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So, what's the verdict on Bitcoin and crypto? Is it here to stay? Why was the crash so heavy, it can't just be pure panic, right? I didn't sell shit, but still.

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institutions that never had much faith in crypto to begin with but kept a small percentage in their portfolio as a hedge all panic sold. wonder why stablecoins are struggling to keep pegged at a dollar? hint: institutions didn't use stablecoins

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shit coins have no intrinsic value. Stop gambling

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does any currency have intrinsic value?

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I'm not gambling.

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BTC's only purpose is to be a black market currency

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Is this comic anti-crypto or pro-crypto? I mean it is a bubble on all those pages

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No currency doesn't either. That's why non-retards invest in assets with value outside of trading like property, stocks and gold. You can actually do something with those things unlike these retarded coins. Do people invest in Yen? or Euros?

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Each panel the bubble is more advanced.

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Don’t post that facists webcomics please

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how you doing tonight, Rabbi?

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Still a bubble though

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fuck off reddit

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Stocks are artificial. Even more so than crypto.

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he can post whatever the fuck he wants "crypto cop"

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Thanks for the bump.

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this is how you get it posted more faggot lol

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I think BTC is really more closely moving with oil prices. This would make sense because oil affects energy prices, and mining uses energy. But also if you look at the timing and magnitudes of the moves, I think BTC follows oil more than s&p. Of course s&p lead oil and oil can lead s&p but this is semantics. BTC follows oil.

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It's a speculative market that only serves to rope in idiots that scam each other.
How did I come to this conclusion? With this pandemic shit now was the best time to see the worth of BTC. And what happened? It crashed.

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Cryptocurrency is a low cap, free market that trades 24/7 with no circuit breakers. It crashed the way that the stock market should have crashed and it's already recovering.

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>So, what's the verdict on Bitcoin and crypto?

Scam propped up by pure greed. Satoshi invented a decentralized casino.

>Is it here to stay?

It's a money making machine and, to a lesser extent, currency for black market goods. As long as there's greed and the need for drugs and child porn, crypto will continue to exist.

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crash is heavy because whales can dump and accumulate for cheap while everyone else has less cash on hand and bearish sentiment

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also because bitcoin was just as overvalued as stocks because of cheap credit. zoom out

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1) decentralized
2) trustless
3) borderless (portable)
4) counterfeit proof
5) highly divisible
6) censorship-resistant
7) sits outside of legacy financial structures (which carry huge systemic risks at this point of the cycle)
8) always accessible (you control the keys , no counterparty)

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lol, factually WRONG.
Buy ARPA for the oil of the future though

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nigger faggot

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Good, definitely a lot of potential or the projects which scale and have a good user experience
Pioneer tech killed by blockstream and corecucks, doesn't work as a store of value, doesn't work as a payment system, only works as a trading pair and gambling object for speculators (who are getting milked by exchange).

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Look at the 3 charts, shill.

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Here's the secret
Buy when it crashes, sell when it booms
You know it's time to sell when they start talking about new paradigms and other pseud shit