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who buying/bought more?

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It's a decent alt but I dumped my stack for BTC. RSR's value is purely speculative and now is not the time to speculate.

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>implying buying BTC is not speculation

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I don't care about fiat.

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Well considering their project addresses inflation, and is new store of value outside of the control of the fed, I think they might be on to something after all these new stimulus packages have been announced.

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>two days after the crash and it's already back to my buy-in price

I might just have to double my stack.

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Thinking abiut loading up on some more, waiting ti see if it goes lower.

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I’m not retarded, I bought more.

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how many rupees did you get paid this time to spam biz?

gtfo pajeets

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That should be the logo for hedera not reserve.

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just bought around another 200k to make a nice even 500k stack

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This shit is leaving exchanges like LINK, everyone is buying more.

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Nice, you showed up! We were waiting for the no brained cocksucker to get here so we can all point and laugh at you. Fucking faggot.

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