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2000 IQ hypothesis

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But OP, you're bullish. That means everybody isn't bearish.

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>frog phone posters are bullish

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BTC $100k within next week.

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What buy? Exxon mobile stock perhaps?

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>The fact that the USA is about to become the next Weimar Republic is bullish

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The US cant fail what are you stupid

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Remember the massive btc pump?
Remember the bull assaultposting?
Remember the green in every thread?
Pepperidge farms remembers

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you told us to buy ETHBull & I lost rest of my money... fuck you

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I'm bullish long term but I also see the meteor heading for the stock market tomorrow

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Kek I didn’t tell you to buy so high anon. I bought back in at $81

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all my normie friends are "buying the dip" and thinking they are outsmarting the market.

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We bullish now?

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Like in vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan?

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