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So what did you make swinging? I grew my stack by 1300 linkies :)

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I sold at $2.45...

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I’ve lost about 40 so far because I timed it wrong

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I almost bit the bullet yesterday and sold (with plans to buy back in lower).
Then the price started going up.
I'm so bad at trying to time volatility, every time I've tried, I fail.
Sure, I've missed out on opportunities. But I've also not lost anything via bad timing.
So I hold. I mess up every other strategy. And I'll probably mess this up, too, but at least I'm not actively causing more pain than what the market inflicts.

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anyone not selling above $4 is clinically retarded. Anyone not selling now is only mildly so

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This. How does the market know what we're doing

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Sold the bottom of PNK like an idiot. Desperately want to buy back in.

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>Im so bad at trying to time volatility

Thats why its called VOLATILITY lol. You cant time it.

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