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Business Fashion thread.

Which tie knot is superior for business?

Windsor master race reporting

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Don't forget to match your tie with your shirt correctly!

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Went to an interview today with a Four In Handed skinny tie. Bitches were mirin.

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Got an interview tomorrow.

Going with
>white shirt
>red tie
>windsor knot
>navy suit

balls-out power mustardrace

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>dat detail

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Pic related.

If only I had pinstripes, I'd be invincible

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triple windsor

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I don't think my neck could handle that much Business

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Fuck forgot pic.

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Windsor reporting in.

only atty in the office to do so.

pshhhhh at the half windsor fools.

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>dat shining technique

I've always just gone with the way my dad taught me
>damp cloth to get rid of any dirt
>brush on polish
>buff it into the shoes with a cloth
>leave overnight
>shine them up again with a cloth

Gets them shining like fucking mirrors, if you use the right polish (Ted Baker is god-tier, Kiwi is good, Guardsmans Gloss is shit).

Never tried that way though, I'd be interested to see the difference

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>tfw you iron a crease into your shirt
>tfw you try and correct it and it just adds another crease

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Four in a hand because that's the only one I know by heart.

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>Finish ironing shirt
>Realize your ironed in creases on the other side

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> not paying to get your clothes perfectly ironed.

come on bros, step it up

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>Yellow dress shirt

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>still using irons
>not buying a steamer

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four in hand is asymmetrical and is usually babby's first tie knot.

Windsor or half windsor depending on how thick the tie is and how big you want the knot to be, bigger being bolder

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i have a steamer, but in certain areas you still need to touch it up with an iron

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Buy a women's flat-iron for touch-ups. You don't need an iron and iron board for touch-ups.

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Half Windsor, I'm pretty good at making a symmetrical Four-in-Hand, but there's just too much fabric left over.

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4 in hand is the best knot

>wearing anything other than white, light blue, and some purples

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LOL I can't believe some of you think those bigger knots are better. I bet you guys wear french cuffs, too.

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What if I told you they all look the exact same

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full windsor a shit
Knot's usually too big and makes you look ridiculous

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>liking slave nooses

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Finally a non-italian!

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Oh I see the NEETs haven't left yet.

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Not even a NEET, just saying the truth.

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wear something presentable and appropriate for the occasion. as long as your knot isnt bulky as shit or and the tie isnt skinny and all fucked up its fine.

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>doesnt wear French cuffs
I'm sure youve showed up on /b/'s cringe threads

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I've seen people get sent home because they wore french cuffs to work. You usually have to be a Director or above to get away with wearing them

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>Which tie knot is superior for business?
one that balances your tie width, collar, shoulders, and head size.

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Top fucking lel. Bael noketsi. I wear them almost exclusively and I work in IT. Believe me I am not in a top position

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That's pretty ballsy. It might just be a thing with finance

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...I work for a consulting banking firm

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I wore khakis, a white shirt, a shiny dark blue and black tie, and a navy argyle sweater vest with shined black shoes and a black peacoat. I had a lot of meetings today. I was also awarded a pin from the CTO. So I took it up a notch. I used a half Windsor. A full Windsor with the sweater vest looked awkward, especially with the khakis.

Tomorrow is completely dedicated to development/programming, followed by drinks after work with a couple of my wife's friends.

I'm wearing jeans, a bright green dress shirt with a skinny dark brown and black tie, dark grey long sleeve v-neck sweater and dress boots (Clarks). I'll probably go with an asymmetrical knot, like an Oriental or a Pratt. That way I can leave the top button unbuttoned, and have the tie hang correct.

I hate the four in hand. It always loosens up and slides down .. always.

I only do full Windsor knots when I wear a proper suit.

There are way more than four types of knots. Kelvin. Persian. Shelby/Pratt. Oriental. You could go *really* crazy and do an Atlantic if thats your thing.

When did this become /fa/?

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>not using an unorthodox knot
And you think you're bold... Laughable.

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>business casual
Full men's express

Am I doing it right /biz/?

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would you like your fedora with that, mr. bateman

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Heres an example of a Kelvin. It looks dead sexy if its loose with the top button unbuttoned

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fedoras are actually pretty cool though.
Problem is, thats not what everyone's wearing these days.

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Sexy as fuck knot.

That shit pisses me off to no end.

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I like the way fedoras look, but I will never wear one because they're so strongly associated with bronies and the ribbit epik maymay crowd.

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>purple shirt with colour tie

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I never feel comfortable wearing them, unless it's a very fancy or formal event.

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Risky stuff mang.

If you don't have the confidence to pull it off, you might end up looking like a retard who can't tie a tie.

Pic related

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>loose tie
>top button undone

>It looks dead sexy if you are unemployed


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Oh jeez

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some of those are plain dreadful. Purple and green, red and pink. I mean seriously you would look like a tampon in red and pink.
red tie with a navy suit is probably not a great choice. Take pics and post them later, I'd be keen to see it.

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I rock that pink combo on the bottom of the left circle and it looks incredible under my dark navy suit.

Light pink shirt + maroon hermes tie = ball time baby

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four in hand reporting


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Sorry mang, already took it off. Hard fucking day, but it went well.

It's a lighter navy, so approaching blue-ish. It contrasts nicely imo

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Aah, a BSD.

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What's a BSD?

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depends on how fat you are

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Surely that's just a question of the correct collar size?

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this thread is cringe-worthy

love, /fa/

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Your life is chuckleworthy.

regards, /biz/

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This thread is still cringeworthy.

All of you are arguing about meaningless things when you could just wear a track suit that is both athletic wear and business casual.

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>in a professional setting

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Are you professionally uncomfortable?

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taking fashion tips from nice guy Eddie over here

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>not wearing a velcro tie

time is money

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That's a big knot.

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>track suit
>in business

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>suits and ties are uncomfortable

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That I can get on board with, all of the other colors are used car salesman tier

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>not being pajama rich

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Fuck off faggots.

Nowadays, people rock up to work without a tie and in jeans. The whole "look professional" thing is for people who think it's still the 90s and Asian businessmen.

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No, I find suits comfy.


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...for you

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faggots do

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I've found this one to be a bitch to get right, but it never fails to surprise others.

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Pull your track pants up when you squat so you don't blow out the crotch. Also these guys are crazy are the business casual of the future.

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That's because you've never felt the sheer comfort and flexibility of a tailored tracksuit.

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Who is Yoshi Yamamoto?

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I'd like to wear a suit, but it's just not practical in my profession. Construction management is still construction, and it gets dirty. I wore a suit for my interview, the owner wore jeans and a sweater.

>black slacks or dark blue jeans, erryday
>an assortment of light colored or pinstripey shirts
>couple of ties in my desk in case of ritzy clients

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Half Windsor and The Balthus reporting.

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Looks like it will surprise you right out of a job interview.

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so who's gonna make the /biz/ version?

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This we need.
>I could be at home arbing

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This is more likely than nerd and bro equivalent. People who think they're gangstas are objectively bad people.

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