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I don't follow astrology very closely, but I do make note of any major predictions that are made by the astrology community, for my own data collection and analysis purposes. The "big event" anticipated/dreaded of this year was unanimous: the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020. (Archetypally, Saturn is associated with the devil and Pluto with death). These are slow-moving planets and thus only reach conjunction once every ~35 years (hence, why it's considered a major event). Pretty interesting little coincidence in light of the Corona virus outbreak.

Re-reading blog posts written *last year* re: Saturn-Pluto 2020 is pretty intriguing:

>"The meeting of Saturn and Pluto portends a stage of toughening. As everyone knows, Saturn means time and responsibility, i.e. becoming aware that things are finite and that life on earth has its own limits ... Thus, the alliance of the two planets may herald societal changes marked by the statement that resources are scarce and by the necessity to carry out radical changes of behavior."

>"This formidable planetary pair only unites in the skies every 33 to 38 years, and when they do, antiquated structures must be brought up to code. This Saturn-Pluto conjunction, their first since 1982, takes place in Capricorn, the sign that rules governments, corporations and the economy."

>"The last time Saturn and Pluto’s paths crossed in Capricorn was in January 1518 ... 1518 is also the year when a bizarre “Dancing Plague” broke out in Strasbourg, France."

>"When Saturn and Pluto meet, their proximity constellates a period of intensified tension, constraint, and division in collective events ... In combination, Saturn and Pluto bring the gravity of graveyards and necessary confrontations with cultural and personal issues we can no longer deny or resist."

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> "As Saturn and Pluto conjoin, the ceaseless pendulum swing between government control and privatization will face deeper scrutiny. A more fundamental reform could be in order."

re: medical care, stock markets and (non)intervention, communist China vs capitalist USA, ...

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Saturn occulted moon during summer 2019
Pluto was passing by too.
>pic related

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>Saturn is associated with the devil
That depends
Based on my research on the topic it appears that “Saturn” is the God of Moses and Jesus
It has to do with electromagnetism and time.

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>/biz/ - Business and Finance

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>"The last time Saturn and Pluto’s paths crossed in Capricorn was in January 1518 ... 1518 is also the year when a bizarre “Dancing Plague” broke out in Strasbourg, France."
>“Dancing plague”
There were two other major “dancing plagues” that occurred in the 20th century

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In Capricorn, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction may be scaring. For those who base their analysis on the past, it is true that the conjunction might have been connected with harsh events, difficult to cope with, or even with conflicts.

It has often been in the background when there were crises and serious troubles during which a feeling of weariness was expressed through outbursts of violence. Nothing too cheering. As the lesser evil, the feeling of collective anxiety was prevailing.

A representation of Hades (Pluto) in Hierapolis
A representation of Hades (Pluto) in Hierapolis
However, the fact that it is taking place in Capricorn suggests that its expression will be more restrained than if it were in an Air or a Fire sign. Capricorn's tenacity may also be synonymous with courage. Of course, there is the concept that there is no backtracking.

For instance, we may hear quite often such sentences as "it is non-negotiable". In other words, existing structures and powers are most likely to be jostled, and progress, difficult, snatched with efforts and pains.

A different model of society in gestation
On the other hand, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn may also help all the peoples to understand that they must change their model, since necessity knows no law. One must see far ahead and launch savings plans. In the meantime, societies are on the way to these thorough mutations. They will take as much time as necessary.

In 2020, the outstanding feature of the conjunction is that Jupiter will join the Saturn-Pluto duet. Although the ruler of Sagittarius has the reputation of being fortunate, it is not always the case.

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I’m using a very simplistic one-world association. Yes, perhaps more accurately, Saturn is structure, order, containment, whether for good or for bad.

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Yea, Saturn is /our/ planet, no?

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I forgot to take my meds AAAAAAA

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predictive programming. that shit is real, you know? there’s some clause in the universal law, or at least the Illuminati perceives it that way, that says you can do away with karma if you say what you’re going to do before you do it.

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Yea, I’m looking forward to the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction. Things might not get better until December.

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Thanks for this thread
Good reading.

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Sauce on this analysis?

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> https://astrologyking.com/saturn-conjunct-pluto/

Scroll to bottom. Written early December 2019.

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We're going to make it, we're all in this together.

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>Saturn” is the God of Moses and Jesus

Which are Jewish fabrications. Jews worship Saturn. Jews are evil. The true aryan worships the sun. The god of the sun Ra. Ra means “evil” in Hebrew. Jews are against everything good for us and worship everything against our god/nature. Saturn is 6th planet from the sun, furthest away planet that can be seen with the naked eye. Jews worship the furthest thing away from out god. Saturn is evil.

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not OP, but agree, thanks OP

luv reading /x/ content in relation to /biz/

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That’s not Illuminati, that’s talmudic law.

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For real? Source?

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Interesting.. seems bullish for linkies.

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I don’t feel like digging through my redpill folder but the “Illuminati” are not the people that control the Earth. The people that control the Earth are the Jewish people, and that’s their rule. It’s why in all their Hollywood media (all Jewish look up the media owners) they do predictive programming of what they plan on doing to us.

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>saturn is the god of jesus
Are deluded linkies closet roman empire?

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^^^^^^WATCH THIS^^^^^^

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we can meme a new timeline where this is real

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Retard, ofc it's real.
Those in power believe it, so it's real.

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Anyone remember when /pol saved Seattle??

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>make doomsday predictions every fucking month
>l-look guys i-it finally happened!!!!!! XDDDD

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Does it still count if you falsely predict as well? To mudden the water so to speak

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I unironically think so. Both Jupiter and Saturn are part of four planets that make a kite in Chainlink’s natal chart. Jupiter (the planet of “expansion”) is at the apex. Saturn Jupiter conjunction in December will also square Uranus. Interestingly, Saturn and Uranus have a strong relationship in both bitcoin (opposition) and chainlink (trine) chart.

So now we have the death and destruction of Saturn + Pluto taking precedence, but soon the planets of knowledge/expansion (Jupiter) and change/revolution/innovation (Uranus) will be playing a major role later this year.

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Retroactively refuted.

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We gonna be so fuggin rich!!!!

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If Jupiter is the planet of expansion, what about Saturn, pluto and the others?
And gib source.

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Saturn-Pluto is important and instructive but what is really playing out right now is the eclipse of Dec 26th.

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Just watched this the other day. Yep: it’s gonna go down then up. He’s using a different type of astrology, but I have the same reading. Also, I’m pretty intuitive and trust my gut, and I’m not uncomfortable right now at all. Like, no worry, panic. Then again, I’m Bosnian, so I might have a high threshold for disaster haha.

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Saturn is the planet of time, harvest, gravity and seriousness, structure, in certain ways the dual opposite of Jupiter
also, there will be a so-called great conjunction, which is a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, on December 21 this year, happens roughly every 20 years

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Lol what? First time I’ve ever made such a post. Precisely because it’s a once every ~35 years astrological event.

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That’s a good question. I don’t know.

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Thanks for your contribution :)

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I highly doubt the modern planets have any effect. They are not visible by naked eyed like the original 7. Im pretty sure it is related to the last lunations. Like this anon said >>17867588

Eclipses tend to disturb the order of nature, they bring big events.

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It’s a whole lotta things. This year is pretty crazy astrologically. Rare Pluto-Saturn-mercury conjunction and later Saturn-Jupiter. Among a lot of other craziness.

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So am I going to be a millionaire soon?

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>I highly doubt the modern planets have any effect.
wrong, the outer planets are very clearly playing a role.

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this year is apeshit

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Yo, what about Mercury?
I'm Geminy, so as i understand it, Mercury is my pocket planet, right?
Is it a cool planet?

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Yes. Hermes.

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What about him?
He sounds like a cool dude.
>chad that steal Apollo's shit
>uses it's wand to charm
>wand with 2 living snakes (Like the USA?)
>flying sandals
>good talker
>jack of all trades
I mean, that's cool, right?

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Saturn represents the rigid order of reality. It teaches that Time and Death walk alongside each other. We grow old as time consumes us. Time depletes our existence, it brings weakness, destruction etc. Saturn is the bane of the spirit (which is the Sun, the Will) and the body (the Moon). It is order which comes from a superior. So landlords, kings, mining owners etc have rule over us, it is the Order outside us, so saturn has domain over slaves, beggars, dogs, weak people, the old, the infertile etc. Saturn is the reality of death, famine, destruction, everything has an end. This is why he represents a scythe. We are the crops being slowly depleted. Saturn is good in the sense it creates a slow construction, which comes over Time, but a slow deplete is also sure.

Since it is related to slavery, cold, the poor etc, it is a planet of humiliation. Like the cold, it shrinks , and Jesus is a diminished form of God. Humiliation is a huge christian value.

Saturn also rules over rocks, wood and lead. Anything heavy, dry, cold and miserable. Another relation between saturn and the church is the fact that saturn brings celibate because of his sterile nature. Saturn is the bane of any relations between men and women. Anything resulting in life.

Al Biruni does point out that Saturn is the planet of the Jews. Which makes sense I guess.

They often dont. I cannot even imagine what it took to find the meaning of at least 1 out of the 7 wanderers, now imagine an additional planet. It may take thousands of years to find a meaning, and I know modern astrology charlatans arent capable of that. I cannot say anything for sure of course, but I strongly doubt its Pluto's fault.

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Here we go:

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>December 21

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If you can hold your link thru this

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cmon baby cmon!!!!

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checked, brate

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>saturn in Capricorn

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capitalism is based on liberal metaphysical idealism so why not astrology too?

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It seems like every economic system is somewhat based on idealism. And that’s why I’m so pro-blockchain. It’s the first time I’ve seen people (highly intelligent turbo artists, as well) thinking about all possible ways their system can break and how to robustly build a system that withstand bad actors ... but I digress ..

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Song related:
Check out 52 minutes in.

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Checked going to make it frens just be patient

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you guys are confusing link with link btw

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although, Uranus can barely be seen with the naked eye as well from time to time
still pretty valid deconstruction

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i meant this lol

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this is doooope

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>Based on my research on the topic it appears that “Saturn” is the God of Moses and Jesus
Do some more research and you will grow out of this phase and accept YHVH as the one true God.

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In my opinion the corona phase has something to do with mars conjunction too, that is faster to go in and out.
The sat-pluto conjunction will be deeper than what you're imagining.

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Pretty satanic.

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Saturn is not satanic, saturn is a cleaner, it basically cuts the bullshit.

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Bottom line is that everything we get is our fault and our fault only. Jews take no responsibility. They believe that since we let them take advantage of us we get everything we deserve and they are free of any guilt. In fact they say we are the evil sinful ones for letting them abuse us the way they do.

Somewhat true sadly enough.

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You forgot to mention the synagogue of satan, search for it, it's in the bible too.

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ID checks out says "yes". You just win goddamn

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Actually RA is EL backwards,the Jews worship El, EL is Saturn which refers to the black sun. Black is evil because it's unmeasured, or rather it is chaos. Where as good is harnessed and controlled chaos. Ra also Amun Ra which means "black" or "hidden sun".

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based schizo thread

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