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>AAA it's the end of the stock market, it's the big one, it's really over this time, AAAAA
It recovered now. Does the media actually pay people to come here and induce panic? I don't get it. Why do you like to larp that the world is ending?
This is not "the happening". The panic induced by idiots right now is much worse than the disease itself.

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Accumulate REFR

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yea bro, speak to me the end of the week when murican cities go on lock.

what you've witnessed thus far isnt panic..

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>Just 2 more weeks bro.
The cities will close, the DOW will drop, you'll panic like a bunch of fucking clowns, and in the next day it will recover again.

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>the next day it will recover again

Sure, while everyone is on lockdown and theres no participation of society, stocks will massively boom as 75% of small businesses go under. Nice logic

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>small businesses
That's not the main bulk of what moves the stock market. People can still speculate from their cellphones for as long as there's internet.

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I'm usually optimistic but not this time. How long til a major bank collapses?

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>speculating NEETs on their $5k robinhood accounts is what decides how the stockmarket moves

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>market has recovered
This won't age well, anon.

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>>17887272 >>17888336

Are you serious? Everything will get fucked, but if you think otherwise, go all out on assets right now. We'll see who is going to be on the streets.

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My money is mostly in oil company shares and any other big state owned "too big to fail" ones. It's easy money if you don't want insane fast gains.

If I am wrong and the world does end, that would be beautiful, but I know god is not so merciful to bring an end to this hell. It will recover and live will continue, sadly, as is.

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If markets are actually reversing right now we will have dropped almost exactly as much as the first leg of the market crash in 1929. Ready for 3 years of another 60% bleedout?

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The world won't end man, it's just that it is pretty obvious that a great deal of economic issues from the previous recession which were simply ignored are rearing their ugly heads again. Life will go on but the market hasn't bottomed out yet.

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how is everyone this fucking stupid. this shit hasn't even started yet, retard. we had one small bounce back today, good fucking job... but wait until the whole country shuts down and people are losing their jobs. you'll be crying like a little bitch then

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I will be laughing my way to grave if that happens. But it won't.

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OP you are a retard day-trader talking out of your ass. Go look at PMI trends the last 2 years, look at the revised growth predictions issued by major banks and financial institutions. Virtually all analysts I’ve spoken to or read, are seriously worried. This will be a historical crisis. Your head is so far up your own asshole smelling your own shit that you can’t even see BLATANT macro trends or even spin the gears in your head (if there are any). Drooling retard.

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>Post a fictional graph.
>Claim I'm stupid.

Why don't you post the real graph you're taking your "trends" from?

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>It recovered now.
do people really thing 2 months at the minimum of people doing nothing isn't going to maim stonks in business that aren't directly related to necessary things like food, medical care or cleaning?

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Imagine you have a tiny mom and pop kind of restaurant. Of course in a way you are contributing to the economy, but the dow increasing 20000 points over the Trump presidency has absolutely nothing to fucking do with you or your homecooked hashbrowns.

The same way once the dow goes back down 20000 of those speculated points, this doesn't say shit about your mom and pop restaurant. You might not get customers during the quarantine, that might put you in some tight rope for the next month or two, but that has shit to do with the stock market, which will go up or down as governments around the world and speculators fuck around doing their shit.

Small businesses are completely irrelevant in moments like this.

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>still spewing the 2 weeks meme
Maybe you haven't noticed but 20,000 new cases are getting confirmed daily now, and if that wasn't enough the amount of repo money the Fed is shitting out to prop up boomer 401k's is going to have implications far reaching.

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This. Checking your 420 digit. Take the bear pill or get wrecked.

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>it recovered

Lmao. Let me know when it gets back to its high.

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But what about the 1K free money. I am sure that will scare the virus.

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he thinks that a 5% day is a recovery
you are going to get whipsawed

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Already priced in.

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Ssssh enjoy cheaper shit

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Ha, they've been keeping Deutsche Bank alive since last year through massive cash injections. Once it goes, bye bye Eurozone.

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What happens to stocks during a currency reset anyway? I assume since they're your property, they'll still have some value as long as the underlying company survives the transition.

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I can literally go and find people claiming the DB is gonna kaput tomorrow, at least 10 years ago. Maybe even 15.

It never actually happens. It never will. Bailouts bailouts bailouts. Germans could be ground down to 3rd world living standards and the DB would still be up and running.

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from another institution

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I'm with you on that one but 10 years ago Germans weren't pulling over a billion a day out of the bank. It's a zombie bank already, just there kept alive by government money. In japan they managed to keep their banks alive for 35 years in the same fashion. Meanwhile men aged 30+ are literally dropping dead from overwork and stress because they make 16 hour days and earn very little, while being forced to live at home unable to start families.

At some point the bubble is going to burst one way or another. Probably violently unless they let it happen naturally. Which they won't. Jews always escalate to the point where people have to deal with them after all.

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Screenshot this post if you want. In 2 months the market will have gone down and up a few times, and every time it goes down you clowns will panic and AAAAAAAAAAAAAA and shit.
In 6 months there will be a return to average.
In a year no one will even fucking remember this shit happened and all of you will magically forget about all of it.

Please, if I turn out to be wrong, you can pin this and laugh at me for the rest of time.

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Well, enjoy going destitute, retard. See you in Q2.

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Ok, fair enough. I don’t regularly come here, but I’ll be back in Q2 at least, we’ll see which predictions are on track and which aren’t.

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