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please, i need all the info dump and shilling i can

I have 1.4 million RSR. And i have a feeling, this is the one sub 100 mil market cap coin thats going to be really huge one day.

I can get my stack to 5 million right now easily, like in an hour.

should i do it?

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you bought the wrong paypal founder coin
>buy ogn

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Nothing is happening with RSR until Q3 2020 at the earliest. If you're in anything but BTC right now you're retarded.

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do it and forget about rsr for the next 2 years
thank me later

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don't listen to these brainlets. buy as much as you can and stash it on a hardware wallet. I dumped ALL of my BTC for it because it's what Bitcoin was supposed to be,

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lol you have no idea where it's going retard another big event regarding corona in the US and it's taking a fucking dive. Kill yourself.

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If you remove "anything but" from your post you will look at least 30 IQ points more intelligent than you do now.

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but why though. i dont even get how RSR works so much.

I know coinbase endorses it
I know its supposed to reach $1


>meant for Venezuela solving high inflation
>95 billion uncirculated ready to dump

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Brainlet here, how can you get rsr on a hardware wallet?

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Just use a paper wallet you retarded fuck

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in very simplistic terms, RSR is the backbone of the stablecoin RSV. RSR is burned in order to keep the RSV price stable at $1. the burn mechanism essentially creates demand for the RSR token whilst reducing its' supply.

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then DYOR, why would anyone spoonfeed

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1.4 million is a make it stack already, if you're going ballsdeep and believe in the project then do it. Don't listen to the retards here, 75% of these dumb fuckers don't know shit. I hold 650k because thats all I could afford. I'm not fjcking selling until this shit blows the absolute fuck up, which I believe it will.

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no retard. DYOR on zano

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honestly with price with LINK right now at 2.30$ I would load up on LINK which would bring more short term gains within next month or two. i would then sell some Link profits and buy RSR

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nobody is buying a web scraper token tight now anon

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Ledger nano's eth app. Just send to your eth account's address.

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Where can i buy RSR, easiest way to buy Crypto currency ?

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Guarantee anyone who hasn't bought a bag is watching this like a hawk. Personally, I'm exhausted from reading white papers and frantically researching "the next big thing". It's not possible to guess the next bubble/hype based 1000x (Neo, ONT, ETH, etc) but fundamental analysis does still apply for long term investment strategies. I'm not going to spoon feed anyone, but RSR, when launched and actually marketed, will 1000x. Keep in mind that Maker (MKR) didn't do any marketing. It was adopted by DeFi autists, who in turn notified institutional buyers. Since RSR actually offers a much more robust ROI via arbitraged with the RSV vault (aka reserve holder rights), this is going to cause almost insurmountable FOMO from DeFi autists, institutional buyers, and every exchange who will offer arbitrage pools. Q4 of 2020 will be the awareness phase. Right now (sub 100 sats) is smart money accumulation phase.

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I don't know where else it's at, but I bought it on bidesk when they added it yesterday. I invested in BDK a while back and just used what I made off that.

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