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You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you?
Back to me.

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>Value and labour are objective things
cringe antiquated reactionary 'philosophy'

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You could have NOT given the Jews an excuse to merc Russia

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all commie kikes get the rope

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100 years of economic communism worldwide is what led to all of this
perhaps you forgot that central banking is a core tenet of communism?

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kill yourself, at the end of the day we will still all shit on your grave, name, and terrible fiction. Faggot fuckers will peddle your dead meme shit forever it seems.

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Ironically this guy was such a failure and a gigantic hypocrite

Imagime idolizing such a piece of trash with a murderous ideology kek

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number go down
now gibs me dat for free

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you think things would be just hunky-dory if a communst planet was striken with chink flu?

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Value is subjective.

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let me give you advice commie fuck take some economy book learn to trade and rather that being fat cuck with no future make some money

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Marx traded on the stock market

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Unlike retarded marx I work.

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guys, I've been a capitalist my whole life, but at this point? I'm starting to notice some growing contradictions...

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Wagie cope philosophy

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>I'm starting to notice some growing contradictions...
nice bait 11/10

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*blocks your path*

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>The Jewish Nigger Lassalle ... fortunately departs at the end of this week ... It is now absolutely clear to me that, as both the shape of his head and his hair texture shows – he descends from the Negros who joined Moses’ flight from Egypt (unless his mother or grandmother on the paternal side hybridized with a nigger). Now this combination of Germanness and Jewishness with a primarily Negro substance creates a strange product. The pushiness of the fellow is also nigger-like.

He sounds based anon

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>Science and evidence can prove that value is dependant upon an object independent of all judgements of value
This can't be proved by studies you fucking retard

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>value is observable

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>quote billion dollar profiting apex consoomer product to shill gommunism

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>This is proof that Communism is better

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Sure capitalism is prone to crisis but shit's still resilient than the commie approach where one crisis fucks up everything.
>Stay starved commie.

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how come the communist bashers can never write for shit...

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The Marxists and their absolute blindness to any sort of history are always hilarious. You realize you are the most retarded people on Earth, right? You might as well be Heaven's Gate cultists claiming that their mass suicide was actually correct and since the world still has problems, we need to adopt their ideas.

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Daily reminder: Angry online NEET Communists will always be losers and failures at life.

As they believe the markets are "rigged" against the people, they do not participate in the economy; they do not try to open a business or get a job because they believe "capitalism is rigged" so it's not worth trying. They are poor when the economy is good and they are destitute when the economy is bad. They are quietly seething when people are profiting in the market, but when the market recesses they rejoice believing that it’s somehow a proof that Communism is better.

Every morning they fall asleep in their damp mother's basement mattress, they dream that their SKY DADDY COMMUNISM will miraculously drop from the sky and perform miracles on their poor life decisions.

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I mean he's stating a priori that value is observable through "muh industrial input-output" bullshit.
You're saying that a fucking point of view (what matters for you) can be real, scientific socialism is a fucking oxymoron.

And there are even intellectuals that waste their time studying this shit.

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how come capitalism defenders never have any argument besides "yeah capitalism sucks ass but communism is worse"

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We don't have much material to debate with because real communism is not a real physical phenomenon that can actually happen in real life

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Firstly, that's false; secondly, the imperfection of being does not make it unreasonable to despise suicide

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pick one

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Because that's the only argument you need.

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>Instead of retiring a little later in a big crash, 50 million people starve and die

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Capitalism does suck sometimes but I'll take the modalism that provides a decent life for 80% of people most of the time over an economic abomination that sounds bad in theory and ends up even worse in practice.

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The propaganda machine is up and running since it’s an election year

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capitalism doesn't suck at all, it's amazing
too bad there hasn't been any of it in the world for 100+ years

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>provides a decent life for 80% of people
This. Capitalism is better for the majority. Most Communists in the modern day are seething sour grapes NEETs that have no ability to go up the ladder (so they can only hope that Communism miraculously saves them from their bad life decisions).

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Communism is meant to be democratic.
Democratic workplaces organize societies production.
The reason it wasnt was because of the threat posed by the capitalist west.
But capitalism may not recover this time around.
A new democratic world awaits.Maybe.

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Capitalism is founded on the principle of infinite growth into the future, which is a lie. Unless the market is restrained it will destroy itself and the associated society when it runs off the cliff of resource scarcity.

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that is only logical if there are only 2 options, capitalism and communism, which is obviously retarded. all successful nations are a mixture of policies that reflect both free market and socialist ideals.

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just how naive are you? did you meet any real person in your entire life? are you one of the people who think that people are inheretly good?
people always wants power and always will be
you leftists are great example just look how many lunatic trive becouse you provide them defense in hope it will give you more power

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They don't even want to be saved. They want everyone else to fail. Pretty pozzed.

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>ignoring productivity gains from technology

Communists are literal cave men. "Muh labor" lol and your average pack donkey is just as valuable as a construction worker.

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>You're saying that a fucking point of view (what matters for you) can be real, scientific socialism is a fucking oxymoron.
Read you dumb nigger.

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lol nah
i reckon i could come up with a better system than karls while on like a gram of xanax

the problem isnt capitalism
its the faggot in picrel

>"in the long run, were all dead"
except we ARE the long run from his perspective, and we are unfortunately very much still alive

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>Capitalism is founded on the notion of infinite growth
Literally a lie peddled in commie circles. No "capitalist" theorist has ever claimed this.

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> economic calculation

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All things in this world, including thoughts, have an objective basis. This includes value as well. Value doesn't come from god, or from the ideas of man, but from the world itself. There are two values, use-value and exchange-value. Use value comes from labour, action, an action that man makes on the world and its products. Exchange value comes from exchange, of products in which labor in embodied for other products in which labor is embodied. Its a materialist conception, aka reals>feels.

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>Communism is meant to be democratic.
Wishful thinking. Managing all distribution of wealth and production democratically for billions of people will be a massive CLUSTERFUCK. That's why all major implementations of Communism eventually end up with a totalitarian state.

And because these states are given the responsibility of the entire nation's wealth and production, corruption, mismanagement and power hunger naturally happens. Communism's dependence on central planning and its weakness to corruption is its biggest weakness.

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Making an effort to write an intricate argument for communism isn't worth the time that I could use for shitposting other threads. kek

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>No "capitalist" theorist has ever claimed this.
see >>17853091

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Technology just kicks the can down the road, it doesn't ultimately solve the problem. It just produces bigger problems in the future.

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>Muh another opinion that is not mine is subjetive and incorrect
Hahahahaha the level of I have not argument and cope is precious. Rigth and liberals that can even make a fuction of production is just ironic and retarded, cringe and bluepilled

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Don't even bring up human nature into the argument. Leftists just roll their eyes and mock it because they are naive as fuck

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>he thinks the failure of keynsianism is the death of capitalism

free enterprise will be back and stronger than ever. the free market will fix it, and this board will unironically be center stage. Pooled liquidity, pooled collateral, and smart contracts are the way forward.

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>Managing all distribution of wealth and production democratically for billions of people will be a massive CLUSTERFUCK.
>That's why all major implementations of Communism eventually end up with a totalitarian state.
damn straight
id be more inclined to switch to small scale tribal anarchism before i get on my hands and knees and start sucking karlos toes

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i think a communist country could have stopped this virus

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>ignoring to make technology ypu need productivity
How stupid you are...

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The glaring short comings of Marx's ideas are fucking manifest. If you cant be bothered to understand basic economics or read a history book thats not our problem.

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Exactly, the problem with the arguments of the left with regards to communism is that they tend to put aside the human nature of individuals, even Marx himself tried to avoid this part.

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It's a simple consequence of unleashing the markets to act primarily in its own short-term self interest, humans fundamentally will always prioritize this over long term stability and hence (if given the freedom to do so) will always choose the greediest option until the environment around them forces them to do otherwise.

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Yes it does. It literally accomplishes what 100 people can do with one worker. Good thing academia covers for your asses or else people would realize how backwards and stone age tier your fundamental ideology is.

>> No.17853243

as things keep deteriorating i AM glad that ive witnessed so many people being vocally against such insanity on this board.

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>Not real capitalism
Hahahaha a meme in a meme

>> No.17853251

>Wishful thinking. Managing all distribution of wealth and production democratically for billions of people will be a massive CLUSTERFUCK.
not really.
Imagine if the farmers decide what the farming production will be, the metal factories the metal production, the car factories the car production and so on...
Itd be like a federation of factories and farms.

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thats a nice thought anon
unfortunately its incorrect, as china is still very much dealing with this shitshow

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End your pathetic life if you can't explain shit. i already wasted too much time reading and watching videos about communist theories.
Because this is what they are: theories.

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>Yes it does. It literally accomplishes what 100 people can do with one worker.
Yes, automation has reduced efficiency. Yet the impending economic upheaval by automation deleting over 50% of the job market will require a fundamental restructuring of society to avoid the poorfags eating each other and the rich.
It solved the immediate problem (lack of production capacity) but produced an even bigger problem in the future.

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Keynes is a capitalist
This is why capitalists and socialists can't actually debate. They're too caught up with easy to refute bogeymen because they care more about the validation of their ideology than actual truth

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I'm pretty sure that was the irony in their statement. Not only are they still dealing with it, they produced the issue and released it out into the world. And the half-socialist states of Europe are capitulating to the disease even with their glorious nationalized healthcare.

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>Objective basis
Objective aspect

If truth cedes it's ontological primacy to matter, and matter becomes the anterior causal basis of truth, then truth claims are meaningless

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Aaaaaand there go the seriously shifted goalposts. GG

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>implying the science is not based in theories
Ok faggot you're reached the level of flat earth retarded.

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>their glorious nationalized healthcare.
lmfao do americans not realize that literally everyone but them has this?

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Every area have different needs. What is the boundary of each voters? Are they voting for every tiny community/factory or voting for the entire nation? How flexible is this democratic communism?

Also how effective is it? Without central planning voters have no concept of the "greater good" so the entire nation could be deadlocked by voters voting for their own petty selfish goals. Sometimes you need central leadership.

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you cannot be fucking serious people have some fucking needs did you ever heard about that? all groups wants benefit and want some privileges you will always end either with starvation and not enough material or with dictatorship and then it will go in hell anyway
people are not gods stop trying to be one and accept that we all faulty

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Poison the well

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except state owned farms and total state control over food production is why a civilization, thats existed for thousands of years without having to do so, ended up having to turn to eating fucking bats in the first place.

mao went total war on some fucking sparrows because he was autistic, which caused locust swarms, and led to famine
the famine was so unmanageable that the CCP ended up allowing and actually encouraging its citizens to eat bushmeat
and here we fucking are

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This is going to be a great comparison point then, won't it? I'm pretty confident that robust quasi private sector healthcare is going to be able to accommodate a surge better than on the margins, cheap shit socialized systems.

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How is that a shifted goalpost. My point was that employing technology may solve the short term problem, but that it just introduces a larger problem in the long term. You tried to say that automation was evidence that this was false, and I showed why that isn't true.

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Ah yes, the great leap forward. Good times, lots of starved people, but good times.

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>a decent life for 80% of people
lol what, have you even noticed the reality of people outside of Europe, North America, SK and Japan?
the vast majority of the world exists in poverty to prop up the quality of life in regions of concentrated capital

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Your president tried to bribe germans to make their vaccine exclusive to americans. Nice healthcare, america is literally a third world country.

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>Keynes is a capitalist
he was even WORSE than a gommie
gommies wouldve given the state the keys to the money printers
keynes was even dumber than that
he gae the keys to a private corporation that had no accountability to the govt

he was a nihilist
not a communist and DEFINITELY not a capitalist

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well it was a leap SOMEwhere
idk about forward tho

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I agree. But i think we disagree on what capitalism is.

>> No.17853513


My original point was that technology is why productivity can increase indeterminately. Rather than refuting that assertion, which contradicted yours, you went ahead and jumped WITH my premise and took it a step further, saying "well yeah but it's also going to bring about doomsday." Ok, thanks for the speculation faggot, that may or may not happen but the system works as it stands:

economic growth can continue without more hands because technology exists and human beings work with their minds first and foremost. This is the most critical pitfall of socialist theory.


Nice meme tier fake news. America has like 10 biotech firms with vaccines ready to go.

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I meant to put a meme arrow at the start of my post

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Of course it is, but you have to show proofs to support them.
>flat earther
Not into this shit.

>> No.17853570

yes of course, the for profit medical system will be better prepared for a surge of patients...

you are retarded.

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>My original point was that technology is why productivity can increase indeterminately.
But this is a nonargument. Your production efficiency can be through the roof, but this is meaningless if there are no resources to give to the machines because they've all been used up.
I'm sorry that I didn't address your point because I mistook it for something way more intelligent than what it actually was.

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