must go, but heed my warning, do not make the mistake of my ignoble son Tiberius, for it will be thine undoing.

Denarii given once will be expected again.

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Why Germany? The virus doesn't kill white people and it's why no one in Germany died.

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I thought that too but now every simp is saying red monday just like they were all saying green friday. Might not happen now.

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>no one in’s germany died
>b-b-but muh high iq!!!!!!

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Germany has 115 IQ. East Asian countries at 105 and US at 90.

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the italian numbers, and new york quarantine sealed the deal for a red monday. instead of talking out of his ass, trump should just tell stories about fucking pornstars and grabbing bitches by the pussy.

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"With only 67 deaths from nearly 20,000 cases as of March 20, Germany is far better placed than Italy, which has reported 4,032 deaths and over 47,000 cases."

go back to r/chapotraphouse retard

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we were warned
we are walking the path

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This is the face of your dead revolutionary hopes commie scum.

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feeling the SQQQ. Going to sell most likely on monday and do puts on the dow / spy after that. I feel like this shit has more to run, at least for the next two weeks. I'm optimistic agree with temp controlled anon in the last thread because the flu dies with heat. Hot tub time.

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What bags are you holding that you're this afraid of monday being red?

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>Airline companies physically cannot stop begging for free money
>No one's buying it anymore

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chinese shill

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One of us

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>virus dies with heat
Guess what, you die with heat too. Try getting your core temperature to 42 degrees and see what happens.

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Oh boy, it's starting.

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I'm not a commie, please do a 360 and go back to the donald.

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How else do you explain lack of coronavirus deaths in Germany? Maybe Hitler's Aryan juju isn't without merits

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Realistically how long until the indices come back to previous ATHs?

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Anti wealth scum

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I'm not a chinese shill, I've been ending most of my messages with FUCK CHINA this week.

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this is at -25%. imagine -50% lmao

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It's over bros. People are becoming less retarded and realizing it's just a flu. Blumpf is giving out 1000 dollerinos to every american to pay their bills and stimulate the economy. The fed is giving companies the cash they need to weather this out. Bitcoin is recovering. Monday is going to be a green day.

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tell it to brazilians they will be relieved. or better yet tell it to the people of middle east who were dropping like flies being infected by corona-chan's cousin, mers-chan.

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your hopes are tied to something that treats symptoms at best?

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8 ongoing FDA trials of chloroquine, already FDA approved compassionate use, well understood mechanism of action for stopping reproduction of SARS COV-2.

Is it 100% certain yet, no. Is it much more likely than not that CQ prevents death in COVID-19 patients? Yes.

Puts expiring in a few days are fine, but make sure you aren't margined to heavily as when the preliminary findings come out that this significantly reduces chances of death, the market will bounce huge then realize yeah there is still some pain to come.

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well he can't jump off the building again, can he now?

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Knew the numbers were going to be shit.
Ackman told the markets that everyone would be dead and poor soon.
Goldman said the unemployment numbers would be astronomical.

That is information the market already had. The market DID NOT have any certainty regarding a stimulus package. Congress has let partisanship destroy good decisions countless times.

IF we get a stimulus deal and it’s 2 TRILLION right off the bat, already double of what we were taking about last week... well then my SDOW is going to get BTFO. That signals congress is bringing out the big guns, that maybe this is just the start. That is the type of thing that signals the beginning of an oversold rally.

And if none of that convinced you that nothing is certain for Monday, consider this:
I bought short positions on Friday.

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Reminder that here is no evidence that this coronavirus will kill white people. The two hardest hit European countries, Spain and Italy, are geographically and thus genetically separated from the rest of Europe.

"Beyond the Pyrenees begins Africa. Once that natural barrier is crossed, the Mediterranean racial type in all its purity confronts us. The human phenomena is entirely parallel with the sudden transition to the flora and fauna of the south. The Iberian population thus isolated from the rest of Europe, are allied in all important anthropological respects with the peoples inhabiting Africa north of the Sahara, from the Red Sea to the Atlantic." - William Z. Ripley

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we won't have to imagine

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buy puts you stupid nigger, that's what i'm gonna do

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stop being so pesimistic, he probably tripped while washing his windows

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just shut the fuck up you literal retard

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I think people who get angry at bears are unironically just plebbit tourists.

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It is clinically proven to prevent cellular reproduction via acidification of the bits that bind to cells in SARS. Corona is very similar to SARS and there's no evolutionary reason a basic aspect of its molecular makeup like this would be radically changed.

This isn't just Trump shooting in the dark, they hate Trump, it's a well understood mechanism with serious promise. Ignore that at your own risk. Trump is still going to loose to Biden now, but the apocalypse isn't upon us.

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nigger, kenny rogers died, was kenny rogers latino?

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Died of natural causes

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it's not the miracle cure you make it out to be and very likely will cause more complications with widespread use.

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just tripped while having difficulty smoking a cig without lungs hurting and checking his funds accounts, yeah.

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I hate how this document mentions the "second cheapest platform for Europeans", but don't say what is the 1st cheapest platform for Europeans.

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on second thought, he might've run out of toilet paper

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There's no way there's a bailout, if there is I don't know how others would be paid for, this is what a company that is collapsing looks like.

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anons I....

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Shut the fuck up retard and fuck off back to /pol/ you are a fucking cancer.

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Salty shitskin with suboptimal (I'm being generous) genetics detected

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You see, this is why based but also gay (all socialists are, and also trans) democratic social reformers like Gorky hated faggot bolshys like lenin, Trotsky, and you.

You literally are hoping half the world will die and that factory workers life savings will be erased just so that the system you claim is in the peoples best interest will be put into place.

Always ideology first and people last, that's why everyone hates communism, and (you).

Hope you get it and have no chloroquine.

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Sure thing: Tokyo Dome stock. People are already going back to live shows, they are packed. There's probably going to be an announcement of some kind that major sports are back on Monday. Downside: Japs are all about "muh honor over profits", consider this a short term buy and sell.

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you're an idiotic larp who clings to Dr Trumps miracle tonic

who the fuck talked about ideology or politics? always the literal retard muttmericans who larp their communism vs capitalism crap as if it was relevant to anything happening.
How does your venture capitalism like a trillion of state funds being shoved into the market every day?
just shut the fuck up and take your FEMA pills, retard

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god you fuckers are relentless, even a turk german is whiter than 90% of you amerimuts

>> No.17998704

Its like 90 everyday in Florida and hundreds have it there

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so it begins

>> No.17998722

In time.

>> No.17998739

It's being used like crazy already. So nothing magical. Maybe related to how soon they put patients on it though. Early use is better outcome.

I think we will get some type of widespread effective treatment that reduces death rate soon. Just a matter of time and testing.

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yeah while doing all the above, he also got a message saying "your order of 1kg toilet paper has been delayed by a week".
then just accidentally tripped. too bad.

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Cry more baby, it gets me hard. You realize you're just a puppet for the bankers and fund managers who are sitting in cash to re-appropriate the wealth of the masses when we find the bottom, right?

You're literally the most capitalist person here.

Thank you for your service pinkoanon.

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The infections were detected early on from the start so in a few weeks it should catch up

>> No.17998794

Germany was infected way before Italy. The Italy strain came from Bavaria.

>> No.17998837

I think it's romeposting
the censoring a letter and calling it germs suggests as much

>> No.17998839

bailout is all but a certainty.
You are a retard if you’re using a stock chart to determine the importance of Boeing to the US.

>> No.17998840

>The Italy strain came from Bavaria.
Thought it came from italian delegation to Iran.

>> No.17998878

Congratulations, you figured out one of the most basic strategies in trading. Now, let me tell you what will happen. You'll do a few successful trades, then out of the blue the stock gets dumped by a whale and you're there holding the bags with your pants down. Hope you enjoy pretending to be a day trader. Oh, and by the way day trading always underperforms long-term investment.

>> No.17998883

You are basing this on one study that indicates one source of infected people came from Germany at some point.
This says nothing about the timeline as multiple strains can be active in one country

>> No.17998905

I wish this wasn't true

>> No.17999009

Every recession, every crash, people get filthy rich.

How do we buy the dip?

Or at least protect what I have.

>> No.17999015

You buy hold and wait

>> No.17999020

Buy blue chip stocks that are way undervalued right now and just sit on them for months. You will probably do better than micromanaging individual positions. You might also not quite be at the bottom of the dip but you will still make money in the long term.

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Reminder that the number of infected should double every day... because that's what exponential growth means. Then we should get to a more linear growth rate before the curve peaks and flattens.

Based palindrome poser
Your best option is to do whatever you can to get steady work or increase your earnings right now.

I don't see a way to do that, so after losing a fuckload while the market dumped 30%, I just went short right now, when we're probably in for an oversold bounce. But the economy is about to come to a complete stop, so I expect it'll keep dumping for a while.

I suck at timing so I'll probably get burned on my short positions. I bought lots of KO and PEP into that insane selloff at the close on friday, so hopefully those won't continue getting obliterated.

>> No.17999054

>Reminder that the number of infected should double every day... because that's what exponential growth means
That isn't what that means. The estimates for the doubling time vary but none are a day or less (typically a week or more)

>> No.17999083

>the flu dies with heat

you burgers do realise that the southern hemisphere exists right? winter is coming

>> No.17999090

Lot less people than northern

>> No.17999101

The what?

>> No.17999102


so you're buying puts during each pump?

>> No.17999112

Monday will be green on stimulus whispers

>> No.17999118

What whispers?
There has been constant *brrrrrrrrrr* for a week now
Even Germany.

>> No.17999130

Of course, but if the entire southern hemisphere is locked down and trading routes aren't back to being 100% operational then say goodbye to economic growth.

Australia and Brazil are the bulk of the world's entire ore. Likewise with coal, gold etc. - Mainly in the southern hemisphere.

And corona virus being able to effect people twice? Imagine everyone in the northern hemisphere recovering just in time for the mega POZZED 6 months southern hemisphere strain to hit and re-infect everyone just like with the Spanish Flu.

>> No.17999133

tourist here

when am I dumping my savings into ETFs?

>> No.17999141

Coronabux for all. The machines have a few more gears they can shift to.

>> No.17999168

another 2 weeks

>> No.17999175

Now is fine, it can't really get much worse from here, you're basically guaranteed to be green EOY.

>> No.17999195

Is it true the Fed is pumping 1 trillion a day until the end of March to offset this? Only found 1 article on the matter fr yesterday but it’s from an accredited site

>> No.17999197

yeah, naturally he died when he got it

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A kind reminder of what will happen on monday

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Data Protection, Privacy & restriction on the internet is one of the major problems in this world, in future data is going to be as valuable has oil today, so we need well-protected internet service technology which would protect our data many new startups like tachyon protocol has started providing service in a decentralized internet with exciting technology & privacy, one should check their services.

>> No.17999248

no I short it every time it gets pumped then sell it once it gets dumped and then short it again

so should I take the long or short side to be safer?

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Repo operations, the $1 trillion thing, is not printing money and is not really "pumping" the markets. It IS alarming because it is a warning signal that likely, something is VERY wrong, but it is not printing money.

The real QE money printing will be if the Fed starts buying corporate debt (bonds). That's direct loans to companies that may or may not be able to pay it back.

Repo is one thing, printing money is another, and the stimulus is a third and different thing. That is adding to the national debt in order to give Americans money directly, to offset the economic damage done by the coronavirus shutdowns.

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>> No.17999270

>inb4 8 reddit commie sockpuppet IPs post pasta disagreeing with this well informed point

>> No.17999278

>Repo operations, the $1 trillion thing, is not printing money
So where is it coming from? The treasury?

>> No.17999293

>but the apocalypse isn't upon us.

Its unironically too late for that

>> No.17999320

Hey guys i have 8k, since the market will inevitably go up what's the downside of buying an index with 10x leverage and holding it forever until profit

>> No.17999334


>X in inevitable

Nothing is inevitable, the world is rapidly changing before your eyes

>> No.17999340

We have another red monday, lose 10%, byebye investment

>> No.17999349

But I don't have to sell it do I
does it disappear if it goes down once

>> No.17999351

Opportunity cost
You will be holding it for 2 decades just to break even.
And should they default, you are 100 percent fucked.

>> No.17999363

Well I obviously need to know more before taking action since I don't know what default means

>> No.17999376

Just give me that money, better than to flush it like you will do.

>> No.17999379

no no, it's coming from the Federal Reserve, but it's a loan. The collateral is in US Treasuries: the safest government bonds around.

Banks need more cash than they have for overnight operations, but they have plenty of T-bills (treasury bills). The Fed buys the T-bills from the banks, and later the banks buy back the t-bills from the fed, paying a little bit of interest to the Fed for the serivce.

oh boy... just start reading and google every word you don't understand.

>> No.17999390

I'm gonna wait til right before peak corona and buy OMXS30 without leverage and hold, it's not insane money anyway

>> No.17999441

It is my understanding that the corporate debt bonds are of very low quality, and if the overleveraged corporations default (which might happen to a few during this mess), the banks could be at risk due to irresponsible lending. Like 2008 with mortgage-backed securities, but instead with corporate debt. Have you looked into this at all?

>> No.17999523

> This is not printing money!
> This is adding to the debt!
No, you retard, they are taking on 0 new debt, having the treasury mint 2 1 Trillion dollar coins, who will then sell them to the fed at face value. Literally printing money with no new debt.

>> No.17999559

I'm not touching anything until there's at least a million deaths on US alone.

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See you in the morning, Bearbros. We won. We actually won.

>> No.17999609

No, the increase in debt would be from the stimulus package, the $1-2000 that's going to American

That’s definitely a concern, but it’s a different subject.

The 1 trillion is being used to lend to banks using government debt as collateral, NOT corporate debt.

I have heard that one of the lessons learned from the financial crisis was that letting Lehman brothers bank collapse was a major mistake. Large Financial institutions like banks are massively important to the health of the economy.

Is a heavily indebted cruise company like royal Caribbean of huge importance to the economy if it defaults? Maybe. But I don’t believe it would be as bad as a major bank.

But these big banks are often involved in lending to these companies. If all the shale companies go bankrupt from what Russia and saudi Arabia are doing, how much will it harm the banks that are lending to them? It’s hard to tell. But there’s many companies that are at serious risk from COVID19 so it could reasonably spark some sort of a chain reaction, that hits the banks, that damages the financial system, that damages the entire economy.

So the central bankers want to make sure they don't allow things to get so bad this time. Who know's if it'll work.

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>it can't get really worse
After the bull trap it'll get extra worse

>> No.17999683

>whatever happens we must NOT allow the banks to collapse.
Why do you insist on humiliation and degradation so much?

>> No.17999696

The fed through the primary dealers are already buying corporate bonds and even equities. These are 0% interest loans that can be rolled over to infinity (effectively qe). Check out the pcdf program

>> No.17999732

I do that with every company trump mentions during his speeches live, kek

>> No.17999737

I'm sorry the pcdf program. Zerohedge and others have written articles already about how this is effectively QE since the primary dealer's will then shift corporate bonds and even equities to the fed's books at presumably face value for these stocks

>> No.17999764

Pdcf* damn phone autocorrect

>> No.17999787

I want a bull market Monday so I don't feel so bad about missing out on an inverse etf friday
But I also want a bear market so I can feel like I made a correct prediction
Since this is a simulation that means crab is the only real possibility since it means I both lose and am wrong

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So the Fed effectively absorbs all losses?

>> No.17999836

More like it sends the losses to the phantom zone hopefully never to be released yet also perfectly preserved and thus able to be released to cause havoc at a future time

>> No.17999863

you know what priced in means?

>> No.17999866

sounds reassuring

>> No.17999885

Well the fed literally prints money. There is good reason to suppose this will lead to higher inflation months down the line. Right now the effective increase in fiat hasn't really effected the real economy but it will as there is more tender available to compete for real goods and assets

>> No.17999903

Yes, if all roads lead to the Fed then I don't understand why "printing money" is seen as such a triggering phrase to some of the autists here.
It seems that the Fed is only as strong as it is because of the petrodollar and the power of the US military-industrial-complex, and its primary function is to enforce the will of the elites/financial sector titans at the expense of the american public and the world at large.

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So I'm looking at ECC because its a cheapie and it has a monthly dividend. The question is what happens to CLOs during the recession. If we are in a corporate debt bubble then a recession popping it would send ECC to zero because corporations would no longer be paying their loans. However, I'm doubtful the government would be keen on allowing so many corporations to reach the point that they would be defaulting on their debts (these corporate loans are one of the last things they stop paying for) so the question is, is buying ECC a gamble on whether or not a depression is about to happen, or is there something I'm missing about the CLO market.

>> No.17999934

Make no mistake the feds actions will likely lead to increased inflation and it may be significant. If it does that's effectively a tax you did not consent to in order to subsidize a bailout of banks and corporations

>> No.17999974

When will we revolt instead of accepting austerity? This is madness.

>> No.17999992

What's going on in Brazil?

>> No.18000025

Why can't the VPOTUS afford a tailor? That suit is so ill-fitting, especially the pants.

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>> No.18000091

The masses will suffer until it becomes unbearable. Propaganda and entertainment are powerful sedatives. The two party system have a consensus on most economic matters like this. The right will blame immigrants and democrats will blame the rich but do nothing to change it. The future is uncertain but america may have experienced its high water mark during the last 10 years

>> No.18000105

Ancient societies were more competent, efficient and lenient than ours. We have gone backwards.

>> No.18000125

Well, COINTELPRO will disappear you if you try

>> No.18000126

When the central banks of all the world's largest economies have exhausted all their means for stabilising the economy and their governments have run out of ideas what will happen?
At that point surely we'll realise we shouldn't have panicked and should have just carried on with daily life until it's run its course.
We will look back at this period in history as the biggest global overreaction that took down the world's economy.

>> No.18000127

Was hoping for some good corona news this weekend but all I'm seeing is bad stuff. I think it'll be in the red.

>> No.18000133


>> No.18000151

Thoughts on etoro for yuropoors? Wasn't mentioned in the sticky

>> No.18000171


That is also due to the failures of Florida to contain the virus.

>> No.18000173


>> No.18000177

Do any of you hold something in biomed? If so, what? I would imagine biomed should boom due to it's relevancy in the coming months.

>> No.18000180

>reading investing.com comments
there's no way these people exist in reallife, right?

>> No.18000216


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>it sends the losses to the phantom zone
we all know what happend after that

>> No.18000230

Ancient societies had political structures and economies that are far simpler. I'm very pessimistic about America's future however. Deepening political divides seem irreversible. Average voter is dumber than ever. Both the right and left seem bent on eroding human rights.

>> No.18000238


>> No.18000249

borrowed from trump. he shit his pants.

>> No.18000250
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It's already begun.
I'm hoping for the triple circuit breaker combo tomorrow.

>> No.18000260
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Bullbros....we got too cocky...

>> No.18000287

good Turk genes

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>> No.18000309

>Oh, and by the way day trading always underperforms long-term investment.

lol no. the main advantage you get from position trading is that you don't have to spend a lot of time on it, but you're still gonna make like 1/5th what a day trader would make on average by the end of the year.

>> No.18000368

> He actually thinks there are retail day traders making money

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all in on YANK and BBOZ

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>> No.18000573

I am so gonna jerk off later.

>> No.18000643

im making money and i know other people who are making money, at least, just trading my own money. just because most people fail doesn't mean everyone does. most people fail medical school but we still have doctors, this is similar in a way.

>> No.18000657

Show us your gains from day trading then

>> No.18000703

So have they passed the "check" package yet? I'm looking forward to my 2400 extra bucks showing up in my account. I gotta pay off a "loan" with part of it. P.S: ONTX has earnings this week. GE stock has gotten hammered like hell but the Healthcare and Power divisions are cranking out the material in leaps and bounds in the face of the Virus fears. So they're raking in the money even though the Aviation division is not right now. This is what I've got and I've not sold a single thing, more like I've been adding along the way.
KR (added 3/20)
CCL (added 3/20)

>> No.18000704

those kinds of things are easily photoshopped. why not try debating on why it's theoretically impossible to make a profit day trading as opposed to long term position trading? the long term hodl crowd isn't doing too well right now unfortunately if you've looked at the market recently.

>> No.18000707

You mean the Jews that traveled from italy to israel to newyork to la and ended up in florida after spreading it world wide? Then yes THE JEWS

>> No.18000752

Anyone doing puts on Ford (F)?
Doing 4/17 4p on F and 4/9 12p SLV

>> No.18000782


>> No.18000804

Italy counts cancer patients as corona victims if they have that too

>> No.18000815

is this monday the last "fun" day?
things are about to get crazy for real,folks

>> No.18000861


you will get margin called before you make profit

>> No.18000880

>a tax you did not consent to

>> No.18000884

No. For never moves.

>> No.18000919

>things are about to get crazy for real,folks
this is like the credo of every modern news outlet. It's always "stay tuned, shit is becoming real"

>> No.18000921


jesus fucking christ... this is why 90% of people lose a bunch of money and then quit trading. has nothing to do with day trading vs. swing trading vs. position trading, and everything to do with the majority of people being a bunch of fucking retards. you've got a guy here, who obviously doesn't know shit, considering buying a 10x leveraged ETF when the world economy is collapsing.

just... jesus fucking christ.

>> No.18000951
File: 6 KB, 225x224, 1584810573128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

great depression?
just buy the dip bro

>> No.18000968

forgot to mention everyone here is a retard either without a real broker or their bank won't even allow them to trade proper instruments because they don't have a job or credit
so they just buy penny stocks or etfs lmao

>> No.18000969

Why ONTX? Mind elaborating?

>> No.18001006

Kek, on paper, I've lost over 3500, which is nothing compared to what my next 401k statement will show I'm sure. But rather than panic and sell and actually take the loss I've been buying more on these dips. Cause I know when the rebound happens the gains I'll make will very easy make that 3500 "loss" look like chump change. Especially when ONTX flies. I stand to make with ONTX alone over 16k. Which by itself is more than the total amount I dumped into my brokerage account.

>> No.18001029

>naked long puts on a stock that doesn't move
why would you do that?

>> No.18001046

What makes you think ONTX will surge?

>> No.18001057

he can see the future

>> No.18001067

It's a phase 3 cancer drug company. That's held up rather good considering this virus shit.The reason the stock is in the dumps has zip to do with the drug itself. Rather them needing money. Which has now been taken care of till 2021. June of this year they plan to release the p3 data results. Reading between the lines with all these conferences they've had recently, they've got the p3 data in the bag. They just can't shout it out yet till they dot all the I's and cross the T's

>> No.18001077
File: 57 KB, 957x776, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BDCZ is currently trading at $10.60, which gives you a dividend yield of 17.08%!!!!!! It'll probably go lower as the market continues to crater.

Provided the world doesn't end and UBS doesn't go bankrupt, is this a big brain move?

>> No.18001108
File: 290 KB, 427x495, 1568819572141.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros help, im getting addicted to boose from staying so much at home

>> No.18001116


>> No.18001123

Just buy TQQQ and sit through 57 reverse splits before the inevitable recovery, goy!

>> No.18001124

C'mon SPY < 200

>> No.18001139

How long have you been bagholding? Don’t ever buy SNSS or ONTX, newfags.

>> No.18001157
File: 67 KB, 640x775, 1584575587337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you sure about that? All the bad news floating around, we've already reached the bottom. Dems won't let their Obama put into an embarrassing position, would they?

>> No.18001158


>> No.18001165
File: 42 KB, 600x600, sc2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a-almost at the bottom right guys, time to buy the dip

>> No.18001180

Good. You're going to need it anyway. Also, while you retards are scrambling for toilet papers, I am hoarding champagne, wine, and alcohol.

>> No.18001192

this is how the riots start

>> No.18001198

is that fucking neopets
that's the neopets market place what the fuck

>> No.18001229
File: 976 KB, 1615x1040, 1582461129159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this is how the riots start
>how do I profit from this?
That's retarded. There won't be riots since everybody will just be sober inside their homes until this coronavirus is gone.

>> No.18001287
File: 31 KB, 358x364, gtGS6uP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>run out of beds and ventilators
>sick people get turned away unless you're literally half dead
USA will riot because they don't have a collectivist (ONE RACE) culture

>> No.18001391
File: 906 KB, 500x349, heh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18001446

>"You have to be mentally strong to take on isolation"
>tfw I've literally been doing the exact same shit I've always done this quarantine
What the fuck is wrong with normies that they can't even hang out at home for less then a week without losing their minds

>> No.18001455
File: 15 KB, 257x212, 1529250367649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whats going to bounce back quickly from the dip?

>> No.18001460

>It's just a flu bruh

>> No.18001465

Or he had the virus and realized at his age he was fucked. Or he lost everything in the stock market.

>> No.18001518
File: 28 KB, 574x430, 1576447697838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Help with baby's first ETFs
I have a virus-proof job, no outstanding debts, and money not doing much in a savings account.

>> No.18001521
File: 80 KB, 640x584, 1583712111258.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18001524

I was just saying in general that someone would assume the reason he killed himself was isolation, it's obvious he probably had a better reason then that.

>> No.18001527

stop shorting with etfs retard
get a real broker

>> No.18001544

Should I buy Dave and Busters now or wait for another dip?

>> No.18001554

Its kind of sad really, normies work so hard to buy a house, furniture and whatever else and often don't spend any time inside it.
Now that they are forced to live in it they panic.

>> No.18001556

What if there's no cure?

>> No.18001578

then you will survive it and you have to hope your parents / grandparents dont get infected

>> No.18001580

Doesn't change anything.

>> No.18001597

Then we will find another false hope so we can keep the market up

>> No.18001607

So it pretty much halved the human lifespan? They said that you could get reinfected.

>> No.18001617

I wasn't gonna short. Just buy and hold for the time being.

>> No.18001625

>you retards are scrambling for toilet papers
It's getting crazy out there.

>> No.18001631

Why the fuck are you going long when we're nowhere near the dip?

>> No.18001643

Complete nonsense.

>> No.18001657

did you even check anything before posting the question then? shit has gone down -30% in just weeks and probably dropping 20% more. NOT a good time to go long whatsoever

>> No.18001663

It's not, it'll kill you once you're old and your immune system has weakened.

>> No.18001672

lol how can someone not get access to derivatives, its like a click in the broker

>> No.18001682

April's almost here. Hurray up with the Govt checks already. I need that 2400 to pay myself back.

>> No.18001689

UWT just shoot me

>> No.18001698

For real.
I'll go out to catch a show or whatever, but it's like these people need to be constantly stimulated by other people.
Being alone with themselves is completely intolerable for them.
Like relax, just chill out.

>> No.18001712

no idea but you've got tripfags here buying penny stocks or shitty inverse etfs

>> No.18001724

When are futures open? Are futures even a good indicator for the next day anymore?

>> No.18001727

We don't have those here. t. European

>> No.18001732

Do you even understand how 10x leverage works? If there is one -10 % day that means your stupid index makes -100 % and your money is gone

If you want to be an autistic gambler atleast buy something reasonable like 3x leverage Because markets are never going to lose 33 % in a single day so you cant go to 0 on a bad day

>> No.18001747

yeah you do. look harder.

>> No.18001760

Kek, for the most part its been life as normal for me, my wife, and from the look of it the neighborhood as well. The only thing not normal is the raids on TP and other stuff at the kroger. Hell I've been enjoying it. My workplace is dead as hell. I go in, put my feet up, and do pretty much nothing for 8 hrs. Load up e-trade.

>> No.18001794

This has actually gotten me thinking, wouldn't that mean that nearly all 10x leverages were already wiped out when the markets crashed by over 10%? Which ones are even left at this point?

>> No.18001807

On Wednesday we almost hit limit down 5 times and went green Thursday
On Thursday we hit limit up for a bit and went super red on Friday
Unless it hits limit down and stays there, orlimit up and stays there, there are no guarantees anymore.

>> No.18001809


>> No.18001876

So hell yes this is shit right now but you gotta enjoy it when you can cause it's not every day you get a paid vacation and it don't cost you anything. Cause that's what it is, I'm just going into work and doing nothing for the most part and still getting paid for it. If they shut it down all the way, oh well, I'll still get paid and I'll still have a job.

>> No.18001877

He knows it will be bloody monday

>> No.18001893
File: 47 KB, 616x532, 1584563993894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>in the middle of a pandemic

>> No.18001917

this is what happens when you don't have proper risk management and believe "stonks only go up". you literally die lmaooooooooo

>> No.18001923

I don't get it either. You have access to more entertainment than literally ever before and can now actually enjoy all that nice furniture you bought. You can even have live video feed and multi-person calls with your friends these days, it's not the same as hanging out in person but it's way better than a quarantine used to be. Unless you're just a 10000% extrovert who constantly goes outside at all times and does nothing but socialize I can't imagine things being too difficult

>> No.18001925
File: 2.75 MB, 1480x2091, 1584582871881.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Using race theory on /biz/
>Not on /pol/
You have to go back...

>> No.18001936

Sounds comfy, and same here.
I do graveyard shift rent-a-cop stuff so I know all about getting paid for doing nothing.
I mostly deal with the same two or three people every day anyway, and they're all pretty laidback.
Can't tell if people are really losing their minds over quarantining, or if it's just people bitching for the sake of bitching.

>> No.18001940

what happens to a 10x ETF is there is one -15% day then? does it literally go negative%?

>> No.18001942

SMUG is up 300% this year sold all of them

>> No.18001989

It would be the most American thing to do.

>> No.18001994

The people lined up outside of hospitals might very well outnumber the hospital beds by a factor of 20x. People will form crowds and rush the entrance in a panic if they are allowed to. That's one reason why the national guard is being deployed.

>> No.18001995

How's Monday looking?

>> No.18002007

pump in the morning, crab on close then dump on midday tuesday

screencap this

>> No.18002028

dump in the morning, crab on close, and then pump on midday tuesday.

>> No.18002032

circuit breaker red in US and atleast -3% DAX. i bet 30k on it with 20x leverage. screenshot this so you can post it tomorrow as if even futures are slightly positive my 30k is instantly demolished.

>> No.18002033

it's just a fucking flu cunt

>> No.18002045

I'm thinking of getting started and at least learning a bit how things work to take advantage of Depression Mk2.
Suggestions on where to get started?

>> No.18002057

It's in the same family of viruses as the Flu, but it's not the Flu.
If it was, it would be way easier to treat.

>> No.18002068

>im going to be honest for a minute
>i need to start my statement like that because usually what i say is bullshit

>> No.18002072
File: 17 KB, 400x400, IUsU4adU_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i was going to close my browser but realize my post was above

>> No.18002085

this is 2020, not 1920. people have computers and internet, it's extremely easy to stay entertained indefinitely and keep in contact with other people while isolated at home. hell, we're all talking right now because of the internet, even though we're all in different parts of the world. classes can be taught online, meetings can be held over skype, we're unironically in a really good place to be able to handle a pandemic nowadays. medical technology is advanced as fuck, and we've got AI and machine learning and the ability to decode genomes. we've only had this capability for like 2-3 decades or less, so it's way different dealing with this plague shit in modern times compared to pretty much any other time in history. imagine isolating yourself in the early 1900's or 1800's, like wtf could you do. also consider argricultural technology now compared to the past, the US regularly produces way too much food that it doesn't know what to do with it all, to the point where if we just gave it all to africa or something like that it would crash their whole economy.

if there is anything to believe in during this time, it's technology. no other force has the power to save us like it does.

>> No.18002088

opiods and alcoholism is about to explode

>> No.18002091

There's a repo crisis that started last year, pension funds are insolvent, the government is bailing out every industry, dozens of CEOs quit their jobs in anticipation, senators sold millions in February, the unemployment websites are crashing do to load, mass layoffs haven't started, supply chain hit hasn't fully manifested yet (companies will run out of reserve stock soon), quarterly earnings are next month, hmm what else? yes there is a global pandemic.

>Oh right, there's a housing bubble, student loan bubble, sub-prime auto loans. What else? OH YEAH. All growth in the market since 2009 has been fucking stock buybacks! OH RIGHT any the fucking pandemic hasn't even slammed the hospitals yet. Do you realize by this time next month the average hospital will be swamped with elderly people who are literally suffocating to death? Picture it, and the media coverage.
We haven't even priced-in all the people who will be drawing out their 401ks to pay for mortgages, rent, and food.

>OH yeah, and the food shortages. OH YEAH and the national GUARD is being DEPLOYED because of the very real possibility of riots in the major cities. OH YEAH and there's going to be an Occupy Wall Street 2.0 coming that will be militantly violent with a fully built-up army of anti-Drumpf cattle manipulated by strongest anarcho-communist black block America has even seen (as a reaction to the Alt Right).
Yeah mate this is just a flu for sure... for sure... for sure...

Prepare yourselves for a lost decade.

>> No.18002094

I’m so glad I was greedy and decided to hold my puts over the weekend even though they’re already worth a lot after Friday. SPY at 165 by Friday boys

>> No.18002098

Just be patient bro.
This is the best advice anyone here can give you right now.
Pay attention but be patient.

>> No.18002102

>if even futures are slightly positive my 30k is instantly demolished.
why the fuck do people do this? you could take small low risk bites out of the market over and over but no, instead everyone has to do this high risk gambling shit, wtf.

>> No.18002123

>imagine isolating yourself in the early 1900's or 1800's, like wtf could you do
I'd probably read a book.
But yeah I'm leaning toward a lot of this just being the histrionics of annoying people.

>> No.18002130

Thanks, man

>> No.18002135

$570,000 profit on $30,000 is life changing win

>> No.18002147
File: 546 KB, 800x1160, thegame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

China is first, probably over a million infected by now and tens of thousands dead.

They won't report any of it of course.

>> No.18002157

>Imagine isolating yourself in the early 1900s or 1800s, like wtf could you do.
Mary Shelley wrote frankenstein during a period of isolation during the year without a summer, Einstein wrote his treatise on relativity during the 1919 flu pandemic etc.

>> No.18002167

post loss porn if it happens

>> No.18002221

to be fair...
a high leveraged option in a clear downtreding situation like this is not even gambling if you ask me. just set the knock out far enough for the rollercoaster and u are good to go with a 5-15x leveraged option

made a few thousand bucks the last 10 days

>> No.18002222

Use this clock to see when and which markets will be open:
Forex trading resumes at 5pm edt. So we will begin seeing the first indications tonight around 7pm as futures go back live.

>> No.18002225

Most Americans dont know what "triage" entails. It's when a md walks up to your grandma performs an exam and then gives her a black check mark and keeps walking. Families dont like that

>> No.18002226
File: 157 KB, 1390x575, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What would you buy?

>> No.18002243

darkpool on squezee metrics goes into bullish territory

>> No.18002253

>markets will never lose 33% in one day
>crude oil dumped over 33% a few days ago
y-yeah it will never happen haha..

>> No.18002254
File: 32 KB, 640x480, two wongs make a wright.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>first dividend in 2016 and it has been going up and down
small brain move, BDCZ will lower their dividend, wouldn't be surprised if they cut it by 90%

>> No.18002259


>> No.18002269


>> No.18002273

>Vietnam reports its biggest daily increase of coronavirus cases so far, bringing the total number of cases there to 106.
Random european anon that went to Vietnam, get out of there! That shit will spread like wildfire

>> No.18002281

this is a based website thanks. also checked quads holy shit someone stop this madman

>> No.18002289

i'm a retarded gambler with depression and too much money
not how it works, you get knocked out and lose the entire deposit

>> No.18002307
File: 36 KB, 500x501, But at least I&#039;m getting 60fps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It was not immediately clear why the man had jumped, though neighbors worried it may have been related to the state’s new regulation around self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic.
>“You have to be mentally strong to take on isolation. The uncertainty of what’s going to happen is scary,” the woman added.
What do you mean "one of us"? Most of us could probably self-isolate for months with no problem as long as we have Internet.

>> No.18002310

>Corona virus
Is that code for pajeet programers and falling planes?

>> No.18002316

too early to buy shit anon

>> No.18002331


>> No.18002336

>take your meds

>> No.18002343

56% are long hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

>> No.18002346

I like the idea of ULTA puts to short roasties but irrational Beckies wasting their last $100 on eyeliner instead of food might prop it up

>> No.18002362

Fuck your pic you got me.

Forgot about the game. Been years.

>> No.18002364

You're going to see a lot of people making some money on put options, and a few people making a lot of money. Chances are they know what they're doing. You and I don't; I'm staying on the sidelines holding usd until the markets reach the bottom of this crater. Trump's yolo buyback bubble is popped, we still have all that baggage from obama's administration to wade through.

>> No.18002373

ULTA puts are fucked

>> No.18002375

None of what I wrote is false. Occupy 2.0 is the only thing that can't be factually verified at this exact minute. The rest is just a Google search away. Literally. All of that is true and happening right now. The bottom isn't even close to in yet

>> No.18002387

>Yuros trying to justify their shitty systems by literally selling their grandmother

>> No.18002395
File: 75 KB, 960x832, 1584577646904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Oh, and by the way day trading always underperforms long-term investment

>> No.18002415

Kek. I know you are jesting but that's why hospitals have security is people get violent when told there family member is beyond medical help. I can imagine how they would chimp out if denied healthcare

>> No.18002416

>Tresure Secretery Munchin warns Americans may have to stay home until June in a bid to slow the Spread

RIP economy

>> No.18002426
File: 49 KB, 736x691, 1554882296838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18002432

I had my finger on the trigger at $163 and couldn’t pull. Genuinely don’t trust this thot sorcery as tempting as it looked

>> No.18002436

I'd bet on the military industrial complex, the US military will still need aircraft fuel refined for their air and cavalry (oil bois), surveillance will only increase (GOOG), still a little sketchy on Boeing despite being part of the MIC. Cruise liner companies are probably going never recover from this shit; that entire industry panders to boomers; the drug addled gen xers and millenials generally don't go on cruises from what I can gather. After this whole pandemic blows over many that don't die off will never ever set foot on a plagueship again. Correct me if I'm wrong.

>> No.18002446

Antifa are cucks that are going to be voting for daddy Trump after he sends them Flubucks, and the National Guard isn't doing shit.
This is just me but I really don't think the market is going to crash and burn.

>> No.18002456

Gentlemen, what is your buying signal? What are you waiting?
My buy signal is when they allow foreign student back to China

>> No.18002463

>SPY at 165 by Friday
be careful anon

>> No.18002477

Post despair, over a million dead.

>> No.18002512


>> No.18002523
File: 295 KB, 1338x1492, ETNofAMVAAEV9cQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18002552

>and too much money

ah, then have fun. at least you're conscious of what you're doing. im more the kind of guy who makes $100 bets at 1:1 risk/reward over and over again all day based on quantitative analysis. adds up over time in a big way.

>> No.18002555

everyone will be dead by july

>> No.18002559
File: 55 KB, 600x539, xbox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you never stop playing

>> No.18002564

The national guard is already in the rest coast cities, rumor is that "shelter in place" orders start next week. So you get fined if you leave the house without a reason.
Most true anarchists don't even vote. They specifically design black Bloc to incite normie protestors into joining riots. They are more serious than you realize, cells often run by ex military (and crawling with feds too of course).
Flubux won't keep people from losing their jobs and apartments. Once there is a critical mass of unemployed people they will be in the streets organizing

>> No.18002599

but what about everyone else? "the masses" as it were, normal regular people, the 99%, etc? that's what i mean.

the real answer is a lot of people didn't isolate, they just fucking kept going out to work and dying because they had no other option. i guess there only other option was to have a lot of sex and birth a lot of kids because like 80% of the kids were gonna die. i mean it wasn't even that long ago that most people were illiterate so even reading books isn't the best option for most people back then.

it's really kind of crazy to actually stop for a while and consider how much technology has progressed in just the past 100 years and past 2 decades. compared to literally the entirety of human history before that. really take a moment to think about how fucking advanced we've become in such a short time, because of computers and the internet.

>> No.18002626

look at seattle
look at cali

no exponential

its all nyc / northeast

even new rochelle peaked

>> No.18002627

oh please, tell me how it works then.
obviously i dont know what im doing when im making money off it.

>> No.18002629

but wouldn't that lock you into your puts for a day?

>> No.18002636

>student with no money
>no opportunity to buy the dip when pandemic ends

>> No.18002651

>when im making money off it.

post proofs

>> No.18002656

he's probably a nerd academic with no experience, this is the kind of thing professors like to spout "human action can never outperform the market blah blah" classic case of midwittery.

>> No.18002670


Why did they even bother with that stupid quote? He's a 60 year old man living in a nice NYC apartment and probably just lost 70% of his fortune in the market or something, it isn't cause he's fucking lonely.

>> No.18002674

>what is leverage and blowing up your account

>> No.18002680

Too spooky.

>> No.18002711


>I know the whole country is going through a rough time right now but I still need to let everybody know that I'm going through a super special rough time you all need to hear about

>> No.18002716

i meant as in with the instrument i use to explain there is more risk and you can lose the initial deposit in a flash, you don't get to choose a date

>> No.18002744

wow... just powerful... inspiring

>> No.18002745

>Cuomo said on TV that he expects 80% of New York to get the virus and for the lockdown to last 9 months
Is this bullish

>> No.18002752

you either take risk or stay poor

>> No.18002755
File: 647 KB, 960x944, 1584716431294.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is this bullish
yes, buy the dip anon

>> No.18002760

I can do this for months easy. Learn to live inside your skin. Get some fresh air, work out at home, walk the dog, call and text friends, cook and clean for 3 kids, no wife to complain, work remotely, got out of stocks in Feb since /pol saw it coming, waiting to buy into dip, retire in a few years in gainz. quarantine keeps annoying people away.

>> No.18002774

One Straits tanker missile: oil up $50
One hydroxychloroquine study positive result: stonks spike 20% and run up for days
Stimulus still baked in
Could be Dow 33k by October
Trump wins

>> No.18002775
File: 57 KB, 720x718, 1584645744369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Airlines. Not because their business will instantly pick back up (it won't) but because there will be a race to get in quick while the share price is popping. I expect this sector to have some of the dumbest pumps of the whole rebound.

To be clear, it will be very dumb. Fundamentals people will cry foul at the sillyness of it. But it's going to happen.

>> No.18002823

The great depression had the god recovery at the end of it. You definitely wanted to buy that dip even if you were 30% off from calling the bottom.

>> No.18002842

>at the end of it.

You mean the start of the WW?

>> No.18002867


>> No.18002868

>9 months
things will have fallen apart LOOOOOONG before that desu

>> No.18002871

Yes. Now whether or not you got drafted and died in said war is immaterial. Buying in to the market at the time was a good idea.

>> No.18002872
File: 26 KB, 294x300, NiccoloPaganini2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

absolute chad. good luck anon

>> No.18002893

Yeah I mean even the simple thing as paying bills online didn't exist till only a short time ago. In the 1980's you paid all your bills via a check and postal service. In the 1990's online bill paying started but it wasn't till the 2000's that it really took off. Hell pretty much no one anymore even bothers with checks.

>> No.18002895

why arent more people talking about companies like JCP, gamestop, pier 1, sears, macys, DB how will any of these companies survive the summer?

>> No.18002940

they will not, short those motherfuckers

>> No.18002942

while im mostly concerned about whether it's the end of the world or not, i can't help but be fascinated by the effects this whole situation is having on society at large. the psychology of it alone is fascinating, and what it says about our culture.

>> No.18002943

they wont
nothing will
its ogre

amazog wins

>> No.18002955

We don't like to talk about the dead...

>> No.18002960

Mostly because those are companies some of us already have exposure to in terms of our puts. I'm long in gamestop having significant losses and some of us want to be in good positions before every loser with a million dollars and a small brokerage gets in on those games.

>> No.18002979

if you really think about it deeply and maybe do some research on it if you don't know a lot about how much technology has progressed, it really is quite amazing how far we've come in such a short time. the main reason why i think we'll come out of the nCoV thing okay in the end is because of technology, pure and simple.

imagine how much technology is going to progress over the next several decades. i hope we get some sort of life-extending medical tech too, just so i can see more and more of how much tech progress we get to have over the next century or so.

>> No.18002987

i am starting to buy the dip with VISA, WRK, and PEP, not much, just a bit weekly.

What kind of impact do you think this will have on real-estate? Or, another question, what kind of signs should I look for to start expecting real-estate opportunities? Wondering if this could be a chance to acquire rental properties. Maybe layoffs create foreclosures and distressed properties.

>> No.18003021

If this goes beyond june we're fucked. Any sort of "containment" might as well be tossed out the window. All it takes is a glance at what's happening at only 2, almost 3 months into it. Medical shortages, TP shortages. Anyone who says we can last 9/12 months under this sort of thing is just lying or a fool. Sure you can self isolate yourself but you gotta go out to get supplies at some point. The question becomes at which month does the supply of food,medical,etc just break down all the way. Cause it takes people to grow it, ship it, make it, and stock it. Robots can't do it all you know.

>> No.18003022

Given that there's targeted aid to homeowners, I wouldn't bet on that just yet.

>> No.18003058

This so much, holy shit.

>> No.18003133

Home markets are slow

>> No.18003139

Humans are highly social animals. We have it written into our genetic code to form social relationships. It is actually an outlier for someone to be asocial or even anti social.

>> No.18003156

And to rape people.

>> No.18003171

Why yes, it is an outlier to be disposed towards the act of rape. Good guess!

>> No.18003180

Have you seen history?

>> No.18003183

Toll free new thread





>> No.18003191


If it hits the fall season and it's not wrapped up by then either by a cure or the new cases/deaths stop, it's going to be uncharted waters and trump can kiss reelection good bye.