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This is make or break for him


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Guy's been outed as a retard and a deluded con man.

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Lmao and people would hop inside this guy's self-driving car.

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Does Elon have Skin in the Game?

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He's right tho

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this motherfucker is the new steve jobs,i bet hes terrible to his employees

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What trends is he talking about? The new cases are fucking parabolic in the US

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several million chinks have died to contain this, several million more will starve when china gets blacklisted from global trade

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Hes right.
Just watch. Its peaking next week in italy and then its gonna decline fast.

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yeah, because by the end of April almost everybody is infected

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daily reminder that the stock market lost trillions because 150 people died from a meme virus

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Elon musk is one of the most retarded rich people ever.
His entire ouvre is saying things that sound good but dont mean anything.
Hyperloop? literally would undermine all major cities and cause them to collapse. Not mentioning the fact that if there was one error and a car stopped there would be multiple casualities as they would dogpile upon eachother.

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>literally would undermine all major cities and cause them to collapse
How come?

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tesla gonna go bankrupt and he knows it

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I’m disappointed. I’d love for him to be right but seems far too early to be making such an optimistic projection. Needs to stay in his lane- he knows his stuff but he’s no epidemiologists- few if any have been saying anything like this.

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lol, ok Elon

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If u dig a hole under something it will collapse u dum head

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China has a massive did surplus. They will become poor without exports, but not hungry

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You really think they haven't thought of these and developed contingencies?

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this will not age well

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>If u dig a hole under something it will collapse u dum head
Then why hasn't Jew York City collapse yet from the weight of all the heebs?

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He’s in bed with the chinese government what else do you expect him to say

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Why have so many people totally needlessly exposed themselves as retards over this pandemic.

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anyone else think it'd be funny if he died of coronavirus? not that i want it to happen, just if it did i'd have myself a wee chuckle

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>china gets blacklisted from global trade
reddit tier fantasy brah

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lmao holy shit, I'm with him 100% on being anti-Rona craziness, but that's a reckless prediction. Hope he's right.

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Elon knows how to gamble, watch and learn zoomers

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He should just take the Tesla factory and make it a ventilator factory, as Ackman the Madman said.

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You're legitimate retards. The plan was to dig several miles below ground. That won't cause a building to collapse you low IQ dipshits.

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Chad Elon

Rather Elon than that Virgin "World Citizen" idiot, (((Michael "I'm a god" Dell)))

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This shit is literally the flu
The reaction the world is having is a giant fucking scam
I already had Corona several months ago
I was sick for 1-2 weeks
Everyone at my work was tested recently and told the same
We're all immune
Shits the fucking flu and it's mostly already passed
Whole world is losing their minds

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If you dont get him to mars faster, ur fukken out

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>it's the russians!
>it's the russians!
>it's the russians!
>it's the russians!
>it's the chinese!
t. not a kike

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He will have to nuke the US for that to be possible.

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You are aware there is more than one strain of coronavirus, right?

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Fake news
This shit is the fucking flu

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It's a Chinese bioweapon to take out Trump

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>highly contagious
>0 new cases
So it just magically disappears without a trace? Sounds like a meme virus

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I work in healthcare and you're a maximum retard

>it's mostly already passed
Numbers are starting to increase exponentially you dummy

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He believes China when they say they have no new cases


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You're a fucking idiot
This shits been around for way longer than you think

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no, he's npc in the game

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I live in Illinois and had Coronavirus in January. Shit has been around for a long time.

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He's right
If it starts getting too bad we will get shut down just like China

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He's right though. He isn't a schizo like you.

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Those Chinese numbers are absolute bullshit.

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>No new cases! Time to open everything back up
>Hire people
>COOF COOF two weeks later
>Here's another 3 month quarantine!
No. This will last well into September.

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yeah, I love when anyone points this out you get like 5-6 media-addicts who have to chirp in with their "I WORK IN MEDICARE AND MY UNCLE LIVES IN ITALY, AND ACTUALLY WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE" as if this shit hasn't already literally been proven to be a slightly stronger flu

It's over folks, let's get back to drumpfft = Russia news and Bernie is BAD news

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You know there's more than one strain of Flu?

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That image is going right into my cringe compilation: April edition

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He wants to save his stock... if the Tesla stock keeps dropping Tesla will be bankrupt soon

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You do realize the human race has a fucking immune system that's been fighting this type of shit off for thousands of years?
Zoom zoom

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If he was worried about bankruptcy he'd just make ventilators and guarantee that the government bails him out. He really believes it's nothing.

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Everyone's locked up at home and if they are not they're all wearing face masks so there's basically zero chance for infection.

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That's very disappointing but he has a lot going on inside China so there's always the possibility that he just said "Yes" to not risk Tesla's future.

I don't see how anyone could believe China's official numbers. That ITALY has more deaths than China.

The outbreak happened during the Chinese new year. China quarantined what, one city? A little more? There's no way the virus is not running amok in the countryside, infecting millions (no healthcare in those areas and a lot of superstition).

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Meaning there is a bunch of people with no immunity waiting to be infected when they start going out again in a few weeks.

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Arab Uncle Taleb is based.

Fuck Gaylon Cuusk

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anyone know how i can physically fuck my chainlinks?

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>China quarantined what, one city? A little more? There's no way the virus is not running amok in the countryside, infecting millions (no healthcare in those areas and a lot of superstition).
Its likely that it's a mix of number fudging, totalitarian quarantine efforts, Uighur slave labors churning out medical supplies, and pure dumb luck.

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>Immunity against the flu
Kek. I'm in Europe now and not even in a country that's massively impacted, just 500 cases but we have a total lockdown. No free movement, most shops closed, schools closed, no taxis, everyone must wear a face mask or face a heavy fine. This won't be coming back after few months.

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>inb4 scuba-diving incident 2.0

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It's always


Why is it never "I'm a doctor and..."? I don't think a post-wall Stacy who changes bedsheets for a living is an expert on virology.

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You must not use twitter enough. MDs are the most insufferable midwits on there.

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this is now a salt mining thread

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spotted the faggot that bought Tesla at 700. Just wait a few years bro.

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>What's a subway

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>We want the chink audience

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why is there a certain type of person that is so fearful of Corona not being as bad as we originally expected? shouldn't we all be trying to be optimistic about this?

is it because they will look like a fool if it's mostly stalled by May? They already bought 1,000 rolls of toilet paper or something? very weird to see these types of people post on /biz/, it's as if they're way too heavily invested in consuming news or read too much ZeroHedge and think that allows them to type shit like "THE DOCTORS IN ITALY ARE SAYING THIS VIRUS WILL LAST FOR THE NEXT DECADE" and other retarded trash hearsay they read on MSNBC

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Based autist, sees a logarithmic trend and believes it with all his heart.

I can't hate him for this, he is genuinely autismo and likes graphs. Finding out someone would LIE about STATISTICS is like a child finding out santa isnt real. Poor guy :c

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Retarded happeningfags neets got nothing going on for them. They can't wait for the apocalypse

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The whole thing is a fucking scam so the kike Mnucian can get his 9 rounds of bail outs. Once they get it you will see things rocket up like you’ve never seen before.

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Society is seemingly suicidal and the vast majority simply WANT something to happen, ANYTHING. They beg and plead of for a new holocaust or black death but when it doesn't happen they simply go looking for another.

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Nah you have just been on 4chan too long with its constant happenings, that result into nothing burgers.

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a big sewer with trains

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by which point there will already be a basket of options when it comes to anti viral drugs. Many already approved.
and a few vaccines will be done and mass produced by summer.

Sorry happeningfag, but it's not happening. You got tricked by the jews. you slipped up. They figured you autistic virgins out and got you playing along. pathetic. you really lost your edge.

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Honestly fuck this guy. "Funding secured" how is this guy not in jail but Martin Shkreli is for, what, making prank statements about boomer politicians? Fuck our bullshit scam criminal justice system.

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There will be no cure. Cope.

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Underrated post

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No cure for your virginity

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yea Foreskin

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LOL this. This faggot made a deal with the devil somewhere. Hope the debt crisis breaks him and reveals the scam to anyone to dumb to see it now.

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Exactly. there's no fucking way he believes this.

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I am NOT an Arab. Gabish?

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as much as I like him, someone please go and tell Elon to go easy on the right wing red pills

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>based elon dumping tesla at the exact time i can afford to pump it

God I fucking love this dude

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I have 16 bodies in the last 2 years, keep projecting

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why do you feel the need to prove that to me exactly?

face it happeningfags got played by the media they are so proud of thinking they are above.

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Yuup. They've been fake from the start.

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Lol, I thought he was supposed to be smart?

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Actually most of his wealth is in the form of loans backed by shares posted as collateral. If the shares go down, he needs to post more shares.

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Also not true but good try

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fucking this. I can envision these faggots literally shaking in their quarantine cuck sheds every second of the day waiting for the big corona to come ass fuck their lungs into oblivion.

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It is infact you who is an idiot sir. Corona viruses have probably been around for longer then human species. But this is just a group of viruses, some variants cause cold, some only infect bats etc... So far corona virus in humans has been pretty harmless because the strain we dealt with was around with us for so long it adapted to us and we to it. No parazyte wants to kill the host. However what you are looking at rn is a novel strain, unadapted, we have no antibodies because this shit only infected animals before. It is 30c more lethat then flu and less lethal then SARS, but more contagious, which makes it worse. Sars could have never done this.

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Yeah I'm taking a month long cruise tomorrow, fuck the fear who's with me!

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He had to prove it was safe to get a permit

Have you heard of brakes?

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Elon says retarded shit on twitter all the time.

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seconded about it being under rated

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He says it'll end by April. There wont be any new cases by April. I think he's right. Once half the people are infected, you can't get reinfected unless you're some /pol/ retard who thinks virus gets reinfected or stays in you.

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Is elonbit.com legit?

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china is still getting new cases, so no, your retarded
If you do quaratine now, you delay mass infections until later this yearm or when you lift the quaratine. or if its not severe enough, you have a constant rate of infection
besides which many experts think multiple waves will happen
Hong Kong, Singapore are now experiencing a second wave, like most of east asia over the past week

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The dude worked on Paypal, drove Electric car development by leaps and bounds, and created a company that reuses rockets.

Literally everything he's doing is to push him closer to his vision of creating his Mars colony. He's a goddamned hero, visionary, and pioneer.

Realize that your mindset would also prevent the crypto world from getting to where it is now.

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I just went all in on the cruise lines, this is all a Jewish hoax.

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Cases lag by over two weeks. The US hasn't even begun lockdowns, just stopped businesses while everyone coofs at the beach instead. Pandemics don't just come and go, it takes at least a year to build up immunity. You are coping.

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whats a sewer

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Ok you squid ink eating Levantine, have it your way

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a hyperloop to enable lumps of shit and Pic Related to travel quickly from one part of a city to another. Elon got the idea while hocking on his cludgie, wondering where his shit went

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That's literally impossible this guy is outing himself as a massive fucking retard right now

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Yeah but if half the U.S. population gets infected that quickly, hospitals will be overwhelmed and death rates/social costs will be worse. That will probably harm markets for a while.

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I am God. You are dumb. meme virus goes away next week. Check these numerals, fags.

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The tunnels are deep and quite narrow, if they are properly reinforced it shouldn't be an issue.

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Lol he's probably some male nurse.

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Fucking kek

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ok elon

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Well it's not impossible.
>Lock everyone inside of their houses including emergency services
>Lock hospital workers and patients inside the hospital
>Wait one month
>Only allowed to leave if confirmed negative test or recovery
China is probably the only country that could get away with that though desu

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you know that we have no immunnity to it?

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Musk has been promising a full self driving update to Tesla by next year for like 5 years running, and people still swallow whatever he says.