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Where did the $1.5 trillion dollars go? Who has it right now? Why is no one asking questions?

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you dont need to know the answers to those questions anon

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...aaaaaannnnnnnddddd its gone.

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shut it, goy

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They didn't hand out $1.5t.

If I say "I'll give any /biz/raeli 100 1 dollar bills in exchange for a Benjamin, then we'll swap back tomorrow morning", that's basically nothing, right?

Now suppose if I offer to do that 10 times over, and only one of you guys actually needs the 100 1's, what really happened?

$1000 was offered, zomg! But only $100 of it was moved. And the money that changed hands (via overnight interest) in the actual deal was the equivalent of a couple cents.

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what the fuck did you just say to me?

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Where did you get the $1000 to begin with?

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The Fed bought a mountain of failing stocks with it to slow the massive selling. if they hadn't we'd be down 30% lower than we already are at the moment. The Fed did something similar to this during the housing crisis in 2008 with foreclosed homes, many of which they still own.

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The fairy fucking godmother. What matters is the anon who needed 1's got 1's and, maybe, the couple cents that actually changed hands.

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What a repugnant and anti-Semitic question.

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Checked and kek'd.

That would be QE where, say, after Sunday $500b in treasuries or $200b in mortgage backed securities are going to be bought up on an arbitrary timeline. In that case, money is leaving the Fed (but a roughly equivalent amount of bonds are taken out, slightly less if it's not mark-to-market).

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brrrrrrred it, which is unsustainable in the long term but it doesn't hyperinflate and it all comes back to the fed in the end (or should in theory, but they haven't sold all their assets from 2008 yet).

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>1's got 1's
Lord of the Ones has spoken, check'd

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I can't believe how shitty this fucking board is that people don't know what a money multiplier is.

Holy fucking shit.


How can you critique our economy when you don't understand the first fucking thing about it?

Retards. /biz/ is dead.

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>(((They still own)))
Yes the institution who prints money with no government oversight is buying up all our countries assets. Why do you ask?

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It went to the people that sold the stocks retard.

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Yes but it indicates a shockingly low amount of liquidity among a lot of financial institutions which is not exactly a great thing either

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>anon can't into reading comprehension
How can you critique our board when you don't understand the first fucking thing about it?

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Lotta loyalty for a hired 1

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so they got for free what countless people have to work all their life for

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welcome to the world of corporate socialism fren.

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>people don't know what a money multiplier is
looks kind of jewish. please don't bulldoze my home. thank you.

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excess reserves is about 1.5T as of the 12th. reserves no longer needed though as of the 26th of this month

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>money multiplier
the money multiplier will be 1/0 now. r=0 now.