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>He doesn't know RSR is designed for tax free arbitrage and
>He doesn't know RSV will have almost NO EXPOSURE TO USD and will be based on a diverse basket of stable assets.

As soon as people realize these things they buy as much as they can. You are about to miss the boat anon, but thats ok. There are millions of people like you that are desperate to get out of the US dollar into something that will solve their problems and make them a fuckload of money.

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All these niggers crying about it being pegged to USD are dumb fucking broke ass faggots. Let them stay poor.

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It's nothing but an IQ test that 90% of these retards are failing.

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yeah i think ill wait for this literal pump and dump to subside before I think about investing

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>one more left behind...
anon... I

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Let us know if you find any other coin with a higher potential ROI. This has been trading for less than a year under the radar and it hasn't yet pumped. The crypto project with the most powerful backers in crypto history is under a 12M marketcap. Like the other Anon said, RSR is an IQ test.

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