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Today was the single biggest stock market crash in history.

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Really? What happened in 1987 then

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Trump's signature on the dead cat will go down in infamy. His entire legacy in one image. Poetry.

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Do people still have their DOW 20k hats?

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that was only percentage wise.
Compared to that this is number 2.
But by the raw numbers today it's the greatest crash

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Technical glitch that was recovered from very quickly.

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The man who bankrupted casinos, booze, and steaks, is now going to bankrupt America

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The absolute state of "capitalism".

Shows you how weak and flaky the underlying numbers were.

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87 was the first time computer investing battled itself into a death spiral. This market crash is based upon real events triggering a massive sell off.

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For real. So fucking stupid.

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Guys will this be WORSE than the great depression?
At this rate the DOW will go to fucking 0

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The tranny shills are out in force today. It's sad that they think this is going to get their tranny leader elected somehow.

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You just know the people who bought these hats unironically will hold on all the way to 10k

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I've still got my DOW 10k hat.

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Nah keep electing Drumpf if he's going to crash it to the ground every time. Damn I'm loving it

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Tranny Tranny Tranny.

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remember he knew about this back in early january, All high ranking US government members knew what was going on. He either wanted this to happen or chose to be ignorant, either way we're fucked. His incompetence showed when he gave the idea of giving a tax break so people can wage more while a deadly virus is going around. Here are some things he could of down 2 months ago that are infinitely better ideas.
>Announce all flights cancelled to the USA, Immediate the same day.
>Declare global emergency that USA is involved in
>Announce all testing will be free, All quarantine and sick pay will be free
>enact into law emergency funding to give all americans food stamps
>Start manufacturing masks and distributing them to every major city in the country

but you know what, he didn't do any of this. In Fact he said it's just going to go away, Let's hope he's right.

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>trump puts his entire reputation and re-election on whether or not a few people in suits get spooked rather than a firm handling of a pandemic
Now the suits are still spooked and the pandemic is out of control. He got neither.

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might be relevant again pretty soon lmao

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Thanks Dump

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>... if you disregard 33 years of inflation

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>n Fact he said it's just going to go away
Magic everywhere in this bitch.

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He called a travel ban before most of the West, and called a national emergency at a couple dozen US deaths.

You're an idiot.

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His exact words from his first press conference at the white house, This is before italy exploded in cases.

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>He called a travel ban before most of the West, and called a national emergency at a couple dozen US deaths.

Actually, No he didn't. He didn't ACTUALLY stop travel enough and cared enough to do any real restriction. Still exponentially spreading in the USA, so you're absolutely wrong. He has done 0 to help anyone in the USA.

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Who in their right fucking mind would even bother to reelect this absolute retard for any single reason other than """owning the libs"""?
If (When) he gets four more years, America deserves everything about to happen to it.

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>Still exponentially spreading in the USA, so you're absolutely wrong
You're an absolute idiot.

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Yea and don't forget they had to literally halt trading the third time now since last monday to prevent it from crashing even harder

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Not the biggest by a long shot. But goddamit if Trump opening his mouth isn't at least a guaranteed -5% at this point.
Someone needs to pre-emptively quarantine the microphones whenever he feels the need to address the nation.

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2 weeks ago it was at 100 cases, exponentially growing by a factor of 2 every 14 days. And as I said he didn't restrict travel because he wanted to help people, He wanted to appease people and look how that worked out, IT DIDN'T STOP JACK SHIT. youll suck the cum out of trumps jewish cock so you're already braindead.

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Food stamps? What about money for fucking rent?
If there is no temporary UBI then we are fucked for good

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orange kike shill eternally BTFO and JUSTED for ever

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Because a leftoid will always be worse. I vote against the party wanting to take guns away. Nothing else matters one iota.

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>But goddamit if Trump opening his mouth isn't at least a guaranteed -5% at this point.
He opened his mouth on Friday and it pumped over 9%.

>2 weeks ago it was at 100 cases, exponentially growing by a factor of 2 every 14 days.
It's the same pretty much everywhere.

>he didn't restrict travel because he wanted to help people, He wanted to appease people
You are seriously deranged.

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>It's the KIKES

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Top 3 Trump moments:
1. Trying to buy exclusivity of a German corona vaccine and failing
2. Trying to buy Greenland and failing
3. Trying to get Mexico to pay for the wall (fence) and failing

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t. mutt

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wtf is with this astroturfing itt

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>you can't just name the jEW what is wrong with you

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Trump has only 1 option.

Implement national socialism or be BTFO of the presidency.

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Republicans crash the stock market every single time though. Bush did 2008. Hoover was there for 1929

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> If you disregard absolute numbers like "percentages"

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4. Refusing WHO testing kits

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That's what government assistance is, Paying for quarantining is giving people checks so they can stay home and self isolate. People will just loot though. If cops stay home, there is no law to enact. You see people in this country are only held back because you can go to jail for the rest of your life over 1 death you caused. If those risks just disappear overnight because murders aren't being arrested for and looting isn't being punished, people will start to commit mass crime and eventually it's all over.

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Cold. Dead. Hands.

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In the matter of one week, the man has found a way to lose his re-election bid.

Absolutely wild.

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Also to add, People will commit mass crimes if there is nobody to punish them for it. Once police officers get sick and martial law is enacted, crime and death will skyrocket. Soldiers can't arrest millions of angry and starving citizens, So total anarchy breaks loose.

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And national lockdown is about a month away, I'm glad I'm setting up 3/8 inch steel plating defenses in my house hallways.

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His cult is too devoted for that to happen

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Not sure what your point is. Cops aren't going to stop going to work if they get $1k/month and there won't be nationwide quarantines that shut down grocery stores and convenience stores.

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The entire post 2008 recovery was based on throwing money at an unsound economy to stop the shitty parts from failing. What we are seeing here is that central banking can make an unhealthy economy look healthy, until something bad happens and then it gets much worse. Blame Trump all you want, this is the result of the financial sector thinking QE works when all it does is make the market noncompetitive.

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Shadow Commander sure is having solid laugh in the afterlife.

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They'll take your guns away regardless. Both Democrats and Republicans serve the same master, CAPITAL.

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Goddamn I laughed so hard the second he signed this dead cat.

He really had no clue what was coming.

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holy shit, he did WHAT?!? is this real?

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cops cannot arrest millions of angry hungry citizens with guns, infact cops won't be working when martial law is in place. Soldiers won't arrest the citizens like cops will, so looting and all the other types of crime will be rampant. Look at katrina, national guard didn't do shit. Niggs chimped out and stole so much, a lot got killed too. You have never seen the amount of chaos of that which is to come in the following months. Keep your supplies, ar15 and ammo close and stay indoors.

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imma gonna fap to relax

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>Announce all flights cancelled to the USA, Immediate the same day.
>Declare global emergency that USA is involved in
>Announce all testing will be free, All quarantine and sick pay will be free
>enact into law emergency funding to give all americans food stamps
Strange mix of nationalism and socialism in this fantasy.

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sissy hypnosis for these trying times

>> No.17861902

Didn't even last 2 seconds.

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I think I know this Jewess.

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ok sissy castration hypnosis while pointing scissors at your balls

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too extreme

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>t. drumptard who simply ignores that he said he will take guns first and go through due process second
And remember all those red flag laws enacted by his administration, he's already taking your guns away

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Yeah, the US refused the WHO kits to have private companies make their own instead which has delayed testing drastically for most of the US. Even though they had a fuckton of kits available to use ages ago.

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These are real and effective measures he should of done. He didn't do any of these, and in reality the travel ban didn't do jack shit. You either commit fully or don't, he half assed it and it's apparent by how many cases are in the USA now, Climbing by the hundreds and soon to be thousands per day.
>>Declare global emergency that USA is involved in
He declared it too late
>>Announce all testing will be free, All quarantine and sick pay will be free
>enact into law emergency funding to give all americans food stamps
people still need to wage for money for food, government should be providing this so people can avoid working and they can stay home.

Everything he's done is NOT how you deal with a deadly virus, he could have done so so so much more.

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The Sharpie hurricane debacle beats all of that, just for how pathetic it was.

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Imagine seething this hard.

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Trump has done more to restrict guns than Obama did, you fucking retard.
Don't listen to what they say, look at what they do.

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and I'll add, the reason cops are so effective in this country is because they are so well organized and communicate effciently. If you disable the way cops communicate through radio and they are all sick and can't come to work, that basically means the police force is weakened and crime will be rampant.

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>He opened his mouth on Friday and it pumped over 9%.
You mean he opened the money presses to 1.5 trillion and bought himself a weekend of relief.

>> No.17862172

I'd rather not get a deadly virus that will incapacitate my lung function by 30% for the rest of my life, just to earn some jewbux. Sadly many will die, many don't see how serious this is but they will pay the price for their ignorance, perhaps it's better this way they die.

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ashley rae goldenberg, well known jewess that I want to have sex with one day.

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>I'd rather not get a deadly virus that will incapacitate my lung function by 30% for the rest of my life
If you're under 70 you'll be fine.

No, the markets rallied about 10%.

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yes anon
it is the jews

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As if the police and military wont be prowling the streets but somehow still needs home walled up to defend from raiders.

>> No.17862286

>4. Saying "The markets will fix themself"

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Can somebody explain to me why this is happening? Cause from the outside it seems like "investors" are just panicky dipshits that lit themselves on fire for literally no reason.

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Because the Fed printed 1.5 trillion dollars and dumped it into the stock market

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I matched with her on Jswipe when I was drunk on a plane. Then she ghosted me. She lives in DC.

Also, explains a lot.

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I'm not taking any chances, from what I see, it's still deadly and you can still die. still cases of young people dying and lung function decreasing. I take pascals wager, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I don't take risks that the chance of failure is greater vs the outcome of success.

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noone cares about your failed economic theories you leftypol retard

>> No.17862400

And hillary would have done far worse with the same circumstances. Stupid faggots. We take battles where we can. We're not always going to have a winner as a president, but a republican is always ALWAYS better in this regard. And a republican supreme court is the skittle most important factor in this entire battle. You people are braindead.

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Police are citizens too, under martial law police will stay home with their families most likely self quarantining. Soldiers will be out in full force with gas masks and weaponry, No military can defend against millions of people with ar15's. Only thing that can kill that is a nuke, not even jet bombs work.

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>t-there's no one to blame when things go bad!

>> No.17862528

eh likely not tho. This is Trump's biggest weakness, comprehensive medical knowledge.

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really? If this all blows over I'll take a trip to DC and try to find her. I have a feeling it wouldn't be too hard. I know her expectations are already low because her ex bf was a fat buzzhead natsoc. She's a 5/10 at best with makeup, I can tell just from the way her facial posture is she has low self esteem issues as most women do.

>> No.17862551

>could of
You mean “could have” or “could’ve.”

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oh I didn't read the bullshit. thot it was corona

>> No.17862568


This is the best 4chan post I've seen since someone put a mattress in a pool and they had to call a crane to get it out

>> No.17862655

So we should have voted for hilldawg? Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.17862784

>t. everyone who doesn't love Trump is shariablue or ctr, trust the plan, MIGA!!!!
Should had gone for Rand Paul like anyone who wasn't voting due to memes would had done

>> No.17862830

And let Hillary win for free, great plan you stupid nigger. There are only ever two choices in the USA

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At the end of the day I think this is all beneficial. My hopes is that the election doesn't happen, and national socialist groups dismantle the US government. The votes in my eyes don't matter, they are fake anyways. all the candidates are jews so it's no concern of mine.

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Is this how it ends?

>> No.17862963

Trump's Supreme Court picks are moderates, you stupid faggot. Stop listening to Rush and Hannity, and actually read a book.

>> No.17862966

Interesting. Keep in mind, I'm laughably bad at dating apps, and only go on them when I'm drunk enough to have hope.

I also filter people by political opinions.

>> No.17863010

i arent think that

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muh make Israel great again

>> No.17863052

Hillary could had never won against anyone, she is easily the worst candidate to ever exist in the US
The worst is yet to come migapede, Biden will pick Hilldawg as VP and die a few months after the election

>> No.17863062

>7.5% chance JEB

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lol muh percentages

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>> No.17863199

And hillary would have chosen extreme leftist retards. You have a double digit IQ

>> No.17863230

why does it feel like not really a big crash?

>> No.17863357

I read climate chaos as "ultimate chaos" and think that's a more apt description of what we're going through now

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You are an NPC and don't belong here

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So you'd rather be boiled slowly, never actually making progress towards the goal you profess to believe in, rather than have your people agitated into actually doing something?
Trump taking the guns keeps conservatives asleep and docile. Hillary taking the guns would have people angry, and her overstepping the bounds too much would have them baying for blood. While the controlled media is on their side, them overstepping is the only thing that will lead to us getting what we want.

You fucking troglodyte.

>> No.17863636

God Bless You Fren

>> No.17863640

Fucking based.

>> No.17863643

Bitcoin is more money-like than dollar, because it dropped 50% in 48 hours. For the dollar to lose 50% of its value it would take 30 years

>> No.17863889

she's gonna be VP desu

>> No.17864071

so much coping and seething, little red :3

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Based black man detected

>> No.17865255

It's happening all at once. Wait for it to really soak in.

>> No.17865425

Boomers and their stocks on suicide watch

>> No.17865430

It just shows people, no one, ever had confidence in the man. If he was a patrician then people wouldn't be scared, but because he has no clue what to do and oozes that in his speeches then people get scared shitless. True alpha type leaders would give even the bleakest moments in life a glimmer of hope. Trump does not ooze that.

>> No.17865466

Just look at all this desperate headcanon.

>> No.17865472

If they have no job then they will turn on him. Food and shelter is more important than a fence by Mexico.

>> No.17865478

>using point totals instead of percentage drops
Black Monday is the ETERNAL GOAT now that the market hits level 3 breakers at 20%

>> No.17865489

whoever was poasting about 4d chess needs to fess up. we're seeing Trump get outplayed by the deep state. his roaring economy and high stock market was a yuge reason people loved him. now shit's fucked and the deep state has him in a check situation. go to any store and it looks like the fucking great depression with long lines and panicking normalfags. if he doesn't fix this somehow he's not going to get re-elected.

>> No.17865511

nah this sort of thing is pretty much the only thing he had to fear and what do you know he blew it
he was much better today admittedly but its probably too late

>> No.17865680

His re-election is pretty much gone. This virus ain't leaving til summer. He would literally have to do left wing tier things to boost the economy by November. His right wing supporters would drop him for going commie and no one on the left likes him.

>> No.17865747

Sounds like an easy trump win.Thats basically 2016 all over again. Leftoids thinking their retard ideas would work.

>> No.17865767

The Trump supporters I know IRL are dismissing the economy tanking, and the Fed printing money, as none of it being his fault, this all being a vast left-wind conspiracy, and him being "the only shot at this country surviving".
They'll suck his dick no matter what he does.

>> No.17865769

yes, unironically

>> No.17865798

It was only the 3rd worst day for S&P 500. Number one is still black monday in 80's and number two is one of the days from the great depression stock market crash.

>> No.17865819
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>that was only percentage wise.

>> No.17865835
File: 51 KB, 763x547, rapture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So have you been saved yet?

There is no time to bicker or care about things of this world but look upward as our redemption draws nigh.

If you have not already, please look out how events are converging and that our fallen world has already become sicker, literally, from this pestilence. Tribulation draws near and God is calling upon and gathering His flock right now

Jesus is the one and only way to True Love from God, friends. His Holiness and Word is reality, not the things of this world

Accept Christ before it is too late


>> No.17865836

the main thing i don't like about him now is the fact that he obsesses over the stock market and doesn't seem to care about actual workers. also look at the tariffs, those had a negative impact on many US companies as well, including lobster fishermen who sold lobsters to china. we can't honestly blame him for the virus, but if the virus was unleashed by china as a retaliation for the tariffs and for the HK protests, then he is partly to blame indirectly. of course china is the fucking clear villain right now no matter what they say the original cause was.

>> No.17865841


Why would I immediately start criticizing him for a fucking Chinese virus? Let’s let the cards fall where they may before kneejerking to accusations and opportunism. It’s not like Europe is faring any better right now

>> No.17865849

Because it's not a core valuation loss. (well, maybe some exceptions like some airlines) Overall this is a crash from economic inactivity which is pretty unprecedented outside of wartime.

>> No.17865876


>> No.17865894

Accelerationism is faggy as hell and doesnt actually work

>> No.17865929

BLUMPF will easily win because he's more charismatic than Biden and Americans ALWAYS re-elect the incumbent during a world crisis.

>> No.17865939

He did this after the average American realized this was becoming a serious situation. He's behind the curve here, and that means his responses are weaker than they would be if he were ahead of it.

>> No.17865944

It's absolutely hilarious that he fucked up this bad. le malarkey man is going to waltz into the white house in november.

>> No.17865984


These kids can have their fun. This will be calmed by mid summer and Biden has no chance or looking any more competent with how big of a senile retard he is. I can’t remember a worse incumbent challenger

>> No.17865989

>He's behind the curve
>he fucked up this bad

He called a travel ban ahead of the entire Western world pretty much.
A week later is when everyone followed suit.

Just how desperate are you faggots about trying to pin fucking corona on Trump?

>> No.17866012

recessions are MASSIVELY different from war in terms of world crises. War, with a solid enough rationalization, can turn presidents into heroic figures. Recessions make presidents look weak. Recessions consistently lead to power shifting from one party to the other.

>> No.17866039

Yea and I see what they are doing in Virginia and across the nation with red flag laws. Trumps election shifted dem values into openly treasonous territory.

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> guns.
Explain North Korea and commie Albania then?

>> No.17866141


This is a pandemic. Somewhere between war and recession. People don’t automatically blame it on him. People can see other countries doing terribly.

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>why would shutting down the global economy for months cause a market crash?
It's a mystery

>> No.17866165

Does anyone here still support capitalism unironically? I question your mental ability if you still think it's the best we can do.

>> No.17866166

reject the false dichotomy, embrace sensible opinions

>> No.17866178

Italy banned flights from China before the US did. He called the other travel ban less than a week ago.
How is he ahead of the western world here.

Also, clearly it's not his fault it exists, it's just also clear to everybody that his response was slow and involved downplaying it substantially. Only in the past week has he given it any credence.

>> No.17866224

Italy was first hit out of the West, which is why I said "pretty much".
Most of the rest of the West waited another week or so.

Trump was FAR ahead of the curve.

>> No.17866233

This post is so good they'll probably need a crane to get it out

>> No.17866242

What we need is import-substitution industrialization. Our manufacturing capacity is that of a 2nd world nation. Crank the tariffs up, and subsidize business to create factories here instead. At the same time as this, kick out the foreigners, which will immediately increase the value of labor, and, thus, wages. That way everyone wins (if you're American). But that's """planning""" the economy.

Losing slowly over the course of 90 years is even faggier. And very Conservative.

>> No.17866265

yes Trump shouldn't have allowed that virus in China to get out of hand. Oh wait....

>> No.17866283


In your dreams, Trumpcuck

>> No.17866297

communism demonstrably failed repeatedly during the best of times. Once the virus burns through or vaccine is created, things will slowly return to normal.

>> No.17866338


All this "biggest" shit is a meme. The economy and population is growing exponentially, so everything in the future will be "bigger" than things in the past.

>> No.17866358

He will blame the Fed or something.

>> No.17866429

>Trump's muslim ban is upheld by the Supreme Court
600,000 more Muslims in the United States today than 2017
>Trump's fully funded ICE and is kicking illegals out!
4,000,000 more illegals caught and released into the country since he became president
>Trump shut down travel with China, BASED!
Thousands of Chinese continue to come into the US, despite "travel being shutdown".

When will you retards realize that he just lies to you? Like when he lied and said the wall was "almost finished"? Will you just believe anything, as long as he says it? I guess Corona is "just the cold", and will "magically disappear any day", huh?

>> No.17866528

If he was far ahead of the curve, where are the test kits? How come countries like Germany, South Korea, and Taiwan are outproducing the US in test kits, with much smaller populations and less resources?
Why do the test kits currently cost an arm and a leg for a victim who has no insurance or bare bones insurance?
Where are the extra ventilators needed for severe cases?
Where are the extra ICU rooms/quarantine buildings that hospitals in the hardest impacted areas desperately need?
Where is the UBI to supplement the millions of service workers who are basically out of a job right now?

Trump dragged his feet in this instance. He played the whole thing off as an inconvenience when doctors and healthcare professionals were screaming at him to look at what was happening in China.

>> No.17866601

>Woah there, anon! Are you advocating for any change to the healthcare system? What are you, some kind of FREE MARKET HATING COMMUNIST???
>Why don'cha go hang out with your buddies Mao Zedong, Rachel Maddow, and HITLER, ya durned SOCIALIST???

>> No.17866640

trying way too hard

Literally all of your bullshit applies to Europe too.
t. European.

>Trump dragged his feet in this instance
Trump was far ahead of the curve.

>> No.17866689

USDA studies show that every $1 spent on SNAP benefits generates $1.84 in economic benefit. Poor people spend more when they don't have to worry about food, which is exactly what you want.

>> No.17866766

Ah, you're the guy who was saying that the market is actually rallying. No wonder.

>> No.17866837


>> No.17866879

Because the alternative is giving power to revanchist tribalists and I'd rather not be discriminated against because of being white and told that is "being equal".

>> No.17866934
File: 2.77 MB, 1516x1131, 2425645345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

romance speaking wiggers touch and kiss each other because they're gay wiggers, that's why.

>> No.17866942

The Great Depression was a combination of factors that aren't present right now.

>> No.17866979

>chinks throttle their manufacturing industry to control a disease outbreak
>production deficits cause investors and stock brokers to panic
>somehow this is Trump's fault
OP is a fag.

>> No.17866994

>revanchist tribalists

You mean like what is happening now as a backlash to King Nigga who was literally a Ronald Reagan stan.

>> No.17867009

>Why would I immediately start criticizing him for a fucking Chinese virus?
I love how you Trumpfags keep saying this despite his administration being warned of the virus' international spread months ago and he still did nothing.

>> No.17867022
File: 151 KB, 1069x837, cat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So far
There's still 4 more days until Friday.

>> No.17867023

What if the military and police are the raiders?

>> No.17867053

Sorry you got to fill me in, I meant more like the whole "inclusivity" and "equity" bs, which is just maoism repackaged.

>> No.17867127

>How is he ahead of the western world here.
Canada and Germany didn't ban *any* travel until today. Trump was called racist for banning travel from China in January. Trump is basically the center of the universe so people just project everything onto him whether it's good or bad.

>> No.17867147

7.62x51 oughtta take care of that

>> No.17867201

That's liberalism rebranded as neoliberal identity politics. Don't even know who the fuck told you that was close to Maoism, hahaha. Read a fucking book.

>> No.17867202

Because people on this board believe he is fighting the adenochrome addicts for America, when he maybe a babyblood drinker himself

>> No.17867212

>a temporary recovery in share prices after a substantial fall
That chart doesn't show a dead cat bounce

>> No.17867250

Oh wait I just saw the little spike, my bad, I'm an idiot. I am sorry. Please forgive me.

>> No.17867252

Yeah hold on to your guns until they automatise the army and take them anyway retard. America becomes increasingly totalitarian as we speak but muh second amendment

>> No.17867282

oh no no no

>> No.17867294

you know, up untill this happens again. and again. its better to learn from this lession then have 20% of the population die again?

>> No.17867298

>Trump was called racist for banning travel from China in January
By whom? Definitely not by the medical institutions that were begging him to prepare for the spread back in December and January. If what you're saying is true, then our president is really weak and stupid if he doesn't take national health and safety precautions just because of a namecalling.

>> No.17867329

At least he doesn't fucking hate my guts like the democrats. At least Trump doesn't want me dead

>> No.17867365

>there's only two strictly defined options for how to run the world

>> No.17867384
File: 419 KB, 930x536, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17867418

>owning da libs by voting for people that still take your guns away while also taxing you more to compensate corporate bailouts and further privatizing necessary resources
Bravo, dude.

>> No.17867424

has bi-partisanship really deluded you lot this much? theres two parties to give the illusion of choice. in the end all the policy you voted for get over turned, and then it flips back, and forth.

>> No.17867457

Maoism in the sense the "counter-revolutionary" or the "rightist".
>Be farmer with two cows and record of being previous gen being ambivalent towards the invaders
>Mao takes power
>Get accused of of being a "land-owner" because of two cows
>Get called rightist because of previous gen's ambivalence towards the invading Japanese

Collective identity politics and generational dependence were massive cornerstones of Mao's anti rightist campaigns. The same goes for the current revanchist tribalists groups such as BLM. Whites are generationally dependent (slavery, reparations, power structures) and are the new "land-owners" because they own more stuff directly attributed to "racist"/"rightist" power structures.
In woke culture you get the same kind of status structure like in Maoist China with Red flags for the most WOKE people, Yellow flags for the ones that are possible traitors but who help the "revolution" (helper whiteys, etc) and white flags for the "counter-revolutionaries" (in our time anyone who is deemed a "racist" or "nazi". It is pretty fucking comparative.

>> No.17867520

>Trump was called racist for banning travel from China in January.
I'm in a leftist as fuck area, no one was saying this, they were picking on him for downplaying coronavirus. The few people that thought it was racist thought so because it was JUST China, the same way some people thought it was weird the UK was excluded from the European travel ban.

>> No.17867534

>At least he doesn't fucking hate my guts like the democrats
His reaction to the recent pandemic says otherwise. Do you seriously believe that a corporate bigwig-turned-politician that cares more about approval ratings from economists than the health of the nation's citizens gives a shit about you?

>> No.17867581

I have been going to work? A lot of people have

>> No.17867593

Idk but you sound like a redditfag or some kind of shill. Maybe just go back where u come from

>> No.17867605

Yeah there's definitely something malicious about Democrats that you just don't find in Republicans. I sincerely believe Republicans are kinder people in general, albeit misguided. Probably comes from being mostly religious/moral people. Even if Republicans espouse xenophobic and racist ideals, if you speak with one in real life they'll genuinely be kind to your face even if you're a foreigner.

Democrats in general are a more selfish people who have a grotesque, selfish hatred for anybody that disagrees with them. Probably stems from being amoral and having no real principles (plus they are always ready to toss aside their "beliefs" on a whim, see how much they despise each other in the primaries and hate Bernie who is the epitome of what Democrats claim to believe).

>> No.17867631


>> No.17867662

Convincing trumpfag response but needs a wojak image with a mobile filename and you forgot to call me a cuck.

>> No.17867693

Our nation was founded on accelerationism

>> No.17867696

Are you unemployed? Every white collar worker is working remotely.

>> No.17867698

This is exactly what I mean. Thanks bro. Chuck Schumer? Nancy Pelosi? These people are fucking CUNTS compares to people like Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Pence etc...They seem evil as fuck. How can anybody vote for that? Evil people vote for that.

like this faggot

>> No.17867765

Capitalists and communists both serve the same master.

The Jew.

>> No.17867775
File: 237 KB, 1600x1600, 1556850003254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at these fucking people. Like cartoon bad guys

>> No.17868146
File: 119 KB, 905x817, GMAN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wake up, Mr Freeman. Wake up and smell the ashes.

>> No.17868178
File: 38 KB, 751x172, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice radical centrism you have here mods

>> No.17868214

/biz/ has always been a capitalist board, kys newfag

>> No.17868297
File: 27 KB, 181x246, 1583529063654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what an absolute fucking faggot. Why would you ever do that? Why would you tie yourself so hard to a market that's fucking crashing. How insanely stupid can he be?

>> No.17868444

Here sir, you dropped these ((( ))))

>> No.17868502
File: 51 KB, 914x448, Chinese_Virus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How long till China cuts off medical supplies?

>> No.17868525

im shorting your entire life.

>> No.17868543

We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.

>> No.17868548

I voted for this retard and he's ruined everything by falling for the classic boomer blunder: nothing can go wrong.

>> No.17868572

yeah this will be worse.

>> No.17868581
File: 346 KB, 2048x1366, chinajew-web2-superJumbo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>worried about the (((stock market))) when China just unleashed a bioweapon and shut the whole world down

>> No.17868601

raping her while forcing her to do a roman salute over a black sun written in her blood.

>> No.17868611

Not soon enough. Its probably infected with the Wuhan

>> No.17868620

It was anon. All you have to do is believe.

>> No.17868624

>let's blame drumpf when the chinese made this fucking virus

>> No.17868646

he knew about it for months and did nothing please explain.

>> No.17868659

>its trumps fault someone ate a raw bat

>> No.17868664

What else are haters gonna do. Nothing else works on Trump, they already tried impeachment and special prosecutor lol

>> No.17868681

keep your sperm, youll need the testosterone in these trying times

>> No.17868692

oh no.
whos gonna vote for trump when 13% of the elderly population drops dead.
you know what Biden is so shit that Trump could let the virus run loose with zero precautions and he'd still win. fuck it. DOW to 10k.

>> No.17868695

>loses trade war
>releases bioweapon on China
>wait what we actually did depend on China?

>> No.17868707
File: 29 KB, 469x545, 1553591470986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for the millionth time: it's not his fault some dipshit in hubei wanted to eat some bat in sewer water. This shitty response that has the market freaking out and allowing it to get way out of hand instead of going full war time footing like South Korea or Singapore did is his fault. That's totally his and his administrations fault

>> No.17868709
File: 2.15 MB, 1280x960, 1572092598805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Asia/Europe/India/Russia and basically every single country's stock market is crashing due to Coronavirus

>But lets blame this entirely on Trump

You're the one drowning /pol/ with all the pro-Tarrant/Breivik threads aren't you? Fucking kike.

>> No.17868720

with a kike poll?

>> No.17868728

nice meme. the claim that it came from the US is based off of a mis-translation of news, gookbot.

youre afraid.
no i never said that. Trump, however, will have blood on his hands. The stock market was due for another crash since 08. None of the problems were fixed then.

>> No.17868742

Hopefully this will be the last time anyone trusts bankers, but knowing the Jews it won't be.

>> No.17868749

Everything that's happening now would have still happened if he took the strongest possible response, it just would be moved up a few weeks, and you'd all still be blaming him for it.

>> No.17868765

all he had to do was not fall for the "its just a flu" meme. he did. he betrayed us. wake up.

he let the chink bioweapon at your door because he banked on it being a flu.

>> No.17868780


>Failed economic theories

Compared to the current economy? Capitalism has failed and the public is coming to see it friend :)

>> No.17868784


The funny part is that our death rate is currently a fraction of Europe’s but somehow Drumpfy is uniquely bad because reasons

>> No.17868826
File: 58 KB, 396x691, 1565192283720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This isn't about your stupid faggot emperor of shitty politics. It's about the market being fucked for god knows how long. You're right that it would still be happening with the strongest possible response but we could have probably mitigated the damage to a single quarter not multiple quarters and a full on recession that most analyst are predicting we're in for. Just admit that he fucked up and by extension fucked us

>> No.17868827

>our death rate is currently a fraction of Europe’s

Because we're a week or two behind on getting this shit like Italy and such

>> No.17868831

If money hadn't been thrown at the economy, the population would be far worse off, and the stock market would still have crashed because the coronavirus would still have made companies less profitable.

>> No.17868897

Oh if you knew who I was you wouldn't be saying that. I'll always be a part of 4chan history.

>> No.17868911

remember that time Obama took away all our guns?

>> No.17868926

Unfortunately suck the dick of Winnie the Pooh, but still.

>> No.17868931

Nobody is talking about the rich mega-donners in American politics, Republican Party included.

What Trump supporters think doesn't matter, it's what the guys who give money to the campaigns of people like Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz and so many other politicians. They definitely are blaming Trump because they don't have any interest in Trump being president if he doesn't protect their money.

The stock market crashing is Trump's political immunity coming to an end, that's money going to Republican politicians coming to an end and going to corporate Democrats instead.

>> No.17868942
File: 42 KB, 258x245, 1583161753046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17868945

id gladly rape and kill every chink politician live on tv fuck off retard.

>> No.17868967


He literally tried to after Sandy Hook retard. It sparked a whole pro 2A backlash.

>> No.17868999


And why is that anon? Could it have been preemptive travel restrictions? We’re a huge fucking country that usually has constant travel with China.

What bought us this time?

>> No.17869014
File: 43 KB, 800x450, 1578853294762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The stock market crashing is Trump's political immunity coming to an end


Finally, this will stump the Trump!

>> No.17869095
File: 438 KB, 494x954, B22E9234-C8FA-4D85-B2A9-008C1959F96B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah dude, he’ll win. The fact that the blame for all of this lies squarely with China will win it for him.

>> No.17869124


You seem to underestimate how much of our politics are bought. I'm not saying here the Dems will defeat Trump in an election (though that may happen), I'm saying the Republican politicians will throw Trump under the bus.

>> No.17869140

He was one of the first to stop flights from China and was ahead of all of the big western nations. Also, as it turns out, it literally is just a flu. In January it looked like a 20% death rate absolute disaster.

As it happens I was hoping Hillary would win so this inevitable crash could be blamed on her but I'll be honest I did forget about that for a while and got my hopes up that Trump might be Hitler 2.0. Really though he is Schrödinger's Jew and as time goes on it becomes more likely he really is MIGA.

>> No.17869142

People like you are so full of lies and bullshit, you deserve the economic pain that is going to come to you.

>> No.17869143

At this rate I'll be able to pay off my $40K student loan debt with like 2 weeks of work.

>> No.17869150

Incredible hubris. Tremendous amounts.

>> No.17869202
File: 23 KB, 680x503, Screen-Shot-2020-03-16-at-1.15.46-PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Namely there wasn't as much debt back then.

>> No.17869213

This is such an unbelievably bad understanding of the 2008 recovery I think you are quite literally shilling.

>> No.17869216
File: 400 KB, 2400x1350, 1562916324215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm saying the Republican politicians will throw Trump under the bus.

Yeah Trump has never deal with that before...this is the end.

>> No.17869266

Capitalism is failing, it hasn't failed.
Socialism has failed, it was absorbed by capitalism.
Whatever comes next will probably absorb most of capitalism and socialism but add it's own lessons.

>> No.17869278

If trump was in front of me right now id eat his ass and play with his balls , then swallow his cum and spit it back into his mouth while i jerked myself off all over my own chest. Thats not gay.

>> No.17869293


Trump hasn't made rich people lose money at that point. The cardinal sin.

>> No.17869301

Why does it keep randomly spiking and dropping?
What happened today that was different from Friday?
It all seems quite whimsical and arbitrary.

>> No.17869310
File: 446 KB, 463x674, 1583822459460.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What saw deeper cuts - stock prices or this Trump supporter's genitals?

>> No.17869311

I hope the whole system crashes. I couldn't give less of a fuck. Nothing else would push people to actually do shit outside of a crash due to a fucking pandemic, bunch of complacent drones who wouldn't even use the 2nd amendment if the government was fucking their wives.

>> No.17869330

>Coronavirus is Trump's fault
>100% of the countries in the globe are crashing
>The (((rich people))) will bury Trump

How ass retarded are you bro?

>> No.17869334

Too bearish. Anyone got a 1000 hat?

>> No.17869339
File: 655 KB, 610x611, 0A609AC0-F66F-4037-9050-8DD146E337B8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17869348

>Literally tried to
yes I do recall Obama coming into my home and taking my guns you're right my mistake

>> No.17869376


>> No.17869378

Tranny obsession is a more serious ailment than Corona.

>> No.17869393

>Blame the President again
>Even though the economy has been dead since the Early 90's.
Okay Zoomers

>> No.17869401

I'm legit curious how Trumps campaign will deal with this. I thought he was a sure thing for 4 more years on economy alone, but with this crash, by the time elections happen all the old people's retirements will be cut in half and not an insignificant amount of people will be jobless.

>> No.17869407
File: 98 KB, 750x872, 1583793665791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek,he just fired the pandemic response team. No big deal anon https://apnews.com/ce014d94b64e98b7203b873e56f80e9a

>> No.17869428

He's hoping for a quick v shaped recovery. It's pretty much his only hope.

>> No.17869436

Like this one?

>> No.17869513
File: 93 KB, 258x291, 1584244843248.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, who cares about the pandemic? Go back to work, wagie, you have rent to pay with your increasingly inflating money.

>> No.17869523

Fucking stupid. The entire reason 2008 happened was because bad financial decisions were made at several levels. Instead of accepting the pain and dealing it with then, they chose to perpetuate the fraud and make the pain more painful and longer lasting when we eventually have to contend with it.

>> No.17869568



>> No.17869573

And they’ll do the exact same thing to try and kick the can down the road again this time. It works until it doesn’t.

>> No.17869575

How do we profit from this bullshit? Besides sucking 1 millon cocks for 1 dollar or 1 cock for a million dollars?

>> No.17869632

Whose cock can I suck for a million dollars?

>> No.17869638

hillary had like a 90% chance of winning

>> No.17869662

Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.... A million dollars is change on the sidewalk to those suck cockers.

>> No.17869684


>> No.17869694

This is the competition of you pick Musk. Good luck.

>> No.17869710

the retard fired them in 2018 already

>> No.17869722
File: 141 KB, 1024x646, 9C12A440-EB88-43B9-9D6A-337FB936767E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those were some good times

>> No.17869734
File: 59 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-200109125140-634-grimes-pregnant-pic-me-1920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My bad. This bird lipped millionaire.

>> No.17869792


>> No.17869904

People don't know shit about other countries.
The average american doesn't care what goes on outside America especially not trump's voters. They'll elect him anyway because he's entertaining.

>> No.17869915

>The average american doesn't care what goes on outside America especially not trump's voters.
The average boomer doesn't even realize all of our textiles are made in China.

>> No.17869956

The average boomer can't understand why Spanish people speak Mexican and why they don't go back to Mexico.

>> No.17870042

I see your point on Rand and Pence, but McConnell seems like a total sniveling piece of shit.

His 180 on appointing a judge during elections shows he has no real principles.

>> No.17870147

>MIGAtards coping

I love this, get fucking rekt stupid people. I know what are you going to call me, i did to "own libs" in social media too.

>> No.17870308

There were two far more significant factors:
Firstly, the Fed tried to reimplement the Real Bills Doctrine. This was the main cause of the Great Depression.
Secondly, America was on the Gold Standard. This prevented the government from properly stimulating the economy, so made the depression hard to escape.

>> No.17870421

Trump is funny when he makes liberals cry but other than that he really is a fucking retard who couldn't run a bath. MAGA people don't gain anything by defending him. I wish he'd get a heart attack or something so some inoffensive caretaker president like Pence could be in charge, someone who's not going to tank the markets with one sentence.

>> No.17870445

Pence is a psycho, at least Trump is funny and is too lazy to do evil shit.

>> No.17870471
File: 70 KB, 480x444, when your girl is pregnant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17870497

Serious question to Trump supporters here. I want you to let your guard down for just a second.

What would Trump have to say, or do, or maybe neglect to say or do, that would would cause you to stop supporting him or think he’s a bad/incompetent president?

If you can think of several things that would be encouraged.

>> No.17870588
File: 24 KB, 570x570, lips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Trump was far ahead of the curve.
Explain this to me. How did he not completely fuck this up?

>> No.17870596
File: 44 KB, 570x401, IMG_20200228_105129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I smell a nigger

>> No.17870637

Good nose

>> No.17870693

I'm expecting the coronavirus to stay here long enough to finish off all the boomers, then the younger folk can begin reinventing and restructuring a new civilization. What are the odds that this whole ordeal won't end with Jews being expelled from America?

>> No.17870718

Is he cool with gays now?

>> No.17870728

Because it's mostly caused by panic (at least at the moment) in addition to being previously at an all time high.

It still has to fall massively to hit pre-recession levels, ie where are previous "top" was before the recession. In short, it's fallen so far because it was ridiculously high to begin with

>> No.17870765

I've looked at the control and we have it incredibly under control. That control is perfect. It's a really amazing control, known him a long time, fantastic guy.

>> No.17870900
File: 204 KB, 802x1400, 1584398972364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dead people are not alive in an alternate dimension called the spirit world.
Dead people feel nothing.
Jesus died to save you and everyone who ever lived from death.

There is no afterlife apart from resurrection. The wages of sin is death, to cease to exist.

Jesus died on the cross for your sins to save you and everyone else from death.

Jesus really died, if his father, God had not raised him up from the dead he would still be in that tomb.

When Jesus died on the cross and rose again from his tomb on the third day, he payed for all the sin in the universe.

Thanks to this, everyone who ever lived will now live forever with God. Hell exists but it is not forever. Jesus did not die on the cross to save people from hell. Evey one will be salted with fire. Either in this life or the next. On judgment day some people will make it and others will not based on their works in this life. Those that got away with doing evil in this life will be disciplined by being executed with fire. They will return to being dead as the fire turns them to ash. Later on Jesus will raise those that died in the fires of hell. On that day Jesus will kill death itself and God the father will be all in all.

This is true weather you believe me or not. If you do, and you do not believe in the trinity, or free will, then congrats you believe the gospel. If this faith in you endures to the end you will rule and reign with Jesus in heaven.
Jesus died for the demons too. This is the gospel of the circumcision, or Paul's gospel.

Read more here at


>> No.17870931
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The doctrine of going to heaven/hell when you die is a doctrine of demons and denies the gospel. Repent!
Ecclesiastes 9:4-10 (ESV)
4 But he who is joined with all the living has hope, for a living dog is better than a dead lion.
5 For the living know that they will die, but THE DEAD KNOW NOTHING, and they have NO MORE REWARD, for the memory of them is forgotten.
6 Their LOVE and their HATE and their ENVY have already PERISHED, and forever they have no more share in all that is done under the sun.
7 Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has already approved what you do.
8 Let your garments be always white. Let not oil be lacking on your head.
9 Enjoy life with the wife whom you love, all the days of your vain life that he has given you under the sun, because that is your portion in life and in your toil at which you toil under the sun.
10 Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might, for there is NO WORK OR THOUGHT OR WISDOM IN Sheol, to which you are going.

Lets see, dead people KNOW NOTHING, dead people have NO REWARD(ergo no heaven and no hell), dead people have no WORK so they do nothing, they have no KNOWLEDGE, so they know nothing, they CAN NOT THINK, and they have NO WISDOM whatsoever

There is no afterlife, apart from resurrection you are DEAD, death is the OPPOSITE of life,
The doctrine of an afterlife is a doctrine of demons. Its purpose is to get you to deny the gospel, you cant believe Jesus died for your sins if you dont believe that death exists or that Jesus can die!

>> No.17871124

Will you still sing the same tune once your ma and pa starts drowning on their own beds?

>> No.17871154


>> No.17871480


>> No.17871558
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What a time to be trading, is this the end of /biz/rael?

>> No.17871573

Trump BTFOd

>> No.17871587

>Blaming Trump for a global pandemic caused by another country

>> No.17871745


No, I blame Trump for his poor response to a disease we knew about since January, in another country.

>> No.17871894

He has done pretty ok in handling the virus. The number of cases is quite low for a country as large as the US. A lot of the ideas that he suggested got criticized by the media and the general public only to realize it was the right thing to do

>> No.17871909

>Hillary would have cured the virus


>> No.17871913

It’s interesting you completely avoided answering my question.

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong to blame Trump for this, but out of curiosity did you look for a way to defend him or look at the situation objectively?

>> No.17872107

>What are the odds that this whole ordeal won't end with Jews being expelled from America?
Slim to none considering he married off two of his kids to (((them))).

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