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>I don't feel so good...

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Reminder: Premined 72,000,000 tokens, rolled the chain back when they lost a couple million of them (the largest investor in the DAO held less than 4% of all DAO tokens and the top 100 holders held just over 46% of all DAO tokens)
The 72,000,000 token premine coordinator hates white people and claims Ethereum is all communists

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guess who's gonna bend the knee next

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yikes that reddit is a shitshow
people lost their entire savings

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>redditors opened CDPs with their life savings
what did they expect would happen?

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Unification mainnet will solve this. ETH is fucking done.

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not to lose it all because of a bug or network congestion

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Nobody ever predicted network congestion. There was nothing they could do.

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evidently someone did

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There wasn't a bug though, MKR worked exactly as it was supposed to.

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>bet price go up
>code is law
>price go down
>how could the government allow this to happen????

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Hard fork when

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so is this gonna affect the price of Dai? I have an outstanding debt of 2k Sai in a smart contract that locks some linkies as collateral, is there a chance Sai will drop below $1?

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Who were the winners in this? Some guy got all the fallout vaults for free? How much monies he get?

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