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Holy fuckin shit

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Hi bootlicker, you really are the best little goyim

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hi shaun. ready to actually challenge alt hype yet?

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Also lefties should be desperate to get taxed too.

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people complain about this supermarket hoarding, these fucking elites have been hording all the wealth for generations and most of us sit here at the end of what will be the greatest period of human prosperity with nothing.

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>be you
>insanely wealthy despite being a useless fucktard

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He's right though

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Something I always like to ask commies which they never answer is this

What's your current job and how much do you earn? How big is your house or apartment? What kind of car do you drive?

Now imagine we're living under a communist system.

What's your income now? How big is your house and what kind of car do you have now?

If you're gonna sell me Communism you've gotta tell me how my life will prove and you need to use objective measures, not just telling me about how evil the rich are and tell me about how they're stealing all my money. How much more money will I have under Communism? Do I get a mansion and a ferrari? Will I earn six figures at McDonald's? Give me the fucking commie redpill bro tell me how amazing it would be if only we killed the rich.

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Guy's a pseudo intellectual faggot. He'll do nothing.

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>"I'm a jealous broke-ass commie extremist who wishes that all rich people get killed but I'm too much of a pussy to do anything or to even say it outright"

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He’s far more articulate than the right wing retards on YouTube. On average bread tubers are more intelligent than right wingers. ThoughtSlime is another good one.

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Yeah, he just articulates shit that's never worked in practice.

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>who wishes that all rich people get killed by someone else

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shaun is such a fucking faggot lmao

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If you have a mansion now under communism you will have a modest house. If you have a shoe box now under communism you will have a modest house.

No matter how hard you may think you have worked it does not justify you living in luxury while some people don’t have basics. Plus, the hardest working people live in shoe boxes, the “smart workers” are those that exploit the hard workers and getting luxuries from that exploit.

Once Capitalism gives EVERYONE in the country basics like food, water, housing, education, healthcare, and clothing than you can start accruing luxuries.

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Because the "right wing" YouTubers are all banned, deplatformed.

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NEETs larping as revolutionaries. Let them have their fun - soon they will have to grow up.

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By saying this, he admits he's angry enough to do it. Why doesn't he? Because he's fundamentally incapable of action.

Like a small dog, he will bark for the rest of his life and never bite.

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I prefer to just ask them if they subscribe to their own ideology and share everything with their commie buddies. protip: they don't just like the faggot who invented this bullshit.

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Lmfao I love that people actually still believe this. You will have a single cubicle to sleep in, see California. Your job will be to pass a load or bread to the person in front of you from the person behind you.

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>When we (people who can't perform basic functions in times of affluence) take over, here's how society will work

Christ almighty, I'm screaming with laughter.

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So working people and job creators have to become slaves to lazy and dumb people. Got it.

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You need to be 18+ to post on this site m8

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What's considered a modest house would be decided by the government which really means
>juuuuusst enough so people don't riot
Meanwhile every card carrying political member gets to have way more than everybody else becayse despite everybody being equal some people are more equal than others. Communism is perfect on paper which is why some people like it to death but once its actually implemented is when all the faults really come out

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>these fucking elites have been hording all the wealth for generations

They've been hoarding numbers on a computer that represent their "wealth". In reality they could never cash everything in because the prices on everything would immediately inflate. So their wealth merely represents potential control over the world's resources. The actual diminishing of our lifestyle is somewhat related to billionaires hoarding resources, but mostly to globalization. We simply cannot compete against turd world labor. Also, when poor people move to the US they don't bring infrastructure, land, housing, jobs or anything else with them. All that shit needs to be provided for them when they get here, and if it can't be provided quickly enough then they just end up being poor here and bringing all the problems associated with poverty with them. We all subsidize their existence in this country in some small way and are all the poorer for it.

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Verbal intelligence is hollow for g

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So you're telling me that the people who put in effort and further their fields of work will get the same as the bare basics fags who just do the time then go home, so long as their field is the same? wow, sounds like a real utopia.

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Guys like these spend all their disposable income on weed, alcohol and other excess while somehow being oppressed imaginary villains in tophats smoking cigars.

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Not him but I’ve never lived a proper life because I’m broke and grow up mentally ill because of poverty. I’m 25 and have never experienced life and will never. All these rich kikes and yuppies had everything handed down to them.

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Entitled little pussy. All anybody owes you is a shallow ditch to die in.

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80% of millionaires are self made.

Hate is addictive. Righteous justice feels good.

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The redpill is that current capitalist societies work like this: socialism for the 1%, capitalism for everyone else.

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>80% of millionaires are self made
Not true. Define millionaires, most millionaires drive a Ford because most of them are millionaires because of overinflated housing bubbles. The real rich had everything handed down to them.

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How much of a brainlet do you have to be to watch Shaun

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cope harder

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Only thing you're gonna get is a rope my boy.

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Even if 100% of the rich got things handed down to them - it is the parents right to gift their wealth to whoever they wish. I have no problem with this.

But in reality most rich are self made. Sorry to burst your bubble, kiddo.

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This 10000%

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Simple google search says 68% however it doesn’t account for the fact that most of these people were supported by rich connections. Truly self made rich people are a penny on the dollar if not $100...

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you will have a single cubicle to sleep in, see example that is the current reality in the US under capitalism

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Satan quads confirms this

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I don’t have a problem with it either

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Checked. Communists are incapable of reciprocating basic moral agency and are thus not people. Dangerous animals should always be put down.

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>no argument
At least you're open about just wanting to leech off the work of those better than you. Tell you what, why not take your commie buddies, fly over to Africa and create commie Wakanda? what's stopping you?

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How do frequent thesaurus dives make up for being inactive?

And for the record, pseudo-intellectuals love using as big of words as they can so they can appear smart, instead of using more common words to get their point across to as many people as within earshot.

Stop being mad.

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No matter what I say - you love your oppression fantasy too much to change your mind about anything. I agree that we disagree.

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Everything you said is wrong including the initially 80% claim.

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You are right.


"A study by Fidelity Investments found that 88% of millionaires are self-made millionaires. Overall, the research revealed that current millionaires are, on average, 61 years old with $3.05 million in assets."

It was actually 88% of millionaires who are self made. Sorry for my mistake.

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Why shouldn't the poor and soon to be poor want these people dead if society collapses? Give me a reason. The ultra rich obviously feel they owe the rest of society nothing so why shouldnt the reverse be true?

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Dramatization aside what do you think the tax situation is gonna be one year from now?
No doubt there's gonna be political pressure from all sides to raise taxes on the "rich" but by then most billionaires probably already relocated all their wealth and persons.
Which means, the "well off" i.e. anyone who still has a savings account left would be taxed, no? How does one prepare for this eventuality?

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Based department?

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>People talking about barely giving people a shallow ditch to die in talking about moral agency.

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I want to give that subhuman commie a chopper ride.

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Nigga you are defending wallstreet.

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>these fucking elites have been hording all the wealth for generations
You mean whites. Whites and people with more than 90 iq do very well in free economic systems.

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have sex

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Because owing someone nothing does not equate to malice and wishing ill upon them. I do not begrudge my fellow Americans.

That being said, the "poor" is mostly comprised of those who didn't graduate high school, those who work less than full-time, and those who had children before getting married. The 2015 numbers were that 85% of the "poor" were poor because of their own choices. They're a demographic that can only cause mindless destruction, as unguided as their own lives.

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>80 iq commie thinks he has a brain

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Why haven't these interpid and masterful Ubermensch created their own Youtube? > Inb 4 Jews

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I'd love to see that britbong actually try to start some kind of revolution
Also lmao at leftists complaining about people "hoarding" supplies

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>just give up freedom and give all your money to brown invaders
>all that matters is gibs
Commies are a plague on the species. Worse than kikes.

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>no response

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>The made choices that didn't work out and so therefore the deserve to die.

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That means jack shit. You are applying the morality of the haves and forcing it as the highest virtue on the poor. Why is it only class warfare when the poor do it?

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based and libertarianpilled

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Where do asians fall in this image?

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Nice to see that lazy nogs would live in the same types of houses as people who bust their asses working and the people who actually create jobs

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>commies are people
>muh ebil traders
Where do you think you are?

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Imagine being an ancap in the midst of the greatest economic crash in the history of mankind.

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There are other platforms, did you think your answer was clever???

>> No.17977118

Breadtube: a pseudointellectual with some kind of accent explains to you that drag queen story time is actually a good thing and we need more of it to get past our inherent racism

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Yea man, CEOs, middle management , banks and lawyers really busy their ass. Look at the economy they are in charge of.

>> No.17977122

>Where do you think you are?
Obviously surrounded by retards.
Can I see your portfolio?

>> No.17977123

>the poor

Again, a demographic who are primarily self-created and mostly irresponsible. I don't care what virtues those below the poverty-line hold; they can do whatever they like. I'm capable of defending myself and my property. That you think "working full-time" is some subjective morality, when the goal in question is money, shows your own mental capability.

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Very high, but relatively speaking, there aren't many of them here. If they were the majority in a multicultural america, they wouldn't be socialists.

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>t. 24 year old lolbertarian keyboard warrior

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The alternative being the FED seizing their collective wealth and hoarding them just like what happened during the Hoover administration.

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Zizek is still more intelligent than all of your alt right retard friends/right wingers/centrists.
Implying otherwise just makes you look like a delusional faggot.

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Communists start of with some great ideas, like helping others. They go wrong when they think they have some god given authority to control other people and their property.

>> No.17977157

>greatest economic crash in the history of mankind.
The american markets are down 35%. How is that supposed to make me want to give away all my money?

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What in the absolute fuck....are you retarded?

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>doesnt greentext correctly

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>rants about muh ebil traders on the /biz/ board
You don't have any better demagoguery, commiefag?

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You are objectively retarded if you believe this.
Bet your inbred ass you would call the Federal Government commies once they start seizing property and wealth

>> No.17977182

You aren't capable of winning any arguments until you dumb them down, are you?

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there's nothing "based" about cringebertarianism. kys

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If Zizek was intelligent as you say then he would be capable of affecting change on a meaningful level.

>> No.17977195

Then your statement about deplatform is meaningless. You are fully in favor of large governmental control when it comes to forcing you tube to not only carry videos that violate the TOS the creators agreed to but to also carry conteny that discourages advertisers from buying ads using servers YouTube paid for

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They have, and they're growing while youtube stagnates.

>> No.17977199

uh, no. you sound like someone whose entire knowledge of politics comes from /pol/ memes.

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>literally only cares about gibs
>fuck freedom, fuck white countries, fuck sanity, open them borders and replace whites, fuck gun rights
>would probably push his mother into traffic if someone dangled a hundred in front of him
>calls someone else immature

>> No.17977213

>my shitty excuse #3 got called out, better insult him
No wonder nobody takes you fags seriously.

>> No.17977218

well he's certainly affecting more change per month than you are in your entire life, sooo

>> No.17977227

Is your answer really to split hairs when most communists are perfectly fine with socialism?

>> No.17977231

Take you meds, commie. You're literally the dumbest "people" on the planet. That's why you've turned to collectivism: You can't handle competition.

>> No.17977235

Then by your own standard there is nothing wrong with the poor using weight of numbers to vote for.wealth distribution. You don't care about them and the feeling is reciprocated.
Sounds fair to me

>> No.17977241

Lol, so you wont post you portfolio?
I am just gonna assume your a cuck for wallstreet then. Come on. I've seen millionaires, at least, on this board. Let's see it.

>> No.17977250

Not an argument, you projecting idiot.
>commie says this
It's impossible to be more cluesless and retarded than you subhumans.

>> No.17977259

>getting IDs wrong
Lurk moar you fucking newfag. And I'm not advocating the government force youtube to do anything. But if we are talking about the quality of content creators on YOUTUBE then it's relevant to talk about how right wingers are banned from the platform you stupid fucking teenage faggot

>> No.17977265

That's what you are saying, lmfao. What other conclusions can I reach here? If majority of people are not highschool graduates why does that mean they deserve to live in total destitution? Never mind the whole idea of schooling is bullshit in the first place. It's only ment to shape people into perfect cogs for this ridiculous machine.

>> No.17977268

No, fucking ideology is fucking retarded.
Anyone who believes it is a retard fucking zealot piece of shit that should be put down.

>> No.17977269

this. you lolbertarians should be proud of the poor pulling themselves up by their bootstraps :^)

>> No.17977279

>Then your statement about deplatform is meaningless
If you knew how to read you'd know that the conversation about deplatforming had absolutely fuck all to do with your strawman

>You are fully in favor of large governmental control when it comes to forcing you tube to not only carry videos that violate the TOS the creators agreed to but to also carry conteny that discourages advertisers from buying ads using servers YouTube paid for
Interesting how you're so deeply concerned about the rights of megacorporation google's ability to control the dissemination of information for billions of people

>> No.17977283

>again, no argument
How am I wrong, you stupid, marxist shitstain? Asians are a few percent of the US population, and they earn a lot. This is just objective reality. It's obvious too. You retards are so fucking crazy.

>> No.17977287

Dude, you are so fucking stupid your response to me laughing at you for being an ancap right now IN THE NEXT GREAT DEPRESSION is "Why should I give up my money? :DD" What does that have to do with anything you knuckle dragging moron?

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Why are the will know tarians all kikes, faggot?

>> No.17977305

And it still won't amount to anything you stupid fucking loser. Nobody but other people like you give a fuck that you understand leftist theory

>> No.17977307

>says 'not an argument' to one person
>immediately uses a non-argument against another person
lolbertarians are so cringe

>> No.17977312

>do what i tell you for some reason, says the commie
No, why should I? I don't even consider you to be worthy of life.

>> No.17977323

>expect anyone to read a novel

just have them watch, To Live, peak communism kino, Chinas greatest achievement in film, its free w/ hardcoded subs on jewtube

>> No.17977325

Based fucking retard

>> No.17977328

Okay bud, ideology or not there are still people influenced by communist ideas who are convinced their negative emotions mean they get to boss people around and make decisions about their property

>> No.17977333

How is Google preventing that? Is the anticommunist advocating for he governmet to seize private property?

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ITT: Right wing.


>> No.17977338

Tell me. Why should I want to give away all money to brown invaders and let you take away all my freedom? There's nothing in it for whites.

>> No.17977342

Sure thing kid
When the Gman comes around, you get to bendin'

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>> No.17977355

That's one path in life to take, but then why should the society (and people who contribute to it) subsidize people who choose another option? If you don't have the skills to live on your own, can't even get a GED, can't work a basic job, and can't help but impregnate a negress or chola, then what good are you?

These aren't people who simply "made bad choices", as you described. That would describe a failed entrepreneur who's starting over, or someone laid off because his field is becoming niche. That's the 15% of the poor, from that figure. The other 85% are just retards who only want to take but not give.

>> No.17977360

What if I don't want to do jack shit if I'm not getting something way more than I already have in exchange for my efforts?

>> No.17977362

>commie slave to kikes calls someone else a kike
Retard, most of us are red-pilled about race and borders, and we vote for republicans. You sandersfags are infinitely more cucked.

>> No.17977370

Wow, more retards in biz that don't understand economics.

>> No.17977376

Nice non sequitur you retarded faggot

>> No.17977382

Well that's just it. You're not going to have a choice soon enough. Elections have consequences :^).

>> No.17977387

>How is Google preventing that?
I never used the word 'prevent' do you unironically not know how to read?
>Is the anticommunist advocating for he governmet to seize private property?
Is the NPC retard who only knows how to argue against strawmen and is incapable of asking people what they really believe shocked and astonished to hear that nationalists don't want to live in a market with a country attached to it?

>> No.17977388

I support you voting for your interests. And as waves of new poor emerge they should vote for theirs. Again: Totally fair

>> No.17977389

The post that I was responding to just called me cringe. You're cringe, faggot. I'm based.

>> No.17977397

Ok, riddle me this: What justifies the private ownership of property in the first place?
You are the one with the burden of proof there not me.

With out the division of property we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.

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then you're just a dumb piece of shit brainwashed by kike capitalism, and you will probably have to be ostracized from society after the inevitable communist revolution. sad, but many such cases!

>> No.17977406

Intelligence is survival and thrival

Academics just barely squeek by impressing fellow academics and those who have a bootlicking admiration for authority figures

>> No.17977424

>it's totally fair for me to rob you of money that you've earned and to take away your country

>> No.17977426

Real estate and stocks are the equivalent of a lamp in your house UNTIL you cash them out WHICH IS WHEN THEY GET FUCKING TAXED.

>> No.17977427

>wow a tweet with 22 retweets and 126 likes from a literally who? big happening guise!!

>> No.17977429

shit tier rhetoric

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>> No.17977449

Literally no one gives a single fuck about that spastic besides a few autistic leftoids

>> No.17977452


>those replies
>frustrated wine aunts and neckbeards that fucked up their own lives larping

lmao no other ideology is as cringeworthy as communism. it’s deadset amazing how it attracts such pathetic losers.

>> No.17977453
File: 86 KB, 211x244, 4109f8f1a59a8caa028bc470f8be4def-imagepng.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17977461

Only if we chose to use your morality and beliefs to frame the debate . From what authority do you draw these beliefs?

>> No.17977464

Not American try again

>> No.17977466

ITT:Left wing
And not a single argument in sight

>> No.17977473

as opposed to lolbertarianism, which is chock full of winners :^)

>> No.17977475
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Only silver and gold are money.

>> No.17977481

Might makes right pussy. Natural selection hasn't ended, will never end.

>War is father of all and king of all; and some he manifested as gods, some as men; some he made slaves, some free.
-Heraclitus, wisest of all the greeks

>> No.17977486

>Everything is relative except what I believe
Get a better argument no one is fooled by it

>> No.17977487

>"Why should I give up my money? :DD" What does that have to do with anything
Retard, I was trying to tell you that I still don't like your "wealth distribution" and non-libertarian politics, even if the markets aren't doing well.

>> No.17977491

Really? Not even this one: >>17977397

>> No.17977500

>Ok, riddle me this: What justifies the private ownership of property in the first place?
Force, be it through violence, respect, or otherwise. This is evidenced by territories and divying of resources in nature.

You can only weasel your arguments around by creating asinine fantasies such as "what if the majority of people dropped out of high school?" Your mind is half-baked, and so creates these nonsense proposals. You and most socialists and communists only think things halfway through. You want to take the money from the "billionaires" thinking this will empower people and make you free, but in reality you all just want to give that money to the trillionaire entity, government, while thinking it will suddenly become efficient, just, and wise. Government intervention is what created the "billionaire" class in the first place, by allowing lobbyists to use carpetbaggers to give the established companies advantages over smaller ventures, thus creating the gilded age.

In reality, all your sort of thinking will do is mush the mid-to-low class even closer together, by equalizing them, while leaving the "billionaires" you hate well out of their reach, as usual.

>> No.17977501

>hoarding all the wealth
when you think of rich people, do you just imagine a giant vault filled with money? The "wealth" is related to assets, like realestate, cars, and business investments.

>> No.17977518

What's mine is mine, and it's not for you to take.
>morality needs to be "drawn from an authority"
No, you retard. Try to use your brain.

>> No.17977522

Oh ok, cool, so when we kill you don't cry about it.
Imagine wanting to live in a world like that. Utterly retarded.

I'm not a redistribute wealth kinda guy. I'm a, literally take the property by force kinda guy.

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>> No.17977531

no u

>> No.17977539

>I'm not a redistribute wealth kinda guy. I'm a, literally take the property by force kinda guy.
You're a LARPing spastic kind of fag

>> No.17977542

>Force, be it through violence, respect, or otherwise. This is evidenced by territories and divying of resources in nature.

Ok so when the poor take your shit don't cry about it. If you can't be good stewards then you don't deserve it. Just like every king through out history. Everything else you said is inconsequential. Property is justified through force. End of story.

>> No.17977553

Yeah, everyone know that you're here, leftypol subhuman.
>retard thinks there's a difference
Idiot, in both cases, you're robbing people with guns.

>> No.17977559

Well me and 20% of the population just lost our jobs, so, that will change soon enough.

>> No.17977564

>Ok so when the poor take your shit don't cry about it
Poor people don't take things
LARPing spastics like yourself try to rile people up and hoard other people's wealth for yourself
Yeah just like the last crash brought about radical new changes

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File: 593 KB, 794x720, 3D6EDE37-418A-42A6-8617-1757AE931E1F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>War is father of all and king of all; and some he manifested as gods, some as men; some he made slaves, some free.
We will sacrifice you to the War God.

>> No.17977569
File: 2.20 MB, 1500x1000, beautiful.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since this is just a off-topic leftypol spam thread, I'll post my favorite video of them getting btfo.

>> No.17977573

yes seize their assets

>> No.17977588

this "poor people will NEVER rise up" posting is pretty amusing. lol...

>> No.17977591

I have no idea who this faggot is and I don't care, but clearly we are reaching the tipping point just by measure of shit like normie bernie bros fedposting on twitter (not saying he is one of those just a tangential observation)

>> No.17977618

Every communist 'revolution' was a top down change

>> No.17977620

Good video.

>> No.17977622

>Oh ok, cool, so when we kill you don't cry about it
I'm not afraid of the McDonald's workers union

>Imagine wanting to live in a world like that
Don't have to imagine

>> No.17977630

so all it takes is a charismatic leader to come along?

>> No.17977644
File: 38 KB, 978x273, img000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



stop larping m8, we all know you won't do anything. you're just a pathetic, frustrated screw up.

>> No.17977650

lol enjoy your ramen faggot. I hope you feel good and hopeless. Also you will never get pussy :3

>> No.17977655

Don't think you quite grasp the concept of top down

>> No.17977657

Kek yeah lenin and stalin lived in shit, got exiled, killed every noble then purged the party of noble sympathizers, very top down lmfao

>> No.17977658
File: 53 KB, 1024x576, _101036882_elliot_rodger_2_shutterstoc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That sounds like left wing terrorism to me. Maybe mi5 should be investigating this anti White cuckold jew and his network of left wing terror propagandists.

>> No.17977662

if you actually lived in ancient society you would have been enslaved already, dumb lolbert faggot

>> No.17977676

No, that's just a question and a statement and said statement isn't even backed up by anything it's just you declaring something as absolute truth.

>> No.17977698

all I know is Bernie Sanders almost won the democratic primary, and he's an old coot. soon enough we'll have an actual young charismatic socialist running for President who the youth will really be energized by. this is inevitable at this point, unless the capitalist class makes some huge concessions. have fun :^)

>> No.17977702

They won't (unfortunately, despite there being legal precedent for it) because they've been infiltrated

>> No.17977720

Is that why young people didn't even show up to the polls this year, despite every young person supposedly hating Trump?

>> No.17977734

If morality is not relative where do you get objective morality?
We agree. If the poor want to take what they want then that is justified.

>> No.17977740
File: 113 KB, 500x480, truth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't you have a dilation station to get back to, leftypol?

>> No.17977751

>all I know is Bernie Sanders almost won the democratic primary
Are you just pretending to be retarded? Or are you talking to someone else and replying to me by mistake?

>> No.17977755

>stop larping m8, we all know you won't do anything. you're just a pathetic, frustrated screw up.

>hahah.....poor people wont actually...do anything...........will they?

>> No.17977769

Let me know when you criticise your assumption that equality is a virtue using the same logic

>> No.17977772

>if you actually lived in ancient society you would have been enslaved already
Slavery is in the blood. I'm not a slave now because my ancestors weren't slaves then. Nice try though slaveboi.

>> No.17977777


>almost won

he went backwards from 2016 against a weaker field

>Soon enough we'll have an actual young charismatic socialist running for President

lmao delusional. every ideologue thinks this is the case for their cause, but good luck with that.

>> No.17977778

What the fuck see you even saying.you are a AI bot

>> No.17977780

Lmao, I get more pussy than you could ever dream of. Have sex incel.

>> No.17977786

>that image
very based

>> No.17977795

We still have to pay land value tax which is fucking bullshit if you ask me.

Who the fuck is this guy?


>> No.17977798


you literally won't though. but keep living out your fantasies on the internet instead of fixing your life, you pathetic manchild.

>> No.17977806

Like when the Great Depression brought about the New Deal? How long do you think people used to a certain standard of living thrust into poverty will support the Free Market? Why wouldnt they vote for wealth redistribution?

>> No.17977817

But seriously what fucking young charismatic socialist is there? AOC, who can't tell her foot from her elbow? Omar, that terrorist piece of trash? Some breadtube faggot that'll try to pull a Sargon?

>> No.17977822

>How long do you think people used to a certain standard of living thrust into poverty will support the Free Market
Based retard thinks I support free markets

>> No.17977861

You're not going to do shit, ever. Modern communists are the most neutered cunts in existence

>> No.17977883

Genetic garbage poorfag cattle are too busy wanking to cuck porn and watching Marvel Movies to LARP as Lennin with you

>> No.17977885

There isn't one, they all have a fatal flaw. The number one thing they have going for them is promising free shit.

>> No.17977894

The justification is I'm not building a fishing rod if my neighbor is going to take it from me

I'm not building a house nicer than a shack to live in if the local warlord can kick me out and take it for his friend afterward

Society as a whole ends up with more wealth when people have an incentive to improve things around them, bit by bit

Society is like a potluck. People all bring stuff to the table to be enjoyed right now, tonight. Money and wealth is an IOU for bringing extra to the table for other people tonight, in excess of what you take. It's a promise that you will be allowed to consume later in exchange for having produced something that someone else consumes today.

If I can't keep the money I get for figuring out new ways to bring more and better stuff to the table, then I'm just going to stop bringing stuff to the table. That means less and worse stuff for everyone.

I have tons and tons and tons of ideas for things that would be beneficial for other people and would make me lots of money at the same time.

They'd also cost a shitload of the best time of my life.

Why shouldn't I just enjoy my life right now if someone will take any wealth I accumulate later?

I don't think you're evil for suggesting redistribution, I just know myself well enough to know that I would just be lazy and a drain on society if I didn't have the lure of a huge reward in exchange for huge impact.

I already make over $250k per year and I'm just like ehhhh this is lame, not enough to bring my A-game. I've got competence, autist ideas for things that will be pretty fuckin awesome, and serious motivational problems and probably lifelong depression idk but I don't think I'd be able to keep going in life for $250k/yr if it stayed this dull forever. Id probably disappear into the woods and become a hermit, it's the worst fuckin boredom and tiredness no matter how much I sleep

One day I'll end all necessity for work tho.

>> No.17977916

>Lmao, I get more pussy than you could ever dream of. Have sex incel.
Are you fucking other homeless people?

>> No.17977922

well tell us what you support then, don't be hiding your actual opinions like a faggot

>> No.17977936

>imagine writing this

>> No.17977949

>Ok so when the poor take your shit don't cry about it
Not gonna happen.

As I've said, the poor are a tiny minority. They can go chimp out and burn down their own neighborhoods and some retail shops. Most Americans see through this flawed mentality of yours, which is why Bernie couldn't even beat an opponent who's literally demented.

You're preaching an ideology that only fools the most ignorant peasants, an outdated 1800's philosophy. It's not gonna rise up here, no matter how much the dregs like you cry. You'll just get occasional scraps like what the New Deal was, which invariably make things worse and bring about booms of conservatism to right the course again.

>> No.17977965
File: 8 KB, 218x218, pepe3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the poor are a tiny minority.
what the fuck. are you people really this out of touch

>> No.17977966

Leftists never show their true views and colors dude they just play dumb until you get bored and they call it a "win"

>> No.17977977

Name one single poor person you know then if they aren't an inflated minority

>> No.17978013

Why so many lenghty responses over a single normie tweet lmao

>> No.17978017

Maybe he lives somewhere where it's true.

>> No.17978121

>If you have a mansion now under communism you will have a modest house
Hard pass