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The Federal Reserve is willing to spend 1.5 trillion dollars just to help the stock market for 30 minutes before it crashes anyway. But they can't forgive student loan or pay for free college so young Americans can actually get jobs and careers. Strange times we live in. Strange priorities.

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fuck the fed

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America should vote on who manages their trillions of dollars better then

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there is no vote
the president is given a list of (((bankers))) to choose from and he can't change it

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You're right let's print more fiat lmao

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Been here since 2017, still no clue what this means.Something, something 42.

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>spend vs loan
Big difference, retard

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How does forgiving student debt have any impact on the speed or reliability of someone getting a job?

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Then there should be a vote and we can make that happen by voting
And if we cant vote it into existence we can use our 2nd amendment right to own fighter jets and bomb the government that stopped being of the people for the people as george washington and sam adams intended

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After graduating from college you can't even get on your feet if you have to pay $800 a month on a loan.

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So they could sell their own bags

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Each line's a unique parse of code. Follow it to the end and you'll have a nice treasure hunt under your belt. >>17765748
The mental exhaustion and stress debt provides is more than enough to usurp the best educated of individuals at times. During times of abysmal downfall as we are in now, the economic freedom of forgiven student loans would boost the economy by many fold. People would have more than just relieved financial burden- but faith and motivation in their country to invest in the economy ro begin with. Sometimes you gotta stoke the flames of people's souls to see life flourish again

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Good thing loans are way less than that, usually about 400 @ 40k avg debt

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they could spend 1.5 trill on a few corona tests and preparing hospitals for surge capacity, any doctor I know says their hospitals have done NOTHING to prepare at all, dont have tests etc

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You must live in an entirely irrelevant place then
I live downtown in a small metropolis and every hospital has screening before entrance and plenty of rooms on standby, as well as the city erecting a quarantine zone for anyone who gets it

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The argument could be made that having a large debt motivates you through fear to work harder and get a job in order to pay off a debt.

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Sure if you're a chinese insectoid, not a human. Mental illness kicks in after a threshold, especially in today's contemporary high stress hyper efficient workforce. Your brain will break down exposed to enough strain.

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I'd say this isnt really that beneficial as opposed to what he suggests. I can only speak for myself but I'd feel as he says if my student debt was removed. I graduate in December, lol. FML.

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Stand with me in the coming political uprising over the next few decades then, and we'll see this country becomes the modern utopia we have the resources to cultivate. I hope one day to see us make this life as worth living as it was destined to be

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>can't forgive student loan or pay for free college
sounds like something a nigger would say

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Hm... give money to the people who invest in other people and help them keep a roof over their heads or give money to Liberal Arts majors... tough choice. Employing someone is an investment. For companies that employ hundreds of thousands if not millions, that’s a big investment.

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>having a large debt motivates you through fear to work harder and get a job
Ah yes that's what life is all about

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Source for quarantine
>Inb4 >source?
You're making some serious claims, anon

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i have this printed on my casual tshirt. beat my autism.

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The hope is corona clears out boomers. New men will rise with different views.

>Inb4 end free masons

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yet for some strange reason the niggers are voting for biden, not sanders.

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yeah but paying for everyone's unconditional healthcare would be like... a trillion dollars

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Yeah, and most people these days who get college degrees end up working service jobs and not in the field they studied. So that $400 a month is a death sentence to a lot of people's plans.

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back to r/chapotraphouse

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Yeah, sorry oldfags. It's time to get euthanized

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Having a large debt punishes all of your future success, no matter how well or poorly you do.

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Under the lobbyist-controlled "free market" system that the US uses, yes. Under a monopsony structure like what every other developed country uses, no. Americans pay more for everything, and the only people who benefit are pharma execs and shareholders.

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Paying universities back for useless degrees doesnt solve the problem and is not very capitalistic if you ask me. If Universities offer shit degrees that lead to no job let the market react by not paying back the loan and let the govt support peoples decision to not pay back these loans so they can move on with their lives. Bailing out the universities only perpetuated the education bubbles. Shit meme degreed should cost a few hundred bucks and an MBA can still be 30k a year. That seems fair to me. I think this "socialist" move to bail out universities is just more corruption, but most people with meme degrees are dumb sacks of shit and cant look in the mirror and admit they fucked up.

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Want to know the best part anons?

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Delusional and uninformed.