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fug :DDD
dime do buy goll :DDD

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Mods are asleep. Drop fiduciary redpills

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You are such pussies.
I actually tought to buy if it went lower, but it's just where i bought before.

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get gassed commie

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Explain this shit, silver paper market gets dropped down but if you want to buy physical silver all silver is sold out at the coin shops.
Either their sold out, have a 2 to 3 weeks waiting time for delivery or you must by for at least $300

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Really makes you think huh. Gee maybe market price doesn't account for actual demand.
I'd be surprised if real market value wasn't 20 plus right now.
That and some guys may just be gouging it due to high demand too. Either way, price is up.

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demon begone

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What price you have in mind it should be

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I never bought metals before. Eagles, maples, pandas, britannias, kangaroos are all recognized widely right? It doesnt matter which ones i buy assuming i can get some?

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At least 20/oz as stated. Actual market price is probably more. Maybe 25-32/oz.

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Silver confuses me, I hold very little just so I can watch what it does.

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Silver to dollar ratio is 1000

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>not buying platinum

you're never going to make it white bread

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we will see what happens. I believe Monday everything will bounce back.

Pretty odd to see everything from BTC to Palladium dip simultaneously.

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>PCGS graded my Silver Eagle PR70DCAM
fuck yeah

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We are on the same line.
Forget about that seriously

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Thinking of backing up the truck and biting the silver bug.
0oz to 100oz initial purchase and continuing to add for the longterm (25+ years).
10 oz or kilo bars?

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Never bars
Always gov stamped BU so you can actually sell it easily before you fellate a shotgun as this market is heavily manipulated down by the jpm cartel

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I'm going all in on my next pay check

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Silver is $14.81
Anyone who isn't buying silver rounds right now is a moron.

also the mark up on silver is pretty high, i'm surprised i wasn't expecting them to price gauge so much

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you should check out how much physical bullion JP actually owns.
They manipulate the price down on the papermarket while accumulating the physical asset.
Like wtf is their endgame?

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And it's literally selling out everywhere! New ATH right around the corner and people start to FOMO and the shortages get worse.

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There’s more silver in people’s spoons forks and knifes than silver coins.
Silver shills are broke poorfags with no jobs and 250$ to their name and they talk the big talk because they feel they own something of value without breaking their coweb-ridden wallet.
Real Men invest in Gold, the magic element that has been known to attract the gaze of all men throughout history.
Gold and its shine is known throughout history to alter the state of minds of men.
No man can refuse Gold.
This is why its 15000% more expensive than a fucking poorfag metal used to make spoons for grandmas.
Seriously OP you should just fucking kill yourself if all of your existence so far during this economic crisis has lead you to buy SILVER
Just because you can afford a third rate metal doesn’t mean it has any value now or ever.


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The premium is why you DON'T buy rounds mr galaxy brain
Someone will pay that premium for a 10yo eagle, you won't get shit over spot for scrap metal

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When silver accounts for all the money printed JPM becomes the new overlords of finance.

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KYS copy pasta poorfag! Go play with the other stacklet poorfags over on reddit!

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I paid 20 an ounce this morning on my order off apmex. The price on the ticker was 14. But unit price ( which includes the premiums) was about 20 an ounce. So I'm guessing it's slightly under 20 an ounce.

Gold is around 1650-1700

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It's like there is a liquidity crisis and everyone needs dollars.

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Yeah its pretty rediculous, i thought i paid too much when i panic bought during a few aths in prior months, but it turns out, even with silver spot lower now, i paid less for ASEs than they are going for now. Several smart anons have been going on about how gold and silver are very thin markets compared to the global financial market, turns out they are right. Consided that gold and silver havent even been mentioned on main stream media yet, at all. And physical is already sold out.

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I knew this was going to happen, but I honestly thought I’d have at least until October to stack up. WTF

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what gets me with silver, a month ago it was 18+ then it drops to 16.70ish, then it drops to 15ish the next week and then this week its in the 14's.
the worse the virus gets the worse silver does...

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The coin dealers are creating fake demand. Silver is the biggest fucking scam. Everything about the way that it's marketed it is manipulative snake oil. Right now they're trying to create false scarcity because nobody wants to buy the shit.

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i don't know anon, the US mint only makes enough for demand. so if everyone put their money in the stock market like they should because its been going crazy.
not many people buying silver. which means less coins are minted.
i wouldn't be surprised if all the local people are actually selling out and since they're all hitting up the mints and warehouses at the same time, a 2 week back log makes since

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People selling their paper silver to pay for margin calls and such.

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There is no demand, stupid fuck. The price is collapsing. People are panic selling not buying. I know people who work for big precious metals dealers. They're simply just creating false senses of scarcity and intentionally delaying orders because nobody is buying from them. It's a fucking marketing stunt and all the big dealers collaborate to do it. Most of these sites are still filling orders, they're just waiting 2 weeks before they ship it. Say you order some specific silver coin from a specific year, they're even delaying those orders. You think they're calling the US Mint and waiting for a new shipment of junk silver or 2014 silver eagles? No you fucking dumb shit, that stuff they already have and is no longer being produced.. they're just delaying your order to make you think that people are chomping at the bit to buy coins.

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the price is under $15 its not going to keep going down. any fool can tell now is the time to convert what cash you got to silver

people are panic selling paper silver. honestly i don't care how much "demand" there is for paper silver. they say there is exponentially more paper silver then physical so it would be easy to crash the pretend silver market while at the same time buying all the real silver.
which is what i believe just happened. but i also think silver will easily hit 25 by the end of this pandemic

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Silver no longer has monetary value. It's not scarce and its use in modern times is purely industrial. Central banks and governments around the world aren't stockpiling silver bullion unless they're minting it and selling it to suckers. Its modern use is purely industrial like copper, and the miners who are finding it as a biproduct of other mineral extraction are getting rid of it for any price they can.

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Yeah it will easily hit 25 cents when the world's industrial capacity gets temporarily wiped out and the electronics you find it stop finding their way to the shelves. Same is going to happen with copper, platinum, and palladium, especially considering the Chinese aren't sending us those car parts.

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didn't you hear? china is going back to work... all is well lol

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This will be true of gold soon also if it isn't already the gold bubble pop is going to be fucking EPIC

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>Silver key component in renewable energy and electric cars
>No value
Pick one.

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One thing these Jewish faggot metal merchants also fail to mention is that about 30k tons of silver is mined purely on accident, even if the price went up a bunch of mines would start intentionally looking for it to capitalize and crash the price back down almost immediately lmao

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The official /biz/ discord link is
discord gg gJzCVP

Join, we are currently talking about this trash economy and crypto

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>Financial collapse
>People are buying electric cars

Again, do you even know why you bought precious metals? I thought you bought them to hedge against financial doom, so why the fuck would you even bother making a point to mention silvers industrial value when the thing your prepping for hinders on industry essentially halting?

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There is a shop near me. Its full of silver, jewelry and all that shit. I saw a couple thots in there prior to the pandemic. Today the streets are empty.

This has been the Silver Report

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spot price is 14.81 sure but they charge you 2$ premium per oz above spot price right off the bat at apmex or JMB. THEN, they will charge you if you use a credit card. a regular 1oz silver bar from apmex is costing you 18.57$/oz. PLUS taxes. taxes on this bar are 1.11$.

So your total for a 1 oz silver bar is 19.68$. which is about the same fucking price as it was 2 weeks ago before all this crash. silver fags are blown the fuck out and can promptly shut the fuck up.

I'll look at silver when this worthless piece of shit goes below 10$. then we'll talk

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You are confusing the prepped meme with portfolio diversity. If you think the world is going to end I'd suggest taking your meds, not even nuclear war would cause such a scenario given our current level of technology

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The difference IQ and financial savviness between Goldchads and silverpoos is just glaring. It's like a grown man fighting a little child.

>> No.17799347

Never once mentioned the end of the world?

>not even nuclear war would cause such a scenario given our current level of technology

A scenario where a lot of companies go out of business, people lose their jobs, cost of living becomes to high for people to purchase electric cars is not possible? You're right, I'm insane, I'll take my meds. Something like that has never happened. In fact probably has never even happened within our lifetimes. You're so right dude

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I wished I bought silver instead of stonks and memecoins.

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>using credit to buy silver online
i use e-checks and its the same as a bank transfer without any fees. but there's always a mark up. so if spot is at 18/oz expect to pay 21/oz
but i just ordered some sdbullion rounds at 16.55, best price i could find on a round, no reason to spend more then i have to when they'll give me 30 cents under spot for them.

also do people really only buy a few coins at a time, i try to never buy less then 20 to get a discount

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even an e-check is 3$ above spot price per oz, dont forget you're payin 1.11$ in taxex per oz too.

the cheapest you can get silver right now is 18.94$ / oz. unless you buy 20oz or more. so you have to spend about 360$ to enter the first price break level, where you can save 50 cents per oz.

18.94$ oz
18.44$ oz if spending 360$ or more
free shipping on orders over 100$ so i'm assuming everyone here is spending over 100$ cuz shipping will be 10$.

either way silver is not low enough yet to be worth it to me since the actual cost per oz is still about 19$ by the time you actually check out

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i dislike paying 3 dollars over spot for ASEs but right now i don't mind lol

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never buy just one once online, only buy 20+ they should give you free shipping when you buy that many as well.
sucks you have to pay taxes on silver bro

>> No.17799541


>paying for a gold nigger

It's like you're robbing yourself

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Retards that pay $20 for something worth $14.74.
Go to pawn shop.
Tell them you will pay at spot.
Do acid test.
The end.

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Even though govt bullion has also been counterfeited for decades?

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Or take it off the shelf to not lose money during the dip

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>Gold and its shine is known throughout history to alter the state of minds of men.

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Hope you guys realize that all the online dealers are selling out of stock. Hundreds of thousands of oz of Au have been bought out of the market. Ag, will go fast.
The physical shortage is coming. The % difference in spot price compared to purchasing price is not natural. Prepare your anus's when the deflation ends inflation begins.

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You're an idiot, local coin shops are selling out of silver all over the place you brainlet. Instead of spewing bs out of your fag mouth go out and do some research.

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Jamie bls stob

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if its shiny I will buy it

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I'ma buy this bitch around 10 dallas.

>> No.17799921

>local coin shops are selling out of silver all over the place
Can confirm. Just returned from coin shop and all he had were ASE. I usually get generic rounds and bars for spot +$1, but paid $20/ASE. Also grabbed the last of his Au.

>> No.17799983

just called 3 local coin shops and they're all out of silver and gold

boomers won

>> No.17799985

Why get gold when you can get silver

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Pls keep us updated anon

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Where do you all live where these alleged coin shops are allegedly running out of bullion to sell? I live in a medium/large city and went to a shop this morning and they still had a decent selection left, he even said that the buying was slowing down.

>> No.17801406

I actually think they are planning something like that but that would be so fucking obvious.
If they play it right they might be able to corner the silver market.

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Is this guy retarded?
You do know there is a silver paper asset and the physical thing right?
The 2 should be correlated but at the moment they are not.
Paperasset is going down in price and just fucking check online at bullions seller they are all sold out

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With LCS and online dealers sold out, are gold ETFs really all that bad? I know physical is the best, but would a gold ETF and a miner stock be a decent hedge?

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I spy a buying opportunity online but I would need to basically max out my credit card to make the purchase. I never finance anything so what reason would I have to care about my credit score?

>> No.17802117

Sounds stupid.

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>I'll look at silver when this worthless piece of shit goes below 10$
You're never going to buy silver.
You'll be poor forever.

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When they hyperinflation kicks in the cost of the debt will be less even if the value of the silver stay constant. USD will lessen and increase the cost of it. Therefore your loan will become less.

As long as you have enough cash on hand to make the payment for this debt, I think it's a great idea. especially for the interest free offers.

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>They're simply just creating false senses of scarcity and intentionally delaying orders because nobody is buying from them.

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