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Go read the MakerDAO subreddit

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Screenshots please

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It’s pretty brutal dude, I don’t know anything about maker but it sounds like the users just got totally blindsided? feels bad man

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>If you check the chat rooms the general team sentiment is "fuck em, they should have ran bid bots just like all the other keepers that couldn't bid".
>Basically pushing blame everywhere else they can.
>It's likely they'll only act if they feel the need to CYA
They're saying the devs must have known about the exploit and whoever pulled it off

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>Just got 100% liquidated with my 1713 ETH CDP. F*ck me. This was 6 years of my life’s work. Vault #849 Will there be retribution’s for this vulnerability exploit?

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hard fork when

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>70% premine
>DAO bailout
>"Upgrading" to unproven PoS
>main use case was ICO scamming
>synonymous with vaporware, no delivery on promises
>devs are a collection of commies, pedos and autistic commies
>reached absolutely INSANE levels of overvaluation in 2017 (far worse than BTC)
almost poetic

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Is this bullish for LINK?

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I keep telling people, no one other than the retarded actually trust locking billions in a smart contract. Smart contracts are fucking memes.

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well nobody except the retarded trust tripfags either and here we all are

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Ya but check these

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that sucks man

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This is not thes problem mongoloids lol

Also lvrg retards got rekt during crash whats the problem op :)?

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Holy fucking kek

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Why every retarded gambler want his money back now kek?

Dai was an absolute rock solid SoV yesterday-1:1 with $ holding Dai is what people are promoting not staying safe during lvrg longs

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So, if I understand correctly:
>ETH price dropped and they got liquidated
>automated auction system kicked in to sell off their stakes
>people bid a price of 0 and since nobody else bid, they got them for free

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network was congested so they couldn't do anything

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I assume the 0 price bidders just did really high gas fees so it went through?

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idk some sre saying miners colluded or smth

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from what they’re saying you can define how much you’re willing to lose, so people who thought their losses would be limited instead lost everything

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I'm curious about this as well, I don't know much about MakerDAO.

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"I was 100% liquidated.
Will there be any repayment? I only signed up to lose 13%"
looks that way

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It was most likely lack of liquidity. There was no dai anywhere to even buy except for coinbase.

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>its decentralized finance!
>its totally permissionless so everyone can use it!
>but not people I don't like
also Gab is a mossad honeypot

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gab (v.)

"talk much," 1786, probably via Scottish and northern England dialect from earlier sense "speak foolishly; talk indiscreetly" (late 14c.), from gabben "to scoff, jeer; mock (someone), ridicule; reproach (oneself)," also "to lie to" (late 13c.), from a Scandinavian source, such as Old Norse gabba "to mock, make fun of," and probably in part from Old French gaber "to mock, jest; brag, boast," which, too, is from Scandinavian. Ultimately perhaps imitative (compare gabble, which might have shaded the sense of this word). Gabber was Middle English for "liar, deceiver; mocker." Related: Gabbed; gabbing.

gab (n.)

"action of talking," earlier "chatter, loquacity, idle talk" (mid-13c.), also "falsehood, deceit," originally "a gibe, a taunt" (c. 1200), mid-13c., probably from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse gabb "mocking, mockery," and in part from Old French gap, gab "joke, jest; bragging talk," which also is probably from Scandinavian (compare gab (v.)). Probably also there is influence from Scottish and northern English gab "the mouth" (see gob (n.2)); OED reports the word "Not in dignified use." Gift of (the) gab "talent for speaking" is from 1680s.

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There was no bug, retard, the contract did exactly what it was supposed to do

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kek people played the game and lost. shitmex and chinknance need to fucking go.

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What happpened?

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Yep, take 4-8 million from average joes that invested their savings and deliver it directly to the devs of their own shitcoin topkek

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Makerfags were acting so smug over Reserve.

Now that MKR has dumped three times as much as RSR, I wonder why.

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eth is a scam platform built for scams and ran by scammers what did you expect

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>tfw maker is collapsing

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Jewish tricks, as always. The name of the site isn't Gab, it's gab.ai, and it's just a coincidence that the owners are kikes

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I love this kinda shit. DeFi is new enough that smart fags are still able to find creative exploits by working with the code as it was written. people were literally bidding $0 on CDP collateral, and since no one else was paying attention / the network was too clogged...they were getting ETH for the price of gas.

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>put life savings on the line
>get mad when the entire world market is in the shitter
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

People need to fucking understand that they should ONLY invest money that they are totally willing to lose, especially when it's crypto and at any whim the government could shut it down over being "fraudulent" money.

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he got defi'd

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the think about DeFi too, is it's fucking decentralized finance! meaning, there's no one to rescue you when your liquidated by these kinds of events. reddit wants the maker team to compensate losses? kek
>DeFi on a good day: I'm my own bank and in control of my finances!
>Defi on a bad day: OMG whose fault is this! someone must pay!

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what's that

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lol mkr btfo

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our loss was caused by a short-term monopoly to liquidate collateral of MakerDAO vaults. This monopoly existed for ~3.5 hours this morning, allowing a single Keeper to buy ~$4.5M worth of ETH in exchange for ~0 DAI + gas fees.

allowing a single Keeper to buy ~$4.5M worth of ETH in exchange for ~0 DAI + gas fees
>allowing a single Keeper to buy ~$4.5M worth of ETH in exchange for ~0 DAI + gas fees
allowing a single Keeper to buy ~$4.5M worth of ETH in exchange for ~0 DAI + gas fees
>allowing a single Keeper to buy ~$4.5M worth of ETH in exchange for ~0 DAI + gas fees
allowing a single Keeper to buy ~$4.5M worth of ETH in exchange for ~0 DAI + gas fees
>allowing a single Keeper to buy ~$4.5M worth of ETH in exchange for ~0 DAI + gas fees
allowing a single Keeper to buy ~$4.5M worth of ETH in exchange for ~0 DAI + gas fees
>allowing a single Keeper to buy ~$4.5M worth of ETH in exchange for ~0 DAI + gas fees

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imagine how pissed they must be jesus christ

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how does someone know to do this type of shit? i imagine they are like in the matrix with glasses on hacking away on a computer with green digits running down the screen

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Probably one of their own developers. Read through the subplebbit it's full of people that lost all of their stack
>Losing your life savings due to a known exploit to some programming neckbeard
Can't get more justed than that

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A big part of the whole ordeal was the private oracles dishing out wildly incorrect ETH prices.

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This lol

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Imagine being bullish in eth rn.

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So what you’re saying centralized private oracles are shiet?

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You just win.

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what kind of oracle are they using at makerDAO?

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in this case the oracle was reporting a higher ETH price? dang, would have probably been a lot more liquidations if it was accurate

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I have no idea what makerdao is or how it works but surely it is open source with plenty of people checking the code for vulnerabilities??

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it wasn't an issue with the code. the platform was used as it was designed....the issue was that there weren't any 'keepers' bidding on the the CDP collateral that was being auctioned off. it's a new enough system, with not enough active users, that only one person was paying attention for a few hours last night when the liquidations were going through. the platform expects there to be competition amongst bidders so that the debt gets sold off at a reasonable level, and the owner of the CDP isn't at a 100% loss. that just didn't happen.

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14 private oracles, only like two people at Maker know who they are.

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maker gonna bend the knee

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To be fair there have been signals about them talking to and working with Link, but this could speed things up lol.

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That’s like saying, literally 0 people cared what happens to literally hundreds if thousands there for the taking. Except one anon, and now that anon is rich.

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I don't know either, just scrolled through and read hundreds of posts of people saying they had their life savings liquidated from exploit etc

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>the internet of finance

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People were asking how to bid during the liquidations lol

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reminder that Chainlink's KYC oracles are just as centralized and insecure
>3 years
>$4billion marketcap
>0 users
>0 decentralized oracles
>Linkers: This is bullish!

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>The future of finance

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Like Phoenix out the ashes Link rises to the top

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>nothing personal kid

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I work as a software developer at a company which has an extremely good culture regarding code reviews. Anyone coming from that kind of background will have the skillset to review a smart contract and spot either 1. Logic failures, 2. Use case/intention failures.

I should probably start reviewing some of the most popular defi ones actually. There have been quite a few stories recently of people spotting exploits like this.

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I used to work there and now work at Facebook, our review process here is fucking garbage. I kinda miss goog

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kinda true, I mean, people cared, just not enough to learn the system and actively participate.

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yeah, this is my new hobby since the flash loan exploits desu. the issue with these exploits isn't with the code, it's that people are finding creative ways to use these platforms that's the designers didn't foresee. that's how it goes with software in general. your users will always find ways to break your shit that you never would have thought.

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Not Google, but we have a lot of ex Google employees here. It's my second job out of Uni, but I can't imagine a review process getting much better than the one we have.

Typically we are having 3-4 passes over everything. 1st pass is usually an "is it meeting the requirement", second is: "are we considering all the cases and have tests at the appropriate level", 3rd is usually a polish to make sure it's as clean as it can be, and the final pass is an "I've had a day of not looking at this, so now we go back and view with fresh eyes" before pushing the green button.

Different people will be involved for each pass of the review as well, so you get at least the input of someone with 1. Deep requirements knowledge, 2. Someone with extensive of the other systems which the change is talking to, 3. Someone with expert knowledge of the system you are changing.

There's this opinion that all the smartest people are working in blockchain tech, but actually I think it's moreso the most adventurous which are working in blockchain. This is really bad for code quality and security, as the most adventurous devs are the ones who will satisfy a really cool usecase, but not see the 100 hidden traps in what they have just done.

The best devs (who are critical, understand limitations are good, and challenge every lofty idea), still overwhelming work for large corps on critical line of business software.

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Damn I wish I knew more about these systems so I too could become rich

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Indeed. The entire blockchain is like one big bug bounty, but the best thing is that nobody can stop you from taking the spoils, no matter how you get it or if the company you 'exploit' even wanted a bug bounty :D

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0 dollar bids that is bad design.
I want to buy your ether with 0 dollars called rekt.

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>70% premine
>DAO bailout
>"Upgrading" to unproven PoS
>main use case was ICO scamming
>synonymous with vaporware, no delivery on promises
>devs are a collection of commies, pedos and autistic commies
>reached absolutely INSANE levels of overvaluation in 2017 (far worse than BTC)

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