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guys, I've been a capitalist my whole life, made a successful small business, own my own home, etc. but lately, I've been noticing some inherent contradictions in the society I have prospered so well in... normally this wouldn't bother me, but because of this coronavirus, these contradictions are starting to grow in size and number... will capitalism be able to hold on? or will the inevitable communist revolution take place soon?? I don't want to lose my private property, but the contradictions my "private" property represents just won't stop growing...

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This. I'm starting to feel like it's all a lie. At the very least we should just TRY communism I mean what do we have to lose at this point right?

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I know, bro. I'm starting to think that maybe capitalism isn't really the end of history. Did - did I fall for ideology, bros? My parents and guidance counselors always told me I was so smart, but now, I don't know...

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Starting to agree ngl. I have all this food, wealth, medicine and investments. But is it possible it's all a lie and we need to kill everyone who has more money than me? Just a thought.

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hello comra... I mean fellow capitalists. I too have always been a hardcore capitalist but somehow recentyl I feel more like communism would be better. Im totally not part of a leftypol raid btw hahah. so how can we best establish a communist utopia?

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Name a contradiction

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Too obvious...

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I know, right? Let's go back to /leftypol/ and further discuss Communism in our echo chamber and jerk each other off like we did for a million years.

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Hey hey heeeeeeeeeey… Hey hey heeeeeeeeeey… Hey hey heeeeeeeeeey.

What’s-a, what’s-a, what’s-a, what’s-a, what’s-a, what’s-a, what’s-a, what’s-a, what’s up, RSRCONNEEEEEEEEEEEECT!

Hey, hey, hey, everybody, my name is Nevin Freeman and I am coming from Oakland, California!

Let me tell you guys that I am so excited, I am so happy, I am really so thrilled to be right now sharing this amazing, glorious, super and exciting moment of my life with all of you guys. And let me tell you that we are really changing the world as we know it. The world is not anymore the way it used to be, mm mm, mm, no, no, noh!
Faith and belief is the one thing we will need to be able to change the world. And right now, I believe, that in this room, we have the seed, that’s gonna germinate, and that is going to explode, into an amazing opportunity for us to change this entire world!


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Good. You've taken one step closer to the last and final redpill. Now simply look at the figureheads of capitalism. Who's been running the Federal Reserve for decades? Who are the people that have been declared Treasury Secretaries? Who's been in charge of investment banks that screwed Main Street? Who's been screaming at you to "BUY BUY BUY" for years in the media? Who has been in charge of world powers like the IMF, WTO and World Bank?

Now look at the figureheads of communism. Notice any difference from the figureheads in capitalism? No?

That is the final redpill. There is no escape from this living hell. They control both sides of the coin. You can flip flop ideologies all you want, but you will never ever escape their grasp.

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Thanks for your LARP. I'm sorry they cancelled school and you can't complain about pronouns and whatever stupid shit you losers whine about while studying worthless degrees.

Yeah, move to North Korea and give it a go. What do you have to lose?

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nobody actually thinks this
like listen guys i hate the rich (we call them "kikes", you probably have another word for them) as much as you do, but you don't know what to do to fix any better than we do. capitalism beat communism fair and square (unlike fascism), what's left to do? try it again?
capitalism sucks but the big worker's revolution you're all larping for will never happen and wouldn't fix anything if it did, because we'd just end up where the USSR did in 1991

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basically this

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>yeah, well p-p-pronouns!!!
Damn, anon, I bet that line really devastates on Reddit. Maybe you should go back there.

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May I interest you in anarchism?

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You're right. Someone is responsible...fucking HIBERNIANS

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I don't understand what people mean when they describe themselves as a "capitalist" and say they own a small business.
Isn't finding a niche the important thing about owning a small business?
Doesn't finding a niche and operating successfully in it require significant expertise?
Under such conditions wouldn't you more primarily describe yourself by whatever label is appropriate for your niche before the rather vague term "capitalist."

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they miss you in r/politcs. anon. They need you to phone bank for Bernie! Also, your dad called. He said he can't believe what he spawned and is so disappointed he may kill himself. Congrats on this, seriously. fags like (you) ruined this board, country, planet.

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>LARPing as a disillusioned capitalist
>Readily posts leftypol infographs


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>takes bat nukes for white males to grow a sliver of common sense and humanity

This is why you all must burn in hell

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>5 whole examples of Hibernians with positions of power
wow I bet you thought you were really clever for posting this

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>mindlessly repeating an insult back at someone
literal NPC

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Commies get helicopter rides.

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hi, HIDF

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tells me to go back to plebbit
calls me npc

Hey Siri, what is projection?

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you can't meme

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>the /pol/fags are posting facts while it's the lefty/pol/s resorting to ad hominem
What the fuck comrades... I thought communism was inevitable?

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The NPC masses need to be weaned of their of their happy slave mindset before we can try communism.

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Thanks globalist kikes

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Fuck whites too. You lot are as dumb as every other race and probably the most degenerate race on earth.

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Desu all I want is to live in a first world country; aka European style societies. Not this neo-feudalism, slavery to the 1% we have now.

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Can you faggots raid pol instead or share shemale pics on leftypol instead of posting weak bait here

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t. nigger

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>commie gets so flustered his mask slips off
We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for white children.

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you failed at life. It's the system, not me! LeT's TrY cOmMuNiSm. KYS and take >>17863923 with you.

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>t.leftypol shills
fuck off back to your board. You are all poor, you have no business or money, stop bullshitting.

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>will capitalism be able to hold on?
what capitalism?
the entire world economy has been central bank communism for over a century

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What you dumb fucks fail to understand is that anybody that belongs on this board would have checked those quads. You are taking money from someone who is using fear to get what they want. You are a defacto terrorist. Repent, report your bosses, and dump your training material here for the world to see. May God have mercy on your souls, because no true American would.

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fuck off

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I'm not share blue you stupid nigger.

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>Fedposting this hard

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>Implying the average /biz/tard is even remotely successful enough to own a home and have a small business
Lefty /pol/ is fucking pathetic

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Ohhhhhhhh Jannies, this thread doesn't have anything to do with my magic internet money, please escort this poor fellow to that G*d forsaken board for the discussion of politics.

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Fake and Gay.
Go back to /lgbt/

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Wow, I always thought biz was the lowest iq group of people on the internet. Grats on this lpol, seriously I mean that. Nulinkers are better at shilling their shit that you. Let that sink in.

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Probably not.

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Having a business is having capital you fucking idiot

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Does having a penis make you a boy?

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>I mean what do we have to lose at this point right?
Any hope of escaping your situation, about 200 million lives, the comforts you'be aquired and any chance of eating tendies again. Communists eat nothing, just ask the Ukraine.

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Proper socialism would actually help your small business, instead of corporate jokes. In this economy, Sears means more than your family business because they employ more people, what a joke.

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Proper socialism would actually help your small business, instead of corporate jokes. In this economy, Sears means more than your family business because they employ more people. What a joke.

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>Proper socialism
Nigga how many fucking socialisms are there and why does only one work

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>muh not real socialism meme
>muh there was no real gommunism

An hero. Now.