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I live in Ontario Canada

Is it worth getting trolled into the trades meme? Which of them is best?

I'm thinking plumbing or electrician desu.

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the money in trades is in management, self-employment, and business ownership.

Once you hit those positions the trade you picked doesn't matter as much as the size of your company and your performance as a manager.

most trades workers never make it that far.

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>the money in trades is in management, self-employment, and business ownership.

I know what you're saying, but a licensed plumber or electrician in Ontario can easily make 75k. It wont make him rich but it certainly isn't bad money.

>most trades workers never make it that far.

Stereotypes don't come out of nowhere. It's a fact that many tradesmen aren't that bright. If you're smart, that means less competition getting into management and ownership.

OP the biggest problem getting into trades is the apprenticeship. This idea that you can do a one year entry-level program at trades school and start making good money is horseshit. Contractors don't like to hire apprentices, and in a lot of ways the trades industry is a bit of a closed society, unless you have a father or an uncle etc who is a contractor you are going to have a very hard time getting a job, and you need those apprentice hours to become licensed. Once (and if) you get hired you will be doing all of the grunt work starting out, and they will pay you dog shit, but it's better than going to school imo.

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Then how the fuck do people do now this shit then?

I don't know anyone who's a tradesman.

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The most important thing to do early on is to take the entry-level trade school program, work hard, and get to know the instructor. That will be your first shot at networking. He will know people in the industry, and if he likes you he can help.

Other than that I guess you just hit the pavement. Go to every contractor's office and talk to him. When he tells you he isn't hiring apprentices ask if he knows of anyone who is. Leave your contact information.

In the meantime you should try to get a job at a contractor supply store. You will learn a lot about the trade and you will meet lots of relevant people.

It's isn't impossible, just really fucking hard. Some guys spend years looking for their first apprentice job.

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>ITT: we learn trade school was a big meme the whole time

Glad I'm not a retard Donald Trump voting hick.

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Darn really? Thought it was quite the opposite based on shit normies always say.


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Suitable thread for my question.
Is it worth getting a professional bachelor's degree in automobile technical maintenance, or should I just get a trade certificate as an automotive mechanic?

Some details might have been lost in translation.

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What do the normies say?

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QCfag here. I started trade school a month ago for a 10 month program I'm really interested in. I'd say it's a huge bump forward from being a total noob. Expecting 19$/hr starting but my main focus is on doing my best to get good references from my 4 instructors. It cost me 400$ for the whole course + materials & tools. So really the only thing in my way is my own performance. I'm motivated by the projects i'll be able to accomplish with the skills gained at this school and the satisfaction of seeing a job well done.

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They say how much bank tradies make.

And I can believe it... Needed some plumbing work done in my parents house. 5 hours of work cost ~$600 cash. Which I'm willing to bet won't be taxed during tax season for 2017-2018.

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If you speak french you might want to try your luck over here. We fucking need plumbers, electricians etc... They have so much job they can set their own prices and timetable easy, no one will spitt on a cheap employee.

Just to give you guys an idea, a friend lost his key a friday evening, gotta call a locksmith on the saturday morning, he just want to enter, not even change the lock, the guy breaks it and charges 350 euros. For 5min of work.

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Also, I don't know how it works in Canada but numbers are always higher because so much of the work is undeclared. People prefer to pay less in cash (small things obv) rather than basicaly paying taxes.

Also scams are rempant because you deal with people who have no idea what you're saying. You can always go the extra mile and say you changed some bs thing.

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why is canada such a fucking shithole?

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>Which of them is best?

Well, which one do you talent and interest for?

If you have no interest in them, for example electricity, do not go there it's a dead end for you