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>mfw i'm 18 years old and will never have to wagecuck and can do whatever I want as my parents are multimillionaires

How about you, incels?

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why are you proud of yourself when your parents are millionaires? you are a bitch compared to them

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Same but I’m also a wizard so suck my wand faggot

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it means he has good genetics

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Ohh you could send me some money on paypal bro [email protected]

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Keep seething wagie.

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that's why no one will ever respect you

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You didnt answer my question

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must be nice having no accomplishments

try not to OD in your bathtub

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I'm only enough to be your dad and financially fucked by having four kids who I am raising in opposition to society itself. I am putting them all in MMA classes starting very young, encouraging them to be bad in school, and teaching them the 48 laws of power instead of the Bible. Marksmanship, Paleo cooking, and mechanical should are also being emphasized. They have never had vaccines, antibiotics, or shoes. Then shtf we are going to usurp power from soft babies like you. You will be our eunch slave

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It's fine you'll have to cope with being a failson loser with nothing going for you other than your parent's money

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Clean it up wagie, clean it up. How do you cope knowing that I have had everything always and I am better than you in every aspect of life while you have to wake up every day and be a slave to your boss? Fucking incel haha.

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how much seething cope itt

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>mfw my parents are richer than your parents

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people respect results

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Same, unironically

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I'm so excited for you guys.

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If this isn’t a larp then consider yourself fortunate for winning one of life’s lotteries.

What are you going to do with life then OP

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>18 years old and will never have to wagecuck
come back when you hit the brick wall made up of boredom, lack of things that make you feel good, lack of purpose, lack of actual friends that dont only care about "your" money

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Nice larp faggot.

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I'm happy for you anon, hopefully you take your wealth and contribute something with it. Even if that is developing a heroin addiction and OD'ing so you don't have to make these gay threads anymore

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Send 1 btc to prove ... ahahaha
It's not worth the money... better be free

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lmao I hope your parents are down 70% this month, are actually poor now, and just haven’t told you yet

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For me, this wall has dissolved... into alcohol. Oceans of it.

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I’m 36 and have never wage cucked and you might die before you reach my age

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Mate no one respects me now and I came from the bottom from a family of 7. In a yester year world respect was earned and mutual. In todays world its conditional and fleeting.

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shut the fuck up and NEVER post on my board again.

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Post bank account with time stamp or it didn't happen faggot.

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That's dope but I would be worried about not appreciating the wealth and having too much of an abundance mindset. On top of that, if things go south with your parents for any reason you can get the rug pulled from under you and the spoon taken out of your mouth. I hope you use your parents wealth to make sound investments and our build your business.

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Fuck you! You lucky son of a bitch. Meanwhile i'm born in a shit-hole and earn 6k a year. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!

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>on 4chin i can be anything

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Not defending OP but the notion that we all must go out on our own and make a legacy for ourselves separate from our parents is a dumb boomer ideal that was popularized by Jewish subversives.

A family has got to work togeather. If you are born into a multi million dollar family it’s stupid to try and prove yourself and do something on your own. The best thing is to continue the family legacy and ensure your family gets richer and more prosperous for future generations. There is nothing wrong with this. Of course doing what Op is doing and just being a neet, yeah that’s a problem. His family will be poor again in a generation or two. Unless if he’s part of the (((tribe))).

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just wagecuck for 150 years bro

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Congrats ho
I feel for you man

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My parents aren't rich.
My main question is just, what now?
If you don't wanna work, go read investopedia and increase your family's fortunes.
80k should be enough to eventually strike out on your own and create your own empire.
Start small, trade your way up, start a couple businesses only to sell them again, eventually obtain property and rent.

You've got the proper conditions to become independently wealthy, and it'd be a waste of your ancestor's efforts if you just spent rather than created. There's several thousands of kids like you who've got rich ass parents but never amount to anything themselves because they thought that being materially secure and being wealthy were the same things.

Don't make that mistake. Make your parents proud. Grow the family name, and eventually you'll have more than just security; You'll have power and a level of personal fulfilment that you'll otherwise never experience.

Good luck out there.

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Pretty based OP. Do you do anything interesting or just shitpost all day? What are your hobbies? What's your day-to-day?

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