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Oh no no no


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TL;DR: always diversify your investments.

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>Fell for the hand sanitizer meme.

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This would be solved by a free market. Supply vs Demand. The result when the goberment touches anything, is shit.

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roger roger

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>the government

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Aren't there other places he can sell them though?

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>free market
>guys all around with unlimited money printer
yeah, sure

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Low iq retard

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Nope. This lazy, selfish fag thought he could go to a store, buy products produced by someone he has no contact with, and sell it on a platform he has no investment in, and make a killing for the big job of driving his car around for an hour. He deserves it, this is capitalism weeding out the useless cancer. Guy is literally a 4th level middleman.

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Yes, he could market his new business in the local paper or online, maybe lease a building to sell this stuff in, find another online marketplace to contract with, or even start his own. Plenty of options! Unfortunately he isn't a serious market actor, just an opportunistic faggot who deserves his fate.

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I'm amazed how people apparently forget how to commerce without internet, I could sell all those in 2 - 3 weeks maybe. Streetselling

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This fucker literally foresaw the own greed and went for it he will be punished for it. he ain't going to heaven thats for sure.

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If you owned Amazon would you let him tarnish your business' name by gouging and listing them there?

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Craigslist? Ebay?

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How about giving them to his neighbors?

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You know stores just fill up their supply again? Selling via amazon would supply areas where it's hard to get this stuff, otherwise they'd just buy from cheaper competition.

Effectively people are being denied supplies is what's happening here. Imagine being in some desert, desperate for water and some guy can't sell you the water because his government forbade it in Canada where prices are lower or some shit. Dumb.

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Amazon's entire business model is using tax advantages to lowball other businesses out of existence

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I'm not arguing for government interventionism, I'm arguing for individuals to hold themselves to a higher moral standard for once. If ever there was a moment, you'd think a momentary national crisis would be it. If you can't handle that you're a failure of a human being, much less a man.

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Oh no no no

You didn't prep and this guy will just find some other way to sell the rest and make bank while you buy memecoins that just dropped 50% in value.


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Checked and Brrrrrpilled

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Or he'll just get reamed by the bank because he put everything he had on taking advantage of a crisis and it backfired spectacularly?

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>lists his shit on Craigslist
>sells out instantly
The only person getting reamed right now is you because you lost all of your mom's money on digital Chuck E Cheese tokens.

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Yeah not an argument. Price gouging is 100% moral and the guy assumed a huge risk in case corona was a nothingburger.

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It didn't backfire at all, he's being railroaded by amazon.

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He assumed a huge risk in case his community found out and people's family members couldn't get their hands on disinfectant and died while he had it all in his garage, that came to light, and then they hung him from a lamppost

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What do you mean, couldn't get? He's selling it. It's not like hand sanitizer is so expensive that a 500% markup makes it so prohibitively expensive that nobody can afford it. It's just slightly more expensive soap dude, calm down.

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>lists his shit on craigslist
What's he gonna do, load up at a parking lot? He'll get fucking mobbed.
There's a reason why people like using eBay and Amazon to fuel their scams.
It's because the people on the receiving end don't know where they are or where they live.

If a scam has a chance of getting you shot dead, chances are it's not a great idea

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Is he selling fake soap?

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He said himself he isn't willing to sell it directly due to community judgement. He was trying to peddle it through Amazon, which involves several additional layers of purchasing time on top of the higher cost. Say that discourages even one elderly person from being able to get it in due time, and they get infected. That is on his hands. Think globally.

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No it isn't, that person had the exact same opportunity to buy soap this guy had. He wants to sell it online to avoid psychopaths that want to hang him for selling soap, chill out man. It's not like he's one of those assholes buying "investment properties" with nonexistent mortgage money.

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You're obviously complicit.
Be honest with yourself for a second here.
If you go to the parking lot of a crowded Walmart with 1000 units of hand sanitizer and say, "One bottle for $20!"
What's going to happen to you?

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You probably haven't been outside for a long, long time but it's not Mad Max at the moment, his stock will be gone before it gets even remotely close to that stage.

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>airborne aids
>hand sanitizer

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This guy knows he's doing something morally bankrupt and is avoiding normal channels of sale to do so. If you read the end he actually caved in and is donating this shit now. Good thing you're a faceless person on the internet and can go to bat for him lol big boy

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I'll probably make 20k and shoot three niggers

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>The result when the goberment touches anything, is shit.
>Results in some asshole hoarding 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer that he planned to offload at 1,000% or higher mark-up.
You know, I'm going to have to side with the guberment on this one.

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Yeah robbing a guy from 30k worth of stuff, that's surely the moral way. Bet you like taxes too faggot

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It’s like those yard ape guys that bought up ever Popeyes chicken sandwich to sell on the corner, not realizing people wouldn’t want a cold meal.

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It varies depending on the area.
My neighborhood isn't a shithole filled with poors, so there hasn't been any fighting.
On the other hand, clearly was the case in Canada and in some other places.

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I'm very happy for us that no one will have access to hand sanitizer despite having money, good job.

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I'd be happy to string up any critically selfish threat to their community. That's just how communities work. I bet you don't want to jail thieves either

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>Effectively people are being denied supplies is what's happening here.
Nah, you're fucking retarded. Read the entire story. This faggot can still sell them and recoup all of his "investment", but he can't sell them for $70 each. Fuck this guy.

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There really is no need to justify yourself here.
Everyone thinks you're an asshole, you're not going to be able to change anyone's minds, and nobody is going to pat you on the back and say you did the right thing.

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He can still sell them. He either sells them at cost or he's out 17,700 bottles worth of USD. He's just bitching that he can't get rich off of a fucking pandemic. You're seriously the most retarded fucking person i've seen on /biz/.

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I bet that there's literally a synagogue in your community.

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If you're against what this guy did, then you don't deserve to be at /biz/. Fucking newfags

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Make sure you post about your family members when they die on here so we can all laugh at you.
Remember to prep next time bucko.

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>Supports the free market
>Gets upset when a corporation makes a decision that improves their image
Pick one.

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Cowardice is cowardice. I'm a capitalist at all times but in times of crisis my first thought is how I can help out people who are going to struggle hard due to unforeseen events, not going out of my way to make their lives harder and potentially put their health at risk. You're preying on your neighbors when you could be making bank in the market like the rest of us you piece of shit.

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this is how the commies win and the american dream dies.
>it's ok for the gubmint/banks/elite to do it but not someone smart enough to play the same game as them

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whats his crime? Working in retail?

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Amazon can set their own policies. Still free market.

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not talking about amazon's decisions but about people hating on this guy for reselling.
both this guy's and amazon's actions are fair

then you're a weak man. empathy and morals have no place in businesses

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I'm not a weak man, I'm a real man. I understand that as a man and the most capable member of my community I have a duty to help and protect them in times of crisis, not prey on them. Your father failed you, if you even had one.

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>my first thought is how I can help out people who are going to struggle hard due to unforeseen events

Aren't you just the nicest person, I bet you also have a great sense of humor. You're like, a complete package. Here's a pat on your back.

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you're supposed to protect yourself and your family, not ((community)), unless you wanna be a good goy

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Adding to my own post. This guy can hoard and then try to price gouge all he wants. But if he's too much of a pussy bitch to sell via channels that won't block his price gouging, then that's on him.

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Community is your indirect family. The hierarchy of allegiances goes family-->community-->city-->state-->nation. You'd probably sell out your neighbor for cash, shit, that's exactly what you're doing. Fag.

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Shopify or have Shoenice make videos of him chugging it

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no, there is just you and your bloodline. some man-made concepts like ((community)), ((city)) and ((nation)) are just thoughtforms

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I prepped months ago nigger. More ammo than you, too.
But I only bought what I needed, didn't try to make a spectacle out of myself by buying the entire county's worth of cleaning supplies

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Tribes are inherent to the human species brainlet. We are pack animals, codified to coexist and live in groups of ~50 people. If your house is burning, getting robbed, or your family is getting assaulted your neighbors are going to be your first line of defense when you're incapacitated. They aren't "thought-forms", they're essential human abstractions, if you think so small don't be surprised when a greater entity surmounts you, and rightly so. You might as well be a cave bear.

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>smart enough to prep all this before the big buy happens
>dumb enough that the only way he can sell is on amazon

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where the fuck is the scam? did nobody read the article? this guy is a hand sanitizer merchant, hes not hoarding, he just holds a fuck load of stock. amazon shut him down because he decided to raise his prices due to demand.

>> No.17804898

>We are pack animals, codified to coexist and live in groups of ~50 people
Only when it's advantageous to the individuals of the tribes.
Modern communities are nothing like tribes of our ancestors, you retard.

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Nigger it was AMAZON'S DECISION. This is the free market you wanted. Amazon made a decision that will improve their image at the cost of fucking over pandemic profiteering. Commies didn't make this decision, capitalists in one of the largest companies on earth did.

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This. Anyone who tells you differently is a pussy and has never been in a time of need. I am unironically younger and richer than the majority of people on this board and will still only ever work jobs in public service.

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ur community doesnt need 17700 bottles of hand sanitizer. you know what you should do? give them 10% of it, sell the rest online to some chinese chump at 10x markup, then use that windfall to buy your community what they really need.

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This is retarded. All you have in this world is yourself and your family. Community will turn your back at your the moment they can't benefit off of your well-being (be it social recognition for their "good deed" or something material).

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so now more people die thanks amazon. youd think amazon would want rich and successful people surviving; to buy more crap from amazon.

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>bro just scam another community to help your community, although there is literally no difference between the two communities besides one being the one i live in

>> No.17805233

>he thinks the only kind of community is the garbage new-age one where neighbors might not even speak the same language
Honestly sad. If you're able to, go find a place to live near people like you. Then you'll understand.

>> No.17805245

If everyone thought like this, there wouldn't be police, paramedics, firefighters, military, or any other public service jobs. You would be completely fucked. I can take care of both my family and help the community. You don't need to choose between both.
>All you have in this world is yourself and your family
If you truly believe this, I feel very sorry for you.

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oy vey how could Amazon shut down this small business owner, it's communism and downright antisemitic

>> No.17805271

unless you live in 2nd or 3rd world country then that's the community you most likely live in so stop acting like i am wrong

paramedics, police etc are brainwashed into risking their own lives for the "better of all" while they make as much money as a workerdrone sitting in his office coding all day on his ass

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how the fuck is a chinese community the same as a white one lol. i have no loyalty to them. china is a nation with a state aparatus, they can look after themselves (by buying my sanitizer at rip off prices)

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Not after this news article. Imagine trying to sell that shit locally. "Hey its that faggot that tried to scalp everyone for basic supplies! lets beat him up and or rob him!"

>> No.17806254

you're a tool

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>open a new account from a computer at the public library
>sell the rest for normal MSRP + 20% because Amazon is always more expensive for small shit anyways
>Problem solved

How can you have so much money and greed and be so shortsighted?

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People purchased his hand sanitizer its not like they were going to die if they didn't. They are the stupid ones because you can buy hand sanitizer by the gallon from the manufactures for way less than 70 dollars.

>> No.17806733

now the only hand santizer you can buy on amazon is off brand shit that looks like it was only sold in asia before.

>> No.17806781

The original swbf2 was a masterpiece of a game.

>> No.17806958

anything he sells on amazon at retail value will be at a loss to him when he already bought it at retail cost and amazon takes their cut

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There's trying to be profitable and then there is cruel exploitation of people's fear and panic. Hopefully this spiteful nigger meets the noose of a rope.

>> No.17807934

that's not investing, it's pure speculation.

>> No.17807962

the jew got too greedy. if he just sold them at 2x what he paid for them, he could have made an easy profit

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Honestly you people laugh at hand sanitizer hoarders, but you really dont have enough hand sanitizer yourselves. The average person uses 1 bottle per day. If you have a family of 4, that's 28 bottles a week. Over 100 a month. Hand sanitizer bottles will be worth their weight in gold in a few months, because everyone needs it.

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There is a thin line between investment and speculation. Speculation is basically investment that is morally not acceptable to the average normie.

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good. these niggers should all get gassed

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He can sell it on his web shop.
Amazon is not the government.
This is the free market in action.

>> No.17808761

You are smart men

>> No.17808781

lol I use a bottle every time I jerk off, feels good man

>> No.17808896

>adding all these stipulations
Lmao what do you live in? An HOA dictatorship where you believe everyone cares about you just because you're the leader who likely gets talked behind his back for not allowing visitors after 9 pm without a permit for overnight guests?

>> No.17808958

I live in a rural community, and I’m 7th generation here, which is very fortunate. Sounds like you live like a bug. Gross.

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>fire your gun off once
>police come and arrest you
>now have to wait in jail for a court proceeding to determine whether or not your shot was lawful or not
>time spent in jail that could have been used for selling: gone
>actual money that could have been gained from selling at egregious prices: gone
>have to pay lawyer's fees, any settlements against torts if the shot went stray and hit somebody else or someone else's property
>end up $20K in the hole instead

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having a monopoly.

>> No.17810796

Wtf is wrong with all these companies? Why don't they raise prices? Would easily fix this.

>> No.17810908 [DELETED] 

because these companies understand something that 99% of /biz/ can't figure out. If you price gouge your customers on basic goods (especially during a crisis), they'll be much less likely to do business with you in the future.
they're not interested in pump n dumps like biz is, these are 100 year old companies.

>> No.17810966

>People die without hand sanitizer.
Nigga, just wash your hands.

>> No.17810968

Yeah, I thought he was selling soap, but it turned out to be jewish people.

>> No.17811000

>paramedics, police etc are brainwashed into risking their own lives for the "better of all"
Funny, they never did any brainwashing when I was in the coast guard going out in fucked storms to save people. This may be surprising to you, but I genuinely felt good about being able to save someones life. You can continue having your "fuck you, got mine" mentality, but remember that you're a piece of shit human being.

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Fuck u ablst sht I dnt hav hadns

>> No.17811067

This is being solved by the free market. Amazon is not the government.

>> No.17811191

> not buying barrels of isobuthyl and empty bottles and selling for 100x markup
What a cuck

>> No.17811209

First one was better. Second one had space battles. Either way you're good.

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Price gouging is a word inventing by socialists who don't understand the importance of pricing. Pricing is how you ration scarce goods. They should be increasing prices so people don't buy so fucking much.

Increasing prices is to better ration goods, it's not screwing people over. God you are an idiot.

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>> No.17812277

How are motherfuckers with this kind of senselessness allowed to post this crap?

>> No.17812293


why does he have all that? ultimate fapper?

>> No.17812306

using soap weakens your immune system and makes you more vulnerable

i bet all the pajeets who swim in sewers of shit are immune to the corona virus

>> No.17812332


>Coronavirus currently not spreading at all in India despite insane population density, experts puzzled as to why

>> No.17812377

Why would you do an interview like this knowing how bad some people are and will be overreacting? You're asking to be robbed/shot at and putting a target on your family's back.

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People like this deserve $0.

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I think he said he'd donate it. He probably already made his money back and just wants to be out of the public eye. He could alternatively hand it off to a friend who sells it at a reasonable price to get some money back.

>> No.17812779


This guy is an idiot. When I worked for a wholesaler we could jack up prices to get rid of customers we hated while making a little more short term. It always comes back around when you sell things far above any fair market value. He’s crying to a journalist that he was making so much money and got shut down for price gouging during a pandemic on a website he doesn’t even own. Just the market winnowing our stupid/greedy entrepreneurs

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