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wouldn't it be really funny if everyone withdrew all their money from their bank at the same time, imagine what would happen

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They'd freeze withdrawals. They dont have the cash.

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ok can you guys stop withdrawing

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>ZERO reserves banking blocks your path

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i don't understand, you mean the banks don't really have my money? holy shit i need to withdraw NOW

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They never had your money. Fractional reserve banking is a scam.

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damn that'd be so funny
why dont we try doing it?

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how the FUCK does such a system even exist?
How jewy does it get?

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Is that what you want? People mad enough to do stupid things? Silly frogposter.

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They have money

Unlimited paper

You guys wish it was like limited but it's not

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Uh I wouldn't be able to cash my trumpbux then you stupid nigger frog poster.

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>imagine what would happen

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>he thinks his meme paper is different from his meme digits

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>what you want?
>People mad enough to do stupid things?
only if its funny

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...and everyone puts it all in LINK