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it's impossible to tell if a trump tweet is real or fake.

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It's real I just checked twitter.

Holy fuck that's hilarious.
>BRRRRRRR 1.5 trillion fake money
>market pumps

So fucking stupid man.

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He literally calls out the Fed every time the market drops.

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trump is unironically the mos based president in US history
he will get us through this crisis and america will be stronger than ever
libtards eternally BTFO even corna cant bring the teflon don down

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Sad thing nobody in this thread made any money. Nor did majority of posters here lmfao.. All the thread is about crypto KEK.

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>teflon don down
You do realize telfon don eventually got convicted and died in prison

good 1 brainlet

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Then link to that tweet nigger

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Hard sell signal

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>tfw you realize that was the final dip and bear trap before the golden bull run
the virus was just to a scam to get boomers to sell before the pump. the vaccine will be out in 2 months time. israel is already developing a vaccine

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Good thing any vaccine won't be distributed or trusted because Americans are illiterate tards

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Oh man if that's true! We gonna be rich!

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Can't wait to have shabbos nanobots injected in my body.

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>actually believing the covid scare is over
you are going to get rekt. it has barely begun.

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china announced that they already reached a peak of infected cases and the situation is contained. its been 80k cases for weeks now. if this is true, then the whole fucking thing has been hyped up to start panic in the streets in order to manipulate the markets as evidenced in the stocks and btc crash.
but who knows, maybe it will get worse. im just guessing

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It actually feels like it's over now for some reason.

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>It's actually real
This goddamn clown world, I love it

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I don't know what's real any more. I see a girl on here i want to fuck and it turns out to be a man, and I still want to anyway. I'm getting memed on by the leader of the free world whilst the economy crashes all around us. What a timeline.

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China essentially shut down to prevent further spread of the virus, something the US would never actually do nor be able to successfully pull off because we don't live in a completely authoritarian country

We haven't even gotten close to peak proliferation, and with a complete lack of testing in this country people are going to be spreading it around like crazy. Older citizens will get infected at high rates, ICUs will be overloaded, and there might not be enough respirators to go around (it's a concern right now at the hospital I work at)

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Why would you believe anything that fucking China says? You know they've been locking up journalists for trying to report accurately on the situation. Also totally not suspicious at all that the number of cases there seemingly comes to a complete halt just as cases internationally start to explode so China isn't in everyone's spotlight anymore.

It's the fucking Chinese government. They will lie about anything to look better.

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If it is true it's because China is an authoritarian state that took extreme measures far beyond what any other country is capable of or even willing to implement. I'm not one of these HAPPENING fags but you only have to look at the numbers in europe to see that this is far from over.

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orange clown
this guy has the nuclear codes

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The situation there is obviously way worse than anyone is reporting because going against the Chinese government narrative that everything is getting better will get you locked up. They just managed to arrest enough journalists and scare the rest into silence.

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>20 minute rally carefully timed before the weekend closure
Are americans low IQ enough to believe that was real? We'll find out on Monday

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LOL, wait and see when the anglos go ahead with "herd immunity" plan, because there's a lack of "scientific" evidence that quarantine works (not that there is any herd immunity to the seasonal flu haha so let's hope it's not like "just the flu" in this aspect). By the time they realise they fucked up there will be millions of anglos and pakis needing hospitalisation.

Good thing theh are on an island and we could just blockade them until they all die from their liberal retardation.

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it won't moon lol monday's going to be another bad day for investors

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>voted for memes and happenings
>trump delivers

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then what is your narrative?

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holy shit what a cope

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>on his hands and knees fellating Walmart and CVS as it was nearing closing
>"get your coronavirus test, sponsored by wallgreens and mcdonalds"
>markets close
>15 minutes after market and DOW drops 300 points

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60000000 dead chinks in the oven and mass graves

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I made 24k buying up puts this week aaaaaand currently I'm -3k in unrealized losses on the puts which I reupped on at 3:58pm yesterday.

I hope that the market dumps Monday so I can offload these, kek.

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The day after the crash that started the depression had the greatest % rise in history also.

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>work in a hospital
In the United States of America, the only country that matters, a respirator refers to something like an NRB mask or a fucking P95 mask for painting kek. A ventilator like picrelated is what you were trying to mention in your shitty larp.
>t. PGY-3 that works in a large urban hospital, we aren't particularly concerned

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Sorry I'm a retard and had a brainfart. It is a genuine concern though from the people I've talked to though

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its over

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noice. Can't wait to scoop up some sub-$1k BTC and sub-10c LINK by the end of the year.

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I believe you, was being a little harsh lel. I assume everybody is a doomnigger these days. In my ICU, we genuinely aren't concerned about it based on the information that we know. That said, if it pops off, I definitely do expect to be triaging grandmas and grandpas and leaving them to pass with a hallway bed China style.

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That it's not in their control at all and nobody really knows how bad it is there. It's incredibly obvious that they're lying about it to look better. Now they're even starting to claim that the outbreak didn't start in China at all just was first noticed there. Completely delusional or just lying as chinks do.

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What does it mean? This is the modern era not backwoods trading at a market post. You cant compare back then to now it's a totally different circumstances.

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10 years to pussify a nation. What a great run it was.

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Biggest sell signal ever , blood red markets next week.

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Shh...they think it's a bull.

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Trump has been hyping up the economy for two years.
Guess what the economy kept doing for those two years.

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The hidden /biz/ discord link is
discord gg gJzCVP

Join, we are currently talking about this trash economy and crypto

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This is not a sell signal this is the market stabilizing after a market correction. Bearfags go away

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> 6% vs 0.03% fatality
so if 60M american get the corona virus the death toll could be 3 600 000
> just a flu

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It's not a sell signal it's the signal that the dump is coming in a few days. This is the buy signal for the idiots.

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>6% vs 0.03% fatality
Try to keep up with the news, almost nobody is getting tested for corona.
We have no idea what the mortality rate is.

Actually, we do. The Diamond Princess; a locked down cruise ship full of old farts, where the infection rate has been 20% for like two weeks, and the mortality rate is 1%.
Remember that this is under ideal disease-spreading conditions, and with an extremely high average age.
So the actual mortality rate is likely far below 1%.

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>i buy because of what a senile retard says
no wonder this bubble is so massive

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its definitely not 6%. the estimate is 2-3% now but it is much lower due to little testings in most countries.

>> No.17798838

people didn't panic as much then because the guy handling the situation wasn't a senile clown

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t. not mentally prepared at all for 2020 lmao

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theres going to be a federally mandated 2 week quarantine on monday, every bull is retarded

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Whatever the real numbers are it's destroying hospitals. You can't just ignore it and keep the economy going, sorry to break it to you.

>> No.17798876

>In my ICU, we genuinely aren't concerned about it based on the information that we know.
You mean you guys are used to a lot of deaths? And, like, the exhaustion and everyone on staff losing at least one family member won't get to you?

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china also quarantined the entire region, sprayed down streets and offices, and killed people who broke quarantine...

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what weekend news could completely crash the dow??

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Meanwhile the UK doesn't give a shit.
What gives?

>> No.17798916

See >>17798663

You people are retarded for believing the "muh hospitals are overwhelmed" propaganda from Italy.

>> No.17798946

>Whatever the real numbers are it's destroying hospitals.
Confirmed. Just drove by my local hostpital and it's now a smoking crater.

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either 20-50 million people will die (70-80% world population infected with 0.5-2% fatality rate).
or this whole thing is mass hysteria to manipulate the markets
my money is on the latter

>> No.17798974

H1N1 did not require 20% of people to be hospitalized. Your Boomer ass and your elderly parents are going to be blindsided, choking to death on their own lung fluids.

Then Trump'll lose the fucking election because his base turned into Dem-voting corpses.

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We woulnd't even need any. Look at the volatility during every big crash we've had in the past. Yesterday looks like a normal speed bump on the way down, especially since all the gains came in the last 15 minutes of the day.

>> No.17798986

And you know what, let's be generous. Half of all cases are totally asymptomatic. So many of our fat American asses will walk it off.

Then it's just a 10% hospitalization rate.

See https://medium.com/@joschabach/flattening-the-curve-is-a-deadly-delusion-eea324fe9727

>> No.17799012

>muh 20% or 10% hospitalization rate

See >>17798802
The current numbers are unusable, almost nobody's getting tested.

>> No.17799014


japanese farmers that sell kobe beef feed their cows the nicest food, give them massages, and let them free roam all while planning to eat them later. we are the cows

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Fucking retards. You think the world is conspiring against you and your 401ks or something? Get a fucking brain lmao. It's like talking to children.

>> No.17799044

Buddy the Diamond Princess was evac'd weeks ago. And the quarantine kept getting breached -even with trained health professionals. That's why it was only 20% of cabins infected.

And you'll notice the 1% boomercide rate was when all of them were given every resource available to modern medicine in the best of times.

Bad pneumonia with O2 sucks. Bad pneumonia without it is fatal.

>> No.17799061

>You think the world is conspiring against you and your 401ks or something?
oh sweet summer child

>> No.17799069

Yes they disembarked, the infection/death rate still counts.

>the quarantine kept getting breached
>that's why only 20% were infected

Listen to yourself.

>> No.17799080


>You think the world is conspiring against you and your 401ks or something

yes LOL

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He is a retard manchild.

>> No.17799114

>>the quarantine kept getting breached
>>that's why only 20% were infected
>Listen to yourself.
Yes, it was spreading out from the rooms of infected people. Both through AC and staff going door to door. It's not like 100% of the ship was immediately exposed and only 20% showed symptoms.

The post-evac testing and quarantines confirmed the infection and death rates as pretty accurate.

Again, I'm going to laugh as Trump's base loses the easiest fucking election because they're too senile and retarded to understand epidemiology.

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>most based president
Yeah no zoomer

>> No.17799147

>Yes, it was spreading out from the rooms of infected people. Both through AC and staff going door to door. It's not like 100% of the ship was immediately exposed and only 20% showed symptoms.
What the fuck are you babbling about.

It's nonsensical to say "quarantine kept getting breached so """only""" X% got infected".
You made a dumb-dumb, and that's it.

The point is the disease was on that ship for well over a month, and it only infected 20% and killed 7 people who were all extremely elderly.

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Akshually, my 401k is up bigly because I know what shorting is, but thanks for your concern, anon.

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going all in on link tomorrow to own the libs

>> No.17799241

Different medical personnel were assigned to different decks, moron. How do you not know this?

My 401k does not allow me to short. The most bearish positions available are bonds or fucking cash.

>> No.17799255

So what are the chances the market tanks on Monday? I've got 10k cash I'm looking to throw down.

>> No.17799277


go 50/50 on boomer metals and bitcoin

>> No.17799308

>Different medical personnel were assigned to different decks,
What is it with you and these non-sequiturs?

The disease was on a cruise ship for over a month, with quarantine rules being extremely ill-respected.
And still it only managed to infect 20% and kill 7 people who were all extremely elderly.

>> No.17799313

Idk if I want to fuck with bitcoin, shit just seems sketchy to me. I was thinking of snatching up some legit stocks if they tank 'apple, intel, banks etc'. One buddy said its the time to buy S&P 500 or DOW, what do you guys think?

>> No.17799331


ok, go all in on boomer metal, have enough fiat dollars for a year. the stock market is done dude. the music has stopped

>> No.17799377

They were treated by Japanese and not pastaniggers. You'd have a better chance of survival shooting yourself in the head with a shotgun than going to a shitalian hospital for a routine check let alone treating a pneumonia.

>> No.17799465

pretty much

>> No.17799469

Let's say Hiro has to do a morning wellness check on cabins A1-A10 while Takashi is assigned, who knows, B21-B-30.

Let's say both of them use an uncovered thermometer for each of their 10 patients. Cabin A2 is the only infected person.

After a few days, A3, A4 and A6 are also infected.

Then after a few more, A2 is taken to the hospital, A3's not looking so great, and A7-A9 are now also infected.

Whether it's Hiro's thermometer or the AC, those A cabins are now fucked. Takashi and the B cabins would wonder what the big deal is. And for anyone that cares about the virus, the B cabins shouldn't factor into it at all.

Which means there's no reason to suspect a giant fraction of people are somehow asymptomatic, or that the hospitalization rates of people who catch the virus aren't astronomical.

>> No.17799518

Buddy, people were walking around willy nilly.
This is according to a Japanese disease expert who went on board.

According to him, there effectively was no quarantine between infected and non-infected areas, and people were just going wherever.

>> No.17799594

The dynamics are the same. You don't have people on one side of the cruise ship licking doorknobs on the other and guaranteeing 100% exposure to the virus, which means the total relevant population isn't the total population on the cruise ship.

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File: 22 KB, 598x308, Screenshot_2020-03-09 Donald J Trump on Twitter STOCK MARKET AT ALL-TIME HIGH HOW ARE YOUR 401K’S DOING 70%, 80%, 90% up On[...].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you doing wrong, /biz/?

>> No.17799631

>hurrr they weren't licking doorknobs
You're squirming.

A cruise ship is a notorious disease incubator, and quarantine measures were effectively unenforced.
And still this minnow of a virus only managed to infect 20% and kill seven people in their 80s after a full MONTH.

>> No.17799675

desu flu vs pneumonia is a big difference, you can understand boomers

>> No.17799700

People in ARDS aren't exactly taking morning constitutional strolls. Which means your 20% infected in a month is just from the healthy people in, say, A9-A10 mingling with the people from those B, C, and D decks who wonder what the big deal is.

You know, when they're still well enough to go around and their transmission rate is low.

Again, you'd have to be retarded to assume 100% exposure across the entire cruise ship population.

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i personally dont even want to take an unnecessary vaccine but looks like end of the world will be cancelled already :P

>> No.17799705

Pneumonia is the main lethal side effect of the flu, swine flu, and corona.

>> No.17799737

>you'd have to be retarded to assume 100% exposure across the entire cruise ship population.

Exposure on a cruise ship is MUCH more likely than in the real world (nobody said anything about 100% exposure though).
Which is why the infection rate (20%) and mortality rate (1% of infected) on that cruise ship are greatly exaggerated compared to in the real world.

>> No.17799759

Flu virus and variations like Carona are not around in the summer, so the stock market is going to recover almost all it's lost pretty quickly.

When it does, guess who will get the benefit of it going into the election?

>> No.17799806

>his nickautomatically obtuse and given to him throughout for no reason because it's not like they had to introduce a fuck ton of new laws to catch him
Love it when people here are just being autistically obtuse.

>> No.17799817

Again, moron, that 1% mortality rate is with the best healthcare in the world fully utilized. Boomers will not have that luxury in April.

And that 20% infection rate was the rate *so far*. Whether that number's reached in a month on a cruise ship or two months in the real world is arbitrary: what matters is that the remaining 80% are not magically immune or completely asymptomatic. Because their direct exposure to the virus is not established.

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>stage of grief: bargaining

>> No.17799835

ok boomer

>And that 20% infection rate was the rate *so far*.
Yes, after a full month under nearly ideal disease incubation circumstances.

This speaks absolute VOLUMES.

>> No.17799843

>his nickname was given to him for no reason
Fixed. Fucking phone is doing weird shit on me

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>lets call it pure luck
lets do that

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>> No.17799904

This is a market held up by memes, Monday is bringing us back to reality.

>> No.17799934

>believing a country full of Jews

>> No.17799963

Let's call it pure luck!

>> No.17799975

They were adults, on vacation, monitored by medical personnel and explicitly told about a new infection circulating among them.

Those are ideal conditions for people actually staying away from one another when displaying symptoms (i.e. the most infectious phase of disease).

Now what happens to the spread when the disease is endemic across the country? When it's not just Boomers but grocery store wagies with no sick days and kids who literally do lick door knobs?

Real life isn't conducive for buffet norovirus, but it sure as hell spreads colds and flus everywhere.

>> No.17800029

1) a cruise ship is an ideal disease incubator (especially with quarantines going unenforced)
2) the average age was extremely high
3) the ship was locked down for a full month

And despite all this, the virus only managed to infect 20% and kill 1% of the infected (all in their 80s)

>> No.17800077

monday crash seems too obvious tbqh

>> No.17800251

Must be joking. It just picked up in the west this month. Give it at least another month.

Middle of April is Passover. Purim was mid of March. Big happenings coming in April get ready

>> No.17800278

You're right, I guess Italy and China can start going to work again because of the cruise ship numbers. You're so smart anon.

>> No.17800282

China started going to work again a month ago.

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Uh huh.

>> No.17800307

Anyone who has watched how this played out in China knows there’s no way the markets won’t drop again. Trump is a goofball for still making it a talking point.

>> No.17800329

Delusional AF.

>> No.17800333

>February 14

>> No.17800343
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This. Why is everyone trusting what the CCP says?

>> No.17800365
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I'm rescheduling my trip to Beijing because of the cruise ship numbers. Thank you anon for enlightening me.

>> No.17800376

Just cope, ok sweetheart?

>> No.17800388


>> No.17800396

I am, I'm having a very hard time dealing with this information.

>> No.17800407


>> No.17800420

>Are americans low IQ enough to believe that was real

>> No.17800422

>I'm having a very hard time dealing with this information.

>> No.17800515
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>president of the united states has to yell in all caps

>> No.17800849

> it's just luck goys, just take your shot

>> No.17800886

>money printer starts printing
>trump delays press conference until close to market close
>stock ticker bottom corner of screen during conference
>stock market has a pump that makes crypto look legitimate in comparison
>market closes
yeah seems legit anon
no kikery going on here

>> No.17800974

He literally just said in front of the world that the economy is in the best position it's ever been in. So embarrassing. It was fun to meme him into the White House but it's gone too far now.

>> No.17801010
File: 1.78 MB, 438x255, 07B432FA-A8BF-4A9A-819E-160228932C47.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek based trump as usual, wouldnt be surprised if he was a frequent shitposter here
leftypol seething itt as usual

>> No.17801027

It's 1929 all over again, and I don't think the fed can save us.

>> No.17801054

It’s her turn again. She’s Biden’s Vp

>> No.17801056

your retarded if you think we have any reason to trust our govt or corporate megalomaniacs with our money or our health

>> No.17801110

Monday will be a shitshow.

>> No.17801226

>trump is unironically the mos based president in US history
Sucking Jewish dick may be based for you maga faggot bootlickers but for most of us it’s really not based at all. It’s peak cuckoldry

>> No.17801253

If normies are telling you to buy in we’re still no where near the bottom.

>> No.17801400

This, his nonsense it's not even funny anymore.

>> No.17801570

Cash is a great position right now because of the liquidity crisis.

>> No.17801575

Buy the OGN dip desu

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>> No.17801639

Nice digits but
>Trusting china

>> No.17801675

For a long time I thought the real account was a parody account

>> No.17801684

Hold cash right now, the fed has 3.7tn budgeted for the repo market to keep money flowing. If you can buy TVIX or SQQQ any time next week when the market is around its present, pumped level, do it. Expect metals and cryptocurrencies to go down while everyone is converting them to dollars to keep money flowing through this.

>> No.17801732

Go all in the market if you believe this bullshit.

>> No.17802042

This, reminded anyone who can't be real with their gender can't deal with reality.

>> No.17802069

Literally am and no I don't have a crystal ball but this panic was irresponsibly sold by the media.

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this retard doesn't understand that he's going to be blamed for the next catastrophic fall. does he really not have anyone who can explain the basics to him. like nigga user your head, nigga you're going to be blamed if this fails.

>> No.17802143


Anyone willing to tell him he's wrong was chased out over a year ago

>> No.17802305

Which boomer metal? Do I get it shipped to me?

>> No.17802356

>this retard doesn't understand that he's going to be blamed for the next catastrophic fall
Of course he does.

>> No.17802392

"Biggest stock rise" = whales thank you desperados

>> No.17802408

stop using that 5d waterpolo fallacy, he assumes that we will outsmart the public scrutiny, that's where he's wrong. america will go into lockdown in the upcoming weeks perhaps months, at least some states will. people will be sick and fucking tired with a leader that contradicts himself constantly, and can't explain the situation in plain english. the longer coronavirus spreads through america halting everything, the smaller are his chances for reelection.

>> No.17802424

Of course Trump knows he's going to be blamed.
The media is already trying to blame him, even though he's a thousand times quicker to react than Obama was with the swine flu.

>> No.17802574

>no ur retard 4 want gubment healthcare
Better than this nonexistent nonsense

>> No.17802587

I can't hate this guy, he's a masterful troll and knows how to rile the precious inhabitants of Twitter.

>> No.17802603


>> No.17802645

>It’s real
Is he that stupid or does he just think his base is that stupid?

>> No.17802654

I'm so sick of this Trump shit because I don't even like the guy but the dude will literally get criticized for anything he does even if he is doing good things. I'm so sick of the people feeding into the senseless fear going on because orange man bad.

This, seriously when does orangutan of a president not get blamed for shit. Orange really is the new black now.

>> No.17802673

The worst part of Twitter is that it's user base is mostly activist/"journalists" just lambasting their liberal bias around as if it matters.

>> No.17802715

>Muh Obama

You retards fell for the misinformation hook, line and sinker. Obama instituted a public health crisis with H1N1 before anyone had died (which is the thing Trump just did). Obama did the national crisis after 1000 people had died. A national crisis has not yet been called for the Coronavirus

>> No.17802746

The incredible stupidity of people like you never ceases to amaze me. Did you even graduate high school?

>> No.17802882

he declared a national emergency yesterday moron

>> No.17802970

I want to lose my whole account to own the libs
Want to be broke, homeless to,own the libs

>> No.17803005

He waited six fucking months.

>> No.17803104
File: 118 KB, 1560x850, ETEcHqXXsAEw3ME.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a meme

>> No.17803119


they were so desperate to keep optimism high

>> No.17803128


>> No.17803182

ITT: shut-in losers who believe everything they read on reddit
Trump is going to be the remembered as the best president in history. Be on the right side of history, vote for real progress, vote Donald Trump

>> No.17803227

>public health crisis
Not the same thing as a national emergency.
Trump declared a public health emergency many weeks ago.

Obama waited to declare a national emergency until over 1k Americans had died.
Trump did it when only 10-20 Americans had died.

>> No.17803248

t. seething shorters

t. absolutely based Chad.

>> No.17803259

Hope this shit crashes on Monday. Fuck the gay ass bubble

>> No.17803281
File: 168 KB, 2158x1306, ETEdDJmXQAEcHhJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine taking this man seriously

>> No.17803301
File: 487 KB, 963x723, 1580113839265.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

China shut down, they built entire hospitals in days, literally welded apartment buildings shut to try contain this thing...

Witnessing such extreme measures and still not taking this seriously is the strongest brainlet indicator possible.

>> No.17803303

Well it literally was the greatest stock market rise in history.

Imagine getting upset at Trump for being positive about a worldwide pandemic panic.

>> No.17803314

Yeah because it was a massive bubble. He could've acknowledged that at the start of his term, but instead he brags about it for three years. Now he gets exposed for the idiot he is.

>> No.17803317

Just wait for the census report.

>> No.17803324

>China shut down, they built entire hospitals in days
They already shut some of them down.

>literally welded apartment buildings shut
t. saw this video on the internet this one time.
Imagine falling for roastiebait videos like that.

>> No.17803328
File: 46 KB, 590x236, BUYNOW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's real

>> No.17803344

>deleted tweet
Is that a buy or sell signal?

>> No.17803347

>stock market keeps rising because of jobs going up, cheap foreign goods getting slapped with tariffs, etc.

>stock market crashes because of a global virus panic

You absolute retard.

>> No.17803394

>Trump is an idiot for cheerleading a bullish economy and employment ATH
>Trump is also an idiot because Corona Chan crashed the global markets

no u

>> No.17803422

He said he was bringing jobs back to America, where are they now? Employment was stagnant and all he did was blame chinese instead of shifting the infrastructure back to America. He is nothing but a shill like how he brought all those CEOs for a national emergency as if suits give a shit when this is the best time for them to make money.

>> No.17803522

This, but ironically

>> No.17803535

Kek what a dumbass

>> No.17803586

I got a job when he was elected and a huge pay increase when the tax cuts happened, so I'm very fucking happy.

>> No.17803697

I voted for Obama in 2012 but soured on the left due to their incessant racial and gender ideological propaganda. Voted for trump in 2016, best investment I've ever made

>> No.17803781

It’s real just look it up dumbass

>> No.17803857
File: 80 KB, 1200x628, 1584182031053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean honestly is there any recovering from this?
The whole thing is like a fever dream

>> No.17803890
File: 38 KB, 650x705, 1522817969892.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's different this time!

>> No.17803903


>> No.17803980

Nigger the virus is in fucking Australia, are you fucking mental you fucking idiot

>> No.17804018

A better chance of Trump recovering from corona

>> No.17804023

Stay poor Faggooot

>> No.17804031

3 nurses and 1 physician at evergreen hospital in kirkland tested positive yesterday, one of them is hospitalized with the illness. if the news hasnt hit this morning it will over the weekend.

>> No.17804347


>> No.17804356

How is that different than the expectations placed on every president?

>> No.17804379

you can't bullshit a bullshitter, Trump
your script is getting old

>> No.17804464
File: 1.57 MB, 3000x2532, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17805538

and all of this will be gone on monday

>> No.17805874
File: 3 KB, 125x122, 1646151313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17805946
File: 241 KB, 890x854, 1567791864136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder if his jewish masters are forcing him to make a total moron out of himself? I mean even more of a moron than he already is.

>> No.17805969

This pepe triggers my disgust for holes.

>> No.17806119


>> No.17806152


>> No.17806267

>every university and schools in America is closing for two weeks
>it feels like it’s over

>> No.17806461

This is assuming the largest of anything happens which it hasn't yet. People are too retarded to understand we aren't on a depression like the 1920s or 2008 yet and that it's all a slow burn downhill.

>> No.17806463

>> 6% vs 0.03% fatality
Swine flu had a early fatality projection of 5-10% due to selection bias.
Corona has a 2-3% fatality projection of 2-3%. The "corrected" one is 0.5-1% It's probably even lower.

>> No.17806500

>you are right now that people are acting more cautiously corona will definitely get worse
Bears are going to be super sad to find out the worsf of the panic has been priced in. We aren't facing any unknown variables here and the economy isn't going to stop. Quarantines have happened before and if anything all this proved is the global economy needs to invest more in protecting and fighting disease you dumb fucks.

>> No.17806591

Didn't he recently tweet "you should be thanking me for great investment opportunities!"?

>> No.17806621

Take your new medicine goyim

>> No.17806640

Do you really think that the market cares about a few dead boomers? It's quarantines and oil.
Quarantines (and panic) keep the people from working. If people don't work they don't make money for the company. If the company doesn't have money they can't pay their debt. The Fed has to inject freshly printed money directly into their anus right row to keep bbb bonds from defaulting.

>> No.17806702

Did he change this?

>> No.17806717


hey you euronigger piece of shit, the cdc just lost a lawsuit because they could not provide one fucking documented study proving vaccines do not cause autism. the doctor who discredited and black balled all the anti vaccine doctors owns the patents on the autism causing vaccines. you europoors really are cucks, take the government needle like you take cock up your ass

>> No.17806737

Nice bubble.

>> No.17806768

>I don’t really see how anyone can blame him

>> No.17806774


>> No.17806776

Biggest Fed pump in history or one of them. That wasn't organic. Printing money to boost the stock market is like printing more tether to pump Bitcoin.

>> No.17806784

Well I think he just called the top.

>> No.17807335

Imagine being one of the retards who believes next week will be a bull market

>> No.17807829
File: 544 KB, 579x564, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I should have paid more attention:
-the decreasing yield on treasuries past year
-decreasing job openings (FRED)
-increase in repo overnight operations
-decrease in imports of goods
-market cap over gdp at peak was 140% of avg.

>> No.17808110

Let's think critically about this though, so that we are not entrapped by our own opinions. In what way *could* Trump actually turn it around? Me first:
As more businesses are asked to close by mayors and governors, stocks tumble further. Looting breaks out in racially diverse areas, so martial law is declared and stock trading is suspended-but-not-before-another-big-fed-pump. Trading ends in seeming upward swing, giving hope to 1/2 the [naive] market. As virus gets under control, market trading will be activated slowly, perhaps by market cap or even stock price. So much money printing is done that it makes stocks at their current prices good buys for the banks/hedge funds who actually know the fundamentals of the system. Stimulus is given for mortgages and job programs created for those who lost their jobs. Forgiveness and deferment plans put in place. Ultimately: there is massive inflation, much greater deficit, institutions own most of the stocks, most are back to work. Many do not realize quite how much purchasing power they have lost, although it is noted that bread is now $6 instead of $4, and housing is much further out of reach due to 0% fed fund.

>> No.17808163

>bread at $4
Do you live in Venezuela?

>> No.17808212
File: 91 KB, 1374x670, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He actually did acknowledge it, several times I think. But yeah, he ironically went on to brag about it reaching all-time highs. Sad. At the highest point a few weeks ago, we were 140% market cap over gdp.

lol, no, but i buy "multi-grain" bread from closest grocery, which overcharges. Maybe it's $3.89 or so at this time (San Diego prices).

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