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>adrenochrome running low
>wuhan lab closed
>blood reserves depleted
>feeling the Lord's vengeance coming on
>"w-we're going to be immortal a-arent we??"
>breathe a sigh of relief
>other elite cabals are reassuring you you're going live
>ten minutes pass
>the feeling has worn off
>time to make another tweet
>"haha i dont know that card trick"
>yeah that's nice... look at all those ciphers
>put all the cipher numbers and decrypt them with your key
>haha wow, e-evil is going to win!
>imagine what all you could do with that power
>maybe i'll finally have pizza with kids again...
>God's light peeks through the curtains
>you hear normies waking up
>hehe, f-f-fucking dumb normies
>the withdrawal symptoms come back
>the adrenochrome rushes don't last as long as they used to
>time to make another cipher
>wear run forest run hoodie
>"haha teach me this card trick"

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most h*llywood 'people' are soulless husks controlled and abused by demons for profit; many are also trannys designed to turn the unknowing public gay in their subconscious

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does anybody else find it fucking mental that somehow an entire schizo-reality has manifested itself and thousands of aggressive followers believe anything about anybody without power of evidence. Its unironically like the communist revolutions again, except its been programmed into these retards via the internet. Almost like a greater charade is at play.

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She looks like PANIC

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unironically this is not unusual and the schizo realitycomment reminded me of false matrix stuf

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It's regrettable to say the least, but over on /pol/ it started as simple larping and messing around, but it's true, some people really believe in this stuff. Case and point is flat earthers, it was some obscure conspiracy only some random low key websites. /pol/ joked about, larped, memed and propagated it and now its become main stream.

>tfw your own creation takes on a life of its own

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the fuck did i just read

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feelin bad kike?

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Take your meds.

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I browsed /pol/ when Q began too, I'm not even suggesting that there isnt truth to the claims, but the extension into such massive quadrants of the population is impressive and I have to consider the symbolic, religious, and political impressions of these things. This honestly has sickening similarities to early communist propoganda and is targeting the same people, my concern is that this is in fact an inverted propoganda and is intended to drive resistance to the elite creating a global exclusionary state. In order to create a global state, there needs to be grassroots resistance. I cant go on about this.

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A 'biblical' mythos has evolved promising the destruction of the powerful and the liberation of the slaves. Indeed this is a common recurrence throughout history and has taken many forms.

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The slave must free himself through the path of Christ such that the laws are fulfilled. Those who deny the law at the end of time will face destruction.

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The slaves will never achieve total liberation, the rulers will never achieve total oppression. These things go in cycles according to the interplay of chaos and order. The wheel of samsara turns eternally onward.

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Yes the slave master relationship is not so simple

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I wonder how much brain damage it takes to be like this..

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Hanx is silent. Madonna will be next along with Ellen. Based.

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Flat earth shitposting serves an important purpose.
It keeps retards happy and energetic enough to stay and with their mere presence chase away the midwits who can't stand being close to them.
The real death of a community is the normalfaggots. If you can keep them away any number of psychos and idiots are acceptable.
tl;dr : you have to go back.

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I don't seek out these things because I'd prefer to not believe that there's a sinister elite group but ffs they're so in your face with this shit that it's hard not to connect the dots

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She's been placed under house arrest

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Cringe glow niggers pushing cringe shit to distract from the fact that the coronavirus was indeed made in a lab for the lols

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This but unironically they are sliding hard the economic collapse and that this shit may actually be a weapon.

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Well spotted. Interested to see if she's posting tomorrow

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it's called a disinformation campaign anon. half the people repeating insane /pol/ shit everywhere are paid to do so and that's a fact. if you pay close attention you'll realize that it's all carefully designed to piggyback onto previously held christian beliefs, making it more effective at convincing people

powerful people would much prefer that the dissatisfied masses believe they are being controlled by ultra powerful demons or some crazy shit like that rather than a bunch of weak old men who rule through obfuscation

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That's nice but the world actually is flat.

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can I please have a QRD on what this thread is about?
No bogposting please.

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ankle bracelet for tracking? holy shit

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These celebs always think they are so smart.

They forgot about 4chan.

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What the fuck is this thread about throw me a redpill

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Kind if looks like a pack of cigs

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Same. Not following these US celebs stuff. Seems that Ellen is under house arrest?

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You will be hung beside you’re fucking pedo friends faggot.

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You need to go to pol where this investigation is (and has been happening for years). You can also go to twitter to get a more watered down version, but, obviously, the quality, autistic research is done on pol. Some search terms, q, pizzagate, adrenochrome, id2020, event201, the storm.
Basically. The world is run by an evil elite class who are in everything from media to entertainment government military, everything. Their obsession is adrenochrome laced blood, which acts as an intense high and fountain of youth basically. This is harvested from children which are trafficked worldwide, terrorized, raped, and tortured, before being harvested.
Trump isnt one of them, and he is supposedly dismantling their entire grip on the world, right now, using corona as a cover..
If nothing else it makes for some good reading. If you've got nothing else to do.

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This is an awesome story and I would love for it to be true, but I just can't 100% believe it. It's too farfetched.

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Yeah it’s qushner fags massive psyop. Boards like /pol/ have been raided recently by organized teams that are spamming the fuck out of “extremely huge happening generals” with this adrenochrome angle.

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my weed ran out two days ago and i feel like that lol

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Trump was bailed out by the Rothschilds, mentored by Roy Cohn, and married his daughter to a fanatical Zionist. Trump is part of the swamp and you q fags are being led away from truth.

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>muh internet fantasy larp
So this is how religions are born huh
Too bad in this day and age there's too much pictures and data for the delusion to really take off. Like, anyone watching Trump's interview right now and seeing him bumbling on the stage can instantly see it's bs.

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Thought I was on /pol/ when I saw this thread.

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reminder that nothing makes shills seethe harder than completely ignoring their b8
no (you)'s and they lose

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requesting that cap of the anon from about a month ago predicting everything that is happening now.

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a couple of celebs are doing horrible right now and looking very beat up physically. guess not getting their youth juice is going poorly for them

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>Bill Gates
>Bob Iger
>Other (((CEOs)))
>Kobe Bryant
>Tom Hanks
>Bread and circus sports
>Educational institutions
>Air travel to flight risk locations
>30K troops/gear to Europe
>Federal Reserve
>Student loans and payroll tax
>National Emergency
>Event 201 Pandemic
>Worldwide Sweeps
>Operation Corona 2020
>Trump Bux

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I don't even know what this thread is about lmao.
Oh it's the schizo thread.
Are you people ever going to realize that these predictions you make don't come true?

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Nevermind, I found it.

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fucking based 42

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>Are you people ever going to realize that these predictions you make don't come true?

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If anyone else would like to realistically discuss with me what's going on I would be happy to open communications on just about any platform
I have some knowledge that no one else knows

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This. It's why trannies and furries keep this place alive. They ward off normalniggers

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go on

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pls burn that fucking pope at stake
God bless you faggots

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>Oh hang on I've got an answer for this
>I'll post videos with tenuous relationships between things!
Dumb cunt. One day we'll round people like you and caramel up and cram so many anti-psychotics down your throat that you'll finally be a drooling retard on the outside to match being a drooling retard on the inside.

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Cant talk publicly

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I don't even like the guy, but it's time to take those blurry TDS lenses off, faggot.
You idiots are just embarrassing yourselves now.
Knock it off.

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>One day we'll round people like you and caramel up and cram so many anti-psychotics down your throat
Filthy bootlicker
You work hard for your masters don't you and you're cheap to buy, all they need to do is flash some pedophile papers in front of your eyes and you'll be a good slave.
Such a good slave in fact, that you'll learn to love the party and hate any dissenters
You are simply a vassal of the money printers with no free thoughts
It's why you foam at the mouth with murderous rage when confronted by someone like me
It's understandable and Jesus warned us that the world is this way.

You should look deep down into your psyche and your soul and ask yourself why you responded unthinkingly with murderous fantasies.
That's a symptom of being a slave.

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>You work hard for your masters don't you and you're cheap to buy, all they need to do is flash some pedophile papers in front of your eyes and you'll be a good slave

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>Are you people ever going to realize
(((you people)))
if we are (((you people))) then wtf are you?

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Wow. You seem awfully frantic, and desperate about your care and concern about the mental well being of others in a place like this? Almost like you have an anxious agenda that is rapidly slipping from your grasp?
Almost like your paranoid, and terrified of people looking into this shit?

Almost like you have something to hide?

We're coming for you, pedofuck piece of shit.
You will not stop this. Not with low tier mockery and insult, you retarded nigger.
You are fucked.

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>murderous fantasies
>when I'm just talking about retards like you
Look in a fucking mirror you brainless faggot. Then look up Spurious Correlation. No shit CEO's are stepping down before the entire company falls over, it's called a golden parachute. They're running away with the "" they made while you Trump cocksuckers make up stories about how they're all being rounded up and arrested.
There is no "draining of the swamp" dipshit. There's just millions of schizo suckers like you born every minute to buy into political rhetoric. See pic related? You think they're not going to hire lawyers to bring up reasonable doubt to a jury of 85 iq retards? Keep fantasizing. I'll see you when one of the famous people you've listed has a new product endorsement or new release and then you can tell me that it's body doubles because the reptilians need to maintain the status quo or whatever other fotm conspiracy you're onto.

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this situation is going to get a lot worse
they won't be taken in without fighting
you'll see for yourself
whatever they show people on their moving picture boxes is what they want them to see

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Nice conspiracy theory, you frothing faggot.
We have all the empirical evidence, and proof we need to KNOW how desperately you are trying to get anyone to buy your obvious lies. You're putting a whole of lot of energy into managing our "fantasies" for us? And you're using a lot of loaded language without any facts to back your ranting idiocy. You look silly.

We're coming for you, pedofuck faggot!
And we will not be merciful.

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Look at how bored normie celebs get. Attention seeking via internet. How long until riots if martial law happens?

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The global economy is in shambles and more than a quarter of the US is completely shut down due to a pandemic Trump was completely and totally unprepared for. If you still think this is some (((4d chess))) you're a fucking retard, there's nothing else to it.
>no no no u don't understand, this is all part of the plan and is actually good
Screenshot this post, 10 days from now we're going to be even worse off than Italy

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>Empirical evidence
>anonymous namefaggots and YouTube videos
Tom Hanks, despite being locked up by the EPIC Trump Drain the swamp campaign, will go on to win several more oscars because somehow the shadowy elites both want him dead and want him to be a mouthpiece for their agenda
Here you go retards. Your last (You).

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Awesome strawman. Nothing close to what I said.
No one is ready for a pandemic, you fucking nigger. However, this is EXACTLY the chaotic moment Trump needed to implement all of the "RACIST REEE!" parts of his America First agenda required, but faggots like you got in the way of with your Marxist whining. You're not in the way anymore, are you, faggot?
Now you're just fucked. No one is listening to you anymore. Your "media" is the joke of the land. Borders are closed.
Your "education" indoctrination centers are closed, and Trump speaks often of HOMESCHOOLING. You must be seething over just these two things alone.
Gun and ammo sales are off the fucking charts. Say goodbye to your gun grabbing agenda FOREVER!
Nationalism is the default ideology for stopping the spread of the Kung Flu, proving once again the Superior reality of BLOOD AND SOIL!
Etc. Etc. Etc. Oh, and I'm currently making bank on this stock dip. What the fuck is your excuse, brainlet?
We win.
You lose.
It's only going to get worse for you from here out, fucking parasite.
Fuck you.
Take this retarded little pedophile faggot with you >>17967304
You parasites do not survive what's coming. But you already know this. This is why you're here looking foolish.
I'm loving this timeline.

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