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Sorry you bulls are sucking such fat dicks today

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S&P can't break 2.500. The covering pump will be huge.

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Now is the time to be greedy and scoop up some cheapies.

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name checks out

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I made in 3 weeks what Bulls made in 3 years. God Bless China.

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>the market will go down forever
>t. permabear mongler

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uhhhh, lil help here drumpf??

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>AMD going down literally exactly in the center of my pitchfan

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No, it'll start recovering at 0.

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hold AMD they will be back

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Who's buying SQQQ/SPXU/TVIX at EOD?

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Reads scary bros.


from WaPo on Italy:

Then, for more than 36 hours, the Italian actor and mixed martial arts trainer was trapped at home with Teresa Franzese’s decaying body, unable to find a funeral home that would bury her.

“I have my sister in bed, dead, I don’t know what to do,” Franzese said in a Facebook video over the weekend, pleading for help. “I cannot give her the honor she deserves because the institutions have abandoned me. I contacted everyone, but nobody was able to give me an answer.”

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What are your estimations on how much farther it will drop and why?

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i don't understand anything about stock i just have it in an index fund. do i sell it? i can't imagine the economy improving in the next few months so why not just sell now, right? are people waiting to sell another week or so after a fed PUMP? i have no idea what anyone here is talking about at all

is the consensus like: everyone is going to sell in the next month, just waiting for right time? or is it like, some people think they will not ever sell in the next few months?

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the only solution is monty python style BRING OUT YOUR DEAD carts

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Pump soon fellow stockholders.

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If you aren't retiring soon why bother fucking with it? You’re too late to get out, and if you do you won’t know when to get back in.

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GME is exploding for no reason

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you underestimate how much i do not understand but thank you

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why? corona-chan has not even peaked yet and this is just a catalyst for the adjustment. restaurants are going to be empty, flights are empty now, this whole year is going to pay for this.

this exactly. for indexes it doesn't matter unless you are like 65

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I'm too optimistic for this shit, I just keep thinking "surely tomorrow will be brighter".

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>theres a presidential election happening soon
>oil market is thrashing wildly

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it's not likely. this is corona and >>17746311, but also a due correction.

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everyone keeps crying about their -3% losses or -5%.

I'm down 70% anyone else in the same boat?

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no because we aren't nimrods

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My disney PUTs are up 18%. I could make $2000 right now.
Do I risk it my dudes? Tomorrow's gonna be either sky high or rock bottom.

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VIX at 76!! Are you fucking kidding me niggaz?

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>he's down
Get in bulltard

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why would I NOT load up on VTI as much as I can right now