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>ties coin to usd
>usd goes to zero

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>He doesn't know... anything
It is unironically designed to doo EXACTLY the opposite of what you are saying. In its final form RSV will have minimal exposure to the USD. You might want to hurry up and get into RSR though because as soon as people figure this out they always buy fat ass bags. over 150mm were bought last night. You are about to miss out.

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But obviously he knows this because he is posting low effort fud to try to buy low.. pro tip faggot.. it isn't going back down, you better buy now.

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>in its final form
>usd crashes before mainnet even launches
>pipe dream project

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>yet he can't stop himself from posting about it all day
you seem really invested anon, emotionally and/or financially.. how much do you have? Better hurry up since you are obviously trying to buy more cuz it's about to take off again.

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probably one of those swungers that got BTFO

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I doubled my money last pump bitch you're retarded if you didn't get out before the dump. Poor bagholder

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rsr is super coin

senpai ous investor Peter Thiel own this coin too

will go up many time

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we know where you will end up anon.

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You're seething. In reality you either lost money or you sold a tiny position somewhere near the top. You're probably angry that we're mooning again and you're missing out kek

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