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The future of finance

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>Hard fork followed by creation of "New" Ethereum Classic in 3...2...1...

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How is it "stolen"?
Don't hate the player, hate the game.

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You are retarded
The face of the future of finance ladies and gentleman, the true cutting edge

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go back

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You mean it worked as intended

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Where does one bid for the collateral?

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Fucking kek

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Can someone explain this to a brainlet? If it's an auction system, wouldn't askers be able to set a minimum price?

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Not if they are being liquidated

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stolen is the wrong term there. Purchased for nothing or maybe "finessed" would be more suitable?

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Chainlink would have unironically helped fix this.

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>some people loses their life savings because of a bug
>the future of finance

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i remember looking into this shit a few months back but the whole liquidation system seemed completely sketchy as fuck so i wrote it off then and there. glad i did.

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>chainlink transaction fees skyrocketing during the price drop
>node operators having to pay out the ass just to keep it running
yeah let’s just ignore that certainly doesn’t have any implications for when it’s actually handling larger transactions and contracts

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It was probably the devs themselves

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That's entirely due to gas congestion brainlet.
And there were indeed Chainlink nodes bravely soldiering on despite the massive gas costs, for the good of the cause.

Meanwhile Makerdao's decentralized price feed failed, and we can only guess why that happened because their price feeds are private.

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OP conned a scammer out of $40,000 in ETH

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This was extremely delicious because OP made sure he was only scamming people who were willing to prey on the vulnerable.

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fucking owned

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Good question actually, why isn't the minimum bid simply the last published ETHUSD price

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yeah but its fake anyway
op filled it himself

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This is why FRM mainnet needs to launch NOW!

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No shit, that’s part of the problem dumbass. Node operators won’t “soldier on” when the network is actually handling larger transactions and is being used by more than some literally who crypto projects with not many users. If you completely ignore this flaw then you are just coping and relying far too much on muh marines hodling the line and other similarly stupid memes

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>Node operators won’t “soldier on” when the network is actually handling larger transactions
They will if they want a reputation bonus.
Didn't think of that, did you?

Also, the idea is for ETH to scale better by then; whether through ETH's own efforts or thanks to solutions like threshold signatures, Loopring (also powered by Chainlink), etc.

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Threshold sigs
Offchain computation

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