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My employer just paid me to jerk off for 30 minutes. Coomed all over. Now im taking a shit. Will get back to work in about 20 minutes or so.

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My WFH experience has consisted of cooking, cleaning, exercise, cooming, vidya, and poasting.

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with WFH we will triumph over the NEET failures decisively

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My job is watching a computer lab, which roughly translates to sitting on my ass watching Youtube and occasionally glancing up to see if someone needs help.

Turns out I may be getting paid to do this from home. How, I have no clue, but dem hours are hours mang.

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hopefully once boomers die off this becomes the gold standard for work & you only need to go in person a couple days a week

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Working from home sucks man, I get distracted so easily. Feels like I havent done any work all week.
>unironically prefer being at work to do work because I can focus better
Anybody else know this feel?

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lol cringe

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>the virgin fresh graduate

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>imagine being this far in the plantation

>if I finish all my work early I can literally do anything I want after (as long as I answer emails)

>this is how work should’ve been since like 2010 easily :)

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what's your shit to cum ratio bros?

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I work from home most days and I'll give you some advice. Always change from whatever you sleep in to your work clothes. Don't eat at your desk, so it feels like you took a break.

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I love this WFH deal. No need to get dressed or fix my hair, no travel time.
Also I can play videa whilst my work computer is rendering, whilst at the office I have to pretend to be busy whilst my computer is working.

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I'm in a tiny office in the midwest, I'm still here and it's pretty gay. Had to back everything up to work remote yesterday though, hopefully by this time next week I'll be playing Doom on the clock

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>Work in a commission based role
>If I jerk off all day at home the only person it effects is me

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Same my dude except i edged for 2 hours. Been watching season 2 of Saved By The Bell all day

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If this happened I would retire from the NEET life

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Remember anons, DOOM ETERNAL releases today. If you have it preloaded, you can start playing at 9pm EST.

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Same here this shit is amazing

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Working from home sucks because I don't have any distraction and I burn myself out

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lmao that image

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>boss wants me back at office from next week because he realizes coronavirus is a meme

Damn it.

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You sound a little like a programmed NPC. Maybe you should take some time off.

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They just gave me $30 to clean my room. Absolutely based

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So WFH shouldn't be the standard where possible since cumbrains like you have self control issues?

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How long before employers realize these jobs can be done by slavs paieets and huehue in general?
>inb4 outsourcing does shit work
>implying corporations care

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you lack discipline. you dont actually have it at your job neither even if you work more there but its all because of fear of repercussions because someone might see that you do nothing so you work. this is not sustainable. get some discipline so you can work whereever you are. when you have that, you can go independent.

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I'm not a cumbrain I'm a workbrain

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I really hope this coronathing makes people finally fucking realize theres no fucking point in renting/owning, heating, paying electricity for etc. for a giantass building in the middle of a city to have people work on a PC all day, when you could have them do it from home.

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My company is so anti-work from home, that when shit started hitting the fan, they originally said "yes you can work from home, but in shifts", so half the company would work from home one week, the other half would work from home the next week.

Because being in an office for a global company where you don't talk to anyone promotes "innovation and synergy"

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I made a bunch of automation scripts that are helping out right now. Hopefully I get that promotion to software dev finally. Or maybe not...

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This. I hate it when some asshole wants to do a video conference though.

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Nobody here will appreciate this because they are all degenerates. Most of them are too young to realize that a fulfilling day of getting shit done beats the hell out of cooming and shitposting all day

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This is the perfect time to lern2code.

I'm a software engineer working remote, and I've been watching porn all day.

Only problem is im 25, want to become a senior engineer and only have 4 years of work experience. Gotta step it up

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Tomorrow is my first day back after quarantine, I'm not ready for it to end.

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>All these non-WFH normally plebs

I have gone days without changing my underwear. Coom everywhere everyday.

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I'm almost the last one it in the office. On my floor there are about 4 people left out of 20ish.

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Its going to suck once they decide that this is going to be the new normal, especially for jobs that were not previously WFH.
>They will know you are home and online so can't skip face time skype meetings and useless conferences.
>Your own phone constantly ringing, new working hours are 24/7.
>Forcing you to install cameras in your house so they can check up on you.
>"Are you getting that work dun anon? great! I'll email you some more."
>Using your own internet, electricity, phone plan, hard drive space to do work you're not interested in.

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