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I didn’t buy the dip

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put in $120k during Jan 2019, traded it down in shitcoins to $10k and cashed out

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I bought the "dip"

>> No.17957458

I'm gay and i hold chainlink

>> No.17957466

I didn't buy the dip. And i'm coming here far less often because its becoming an even greater shithole than ever before

>> No.17957483

Jan 2019 or Jan 2018? hw come?

>> No.17957503

this, convinced myself it would go lower lets see if I'm right

>> No.17957612

I went all in into BNBULL yesterday

>> No.17957626

I'm on your team. This shit aint halfway over

>> No.17957633

I took my rent money for this month and put it all into a 3xgold etf yesterday at close and wont be selling until it doubles. I lost my job and have no more income coming in, so if I double it that'll give me another month to try to get through this.

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I'm permabanned for CP.

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BEAR BROS UNITE. We will see less than 4k during the next 2 weeks thanks to Coronachan.

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Didn't manage to get a make it stack evn though I bought my first Linkies in 2017

>> No.17957695

I've been fudding bsv for over a year

>> No.17958246

no need to say the same thing twice, anon.

>> No.17959445

I hold AGRS.

>> No.17959458

You BSV Shills are the worst on this board.

>> No.17959498

I only have 232 linkies

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this and i dont know how to get rid of it!

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I bought 1200 link at 4$ about two weeks before the crash and now I don't have any money left to buy the dip and refuse to sell at a loss.

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I've never said a single positive thing about BSV on biz

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I spent 5 BTC on cocaine over a year.

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I only lurk /biz/. Only participate in irrelevant threads like this.
Back to lurking

>> No.17959637

I lost everything shorting

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Bought 1.5 at 5.8k after Fed mini pull, pabuç sold on rebound at 5.3k. Now I’m on the sidelines fml

>> No.17959674

I actually lost all my keys in a tragic boating accident.

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Actually... we are going to make it. Just keep holding.

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I used to play Smash Bros "seriously". As in I used to practice jumps and timing and shit like that over and over for hours. I never even went to a tournament. Holy fuck was I autistic

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I had 1.1 btc but i sold it all
Now i only have 0.1 btc

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>i’m going to be a famous smash player like mang0 or m2k!!!!
same bro

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I did the total opposite.

I went to every tournament but never trained by myself beacuse I find it very boring.

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I'm about to be very wealthy at this rate.

>> No.17960009

I only come to /biz/ when the stock market is crashing.

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>sold it all
>still has some left

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I sold my hodl stack at 5.6K

Sweating bullet right now.

>> No.17960039

I bought exactly one BTC at 19k.

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Nice dubs, tho, anon. Cheer up.

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I bought boeing

>> No.17960829

Agreed. This place has gone so downhill

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